11th Lord in 2nd House-Best Dhana Yoga in Horoscope


The first impression when we see 11th lord in 2nd house in a horoscope is that it is a very good wealth Giving Yoga. Both 11th and 2nd is related to finance and wealth. But Before we discuss about the result of 11th house lord in 2nd house, we must understand the significance of 11th house and 2nd house.

The significations of 11th house and 2nd House in Horoscope

11th house is the House of gain or income. As Lagna or Ascendant represents our own self, 11th house represent the gain of Lagna. It is the second house from 10th house of career. So 11th house represents the fruits from your career. It also represents elder sister or brother and friends & Social circle. 11th house is the main responsible house for fulfillment of all the desires.

Second House is the house of wealth or Bank Balance. It also represents speech or communication skill. 2nd house is also represents family. Moreover 2nd house is also known as the Maraka House for Lagna. Lagna is the Physical Body. So 2nd house is capable of creating pain and suffering to our physical body or health.

Result of 11th lord in 2nd house

When 11th Lord is placed in 2nd house, it creates a Dhana Yoga or wealth giving Yoga of first order in a Horoscope because it involves the best two houses in a chart for wealth. If the 11th lord is not debilitated or otherwise afflicted, it can make a person very wealthy. But the magnitude of wealth will depend upon the dignity or strength of 11th lord, 2nd lord and overall strength of other planets.

As 2nd house also represents speaking ability and voice, when 11th lord is placed in 2nd house it can give the individual a very pleasant Voice and effective Vocal communication skill.

When 11th house Lord is placed in 2nd house, it brings the native in contact with influential people. As 11th house is the house of Social circle, the individual can get financial benefit from friends and social contacts.

This placement can give the owner inclination or interest in Business. He may be benefited by dealing with products related to food, health, nutrition, beauty etc. The native will have the ability to easily convert the asset into cash. When a person has 11th lord in 2nd house in horoscope, he or she will always get money when needed. This combination can also give Multiple source of Income to the Person.

When 11th lord goes to second House, a person always supportive of and supported by ones own community. He or she may have some interest or aspirations in Political career also.

But there are certain Negative traits also which this combination brings. His or her major goals and ambitions are career and success. The person who has 11th lord in 2nd house, expects money to come easily. He or she may tries too many ways and means to earn money which may not be correct always. He or she may try to make quick money different scheme which may bring problem or financial loss.

Due to the complete Focus on Making money, the person may neglect his or her other responsibilities also. When 11th lord is in 2nd house, Positions in social circles are more important than meeting ones responsibilities.

As 2nd house is a Maraka house, when the 11th lord is afflicted in 2nd house, can give ear and eyes problem.

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Result of 11th House Lord in 2nd House for different Ascendant

Taurus Lagna: When 11th lord Jupiter is placed in 2nd house Gemini, it increase the wealth of the native. But as Gemini s a dual sign, the person may face difficulty in maintaining the relationship with family members and relative. Jupiter will aspect the 8th house from second house and it will increase the longevity of the person. As Jupiter will aspect the sixth house of enemy from here, it will give win over enemies and obstruction.

Gemini: For Gemini ascendant 11th lord is Mars. But the placement of 11th lord in 2nd house is not considered auspicious for Mithun Lagna as Mars is debilitated in second house Karkat or cancer sign. It is not a wealth giving placement untill Mars gets a Neech bhanga. This placement will give the person problem regarding Wealth and relatives. As Mars is also the sixth lord for Gemini Ascendant, the native may gets humiliated in the hands of enemies. As it will aspect both the 5th house and 9th house and both these houses are responsible for higher education and intelligence, the native may not be highly Educated person.

Cancer: Venus is the 11th lord for cancer Ascendant and Leo is the 2nd House. So 11th lord in 2nd house means for Cancer Ascendant is that Venus is placed in Leo. Venus is a soft planet and it does not feel good in a extremely fiery sign like Leo. Moreover as it approaching towards Virgo, its debilitation sign, it is not that strong in Leo. But as Leo is the sign of throne, public recognition, fame etc, if Venus is well aspected by other planets it can make a person a actor or singer or artist etc. The person may earn lot of money, name and fame by the blessing of Venus.

Leo: For Leo Lagna, the 11th Lord is Mercury and the second house is Virgo which is the exaltation sign of Mercury. So the Dhana Yoga occurring by 11th lord in 2nd house will give best results for Leo Lagna. Mercury will give excellent communication skill, great wealth, intelligence etc.

Virgo: For Virgo Ascendant Moon is the 11th Lord and Libra is the 2nd house. So when 11th lord moon goes to 2nd house Libra, it is a very Good Placement. Moon is the planet of Emotions and Libra is the sign of Love, Romance etc. So Moon in Libra is comfortable positions for wealth, relationship etc.

Libra: Sun is the 11th lord for Libra Lagna. When 11th lord sun is placed in 2nd house Scorpio it can make the person wealthy through secretive deals. Scorpio is a Keeta Rashi or Insect sign. Sun is not very strong in Scorpio. It is a fiery Planet and Scorpio is a watery planet. So its difficult placement for Sun.

Scorpio: 11th lord in 2nd house for Scorpio Lagna means Mercury is placed in Sagittarius. Mercury is the planet of Education, intelligence etc and Sagittarius is also sign of Jupiter. So this placement can make a person wealthy by Education or intelligence. Sagittarius being a dual sign, it can also give more than one relationship to a person.

Sagittarius: Venus is the 11th lord for Sagittarius ascendant and when 11th lord Venus is placed in 2nd house Makar it is a Good Placement. Makar is a friendly sign and Venus feels very comfortable in Capricorn. So 11th lord in 2nd house will bring financial gain, help from relatives, can get help from elder siblings also.

Capricorn: For Capricorn Ascendant Mars being the 11th lord when placed in 2nd house Aquarius will not bestow very good result. Mars being Enemy to Lagna Lord and is placed in a enemy sign will not deliver great result untill it is aspected by Jupiter or conjunct with any other good planet.

Aquarius: For Aquarius Lagna Jupiter is the 11th house Lord and Pisces is the 2nd house. Pisces is the own sign of Jupiter. Moreover Jupiter is the Natural Significator of Wealth. So When 2nd lord in 11th house is placed for Aquarius Ascendant it is a extremely good Yoga for all round happiness. It will make the person wealthy and famous. He or she will enjoy the company of relatives and friends.


Pisces: For Pisces Ascendant 11th house Lord is Saturn and it becomes debilitated in the 2nd house Aries. So 11th lord in 2nd house is not a good combination for Pisces Ascendant. If Saturn gets Neech Bhanga or Cancellation of debility, it can make the person extremely wealthy.

I have tried to give some information about the result of 11th lord in 2nd house. But in astrology no rule works in a isolated manner. Conjunction, Aspect, strength of planets will modify the results. If you want to know what is stored in your Horoscope, Book an appointment with Me.

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