Lagna Kundali Matching for Marriage-Actual Process for Happy Relationship


Lagna Kundali Matching for Marriage

Kundali Milan or Kundali Matching is a Process by which we can understand whether the Marriage between a Boy and Girl will be happy or not. It is in use from long ago and a very useful method to avoid any Marital disharmony. But Only Lagna Kundali Matching is not Sufficient.

We have to use Advance Analysis with the Help of Other Divisional Charts.

What is Janma Kundali Matching ? Does Kundali Reading for Marriage Work ? Why Kundli Milan is important ? is Kundli Matching Necessary for Love marriage ? Does Kundali Match matters ? If you have any of these questions in your mind, this article is for you. After Reading this, i hope, you will get answer of all the above questions.

We Will Discuss how to read Janma kundali for marriage effectively and which factors are important for Horoscope Matching. Proper Kundali Reading for marriage is very important and can reduce Marital disharmony to a good extent.

I will also inform you about six important facts which we often ignore during the time of Janam Kundali Matching for marriage. We generally see the ashtakoota milan score( which is often called Nakshatra Matching also) to decide the match. But this is completely wrong approach. I will explain to you why this process of ashtakoot matching is faulty and what is the correct Way to do it.

What is Kundali Matching for Wedding

The process by which we matches the Horoscope of Bride and Groom is known as Kundali matching for Wedding. The Horoscope of Both Boy and Girl are compared on Different Parameters and With the help of Vedic Astrology, We try to find out whether the Couple will be Happy or Not in future.

Is Horoscope Matching by Rashi and Lagna Important in Marriage

If Lagna Kundali Matching is done properly, it can remove lot of obstacles and problems of married Life. The most Popular method of checking Horoscope compatibility for marriage is Ashtakoot Guna Milan. But this is a partial checking and we should not proceed with this score only.

Marriage is one of the important , if not the most, event of our Life. Every body wants to have a peaceful and happy married life. But This does not happen always. No of unhappy couple is increasing in our society day by day. So when we reach in a marriageable age, we become curious to know what is stored for us. We want to know How our Future Spouse will Look and their nature. This is quite natural. But we must understand ” all that glitter is not gold”.

It is not necessary that a boy or girl who appears to be very attractive and of good nature  will be perfect for you. It is very difficult to judge a person and often people do not show their true nature in outer world. Only Astrology can judge the true nature of a person by checking Janma Kundali and Planetary alignment.

Marriage is a relationship of entire Life. So it is very important that two persons of same vibe or nature should get married and true nature of a person can only be judged by seeing the Horoscope. So before marriage, Horoscope of Bride and Groom should be checked to see whether both the Lagna Kundali is supporting to each other.

The Ascendant or Lagna is the native himself/herself and the 7th house is the house of spouse. As 7th house is in exact opposition, there will always be some disagreement in married life. But it is necessary to have some kind of agreement to lead an amicable life. To sort out this problem, our ancient sages had developed a mechanism to compare horoscopes of bride and groom.

Horoscope matching by Rashi for Marriage

Seeing the misunderstanding suffering of married life, some people prefer to remain bachelors. But we must understand that every life be it bachelor or married, has their own advantage and disadvantage. Yet Married Life is preferred because

Marriage is not only Based on sentiments but also moral, religious and social principles. It has immense Potency and contributes for Long Span of Life. The Holy Vedas teaches us that married Life is superior than life Long Celibacy.

Wife is not for mere pleasure and enjoyment. But it is she who bears the child,  performs house hold duties and take care of all the member of the family. That is why they are called Griha Lakshmi. It is said that The families where ladies are unhappy will perish and on the contrary the families where they are happy will prosper.

But if the lady is adamant, argumentative, atrocious how can a person lead a happy married life? On the other hand if the boy is characterless or headstrong will it not affect the marital bliss ?

Here is the role of horoscope matching by Rashi. Suppose A and B are two men, C and D are two women. A, B, C and D have all some favourable and some unfavourable features in their horoscopes. But it is possible to say astrologically that the marriages of a A and C and of B and D may prove a boon and a blessing while the other combination of A and D and B and C may result in domestic devastation or even death. An experienced astrologer will be able to see if there will be mutual harmony or not between the Horoscopes.

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Nakshatra Matching

Most Common Process of astrological matching for marriage

Moon is Very important in Marriage Matching. Moon is the significator of Mind, our taste and temperament. In Vedic Astrology Moon Represents our Mental State or Mentality. Any Relationship Starts from Our Mind. So the Moon Nakshatra which is also Known as the janma Nakshatra, of both boy and girl should be checked for marital bliss. This compatibility of Janma Nakshatra is known as Ashtakoota Milan or Sometime Guna Milan. It is also Known as horoscope matching by Rashi.

In Astrological Matching, Different Gunas or Qualities or Bride and groom are Compared. Every Guna has been Allotted a Specific Mark and if the Guna of Boy and Girl Matches, that Mark or Point is Added. In this Way, 8 Factors are checked and the Total Points or Marks are Calculated. If the Total Marks or Points are More than 18, Marriage Can be performed.

If You Remember the Marriage of Ram and Sita, they had the Most Perfect Match. They Had Total 36 out of 36 Point in Matching.

These Different Factors are Called as Koota in Astrological Language. These Kootas are as below.

  1. Varna Koota- Marks Alotted 1
  2. Vashya Koota- Marks Alotted 2
  3. Tara Koota- Marks Alotted 3
  4. Yoni Koota- Marks Alotted 4
  5. Graha Maitri Koota- MArks Alotted 5
  6. Gana Koota- Marks Alotted 6
  7. Rashi Koota- Marks alotted 7
  8. Nadi Koota- Marks alotted 8

In Today’s Socio-Economic Scenario Matching with Only Moon Nakshatra or Janma Nakshatra is not a Correct Procedure. That is why We have to adopt a Different Way and Technique along with this Process. This Matching of Nakshatra is not Sufficient.

I Personally consider this to be a very Coarse Indicator of Matching or Good Married Life. That is why we See a Lot of problems, Separation etc even after Horoscope Matching. We will Discuss the Proper Way and Method to do an astrological matching for marriage later in this Article.

But Before that Lets Discuss about these Various Factors or Koota.

You can be interested to know about marriage timing in your chart. You can read our detail article on marriage time prediction. You should also check whether your chart has late marriage yoga or early marriage.

Varna Koota

This Koota represents the degree of Spirituality and Mutual Respect in the couple. The twelve Rasis are divided into four categories of Varnas. 1. Brahmin is the highest, then Kshatriyas, then Vaishyas and the last is Shudras. Varna of Groom should be either equal to or superior to that of bride. For this one mark is given. In case of a bride marrying a bridegroom of inferior Varna (caste), no mark is given i.e. score is 0.

Vashya Koota

This Koota Represents Mutual Control. All the signs of zodiac are devided in to five Vashyas(categories) as follows.I. Chatuspada or quadruped : – Aries, Taurus, 2nd half of Sagittarius and first half of Capricorn.2. Dwipada (Manushya or human) :- Gemini, Virgo, Libra, first half of Sagittarius and Aquarius.3. Jalchar Rasi :- Cancer, 2nd half of Capricorn and Pisces.4. Banachar Rasi (Roaming in forest) :- Leo.5. Keet Rasi :- Scorpio.If bridegroom and bride belong to the same Vaishya, it is ideal and scores 2 full marks.

Tara Koota

Tara koota clearly indicate the mental compatibility and Luck between Bride and groom. Count the number of Janma Nakshatra of bride from the Janma Nakshatra of Groom and the result is divided by 9. If the remainder is 3, 5 or 7 then it is inauspicious and score is 0; otherwise benefic and score is one and half. Again count the Janma Nakshatra of groom from the Janma Nakshatra of bride and the result is divided by 9. lf the remainder is 3, 5 or 7 then 1t IS inauspicious and the score is 0 other wise benefic and score is one and half. If both are benefic then score is 3, if one is benefic and another is malefic then score is one and half and if both are malefic then score is 0.

Yoni Koota

It indicates Sexual compatibility of couple. If Yoni Kootas of both bride and groom are same the result will be favorable. If Yoni Kootas are different then result will be enmity between the couple.

Grahamaitri Koota

Mitra Koota indicates Mutual Affection betwen the Bride and Groom. From this Koota friendship between the Rasi Lords of both the bride and the groom are judged.

Gana Koota

Gana Koota indicates Nature or Attitude Compatibility between the Couple. Nakshatras have been divided into three categories-Deva Ganas, Manushya Ganas and Rakshasa Ganas. Marriage between Sama Gana is most auspicious.

After that Dev Gana-Manushya gana, Dev Gana-Rakshash gana and Rakshasa Gana- Manushya Gana is worst. It is a general belief that if a Rakshas Gana girl and a Manushya Gana Boy gets married, the boy will die. But this is completely baseless.

During Lagna Patrika matching, Gana is given too much importance. It simply signifies whether the person is of tradition or liberal mindset. Mismatch of Gana Can give Lack of Mutual understanding at the most. Not more than that. You can read about my article on Misconception of Rakshas Gana and Manushya gana.

Must Read Misconception and fear about Rakshas Gana

Rashi Koota or Bhakoot Koota

Rashi Koota indicates Mutual Love between the Couple. Examine the position of Janma Rasis in the horoscopes of both the bride and the groom. If they are located mutually in 2/12 or 6/8 or 5/9 positions, this is treated as malefic and no point or mark is given. For location in other places full 7 marks are given. 2/12 position indicates poverty, 5/9 indicates loss of children and 6/8 placement indicates death.

Nadi Koota

Nadi Koota Indicates the Health of the Couple. The nakshatras are divided into three groups called 1. Adi Nadi 2. Madhya Nadi 3. Antya Nadi. Marriage is not compatible when the Janma Nakshatras of both the bride and the groom are the same. It scores 0 marks. If nakshatras are dissimilar it scores full 8 marks.

This matching only consider the Moon Nakshatra. It completely Ignores the Ascendant, Sun and other planetary combination. Venus is the Significator for marriage but it also ignores it. How can a person with Weak Venus and 7th house lead a happy married life with Matching of  Moon Stars. This is not the way a Janma Kundali should be matched.

Read: if you want to Read Details of these Koota, Read About Ashtakoot Guna Matching

Only Nakshatra Matching is not a good way of astrological matching for marriage or Horoscope matching. Marriage compatibility based on nakshatra is an incomplete Process. It is not even the 10 percent of the entire Match Making Process.

Deep study of birth charts are more important than Koota Agreements. If both the chart promises long life with health and happiness, even if Matching score is low, marriage will be completely satisfactory. If Planetary Alignment of both the Chart is proper , a good Guna Matching point is added advantage but depending on only Nakshatra matching is not a good idea.

You Can read about online Matchmaking and its benefit and drawback.

6 Important Factors must consider during Lagna Patrika Matching for marriage

Kundali Milan

  1. Longevity : We must check the longevity of both bride and groom before starting of Kundli Milan process. What is the meaning of marriage if the boy or the girl is short lived.
  2. Health : Health is wealth. We must judge the Health prospect of both. We must see if there is any possibility of incurable disease very soon or not. Couple with poor health can not enjoy the married life.
  3. Finance : It is better to cry in a Mercedes than open foot path. Money is an important factor for living a good life. Poverty will bring miseries and will destroy the happiness of married life. So we must check during kundli matching that no Horoscope should have Poverty Yogas or daridra Yogas.
  4. Future : One might born poor. But the future may be much promising. In such case we must inform about the bright future of the couple and marriage should be recommended if other factors are suitable.
  5. Children: As the trees look beautiful with flowers and fruits, similarly married life becomes complete with children. When we judge the Horoscope compatibility for marriage, this is an important factor which we should keep in our mind. No Horoscope should have any affliction to child birth. Even if there is slight affliction in one chart, the other chart must compliment and supersede the affliction.
  6. Mutual Understanding: One may have long life, lot of money, sound health but if there is no mutual understanding between the couple, the married life becomes hell. So astrologers must see the mutual harmony between the boy and girl during Lagna Kundali matching. The Planets should be placed harmoniously specially Venus, Mars Jupiter and Rahu. If theer is no harmony how the couple will face the ups and downs of life.

These 6 factors are more important than the Lagna and Rashi based Matching.

In case of Marital Problems Occuring inspite of Marriage Matching, the root cause was inherent within the Horoscope itself and it was either overlook and Neglected Possibly because it was thought that Kuta Agreement and Lagna Patrika Matching is Sufficient. The Longevity Might be poor or extra Marital affair was present in Natal chart. Strong Balancing Factor Should be present in the partner chart to Nullify these Dosha.

If you are looking for a Proper Horoscope Matching

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Matching kundli for Marriage in case of Love

A Lot of time Situation becomes difficult when we Love Someone but the Guna Matching Score is Less. Our Parents do not Agree for Marriage and Mental Stress becomes High. In Such Situation, You Should remember that every Problem has a Solution.

I have Seen Lot of Break ups and Problems in relationship due to Kundli Not Matching. But Something which astonishes me Maximum is Only After Ashtakoota checking Some Astrologers give their decisions. Sometime one of the Partner Checks the Matching Score Online in any Website and become depressed.

If You are in Such a Situation, I am Giving Some genuine Advice.

First of All Rashi Matching is not the Most Reliable Way of Matching Kundli for Marriage. There are other effective and Much Superior Way by which you Should Match the Horoscopes. The Guna Matching is Merely 10-15 Percent of Total Marriage Matching process and We Need to See other Factors of the Kundli, Divisional Chart etc.

If You Like Someone and has a feeling for him or Her, Match the Kundli before commitment in a relationship. In this Way, You Can Avoid Future complications.

There are a Lot of remedies Given in Vedic Astrology which will Reduce the Malefic effect.

So Matching Kundli for Love Marriage is More Difficult than Arranged Marriage.

I will suggest you to read what are the astrological combination for Love Marriage in horoscope.

Matching of Rashi for Marriage or Rashi Milan

Matching of Rashi is very Important for Marriage. As Rashi indicates our mental State. So the Matching of Rashi indicates Mental Compatibility. Rashi Means the Moon Sign of D1 chart but We Should Also See the Moon Sign of Navamsa or D9 Chart too.

The Rashi of the Bride and groom Should be Same or in 5-9 relationship for excellent Mental compatibility. So for Aries, best Marriage Matching Rashi are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. As All of them are Fiery Signs, both Bride and groom will have Similar kind of Mentality. So this is a Good Matching of Rashi for Marriage.

If the Rashi of the Bride and Girl are in 3-11 relationship, both of them will be very Supportive to Each other. So for Aries, Best Marriage Matching Rashi are Gemini and Aquarius. Aries is a Fiery Sign. But Gemini and Aquarius are Airy Signs. Fiery Signs are Aggressive and Airy Signs are intelligent. So Airy Signs will be able to handle the aggressiveness with intelligence.

But if the Rashi of Bride and Groom are in 6-8 relationship, this is not Good. So in this Case the Matching of Rashi is not good. So for for Example, Aries Rashi will not Match with Pisces or Taurus.

Rajjotok Matching (Rashi Milan for Marriage)

Rajjotok Means a Perfect Couple from Astrological Perspective. So Rajjotok Matching Means a Very Good Matching of Rashi chart. This Simply means the Horoscope of Bride and Groom is Perfect for Marriage. This is considered excellent for Physical and Mental Compatibility. So it indicates a Good marital Peace and Happiness.

When the Rashi of the Boy and Girl is Same, it is Said to be a Rajjotok Matching. Same Rashi indicates Same mentality. So it is considered in astrology that Rajjotok will give excellent Family Life.

But this Does not happen always. We have Seen a Lot of People Who Suffer in their Married Life inspite of this Kind of excellent Rashi Matching. So Rajjotok is not a Guarantee of Happy Marriage.

I will Again Say, Without In-depth Analysis of Individual Horoscope though Divisional charts, No one Should Confirm happy or unhappy Marriage.

A Proper Janma Kundali Matching can Reduce the ill effect of Marriage. Except Astrology no other study can give us hints about future. So we should use it and must take the benefit of this beautiful Science.

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I hope i have been able to give you some idea about how Kundali matching works and the importance of Horoscope matching. If you have liked it, please share it so that more people can read.

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