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Debraj Roy,¬†Founder of this Website, is one of the best Astrologer in Kolkata with almost 10 years of Practical Experience.With his hardwork and sincere effort Astrologylover has become one of the Top and Leading astrological website. His Client List Includes Movie Directors, Big Businessman, Top Management of Corporate Companies, CEO’s, Doctors etc Not only within India but in Various Other countries Like Malaysia, Dubai, USA, Turkey etc.

His Journey to the Mystic world begin at an early age of 12 years Only. Over the years He has learnt the Subject from Various Institutions. He follows Vedic System of Astrology. His genuine effort and True knowledge of the subject has not only made him as one of the best astrologer in kolkata or One of the best online astrologer in India but also it has established Astrologylover a Leading, most trusted and reliable Online astrology solution.

He is Having Bachelors Degree of Engineering and worked for Various Multinational Companies for quite long time. But his passion was always Astrology and always wanted to do something in the field of Astrology.

Debraj is having personal Chamber in Kolkata where he gives Face to face consultations. Those who can not come for Face to face consultation, can take Online Consultation. He is one of the best online astrologer in India presently.