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Astrological Combinations for Business in Horoscope

During My Career Consultations, Most of the People ask can I do Business ? So i thought, It will be good if I can give you some basic information about Business Yoga in Vedic Astrology. This is always a difficult task to choose among Job or Business, astrology can help you in this work. I will tell you how can you identify Astrological Combinations for Business in Horoscope. A person who is born with a Kundli of Businessman can not do well in Job and Vice versa. We will discuss about Business in astrology and Business Selection astrologically will be discussed in a separate article.

Astrology examines the areas of the horoscope in which we may find the prime indicators of our career by analyzing planetary combinations. A person can prosper well if he chooses the profession which his Horoscope supports. 

Houses Influencing Business Career Astrology

10th House is Known as the House of Career. So 10th House Lord, Planets Placed in 10th house, 10th lord Navamsha, Planets aspecting 10th house is of prime importance for Career Growth and Progress of a Person. It is not only about the Career, this house also governs Rewards, Recognition, Fame, Social Status etc. This is the strongest Kendra House of the Horoscope.

The Next Important House is 6th and 7th House. 6th House is an Upachaya House and Artha Trikona. This House not only Indicates Job or Service but it also indicates Obstacles or oppositions and enemies. Malefic in 6th House gives fighting ability and win over enemies. 7th is the main Business House in Astrology. It is 10th from the 10th House. SO it is also secondary House of Career.

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11th is the House of Incoming Financial Gain or Success. For getting Success in any work, job or business, you need the blessing of 11th house and its Lord. When Multiple Planets are strongly placed in 11th house, it is one of the Significant Astrological Combinations for Business.

Another important House is 3rd House. 3rd House is the House of Initiatives and Courage. It gives us that fighting spirit which is required to overcome the obstacles. Malefic do really Good here.

Without Lagna or Ascendant we cant even think of any Business Yoga in Vedic astrology. In Business, we need to take immediate decisions and we have to be independent. Moreover a Strong Ascendant will ensure a good Physical Health which is very much needed for running a Business. So Ascendant and Ascendant Lord has to be Strong enough.

Important Planets for Business Success Vedic Astrology

Moon is the most Important Planet for Business. Moon not only indicate Mental strength but it is also a factor for Wealth. In a kundli of Businessman strong moon is required because Strong mental strength is needed to run a Business successfully. The Focus and the will power to pursue the goal diligently is impossible without the strength of Moon.

The Nest important Planet after Moon is Sun. A weak Sun means inadequate energy, Less stamina & Vitality. A Weak Sun means a weak Human Body who will not be able to exert energy for long time. They are not very fit for uphill task and challenges. Moreover Sun also represents Power, Authority, Recognition etc.

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The next important Planet is Mercury. It is the Significator of Business. It also rules over Intelligence, finance, Logic etc. A successful Businessman is very intelligent and  more Logical than Emotional.

Jupiter is the Natural Karaka for Wealth. So its Blessing is always needed.

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Main Astrological Combinations for Business

When Some one comes for Career Consultation to me and ask Can I do Business, that is a very tough question to answer. Business is a very risky profession whereas Job is much more secured and risk free. So we must be very careful while advising some one in this. I will share few of the Astrological combinations for Business that i use.

  • Concentration of Planets Around the Ascendant or 10th house strengthen Ascendant and 10th House. 10th House is the main house of Career or Karma. This increases Self confidence and independence of the person which is very much necessary for going into Business. This also makes a person very much Self centered and careerist. Such person wants to take independent decision. So chances of going for Business increases with this astrological combinations for business.
  • The strength of 7th house should be more than that of 6th house. 7th is the Business House in astrology. Here Strength means the astakvarga Points of 7th house and more no of Planets in 7th house.
  • The Chart Must have very strong Dhana Yoga and Raj Yoga Present. Business is all about creating wealth. So strong Dhana Yogas  and Raj Yogas are easily seen in the Horoscope of famous Businessman.
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  • 3rd House is the house of Initiative and Mars signifies self effort. When There is any Relation Between 3rd house or 3rd Lord with 10th house or 10th lord and 9th house or 9th lord as well as Mars, the person may choose Self employment. This is an important astrological combinations for Business.
  • 6th House is the House of Job or Service. When 6th house is Stronger than Ascendant, the Individual may go for service or Job.
  • The Planets Improving their Condition significantly in Navamsha is another good astrological Yoga for Business. As Navamsha is the 9th Division, it is very much related with our fortune. When Planets improve their position significantly in Navamsha, it Indicates that the person is fortunate and will rise high in Life. Business has more risks associated with it than Job. So a stronger Fortune is necessary to become successful in Business.
  • Ascendant Lord in 9th house makes a person very Independent and Business is advised such natives. Saturn in 3rd house is another Planetary combination for Business.

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After checking these Business Yoga in vedic astrology, we have to see Dasha or Time period also. We must check the divisional chart D10 for this. The position of 10th lord in D10 chart is a important factor in deciding Business according astrology.

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I have shared few basic Principles of astrological combinations for Business. These are very Basic Planetary combination for Business and There are many more Factors like Nakshatra, Navamsha sign of 10th lord, amatyakaraka planet which will have a say and can change the result of the chart. Libra is the Natural Sign of Business. It Should also be checked.

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During My Career Consultations, Most of the People ask can I do Business ? So i thought, It will be good if I can give you some basic information about Business Yoga in Vedic Astrology. This is always a difficult task to choose among...Astrological Combinations for Business in Horoscope