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D10 Chart Calculator & Analysis-How to read (Predict) Dashamsha Chart

Career in Astrology from D10 chart

D10 chart or Dashamsa Chart is a Divisional Chart Used Mainly to Judge career and Professional Life. It is the 10th Part or 10th Division of Your Horoscope or Main Birth chart. When Every Sign is Divided in 10 Equal Part, a New chart is Prepared from Main Birth Chart or Rashi chart Which is Known as Dasamsa Chart.

In Astrology, 10th house is the Mid heaven of the Horoscope. This House Deals with Karma or Profession of a Person. So the 10th Part of Your Horoscope is an Important Chart for Career. It Specifically used for Minute analysis of Profession or Career in Astrology. It is also Known as Karmamsa.

16 Divisional Charts or Vargas are Most Important in Vedic Astrology. D10 chart is One of them and used for Profession, Status, Fame etc. We will Discuss Principles and Rules to Predict Career using this Divisional Chart and After that we will also Discuss Some example charts to clear the Idea.

It is the Duty of an Astrologer to Guide a Person in the right Direction. With the Help of Astrology, It is Possible to Predict about Career, Job, Fame etc.

In Career Astrology, judgment of profession is indeed a tough exercise, which requires a vast experience and systematic analysis of all the houses and planetary Alignment of the birth chart. Most of the people have the curiosity regarding the type of work they will undertake – Whether it will be a government job or a private enterprise, an independent business or work in a MNC. I Will try to give you Some useful information here which will help you to understand Your career with the Help of Astrology.

So You Should use Rashi chart (D1 chart) and Dashamsa (D10) chart together for the Analysis of career. So Before going into Details of Dashamsa Chart, I will Give Some information about Important Houses and Planets for Career.

Importance of Career Astrology

Why Should you Consult an Astrologer for your Career ? You Will choose a Subject, Study Hard, Grab a Job or Business and Boom. Your career is all Set. But No. It is not So Simple. We often feel confused about our Career path. We think What Career Should I Have ? Astrology will be helpful in Such Situation. It will help to unlock or understand your True Potential.

Career Astrology is Mainly Divided in two part-Selecting the most Suitable Profession for you and Selecting the Most Suitable timing for career Growth.

It can tell What Career you will have or What Career Choice Will give you Maximum Benefit as per your Horoscope. If We try our Effort in correct direction in correct time, the Possibility of Success increase manifold.

Sometime people try for Govt Job or Civil Service for Several time but they do not get Success. So it is very important to know whether we are destined to get what we are chasing. Otherwise we waste our Valuable time of most precious period of life. So it is Very Important to know What kind of Career is indicated in Your Birth Chart.

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Important Houses for Determining Career in Astrology

Planets Ruling and placed in the 10th house are the important Significators for the right profession. Though the 10th house is the most important house for the judgment of future  profession, it is not the only important house for determining the profession.

Navamsa occupied by the 10th lord mostly plays an important role. In addition to the 10th house, the 2nd, 11th and 9th houses should also be taken into consideration. These houses are of no less importance while examining the occupation of the native.

You can Watch this Video to understand How Navamsa Chart also influence in Career and Profession.

If proper blending of the results of the stronger planets is made intelligently, it will reveal your most suitable profession. We, therefore, Suggest that the 10th, 2nd, 11th and 9th house should be examined from the ascendant.

You can Read our 10th house Series to get detail information about What kind of Results different Planets give in 10th house.

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We have to Check the D10 chart or Divisional Chart for Profession as well. The Ascendant, 6th house, 10th house of D10 chart needs to be Checked properly.

Apart from studying the houses, Dasha bhukti under operation must also be examined carefully to reach at the right Decision.

How to judge career from Horoscope

While discussing about the Career Astrology, we must look seriously into the house and the house-lord which has an influence over the 10th house of profession. It is a fundamental principle that the lord of the house, which signifies the activities or working related to a particular occupation, will play a prominent role.

For police personnel, the 6th house and its lord should also influence the occupation because the 6th house governs crime, thieves, disease, loan and litigation etc. Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are the main and supporting significators of police service.

Similarly, along with 10th and other houses,  the 5th house should also be examined, for legal profession because the profession of advocates and judges requires high argumentative skill and application of brain. All such professions, which include diplomacy, creativity, manipulation etc, will have a role of the 5th house and its lord in the matters of occupation.

The 8th house is involved where a control over number of people or works is a part of the job. In the horoscopes of IAS, engineers, MBA, politicians etc, the 8th house and its lord play a prominent role.

The 6th house must have influence over the occupation of the native, if service is indicated. Influence of either Sun or Moon on the 6th house or its lord will certainly be there, if government service is indicated. For example, the 10th lord occupies the 6th house in Cancer or Leo, or otherwise 6th lord is placed in the 10th house and obtains the Navamsa or constellation of the Sun or Moon.

Navamsa chart must be taken in consideration before pronouncing the final outcome in respect of each and every aspect of life. It is, indeed, a great injustice to the native if due importance is not given to the navamsa chart. Navamsa lords of the 10th, 2nd, and 11th house will assist a lot in deciding your profession. You can Read our Detail Article on Importance and Use of Navamsa or D9 chart.

Beside navamsa, the constellations are also quite vital in every study to determine how to know profession. All the 27 constellations have their own significations. In addition to  this Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka planet, certainly helps a lot in finding out one’s occupation.  These all should be blended intelligently. These are the planetary pointers for an individual’s career, job or occupation.

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What is a Dasamsa chart?

Dashamsa or D10 chart is a Divisional Chart Prepared from D1 chart. The divisional charts known as Varga Charts play an important role in Vedic predictive astrology.

There are so many divisional charts, which are helpful in the judgment of various aspects of life. Divisional charts should be examined for the confirmation of our judgment. For the purpose of marriage, the examination of Navamsa chart is essential, whereas for the study of progeny and children, Saptamsa chart should be taken into consideration.

Similarly, for the confirmation of the judgment of occupation, it is always Suggested to go through the Dasamsa (D10) chart, in addition to natal Rasi chart and Navamsa chart. These divisional charts are the supporting tools in the judgment of predictions. Due importance must be given to divisional charts Specially D10 chart in case of Analyzing Career.

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Dividing a sign into ten equal divisions, each one of 3° gives rise to Dasamsa chart. As we know that a sign is of 30° therefore its 10th part is equal to 30°/10=3°

How To calculate D10 chart

Dashamsa is a combination of Two Words- Dasham + Amsa. Dasham Means 10th and Amsa Means Part. So It is a 10th Division of a Rashi or Zodiac Sign in your chart. That is why it is known as D10 chart.

The Easiest Method to Calculate D10 chart is to Divide any Sign in 10 Equal Part. Each Sign comprises of 30 Degree. So When you will divide it in 10 part, each part will become 3 degree. So this Part will be known as Dashamsa. So the first Dashamsa will be from 0 degree to 3 degree, Second One will be 3 degree to 6 degree and like this.

Now a Days, Every Astrological Software give the Calculation of D10 chart. So We Should be more Focused towards the Understanding and Analysis of this Chart. Most of the Websites which Gives Kundali and Horoscope, Gives d10 Chart Calculation.

There Are Many Astrology Software Like Jagannath Hoa, Kaala, Parashara Light etc which gives very in-depth Calculation of Dashamsa Chart. So You do not need to Calculate them Manually.

If You do not Know your D10 chart, You can Get Your D10 Chart and calculation from us.

How to Read (Analysis) D-10 Chart

The planet posited in the 10th house of the Dasamsa chart may decide the profession depending upon its strength in the birth chart.

I have made a Video on How to use D10 chart for Analysis of Career or Profession.

The Dasamsa ascendant lord is very important planet. If this planet is well placed in the birth chart then the native gets success and progress in profession, particularly during the periods and favorable transits of this planet.

So, we will have to know how to judge profession from Dasamsa or d10 chart. If the ascendant lord of the birth chart is well placed in the Dasamsa chart then the native is lucky to have well suited profession along with success and name. Placement of the birth ascendant in the Dasamsa ascendant is considered very auspicious and bestows success and prosperity.

The 10th Lord of D1 chart Should be well placed in the D10 chart for a Smooth Career. It Should be either in own Sign or Exaltation Sign without Any Affliction. The 10th Lord of D1 chart Should not be placed in the 8th house or 12th house of D10 chart.

The 10th Lord of D10 chart should also be well placed in both Dashamsa chart and also in Main Birth chart. If the 10th Lord of D10 chart is in 6th house, 11th house or Ascendant of D10 chart, it is highly Auspicious. It Brings Lot of Success in Career.

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Presence of a Strong Sun and Mars in 10th house of D10 chart is also helpful for a Good Career.

Sun and Moon in the 10th house of D10 chart is good for Government Job, Any kind of Administrative Job, Medical profession etc.

Moon in 10th house of D10 chart can also give profession in Human Resource, Hotel Management, Nursing etc.

Presence of Mercury in the 10th house of D10 chart is Good for Banking Sector, Accounts Related work, Financial Sector etc. It is also Helpful for Lawyer, Marketing etc.

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When Mars is placed in the 10th house of D10 chart, it will give Career in Engineering, Army, Medical, Chartered Accountant etc.

When Saturn Occupies the 10th house of D10 chart, it will give Career in Management, Engineering, Lawyer, Judge etc.

But Apart from these Planets We must also note which Houses these planets Rules. The Result will vary According to that.

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Planets in Dasamsa and their Dasa Bhukti in Career Horoscope

The main and sub periods of the following planets are favourable for success, gain, rise in status and overall betterment of one’s profession.

The 10th lord of the Dasamsa Chart

Planets associated with the 10th lord of the Dasamsa chart.

Planets associated with the 10th house of the Dasamsa chart.

Planets associated with the Dasamsa ascendant.

Planets associated with the Dasamsa ascendant lord.

Planets posited in the square and trine house of the Dasamsa chart.

The 6th, 8th and 12th lords of the Dasamsa or D-10 chart, when associated with the ascendant, 10th house of profession in the birth chart, give problems and obstacles in your career and it’s prosperity during their main and sub periods.

D10 Chart Prediction Rules

I am providing the rules which I have found Useful during the Time of my Astrological Practise.

  1. Good Success in Career is Possible when Dashamsa (D10) Lagna is occupied by the 6th lord of the Rasi Chart.
  2. You will be Successful in career when 10th lord of the Rasi chart is placed in/owner of 6th house of the Dashamsa Chart.
  3. When D10 Lagna is occupied by the 6th lord of the D10 chart, your career will be Good.
  4. If the D10 Lagna lord Occupies the 6th house of the Rasi chart, It can Give Good Success.
  5. If the D10 Lagna lord is the owner of the 6th house of the Rasi chart, You will get Good Progress in Job.
  6. You Will Achieve Success when D10 Lagna Lord is placed in 6th house of Dashamsa chart or D10 ascendant lord owns 6th house in D10 chart.
  7. Good Success in Career is Possible when 6th lord of the Dasamsa chart is placed in 10th house of the Dasamsa chart or 10th lord of the D10 chart is 6th lord of the Rasi chart.
  8. Good Career is indicated if the 6th lord of the Dashamsa chart is placed in the 10th house of the Rasi chart Or 10th lord of the D10 chart occupies the 6th house of the Rasi chart.
  9. You will get Good Progress in Career If 10th lord of the Dashamsa chart is placed in the star of a planet that is directly placed in 6th house of the Dashamsa chart/ Rasi chart or If D-10 Lagna lord is placed in the star of a planet that occupies 6th house of the Rasi chart.
  10. Another Good Yoga for Professional Success is when D10 lagna lord is placed in the star of a planet which owns 6th house in the Rasi chart/the Dashamsa chart or 6th lord of the D-10 chart occupies the Nakshatra of a planet that owns/is placed in 10th house either in the Dashamsa chart or the Rasi chart.

Now Lets Discuss One example Chart. Below is the Chart of Kiran Bedi. She is an IPS Officer. Retired as Director General of Police.


If You See this chart the D10 Lagna is Occupied by Exalted Saturn. This Makes the D10 chart Very Strong. The 6th Lord of D1 chart is Saturn which Occupies the Lagna or Ascendant of D10 chart. This Shows Success in Professional Life. In the Dasamsa Chart, The 2nd House is Occupied by 6th Lord Jupiter and 2nd Lord is in 6th house of Service. As Mars is the Planet of Police, Army etc, She Choose the Police Service. Another Striking feature of her Horoscope is 10th Lord of D1 chart-Mercury is in own Sign in D10 chart. This is very Good.

In this way, You Can Actually find the true potential of Your Horoscope.

I have Tried to Give Some information about how to understand career from D10 chart. If you have any Queries feel free to Comment. If you want to know About your Own Horoscope, You can Take Our Consultation.

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Lets answer Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I read a D10 chart for a career?

To Study Career You have follow the below Steps.

  • Check the d10 Lagna or Ascendant. Its Strength, Sign and Planets influencing the Ascendant. Virgo Ascendant will have Different result in comparison to Aries Ascendant. If You Have Mars in Dashamsa Ascendant, it will have a different result than Saturn in Ascendant.
  • planets in 10th house of d10 Chart. As 10th is the House of Profession, Planets which are Placed in the 10th house of Dashamsa chart will have a Direct influence on your Career.
  • Plants aspecting 10th house of Dashamsa Chart. Through Aspect, Planets transfers their energy and influence. So when any Planet aspect the 10th house of d10 Chart, it Will influence Your Career.
  • Lord of 10th house and its Placement in the Dashamsa Chart.
  • karaka Saturn in the d10 Chart and its Condition.
  • 2, 6 and 7th houses of Dashamsa Chart. 6th house Should be Analysed for Job and 7th house for Business.

Where can I calculate the d10 chart online

You Can Calculate the d10 Chart online through Many Websites. All the Leading Astrology Apps Like Astrosage, Kundali Chakra, Jyotishi etc will Calculate your Dashamsa Chart. Apart from this there Many Free Software Like Jagannath Hora which will give you the Calculation of d10 (Dashamsa) chart. But if You want the Analysis or Prediction of your d10 Chart, You Can take Our Consultation.

What does d10 chart show?

d10 or Dashamsa Chart Shows your True Potential about Career and Professional Life. You May have a Very Strong D1 or Rashi chart with 3-4 Exalted Planets but if these Planets are not well placed in Dasamsa Chart, It becomes very Difficult for getting a Success in Professional Life.

For example- Michel Jordan, the greatest Busketball Player and Richest Sportsman for quite a Long time has 4 Debilitated Planets in his D1 chart or Rashi chart. But he has a very Strong D10 chart. So if anyone predicts his Career based on birth chart only, it will be wrong.

So Dashamsa Chart will Actually gives a Clear Picture about your Career and Professional Life.

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