Child birth Prediction in Astrology-Delay/Denial/Remedy


Marriage is a Very Important Bonding in Our Life. But it is Said that a child completes the Family. Without a child, the Life of a Couple become Difficult. Here We Will Discuss How to Judge Childbirth in Astrology.

Sometime We faces Problems and Difficulties In childbirth. Though With the Advancement of Medical Science, these Problems Have reduced to Some extent But Still there are cases Where People Do not get Success Even After the Medical help. In Such Situation, Astrology or Your Horoscope Can be Helpful.

Important Houses in Astrology for Childbirth

2nd house: It signifies family.

5th house: It is the Main house of children.

11th house: It signifies gain of children and fulfilment of desires.

9th house: It doesn’t play any significant role in child birth directly but promotes child birth. It is facilitator house for child birth.

Important Planets in Astrology for childbirth

Jupiter: It is the natural Significator for child birth. So We Should Always Judge the condition of Jupiter in the Horoscope for Any kind of Analysis Regarding progeny.

Sun: Sun is the Ruler of 5th house in the Natural Zodiac. Further Sun is the Planet of Life and Energy. So Sun also Plays a Very Vital Role.

Mars: Mars is the Ruler of 8th house Scorpio in the Natural Zodiac. 8th house is the House of Sexual Organ or House of Conception. For Man, it is the Manly Energy which is required for Reproduction.

Venus: This is Another Important Planet as It indicates female Sex Organ and Also it is the Semen in the Male. It is the Planet of Love and Sex. So Any kind of Problem or weakness of Venus Can Cause Difficulty in childbirth.

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Combinations in Astrology for childbirth Without Problem

Now I will be making an in depth discussion about the childbirth in astrology.

The 5th House and 5th Lord Should be Free from Any Affliction. Malefic Planets Like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn Should not be Placed in the 5th house. Mercury is also Not Considered Very Auspicious Regarding childbirth. So The Placement of Mercury Should be Judged Cautiously.

When 5th lord is in the 1st house or Vice Versa, happiness of children Can be predicted. The children will be successful. The placement of 5th lord in 2nd house can bless you children Without Much Difficulty. The 5th Lord in Kendra Houses or Trikon Houses Like 4th house, 7th, 11th, 10th, 9th House Without Affliction is considered Good and childbirth Without Much trouble Should be Predicted.

The condition of the 5th Lord in Navamsa and also in D7 chart Should be checked. It Should not be Debilitated or Weak or Afflicted. D7 chart is the Main Divisional chart for Progeny but we Should check the Navamsa as well.

Problems in Childbirth As Per Astrology

Now Lets Discuss When you can Face Problems in childbirth or Which Yogas in your Horoscope can give problem in Astrology.

The first principle is that if the 5th lord goes into enemy sign, debilitate, combustion, lost in the Graha Yuddha or goes into 6th, 8th or 12 house then there can be loss of children, or delay or no children. When 8th lord is placed in the 5th house, it may indicate the delay in getting children.

The 5th Lord Should not be Retrograde. Jupiter Should not be Retrograde. Putrakarka Planet (As per Jaimini Rule) Should not be retrograde. Any Retrograde Planet Should not Occupy the 5th house. In My Practical experience i have Seen that Retrograde Planets Create a Lot of Problems. When More than one Planet becomes Retrograde and Become Associated with 5th house in any Way, it indicates Some Past Life Pending Karma Regarding children Due to Which you May Suffer Problem in this Life.

The Sun Should Not be Conjunct with Planets Like Rahu/Ketu/Saturn. In this Case the conjunction Should be very close and within 5-10 Degree.

The 5th house of D1 chart or D9 Chart or D7 chart Should not be Occupied by Planets Like Rahu or Ketu or Saturn. The 5th Lord of D1 chart Should not be Debilitated in D9 and D7 charts. The Lagna of the D7 chart and Lagna Lord of D7 chart Should not be Weak or Afflicted. The Placement of 5th Lord in Barren Signs Like Gemini or Virgo is not considered Good.

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Timing of Childbirth As Per Astrology

childbirth is Possible During the Dasha or Antardasha of Lagna Lord or Ascendant Lord, 5th Lord, 7th Lord, 9th Lord or 11th Lord. In Transit, when Saturn and Jupiter aspects 5th or 9th house, it also Helps the childbirth. If you Use Jaimini Chara Dasha, the Dasha of the Sign where Putrakaraka Planet is Placed is also Favourable Period for Childbirth. Planets Like Rahu or Ketu Should not be transiting over the 5th house.

All these transits and combinations help to determine the timing of childbirth in Vedic Astrology.

Abortion or Problems During Pregnancy

If Mars joins Jupiter and Venus in 8th, a women Can Face abortions or Complications During Pregnancy Specially if the 5th Lord is in the Star of 8th or 12th Lord.

If Ketu is Transiting over the 5th house During the Pregnancy, Complications or Problems Like Miscarriage or Abortion is Possible.

If the 5th Lord is in 8th house and in the Star of Mars or Rahu, it can give problem Like Miscarriage or Abortion.

If there is conjunction or Mutual Aspect of Saturn- Mars is Present in the Horoscope and If 5th house is also Occupied by Malefic Like Rahu or Ketu, Abortion or Miscarriage is Possible.

Ganda Moola Nakshatra

Ganda Moola Nakshatra Means when any child takes Birth in the Star of Ketu or or Mercury. It is Believed that Children Born in Ganda Moola Nakshatra are Unlucky and faces a Lot of Problems or Hardship in their Life. It is also Considered Inauspicious for the other Family members or Overall Family. But it is Not True. If the Mercury or Ketu Does not Signify 6th or 8th or 12th at the time of birth, the child Will not face any kind of Trouble or Difficulty.

These are Some combinations that helps to make prediction Regarding childbirth in astrology. If you go through the article, you will have a primary conception regarding Yogas and timing of childbirth, the effects of the planets, houses and their lords on childbirth in astrology. But you should not use these Principle Blindly or verbatim. You Should always check the Horoscope Thoroughly and only after that you Should come into any conclusion.

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Some Quick Question Answare here…

Which Graha is responsible for childbirth?

9th HouseThe 9th House and its Lord is also important for getting pregnant or childbirth as it is the 5thHouse from the 5th House of the horoscope. The earth Jupiter is a karaka earth for childbirth as it’s salutary with some special advantages of childbirth in a horoscope.

Which planet is responsible for no child?

Jupiter under afflictions due to Saturn or Rahu can beget childlessness. 4. Malefic globes like Rahu and Ketu having association with the 5th and 11th houses through placement, confluence, aspects, or nakshatras can beget childlessness. Saturn if associated with the 5th and 11th generally only detainments parturition.

How is a child born predicted in Vedic astrology?

*Predict your child’s due date with the 5th and 9th house.
Still, check the 5th and 9th houses of both parents, If you are wondering when your baby is going to be born. However, it means that your child will be born roughly 9 months from when you check your map If Jupiter and/ or Saturn are in the 5th and/ or 9th houses.


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