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Chuni Stone – Benefits and Price

Chuni stone which is popularly known as Ruby stone or Manik, is one of the most precious gemstones of the whole world. It is so powerful that it can provide its wearer maturity, intelligence, self-confidence, and success in their lives. It is the symbol of nobility, purity, and passion. The word ‘Ruby’ came from the Latin word ‘ruber’ which means red in color.

Historically rubies are the most significant colored stones that can be found in deep pink or blood red color. They belong to the family of mineral corundum which is a form of aluminium – oxide. A trace amount of element chromium provides a bright red color to the ruby stones.

These Chuni stones are formed under the Earth’s surface when they are treated to extreme temperature and pressure. Naturally, these are the prettiest and one of the most desirable gems that people can’t refuse to buy it. Especially women are fond of these types of gemstones.

Generally, rubies are distinguished for their bright red color that represents our intense emotions like – love, anger, and passion. It is believed that the red color of rubies can hold the objects of desires and power of life. On the other hand, chuni stones are well known for their rarity, durability, and hardness.

It has a proper cut, finishing, clarity, luster, and a gorgeous shine. Ruby stones are associated with the attributes like beauty and wisdom and therefore these are called Ratnaraj or ‘King of precious stones’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit. These gemstones have been valued by most of the cultures around the whole world.

In ancient days, fine rubies were generally offered to Lord Krishna by Hindus to get rebirth as emperors. These days rubies can be found all over the world. But the main sources from where you can get the natural and good quality ruby stones are Thailand, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Australia, Brazil, Namibia, Myanmar Japan, Nepal, Scotland, India, and Vietnam.

How the Sun is the ruling planet for Ruby stone

We all know that all the gemstones are of a specific planet. And here the Sun is the ruling planet for ruby stone. As Sun shares a healthy relationship with planet Mars, sometimes it is also said that Mars is the ruling planet for this stone. Planet Mars is regarded as the governing planet of Aries.

Due to this, it can enhance the chances of promotion in most of the government jobs and turn your mind towards positive thinking. On the other hand, we all know that Sun is the monarch of this universe. Without Sun, life can’t exist on Earth or any other planet.

It is believed that ruby represents the power and influence of the Sun. And the Sun has immense ability to make positive or negative impacts on its owner’s life as per its alignment in its horoscope. If the placement of the Sun in the horoscope is positive then, it will provide positive vibes, sound health, vibrant, creativity, spontaneity, and passion to its natives.

According to astrology, the ruby stone is often considered as the birthstone for July born people. It is highly effective for the July born people as it balances their intense emotions like temper and rage. It has also some mythical abilities to express feelings of love.

Who should wear Chuni gemstones?

According to astrology, it is believed that Sun is an auspicious planet for Scorpio Ascendant. It owns the 10th quadrant of the profession and is considered to be the friend of the Ascendant Lord. People who are having Sun in the 9th, 5th house, or ascendant can wear the chuni gemstones. Individuals whose Sun is placed in the 10th, 9th, 6th, and 5th should definitely wear these stones.

It will be highly effective for their lives. Besides this, people who are in search of popularity, fame and want to improve their creative skills should also wear this stone. It is highly recommended for those who are suffering from various diseases and having bad health day by day. You can keep yourself healthy by wearing these gemstones on daily basis.

Chuni stone benefits

No doubt, the chuni stone is so beautiful and attractive in its appearance. But besides this, it has a lot of properties that are highly beneficial in our daily life. So here we are going to talk about the Chuni stone benefits in an individual’s life –

  • It is believed that rubies can bring good luck to their It fights with all the obstacles coming in the marital and professional life of its wearer. It provides you long life and will bless you with good fortune.
  • As the ruby stone is considered as the gem of love and relationship, it gives power to its wearers to express their feelings in front of their loved ones. It clears all the relationship issues and improves the bonding of a relationship. It is highly effective for married couples as it boosts love between them. It can truly help you to achieve peace, harmony, and marital
  • As the ruby stone is associated with Sun, it imparts mental health for its It keeps the mind calm and provides mental peace to the owner. It increases your attention and you will be more focused on your dreams and career.
  • If you feel negative energies around you then, it is highly recommended to place the ruby stone under your It will protect you from evil eyes and spirits. Besides this, it also helps to protect you from fear of ghosts, bad dreams, or worst nightmares. And in this case, if you are confused, which ruby is helpful to you then, please consult an experienced astrologer to choose the right one.
  • The gemstone has a lot of healing properties. It can provide you good health and can keep you energetic throughout the It helps to restore vitality, improves eye-sight, and balances the blood circulation in the human body. It fights with the diseases like diarrhea, indigestion, and irregular heartbeat. It also helps to cure backbone problems, cardiac problems, and hemorrhages.
  • Ruby can heal the person suffering from chronic depression. It will help them to overcome any type of emotional and mental setbacks in their
  • Ruby stones provide its wearer intelligence, focus, courage, dignity, integrity, power, and authority. Especially people in the artistic field can take great advantage of They can improve their skills with it and can get a great success in their way. Ruby is an excellent gemstone for actors, singers, dancers, painters, and many others.
  • The stone is highly useful for the students to get success in their competitive exams, or any other competitions in their dorm life. It provides them a sharp mind and the strength to study hard.
  • Most astrologers believe that chuni stone benefits its wearer by improving their financial It can take their work or business to a great height. The stone can promote and provide success to government workers, leaders, contractors, statesmen, and healers. Also, this gemstone is highly effective for those who are suffering from debt issues. By using this gemstone, they can definitely pay their loan as soon as possible. The ruby gemstones provide a comfortable and luxurious life to their owners.
  • In the world of fashion, rubies are highly used in jewelries like rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and many others. Especially girls are fond of these kinds of things. They use these jewelries for a luxurious and attractive
  • Since the gem is a symbol of love and passion, it has become an ideal romantic gift that you can gift your near and dear ones. It is one of the best gifts to express your love and feelings in front of your As the ruby is the rarest, expansive, and valuable thing, you can also gift it to your elders or relatives on their marriage. A stunning ruby engagement ring is considered to be so auspicious for the would be groom and bride.
  • A natural and well bought ruby gemstone can bring realization, self-awareness, and a quest to reach the higher path of your life.

Best finger and time to wear Chuni gemstone

According to the astrological facts, one should wear the chuni stone ring on Sunday. This day is considered to be the best and auspicious for the stone. The ring must be worn on the ring finger of the right hand on Sunday morning between 5 am to 6 am during Shukla Paksha days. Ensure that the stone should be of the appropriate weight.

The stone between 3 to 6 carats will be helpful to you. And one more thing, the ruby stone rings should be mounted in gold or copper metal to get good results. Red Garnet and Red Zircon are considered to be the best substitute for ruby gemstones.

You can use them instead of rubies and it will give you the same result. Also, remember that the stone must be natural because synthetic gemstones will give you the best result. So always try to purchase high-quality ruby gemstones for astrology purposes.

Activation and wearing of Chuni stone

After purchasing the chuni gemstone, you will have to purify and activate it for a better result. For this, take a small container and add a little amount of milk, honey, and gangajal. If gangajal is not available, then you can also use pure water. Mix it well and dip the ring of ruby stone inside it for almost 20 to 30 minutes so that all the negativity will disappear.

Now go to your house temple, burn incense sticks and pray to the God Sun by chanting a great mantra that is “Om Suryay Namaha”. Ask God to bless you with his abundant blessings and to fulfill your all heart desires through the ring. After that, remove the ring from the mixture and wash it properly with fresh water. Now the time has come to wear the ring.

Price of Chuni stone

As we all know that ruby stone is one of the most valuable and rarest things in this world. And due to this property, these are highly expansive in the market. The price of a ruby stone fully depends on the parameters like transparency, cut, shape, clarity, luster, shine, and finishing. The price range varies according to its quality.

The high-quality rubies are found at a high price while low quality or synthetic rubies can be found at a low price. Be aware of synthetic rubies because these are available everywhere in the market at a low price. Check it properly before buying it. The price of ruby stone can begin from Rs 500 and can trend up to Rs 2 Lakh per carat as per your requirement.

On the other hand, the price of a Burmese ruby can range from Rs 10000 to Rs 120000 per carat in the market. As they are so expensive, but you can buy them as per your budget. Here we are providing you a huge variety of natural ruby stones on our newly launched website Panchvaati.com. You can buy it from here at exclusive prices. These are 100% original and of premium quality. We assure that you will get the best products from us.


So from the above blog, you have come to know that how ruby stones are beneficial in our daily life. So if you are impressed with it, then you will definitely buy this gemstone to change your life. If you don’t know anything about it, but want to purchase it for a better future then, you should definitely consult an astrologer or a gem expert.

Any queries regarding this, you can freely contact us through our site anytime you want. We will always try to fulfill the needs of our customers. So once you trust us, we are always here for you. And therefore, not only the ruby stones, here we are serving you all the other gemstones which you can buy from our website Panchvaati.com. You can choose the suitable one and take advantage of it.

Some Quick Question Answare here…

What are the benefits of Chuni stone?

It’s also known to increase creativity, church, confidence, and wisdom. The gravestone is associated with the Manipura Chakra, which is the nexus of the body. Wearing this rock helps to unleash this chakra, instills in the wearer, a sense of responsibility, and promotes leadership rates.

How do you wear chuni stone?

Start wearing the gravestone on Shukla Paksha and rather on Sunday morning between 5 am and 6 am. Before wearing it, dip the gravestone in Ganga Jal or honey so that all the negativity is washed down. This is a veritably important step because it charges up the gravestone with positivity.

Which ruby stone is best?

In terms of Origin, Burma Rubies is said to be stylish of all. An original ruby in a lighter tinge can also be preferred for wearing. Unheroic Gold is rather recommended to be combined with a Natural Manik Ratan.

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