Darakaraka Planets-Life Partner (Spouse) Details With Jaimini Astrology


What is Darakaraka Planet

Darakaraka is the Planet which gets the Lowest Degree in Horoscope. It represents our spouse in Kundali. This is a Unique Process to Predict about your Spouse or Life Partner. It is a completely Different technique than the widely used traditional process.

The Darakaraka shows the atma of the partner. It shows what type of soul the person has and issues related to that level. It has nothing to do with female or male because even male planet can become darakarak in a male’s chart.

Analysis of Marriage With Jaimini Astrology

Vedic Astrology has Many Branch and Many Technique to Analyse Horoscope. Parashari Technique and Jaimini Astrology are two most prominent Branch of Astrology. Maharshi Jaimini Had taught us about this Branch of Astrology and that is why it is known as Jaimini Astrology.

In Vedic Astrology, There are Two types of Karakas-Naisargik Karaka or fixed Karaka and Chara Karaka or dynamic Karaka.

In case of Sthira Karaka or Fixed Karaka the significators are fixed like Sun is the Karaka for Soul, Moon is the Karaka for Mind, Venus is Karaka for marriage and Spouse etc. But in case of Chara Karaka, these significators changes in each Horoscope. Like the planet which is having highest degree is Called Atmakaraka, the next highest degree planet is known as Amatya Karaka etc.

There are total 7 Chara Karakas –

1-Atmakaraka- Significator of Soul.
2-Amatyakaraka- Significator of Profession and Status
3 Bhatrukaraka- Significator of Sibling, Courage and Hard work.
4 Matrukaraka- Significator of Mother, Education, Home etc.
5- Putrakaraka- Significator of Child, Intelligence etc.
6 Ganti Karaka- Significator of Enemies, Disease and Relatives
7. Darakaraka- Significator of Spouse.

In these Karaka, Rahu and Ketu are not considered. Though Some people Use them. But I do not use them in my Analysis and I will also Suggest my readers to Stick to 7 Karakas only.

When Different Planets become Darakaraka (DK), spouse nature can be according to that planet only.

Now Lets Discuss the Effects of Each and Every individual.

Spouse Details for Darakaraka Sun

Darakaraka Sun Means Sun has the lowest degree in your birth chart. When Sun is your darakaraka, Your Spouse can be a person with good leadership quality, confident, steadfast and with high self-respect. The qualities of the Sun will be prominent in Your Wife or Husband.

Sun indicates Status, Ego and Position. So Darakaraka Sun also indicates Your Desire for a Partner from High Social Status and Position.

We have to see the Aspect of the Planets also during spouse prediction. If Sun is aspected by its friends like Mars, Jupiter, Moon, the partner will add value to the life of the native. But if it is aspected by its enemy like Rahu or Saturn, Your Life Partner will be unhappy.

Spouse Details for Darakaraka Moon

Darakaraka Moon Means, Moon has the lowest degree in your birth chart. When Moon becomes the Darakaraka, Your Life Partner can be emotional, caring, home loving and soft hearted. They will be very flexible. If Saturn or Rahu afflicts this moon, it will give the selfish tendency, meanness of mind etc.

If Jupiter aspects, it will give wisdom and knowledge to the person. Moon Rules our Emotions, Sensitivity etc. Moon is also Family Oriented Planet. So Darakaraka Moon will make your Partner Adaptable.

Spouse Details for Darakaraka Mars

Darakaraka Mars Means, Mars has the lowest degree in your birth chart. When Mars becomes Your Darakaraka Planet, Your Spouse can be very head strong and competitive nature. He/she will always be ready to fight. If Mars is afllicted by Planets like Saturn or Mars the dark side of Mars Like fighting, abusing etc will be more prominent. But if it is being aspected or conjunct by friends like Jupiter or Moon, it will show its courage and dynamism in good work. You will be happy with spouse.

Spouse Details for Darakaraka Mercury

Darakaraka Mercury Means, Mercury has the lowest degree in your birth chart. Mercury indicates a very talkative, friendly and Fun Loving Spouse. Mercury is the Planet of Youthful energy. So Darakaraka Mercury will make your Spouse very Energetic and enthusiastic.

But this is not good for Loyal Partner. When you have Mercury as your Darakaraka, it can make your Partner very Fickle minded. He/She will not make commitment easily. They will always try to experiment something new. This tendency of Something New can Sometime drag them to relationship Outside Marriage also. When Jupiter aspects the Mercury, this tendency is controlled Largely.

Spouse Details for Darakaraka Venus

Darakaraka Venus Means Venus has the lowest degree in your birth chart. When a Person has got Darakaraka Venus, the spouse will be very romantic, artistic and refined in Nature. He or she will be very much interested in Look and Beauty. This indicates that your Life Partner will be Very easy going and Friendly.

Spouse Details for Darakaraka Jupiter

Darakaraka Jupiter Means Jupiter has the lowest degree in your birth chart. When a person has Jupiter as Darakaraka, the spouse can be very Loyal, religious, optimistic and status driven. You will be very fortunate Regarding your Life Partner with this.

This is also good for a Honest and Loyal Life partner. When you have Jupiter as Darakaraka, you will give More importance to the character of your spouse than Look or any other things.

Spouse Details for Darakaraka Saturn

Darakaraka Saturn Means Saturn has the lowest degree in your birth chart. You Will get serious kind of older partner who is very committed in relationships with Darakaraka Saturn.

It also mean, With Darakaraka Saturn, you want a Partner With the qualities of Saturn. They are least romantics people but very loyal to partner. Saturn is the Planet of Maturity and Practicality. So with Saturn as Darakaraka Planet, you can expect your partner to be very Grounded, Humble and Practical. But this Does not mean that you will always get an older Spouse or Life Partner. Your Spouse will have the Qualities of Saturn more prominent. Saturn as Darakarka mean Your Spouse Will be sincerely committed and dutiful. It is Good for long term relationship.

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During the time of Spouse Prediction We need to check the 7th house, Planets in the 7th house, 7th Lord, Navamsa chart and Darakaraka Planet. When we check all these Parameters, We will get a clear picture. we can use this composite approach in spouse prediction astrology and can get lot of information about Life Partner in astrology.

Darakaraka Planet in Astrology
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