Late (Delay) Marriage or No Marriage in astrology-Will i ever get Married


Late Marriage in Astrology

Late marriage in Astrology is a burning topic and we receive numerous queries about delay in marriage. The Marriage custom gives Completeness and absoluteness to males and females. The common difficulties in marriage are not getting Right Match, Breaking of Engagement just before Marriage etc. 

It is very important to check if late marriage Yoga or early marriage is indicated in your Horoscope during the time of marriage prediction. In Some Horoscope, complete Denial or No Marriage is indicated. 

In Every Matter, including marriage, Our Own effort is required along with that you Need the help of your Luck and Fortune. That is why we see People who are well educated, Good Looking, Successful but still they are unmarried or They Marry in a very Late Age.

So we have to check the Horoscope Properly and should give Remedies for overcoming delay in Marriage. There are certain Combination in Horoscope which can even Deny your Marriage.

So before Going into Details of Late Marriage or No Marriage or Delay in Marriage Astrology, We have to Know Important Zodiac Signs, Planets etc. 

Marriage house in Astrology

Before we discuss the Astrological combination for delay in marriage, we need to know about marriage houses in Astrology.

7th house is the most important house for marriage. It is known as the house of your partner. 7th house is actually opposite to 1st house. As men and women complement each other, similarly 1st house and 7th house complement each other. Strength of 7th house and 7th Lord is very important for a happy and timely marriage.

8th house is the house of delays and obstacles. It is also an important house for physical relationship and sexual life.

Another important house is 11th house. 11th house is the house of success, friends and social circle. 11th house is also a very important marriage house in Horoscope.

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Planets responsible for delay in marriage Astrology

Malefic Planets are Mainly Responsible for Delay in Marriage in Astrology. Rahu, Saturn, Ketu and 8th Lord creates Late Marriage Yoga in Horoscope. Delay in Marriage is indicated in your Horoscope When Rahu, Ketu, Saturn etc influence the Marriage related Houses or Its Lords in your Kundli.

In Vedic Astrology Saturn is the main planet for delay. So, while analyzing the time of marriage if Saturn influence 7th house or 7th Lord in any way, it indicates delay in your marriage. Even in a General way we have found that people with Leo Ascendant or Cancer Ascendant gets Married Little bit late than other People. Even if Leo or Cancer becomes the Navamsa Ascendant, in that case also Delay in Marriage can happen.

Rahu and Ketu are another to important planets which courses delay or problem in getting marriage. When Rahu or Ketu is placed in the 7th house from Lagna, it creates Rahu Ketu Dosha in Marriage. In Some chart we find Rahu or Ketu in the 7th house of Navamsa or D9 chart also. This increases this Stregth of Rahu-Ketu Dosha which will further increase the delay in Marriage or problem after Marriage.

Venus is the significator of marriage. In male chart it’s also indicates life partner or wife. Any affliction or weakness in Venus will cause a delay in your marriage.

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8th Lord of your Horoscope should also be checked if you are not getting Married. The Role of 8th house will be prominent in the delay of your Marriage. If your marriage is not happening, you will find that 8th Lord has made some combination with 7th house or 7th Lord in D1 chart (Rasi Chart or Main birth chart) or D9 chart (Navamsa Chart).

In our country a large number of young people is curious about when they Will get married or if they would get married at all or not. In our society these questions have their own signification and importance and therefore, cannot be ignored in an astrological study on the subject.

Today, especially among the middle class families, Economic stability and settlement come first. So the Age of Marriage has changed from what was considered previously. So we should judge and declare Late or Early Marriage in that context only. 

Early marriage and late marriage Age

The right age for marriage differs from country to country, community to community. In earlier age 18-20 was considered right age for girls to get married. But now it is completely changed. Astrologically when we talk about early marriage, we indicate marriage within 25-26 for girls and 27-28 for boys.

Marriage between the age of 26-30 for girls and 28-32 for boys is considered right age for marriage.

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Marriage after the age of 30 for girls and after 32 for boys is termed as late marriage in today’s scenario. Astrologically Planets also has a Marriage Age which will help you to know When will you get Married

So if you think why you are not getting married, your Horoscope must have combination that indicated delayed marriage. You can take our Marriage Report to know about this.

Three questions in this connection may be delineated from the astrological point of view.

(i) Whether the horoscope indicates marriage or not?

(ii) If yes, then whether there is delay to finalize the marriage?

(iii) If yes, then to determine how much delay is there and if not, then how much early is the marriage?

A horoscope gives indication about when a native will get married. If the marriage is getting delayed in spite of sincere efforts, You should seek the advice of a good astrologer and the effort should be made to find out what Astrological factors are obstructing the marriage. Suitable remedial measures should be Performed rigorously and religiously.

Combination for Late Marriage in Astrology

While considering various astrological combinations to determine the Marriage age, the 7th house, lord of the 7th house, its significator and their relationship with Jupiter and Saturn should be taken into account.

I have Made a Video on Late Marriage in Astrology. You Can Watch it also to understand how to Use the combinations in your chart.

Further, the planets responsible for marriage, if placed in fixed signs, cause delay in marriage. Similar effects have been observed if a retrograde planet is connected with the 2nd or 7th house either by ownership, aspect or conjunction. Above all, Saturn”s role is most Important in causing late marriage.

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Following principles should be checked in the Chart if you are not getting Married.

  • Saturn aspects Venus and at least one of the luminaries Sun or Moon.  This must be judged by both the Rasi chart and Navamsa chart. It is a very important rule for Late Marriage astrology.
  • Lord of the ascendant, lord of the sign occupied by Moon and a malefic posited together in the 7th house while 7th lord falls in the 12th house.
  • If Saturn and Sun are placed in Lagna,  Lagna lord or Lagna is hemmed in between Sun and Saturn, Saturn and the Sun is conjunct in the 7th house, there is either total denial of marriage or very long delay in Marriage.
  • Aspect of Saturn on the 7th house or the lord of the 7th house Can give late marriage in astrology.
  • Aspect of Saturn on Venus delays marriages. Venus is the Natural Significator of Marriage. Hence its conjunction or Mutual aspect or aspect of Saturn on Venus is another reason for late marriage in astrology.
  • If the 7th Lord is Retrograde, it can cause Delay in getting Married.
  • Occupation on the 7th house by retrograde planets or the aspect of retrograde planet on the 7th house can also give Late Marriage.
  • If Venus is Debilitated or Venus is retrograde, it can also create delay. If Venus is combust, in that case also delayed Marriage is possible.
  • If Saturn aspects the Moon or conjuncts with Moon, it creates Punarphoo Dosha. Specially if Moon is related with 7th house this will give Late Marriage in Astrology.
  • Rahu-Venus association in the ascendant or the 7th delays marriage. Rahu in the 7th or the 9th aspected by malefic gives denial.
  • If the 7th Lord is placed in 8th house or 7th Lord and 8th Lord is conjunct, it can create Delay in Marriage.
  • In case, if the lord of the 8th or the 6th house occupies the 7th house or any constellation of the 7th house Lord, delay is there.
  • If the 2nd house is severely afflicted by malefic and Lord of the 2nd is retrograde and occupies the 12th house or the 2nd house is aspected by retrograde planets or retrograde planets join the 2nd house or the native will have delayed Marriage.
  • In case Lagna, Venus, the 7th house and lord of the 7th house- fall in fixed signs, delay is Possible. In the case of afflictions of these by Papakartari Yoga, more delay is indicated.
  • If Moon and Venus join the 7th house being afflicted by Mars and Saturn and if at the same time Jupiter aspects either Moon or Venus or Saturn and Mars, it indicates late marriage.
  • Sun and Mars in the case of women and Moon and Venus in the case of men is with malefic, delay in marriage is possible.
  • Placement of Saturn and Moon in the 7th house will result in late marriage. If Saturn and Moon are in mutual aspect, in that case also Late Marriage is possible. This is called Punarphoo Dosha. This is more prominent when moon or Saturn any one of them are related with 7th house. This is another Strong Yoga for Late Marriage in astrology.
  • If 1st Lord is present in 7th house, it will make you very independent and you will not be interested in Marriage. This will bring delay in getting Married.
  • Maximum distance between Sun and the Venus does not exceed 48° If the distance of Venus from Sun is more than 43° 20′ Delay in Marriage astrology is indicated.
  • If the 7th cusp, its lord, Sun and Moon, occupy fixed signs or are connected with other planets in fixed signs and if 5th and 9th houses and their lords are also afflicted or are under the influence of Saturn, there is a Low possibility of marriage.
  • If the lord of the 7th house is posited in the 6th, 8th or 12th house or is combust or the lords of 6th, 8th and 12th house is placed in the 7th house, obstructions occur in marriage. 8th house is known as the House of Delay. Hence any kind of connection between the 7th lord and 8th lord or 8th house, will create delay in Marriage astrology and problem in getting Married.
  • If the 7th house or 7th Lord is hemmed in between two Malefic planets, it create Papakartari yoga in 7th house or 7th Lord. This will create Late Marriage in Astrology.

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All of these principles are important in consideration of delay in Marriage astrology. But All the rules cannot be applicable in a single horoscope. A few of these combinations present in a horoscope will delay marriage. If affliction is greater, more delay in marriage will take place. lf many of these combinations are found in the horoscope of one native there will be absolute denial of marriage in Astrology or no Marriage in astrology.

Rahu in 8th house and its effects on marriage

Combination for Late Marriage from Navamsa chart or D-9 chart

Navamsa chart or D-9 chart is the main divisional chart for marriage. Some time we find that there is no late marriage Yoga present in main birth chart but still the native is not getting married. In such situation we have to check the navamsa chart.

If Navamsa Lagna is weak, any debilitated planets occupies Navamsa Lagna, malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn etc occupies the Navamsa Lagna, it can create delay in marriage.

Navamsa Lagna is our desire or willingness to get married. When navamsa Lagna Lord occupies 12th house, it can give a lack of interest in marriage this can create delay in getting married.

If the 7th Lord of Navamsa is in 8th house or conjunct with 8th Lord or in a mutual aspect with 8th Lord, it can give late marriage in Astrology.

Conjunct of Venus with Saturn in Navamsa also creates a delay in marriage.

This condition of 7th house, 7th Lord of Navamsa chart is very important to judge.

If Venus is debilitated or 7th Lord of D-1 chart is debilitated in Navamsa, it can also give you late marriage.

So, you need to check the D-9 chart along with D-1 chart to understand the possible time frame of your marriage.

Late marriage combination as per Jaimini Astrology

In Jaimini Astrology Upapada Lagna is most important for marriage and marriage partner related predication.

If Upapada Lagna is aspected by the malefic planet like Sun, Saturn, Rahu etc, it will give some problem and you will not get married easily. If Upapada Lagna is conjunct with any Malefic, it can also create delay.

If the Upapada Lagna is conjunct with any debilitated planet or Upapada Lagna Lord is debilitated, it can give Late Marriage in astrology.

If Upapada Lagna and Arudhapad of 8th house is conjunct, it can give you late marriage.

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Denial or No Marriage in Astrology

The Astrological combinations of Late Marriage and Denial of Marriage is almost Same. When the Afflictions are very High, it can Give No Marriage. In case of No Marriage, Combinations of Late Marriage are present more than 4-5 places and also there is no cancellation or beneficial influence.

In case of Denial, the 7th Lord or 7th House and Venus will not have any influence of Beneficial Planets. Horoscope Will have very heavy Affliction. Moreover Proper Dasha or Favorable Dasha for Marriage Should not run in correct age.  Without Proper Dasha, Marriage can not happen.

So Very Heavy Affliction regarding Marriage along with absence of Favorable Dasha in proper age will give No Marriage in astrology.

Cancellation of delay or No Marriage in Astrology

The Delay or Denial indicated in the chart will be neutralized or Canceled if Jupiter and Saturn both occupy 7th house and both of them own 5th or 7th house.

If Venus is exalted and conjunct with Saturn or Jupiter, it will give Marriage though there will be delay.

The Navamsa Chart Should be checked properly. If the Navamsa Lagna is very strong or Navamsa Lagna is occupied by Benefic planets like Jupiter, the Marriage is promised.

Remedies for overcoming Delay in Marriage

In Vedic Astrology you can perform Some remedies to Reduce the Delay of Your Marriage. But We should always keep it in mind that Remedy will only help you to reduce the Delay to Some extent.

Now I will share some easy remedies for late marriage. You can use these remedies if your marriage is getting delayed.

1. You should keep fast on the day indicated by your Upapada Lagna Lord. For example – if your Upapada Lagna is in Aries, you should keep fast on Tuesday.

2. The Most Widely used remedy for Late marriage in astrology is that You should strengthen or propitiate your 7th Lord.

3. Another remedy for delayed marriage is donating white or silk clothes to women in Friday specially Shukla Paksha.

4. If any planet like Saturn or Ketu is in your 7th house, propitiating them with Manta is also a good remedy for late marriage in astrology. Worshipping the God of that Planet Specially in Clay Idol, is Very Useful.

The God for Each Planet is      

Sun- Lord Rama or Lord Shiva
Moon- Krishna
Mars- Lord Hanuman or Lord Narsimha
Mercury- Vishnu
Jupiter- Lord Shiva
Venus- Mahalaxmi/ Maa Gouri
Rahu- Maa Durga
Ketu- Lord Ganesha

5. You Can also Strengthen the 7th Lord by Wearing the Gemstone of that Planet. But the quality of the Gemstone Should be Good. You can also Purchase Good quality Gemstone from Our Store.

If you Want to Know About Your Marriage and Relationship, You Can also Take our Marriage Report.

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I have shared some astrological principles for late marriage in astrology. But you should apply these principles with proper judgement. In astrology nothing works in isolation. So you have to use these combinations cautiously.

I hope the above information will be helpful for you. In case of any query feel free to comment below.

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