Determining the Age of Your Spouse Through Horoscope Analysis


The precise age cannot be determined if we use astrology to determine the spouse’s age. However, several things affect the age of the spouse in astrology. Your horoscope will reveal the approximate age gap.

The spouse may be older and more mature if Saturn is in the seventh house of the Navamsa chart or the seventh Lord is aspected by Saturn. When we discuss aged spouses, it implies that there will be a larger age gap between the wife and the husband than is typical. The spouse with a younger age can be indicated if Mercury aspects the seventh lord or is situated in the seventh house.

According to Jaimini astrology, an elderly spouse can be expected if Saturn is located in the seventh house from the Atmakaraka Planet. The elderly in this context refers to a wider age disparity. Similar to this, a younger spouse can be anticipated if Mercury is placed in the 7th house from the Atmakaraka planet.

Prediction of spouse age in Kundli

By examining the placements and aspects of several planets in the birth chart or Kundli, one can utilize astrology to ascertain the age of the spouse. The planets listed below have the greatest impact on a spouse’s age and aid in astrological prediction:

  • Saturn: Saturn, a planet of longevity, is a symbol of aging. The birth chart’s location and features can reveal information about the spouse’s age. Saturn can signify a partner older than the native if it is powerful and well-positioned in the seventh house.
  • Mars: Mars is a symbol of ardor, vitality, and energy. The birth chart’s location and features might also indicate the spouse’s age. Mars can suggest a partner younger than the native if it is powerful and well-positioned in the seventh house.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and wisdom. Its location and astrological aspects in the birth chart can also shed light on the spouse’s age and aid in astrological forecasting. Jupiter can signify a partner older than the native if it is powerful and well-positioned in the seventh house.
  • Venus: Venus stands for beauty, love, and romance. The birth chart’s location and features might also indicate the spouse’s age. Venus can suggest a partner the same age as the native if it is powerful and well-positioned in the seventh house.

Age Gap Between Husband and Wife in Astrology

Here are some hints about the husband and wife’s age disparity based on planets influencing the house of the seventh. The state of the planets will reveal the age gap between the husband and wife. Let’s first review some information regarding the age disparities suggested by several planets.

  • Saturn-4-5 years Gap
  • Jupiter-2-3 years Gap
  • Mars-2-3 years Gap
  • Sun-1-2 years Gap
  • Mercury-Same Age. 0-1 years Gap
  • Moon-1-2 years Gap
  • Rahu-2-3 years Gap
  • Ketu-3-4 years Gap

As known, Saturn and Ketu are the two planets that show the greatest age difference. When the 7th House and 7th Lord interact with these two Planets, there will be a significant age difference. Therefore, there will be a greater age gap between the husband and wife if Saturn or Ketu is in the seventh house or the seventh house of the Navamsa.

The age gap between a husband and wife won’t be too great if the planets Mercury, the Moon, or Venus are in the seventh house. The age difference between them won’t be more than two years, and they’ll be from similar age groups. There is a catch, though. You should also check the planets that the 7th house, which is also ruled by the 7th Lord, and these planets are aspecting. You must adjust the outcomes accordingly. Imagine that the only planets in your seventh house, without any aspects or conjunctions, are Saturn or Ketu. You might end up with an elderly spouse in such a case, but the age gap won’t be too great if planets like Mercury or the Moon are also positioned with Saturn or aspect Saturn.

Planetary Combinations Indicating Younger Spouse in Astrology

  • Although the age gap may not be particularly great, your spouse may appear to be elderly or may be mature. You must also view the Navamsa chart because it will provide you with a final determination regarding your potential marriage partners.
  • Mercury and the Moon both show a very small age gap. Thus, if Mercury or the Moon is in the seventh house, you may find a younger life partner. The age gap won’t be too great if the seventh Lord is in the Sign of Mercury or the Mercury Navamsa.
  • If Mercury is in the 7th house or the 7th house of Navamsa in a girl’s chart, she will marry a younger man. If it appears in both the D1 and D9 charts, the probability increases significantly. Furthermore, if you have Darakaraka Planet as Mercury or Moon, the possibility increases. It is also a wonderful yoga for a Younger Spouse if the 7th Lord of the D1 chart is in the Navamsa of Mercury. So, the more of these planetary combinations you have in your chart, the more likely it is that you will marry a younger man or woman.
  • Furthermore, a Mercury-Venus conjunction in a Male chart in which Mercury is Ahead of Venus Degree wise can provide you with a Younger Wife.
  • In a female chart, if Mercury and Mars are conjunct and Mercury is Degrees ahead of Mars, she can marry a younger man.
  • If the 7th Lord is in the Mercury Star, a younger spouse is also possible. The conjunction of Upapada Lagna and Mercury might also bring you a younger life partner.
  • A Sun-Mercury conjunction in the 7th house yields Budhaditya Yoga. With the Sun and Mercury in the 7th house, the Spouse may come from a nice family and appear quite young and charming. He or she will appear significantly younger than their true age.

Planetary Combinations Indicating an Elderly Spouse

  • We must determine which planets are located in your 7th house. You can have an elderly spouse if you have planets like Saturn or Ketu. Both of these Planets can bring you an elderly wife or husband. If Saturn rules the 7th house, you may have an elderly wife or husband with a large age gap.
  • If Mars and Saturn or Mars and Ketu are very closely conjunct in a female horoscope, it might also indicate a large age gap with the husband. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter does not result in a large age difference between you and your spouse. If Venus is closely conjunct with Saturn in the Rashi or Navamsa chart of a male, it can give you an elderly spouse. Venus is the wife in a man’s astrological chart, and when it conjuncts Saturn or Ketu, it indicates a relationship with an elderly person.


Remember that age is just one dimension of a partnership. A successful relationship is built on communication, trust, and shared values. The cosmic insights offered by astrology can spark curiosity and reflection, but they don’t replace the genuine connection that two people build over time.

In the end, astrology offers a lens through which to contemplate the intricacies of love and partnership. Whether you embrace it as a tool for self-discovery or view it as a source of inspiration, the exploration of astrological insights is a reminder of the vastness of the universe and the endless possibilities it holds.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can astrology accurately predict the age of my future spouse?

A1: Astrology focuses on personality traits, behaviors, and life events rather than specific ages. It doesn’t reliably predict the age at which you’ll meet or marry your spouse.

Q2: Does the age difference between spouses affect their compatibility?

A2: Compatibility is influenced by various factors, including values, communication, and shared goals. Astrology considers these factors but not specifically age difference as a determining factor.

Q3: Can astrology reveal the ideal age range for marriage based on my birth chart?

A3: Astrology can offer insights into timing and potential life events, but it’s not a definitive guide to your ideal marriage age. Other personal, social, and cultural factors play a more significant role.

Q4: Is it possible to determine the age of my spouse through my birth chart?

A4: Astrology can provide some indications of significant relationships and timing, but predicting an exact age for your spouse is not its primary purpose.

Q5: Can astrology predict if I’ll marry someone younger/older than me?

A5: Astrology’s primary focus is on personality traits, tendencies, and potentials. While some astrological aspects might relate to age preferences, they are just one aspect of compatibility.


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