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We some time become curious to know if I am destined to get married near my own city or town or some far off places. This happens more with the person who are single child specially with the girls because they leave their parents house and come to their husband house. Every parents want that their son or daughter get married near their place so that they can see them whenever necessary. With the help of astrology we can get a hints about When will we get married , When We are going to get marriedMarriage distance and direction. we will discuss here how to know about Direction of Spouse in astrology.

How to judge Direction of Spouse in astrology and direction of Marriage in astrology

Before discussing about Marriage direction in astrology, lets understand which Sign represent which direction.

Sign Direction Sign Direction
Aries East Taurus South
Gemini West Cancer North
Leo East Virgo South
Libra West Scorpio North
Sagittarius East Capricorn South
Aquarius West Pisces North

Now Lets Understand Which Planets represents which direction. This will give us important clue about spouse direction astrology.

Planet Direction Planet Direction Planet Direction
Sun East Mercury North Saturn West
Moon North West Jupiter North East Rahu South west
Mars South Venus South East Ketu North west

Now Lets Understand the Principles using which we can get some hints about direction of future spouse in vedic astrology.

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For any kind of information regarding Marriage and spouse we have to check 7th house, Planets posited in 7th house and the significator of Marriage Venus.

  • Determine the strongest Among the 7th lord, Planets placed in 7th house and Venus. The direction indicated by the strongest planet can be the direction of Spouse in astrology.
  • Check the Sign which is rising in 7th house and the direction indicated by this Sign. After this check the sign where 7th lord is placed and the direction indicated by this sign. Next is check the sign where Venus is posited and the sign indicated by it. The Strongest among these three can Indicate Marriage direction astrology.
  • Check the 7th house and position of 7th lord from venus and the signs where it is placed. The direction indicated by it is also important.

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After getting these three results we have to compare and tally all the results to come to an conclusion about direction of Spouse in astrology. The direction which will be seen in majority of the cases or prevail, will indicate Future spouse direction in vedic astrology.

After spouse direction in astrology, Lets discuss about Marriage distance or Long distance Marriage in Astrology.

You can be interested to know about marriage timing in your chart. You can read our detail article on marriage time prediction. You should also check whether your chart has late marriage yoga or early marriage.

Marriage Distance Astrology

The 12 Zodiac Signs have been divided in 3 groups-Chara Rasi or Movable Sign, Sthira rasi or Fixed Sign and Dual Sign.

The Chara Rasi or Movable signs are- Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

The Sthira Rasi or Fixed Signs are-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aqurius

The Dual signs are- Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

For any Kind of Long Distance Chara Rasi Plays an important Role. For any Kind of Foreign Travel Yoga In astrology Chara Rasi is Very Important. Similarly for Long Distance Marriage in Astrology, Movable Signs are important.

Fixed Signs Indicate Marriage in near own Place like in same city or area.

Dual Signs Indicate Medium Distance Marriage.

  • Check the 7th house sign from Lagna. If it is Chara Rasi or Movable Sign, Long distance Marriage in astrology can be predicted.
  • Check the 7th house sign from Moon. If Movable Sign-Long distance, for Fixed Signs-Near own place and if Dual sign is rising medium distance can be predicted.
  • Check the 7th house sign from Venus
  • Check the 7th house sign from Darakaraka (DK) as well.

After getting all the results, we need to compare all of them. The sign which which will occur most or prevail will indicate marriage distance astrology.

I have tried to give Some basic information about direction of spouse in astrology and long distance marriage in astrology. There are lot of astrological combinations which Indicate foreign settlement after marriage also.

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If you want to share some information about direction of spouse in astrology, please do comment below and do not forget to share, if you like it.


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