Directional Strength of planets in Vedic Astrology-Everything about Digbala


What is Directional Strength of Planets

Directional strength of planets is also Known as Digbala in Vedic astrology. Dig means Direction in Indian system. So Digbala Means the strength acquired by the planets on account of their occupancy of different Direction. A Planet Acquires 60 Virupa Bala when gets Full directional strength in Vedic astrology.

Directional Strength of planets or Digbala is one of the 6 types of strength a planet can have in Vedic astrology. These 6 types of Strength are cumulatively known as Shadbala or six fold strength. The Importance of shadbala is manifold. While judging a Horoscope, we have to see or evaluate the actual strength of any planet. Then only we can conclude whether that particular planet is going to give good result or Bad Result. Some times seeing a debilitated planet, we conclude inauspicious result which is not correct. Exaltation strength is not the only strength of planet.

The Various types of Strengths are

  • Sthan Bala or Positional Strength of Planets-When a Planet is exalted or Own sign, it gets Sthan Bala
  • Digbala or Directional strength of Planets-Strength due to a Particular Direction
  • Kala Bala or Temporal Strength-Strength due to birth in day/night
  • Chesta Bala or Motional Strength-Strength due to Retroression
  • Naisargik Bala or permanent Strength-Natural strength of any Planet
  • Drik Bala or Aspect strength- Benefic Aspect a planet Receive.

Now Lets discuss in detail about Directional Strength in vedic astrology.

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Directional strength of Planets Vedic Astrology

Different Houses in Horoscope represents different Direction. Lagna or Ascendant Represents the East Direction, The 4th house represents the North direction, 7th House represents the West Direction and 10th house represents the South Direction. Each Planet is supposed to be Powerful and gets certain quantity of strength in a particular direction. This strength is Known as Direction strength in Vedic astrology.

Jupiter and Mercury is strong in East Direction. So when they are placed in Lagna or Ascendant, they get full Directional strength and becomes Digbali Planets. Similarly Sun and Mars are powerful in south direction. SO when Sun and Mars occupies 10th house of Horoscope, they gets Full directional strength Vedic Astrology. Saturn Gets Full Digbala when posited in 7th house from Ascendant. Moon and Venus is powerful in north. So when they are posited in the 4th house of a Horoscope, they becomes strong and gains directional strength.

Planets Directional Strength
Sun and Mars 10th House
Jupiter & Mercury Ascendant
Saturn 7th House
Venus and Moon 4th House


As we have seen that certain planets gets full digbala in certain house, there will be certain Houses where the planet will get no Digbala. For Example Sun gets Full Digbala in south direction or 10th house of the Horoscope. IT becomes most powerful in 10th house. So Sun will become weak in the opposite direction North Direction. 4th house represents North direction. So when Sun is posited in 4th house, it wil have zero Digbala. The 180th degree or the 7th house from the Powerful point is the powerless point for any Planet. Any planet when approaches toward Powerful point from Powerless Point gradually gains Digbala.

Effect of Directional strength Planets

A Planet with Directional Strength brings the native to the direction ruled by it and gives him auspicious result.  The following Results have been attributed to the digbali Planets.

Digbali Sun: Sun with Directional strength endows a person with Fame, Respect, recognition and wealth. The Native Gets Favor from Government and respect from Society.

Digbali Moon: Now we will talk about Moon Directional Strength.When Moon gets Directional strength vedic astrology, the native is charming, virtuous, faithful. It improves the significations governed by Moon in the Horoscope. It makes the person mentally very strong and steady.

Digbali Mars: This is the turn for Mars directional strength. When Mars gets Directional strength in a particular Horoscope, it is a great Blessing. It can propel the person to great height. It makes the person very dynamic and competitive. A strong Mars can help a person to fight with all sort of odds and obstacles of life.

Digbali Mercury:Now Lets discuss about Mercury directional strength. When Mercury gets directional strength in Lagna, the native can be intelligent, learned, witty and humorous. He can be kind hearted, jovial and good in mathematics.

Digbali Jupiter: Now consider Jupiter Directional Strength in Horoscope. The native can be well educated, virtuous,  Religious minded. There is a proverb that Jupiter in Lagna can balance even thousand of Dosha of the Horoscope. So its a Blessing of God. It bestows the native with all kind of happiness of life.

Digbali Venus: Lets talk about Venus Directional strength. When Venus gets Directional strength, it blesses the native with happiness from spouse and family. The native can have good Vehicle. It bestows the person fame in artistic work.

Digbali Saturn: Saturn is the most dreaded planet of the zodiac. Now Lets consider saturn directional strength. Digbali Saturn is a great Blessing. In the 7th house Saturn generally delay the marriage but it also ensures a good marriage. It may be delayed but it will not be denied. It makes the person hardworking, Dutiful and courageous.

Directional Strength of Planets shows a friendly environment and favor of fortune for the native.

But as i said in the beginning, directional strength of planets is one kind of strength and we can not come to any conclusion by only one strength. We have to see the divisional chart, aspect, Nakshatra etc to conclude anything.

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I have tried to give some Idea about directional strength of Planets. If you have anything to add, please feel free to comment.

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