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Divorce in astrology-Husband Wife Problem and Solution Astrology

Divorce in astrology is very timely topic to discuss. The no of separation in our society is increasing exponentially. Lot of people are facing Problems After Marriage. As an Astrologer lot of people ask me is there divorce Yoga in my kundli. So Here i will try to give answer of the few mostly asked questions about Marriage Life and Solution of these Problems.

Marriages are made in heaven but decision of divorce is taken on earth. A happy marital life would give all round prosperity, growth and happiness in our life. But every one is not so Lucky.

But i want to suggest you that proper Horoscope Matching can reduce the chances of Marital Discord to a Great Extent. But Astakoota Guna Matching is not the Proper way of Doing a Kundli Matching. Proper Marriage Matching is very effective to avoid divorce or Separation even after Malefic influence in Chart. Our Marriage Matching Guide will remove most of your misconception about Horoscope Matching and Will give you a new insight about the complete process.

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I Have Made a Video on How to Know about Your marriage Problems Astrology from Navamsa or D9 chart. You can Watch it for Easy understanding.

Planets and Houses that are responsible for divorce in Astrology

The Malefic planets specially the Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Sun are of separative Nature. So these planets acts as a divorce agent in Kundli. Except these, two more planets are equally important. Venus is the Main planet for Love, Romance, sex and Marriage. In case of Male chart this also indicates Wife. so if Venus is afflicted, Retrograde or Weak it is indication of Marital disharmony. In case of female chart Jupiter is considered as the planet for husband. So when Jupiter is weak or afflicted it shows unhappiness from husband.

Important houses for divorce Indications in Horoscope

The main houses for Marital harmony or disharmony and for judging divorce in astrology are 4th house, 7th house, 8th house and 12th house. Except these we have to check Upapada Lagna(UL) and second house from Upapada Lagna. We need to Analyse Navamsa  Chart as Well for any Kind of Marriage Problems. Navamsa is the Main Divisional Chart for Marriage. So the 7th house, Ascendant, 6th house and 8th house of Navamsa should be also checked for Marriage problems in Astrology.

4th house indicates happiness from Family. When 4th house or 4th Lord is afflicted, there is lack happiness from family. If the 4th house is strong and 4th lord is well placed, divorce will not be the final outcome in spite of the other divorce yoga Present in Horoscope.

7th house is the Main House for Marriage. It is not only about marriage but also for all sort of relationship. So when 7th house is afflicted and 7th lord is also weak, it indicates that the individual is not destined to get a good marital life. If there is no benefic aspect or mitigating factor, the native is going to suffer regarding marriage.

8th house rules the sex life of any individual. Among all the Houses, 8th is the most evil House. It can bring all sort of hidden thing, secret things, obstacles, struggles etc. Moreover being second from 7th house it is responsible for the sustenance of marriage. If 8th house is afflicted and weak, it can create Divorce Yoga in Astrology.

8th house is the Main House for Extramarital Affairs in Astrology. Extra marital Affair or Infidelity is also one of the reason of Divorce. So You Should Check these Yoga to Avoid Husband and wife Problems After Marriage.

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12th house is known as the house for bed pleasure or sexual pleasure. If 12th house is afflicted it indicates poor sexual life and if 12th lord is afflicted it shows lack of interest in Sexual Life. Lack of Physical Intimacy can also create Problems between Husband and wife. So you

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Lastly we have to see the condition of Upapada Lagna. It is the Arudha Pada of the 12th house. This is an Advance Technique Used in Jaimini Astrology. Upapada Lagna shows the quality of relationship a person will have with his or Her Spouse.

If Benefic planets are aspecting the Upapada Lagna, it indicates a good Marriage. The Lord of Upapda Lagna and planets aspecting it has immense importance when judging the spouse nature, character, background etc. The second house from Upapada Lagna shows the stability or sustenance of the marriage. If the 2nd from UL is having malefic planets like Rahu, Mars or aspect of Malefic planets, it shows divorce in astrology.

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Divorce prediction in astrology by Date of Birth

There are numerous Divorce Yoga in astrology and it is very difficult to remember them all too. So I am going to discuss some of the most important Combinations for Divorce in Horoscope.

  • If the Lord of the 7th house is associated with 12th lord and Rahu and placed in Lagna it is condition of Marital discord in astrology.
  • If the Lord of the 12th is placed in 7th house with Rahu or if 7th lord and 12th lord is in mutual aspect or exchange sign and Rahu is associated with one of the planets, there is strong chance of divorce in astrology.
  • When birth takes place in the sign of Mars or Saturn and Venus occupies the Lagna or Ascendant,  7th house is afflicted, the Problems between husband and wife will Start after Marriage.
  • Conjunction of Moon and Venus is considered bad for happiness of marriage. If this combination is afflicted by Malefic Especially Like Rahu or ketu, it is a strong indication divorce in horoscope. If Venus or Moon is also Debilitated, You will get Divorced.
  • One of the very strong combination of separation in astrology is the presence of Sun in the 7th house under affliction or debilitation with a weak 7th lord. When Venus and Rahu or saturn and Rahu is also placed in Lagna, Divorce can be Predicted. I have written a detail article on the effect of Sun in 7th house of Horoscope. You can read it to get more insight.
  • The 6th house rules Separation, court case, litigation etc. We can not get Divorce without permission from Court. When 6th Lord is in 7th house or 7th Lord is in 6th house, it indicates Loss of Marriage. It also indicates Litigation, Court case due to Marriage.
  • Whenever 6th house or Lord is associated with Venus, it may also bring divorce in astrology provided the 7th house is also under the influence of separative planets Like Mars, Rahu, Saturn, Sun etc. It has been observed that when the 4th house is afflicted by 6th lord or 4th lord and 6th lord is conjunct, chances of separation in Vedic astrology is high.
  • If the 7th lord is Debilitated or Weak and separative planets like Mars, Rahu, Sun etc are in 8th house, prediction for Divorce in astrology can be done. The chances of divorce in Vedic astrology will increase more if 7th house falls under Papakartari yoga also.
  • When the 7th Lord is retrograde and 8th house is afflicted by Rahu, Mars , Sun or Saturn, chances of separation in marriage is High. With this combination if the Venus is also retrograde, this deteriorates the situation.
  • If the 12th lord is placed in the 4th house or 4th lord is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house, 7th lord is afflicted by Rahu, sun, saturn or Mars and the Significator of Marriage Venus is also afflicted or debilitated, divorce in astrology charts is very high.
  • The second House from Upapada Lagna if afflicted by Malefic Planet like Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu can break a marriage. When the Upapada Lagna is conjunct by Ketu and Venus is placed in 12th house, it indicates separation and unhappy marriage.
  • 8th house being the house of Delay, obstacles, Sustenance of Marriage, in case of Female it Rules over Longevity of Husband etc, any Malefic Planet like Rahu, Saturn, Mars is not good Marital Harmony. You can read my detail writing on the effect of 8th house Saturn and 8th house Rahu.

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Divorce in Navamsa Chart

Now Lets Discuss How can we See Divorce from Navamsa Chart. As we Know Navamsa is the Main Divisional Chart for Minute Analysis of Marriage Related Matters. So If your Navamsa or D9 chart does not have Yoga for Divorce, You will not get Divorce. If Your D1 chart or Rashi chart indicates a Strong Yoga for Divorce but not in Navamsa, your Marriage will not Break.

So we have to draw the final Conclusion from Navamsa chart. Below are Some combinations which indicates Divorce in Navamsa chart.

  • If the Rahu-Ketu is placed in the 1-7 Axis of Navamsa, this is very strong Yoga for unhappy marriage in astrology. It will give more Bad result if the significator of Marriage is debilitated in Navamsa or afflicted by Malefic in Navamsa.
  • In Navamsa chart we have to see the Navamsa Lagna, the 7th house and the 8th house. If these Houses and their lords are afflicted chances of divorce in astrology increase.
  • We have to see the condition of the 7th lord of Rashi Chart in Navamsa chart. The 7th Lord of D1 chart or Rashi Chart Should not be Debilitated or Afflicted by malefic Planets Like Rahu or Ketu or Saturn in Navamsa.
  • The 7th Lord of Navamsa should not be Debilitated or Afflicted by Malefic planets in D1 chart.
  • Venus Should not be Debilitated in Navamsa. Venus-Ketu conjunction in Navamsa is a strong indication of divorce in astrology.
  • when the 7th house from Navamsa Lagna is afflicted by Malefics and Rashi chart also shows divorce Yog in astrology, You will get Divorce.

These are the main fundamental principles of Divorce in Vedic astrology. We have to see these condition Minutely. Along with these Negative Yogas, we have to See if there is Some Positive influence as well Which can Save the Marriage. We have to keep in mind that Jupiter aspect can save a marriage inspite of serious affliction.

There is one more important Factor which we sometime neglect. In Some cases there is indication of Late Marriage in Horoscope. In Such Situation if we avoid Marrying at an early Age, we can Reduce the problem in our Married Life Significantly. Late marriage in Such Cases, will be stable and Divorce can be avoided.

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Timing of Marriage Problem or Timing of Divorce in astrology

Now When Will I get Divorce ? This Will Depende upon the Dasha and Transit of Planets. Lets understand the Timing of Separation in astrology.

Divorce may happen in the Dasha of 7th lord itself, if it is associated with 6th or 8th house. The divorce in astrology may also happen during the time period of the 6th Lord of 8th Lord. If Malefic Planets Like Mars or Rahu or Saturn is in 7th house, Divorce is Possible in their Dasha.

Also Check the Transit as well. Transit of Malefic Planets in 7th house, Lagna, Upapada Lagna, Arudha Lagna can give Divorce.

Marriage Problem Astrology Chart Analysis

Now Lets discuss some charts to understand the principles of divorce prediction in Kundli

Divorce in astrology

The ascendant of the native is Taurus and the ascendant lord Venus is debilitated in the 5th house in the sign of Virgo. Venus is aspected by Jupiter, the lord of the sign of exaltation of Venus. Hence Venus gets Neechbhang yoga (cancellation of debilitation).

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The 7th house from the ascendant is hemmed between two malefic Mars and Ketu. The 7th lord Mars is situated in the 6th house in the sign of Venus and aspected by malefic Saturn and Rahu. Mars is also posited in the Swati Nakshatra whose lord is Rahu, a strong malefic. Therefore the 7th house and the 7th lord from the ascendant are heavily afflicted.The 7th house from Moon is occupied by the 7th lord Saturn which is aspected bl the 12th lord Mars from the 6th house. Therefore the 7t house and the 7th lord from the natal Moon are afflicted.

From the Navamsa, The 7th house is afflicted by Malefics like Sun and Mars. Mars being the 6th lord, it is also functional malefic too. The significator of Marriage Venus is placed in the 8th house. So the condition of divorce in astrology is satisfied in Navamsa too.

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After Divorce many people get married again. But every one is not fortunate enough to have a good 2nd marriage though. Check if your chart is having Yogas for 2nd marriage

Divorce Problem Solution Astrology

Now We will Discuss Some Simple Solution by which Problems of Husband and wife Can be resolved. You Can Perform below Remedies for Marriage problem Solution with Astrology.

  • Keep Gouri-Shankar Raudraksha in proper way. It is very effective.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati regularly.
  • Before marriage, matching of horoscopes should be done.
  • Lalita Sahasranama should be chanted daily.
  • Some Vastu Correction can help in Divorce Problem Solution.
  • Prvati-Swayamvar Home is an Effective Solution for Divorce Problem or Marriage Problem.

But We must remember that The Remedies or Solution of Marriage Problems will be different for Every Chart. No generic Solution of Astrology will Work on Every chart. Each and Every Horoscope is Different. So the Divorce Problem Solution in Astrology will be different for Every Horoscope.

I have tried to give some information about How to see Divorce in Vedic Astrology. You can take my Astrology Consultation.

If you think i have missed anything, please do not forget to comment. If you like it, please do share it.






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