Doctor Horoscope-Planetary Combinations for Medical Profession


Career Astrology is one of the Vital part of Astrology. Choosing right career is very important for good progress in our Life. If you choose some profession which our planets or our Horoscope does not support, it will be difficult for us to get success in that field. Whereas if we choose any such profession which our horoscope support, it will be easy for us to get success. We will discuss about planetary combinations for Medical profession. Doctors are one of the prestigious profession in any country. It is not only prestigious but lot of Financial gain and respect is also associated with it. So lets see what is so Special in Doctor Horoscope and what are the astrological Yoga to become Doctor.

Important Planets that create Astrological Yoga to become a Doctor

The Planets which Plays the most Vital Role in Doctor Horoscope are Sun, Jupiter, Moon. In case of Medicine Venus also plays an important role and in case of Surgeon Mars also plays an important role. Jupiter is the ultimate Knowledge and wisdom. It gives the knowledge to cure a person. In case of doctor, Moon is afflicted or will have malefic influence in it. Which will make the person strong enough to see other person suffering and healing them. A highly soft hearted person will not be able to Cure the suffering. Sun is known as the Indicator of Soul. It has the ability to cure some one and giving life. As per Varahmihira, Sun is the Significator of Doctors and Sun in Scorpio or Sagittarius can make one Doctor. Venus is Known to posses the Knowledge of ” Sanjeevani Vidya”, means the knowledge to cure a dead person. So Venus also has a Role to play. In case of Surgeon, they need to handle with blood and operating a physical body which requires the help of Mars. So all these planetary combinations for Medical profession needs to be checked in the Horoscopes.

Houses and Signs Prominent in Doctor Horoscope

The first house which need to be checked is 5th house and 10th house. 5th house is for intelligence and Education. To become a doctor, you need to be intelligent and good in Education. 10th house is the house of profession as well as Rewards, Recognition and status. So a Doctor will have strong 10th house. The 5th house and 10th house will be connected either by aspect or placement or conjunction creating Planetary combinations for medical profession.

6th house Indicates service and disease.12th house Indicates Hospitals. So these two Houses must be connected also by Placement-conjunction or Aspect to create planetary combinations for medical profession.

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Scorpio is the most Vital sign for Medical profession. Doctor horoscope will have prominent influence of Scorpio Sign either in Rashi chart or in Divisional charts.

The 9th house, 2nd house and 11th house acts as supporting House in Doctor Horoscope. If Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars creates relation with these Houses and signs, it will make planetary combinations for Medical Profession.

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Planetary Position to become Surgeon

When we will check planetary position for surgeon, we need to see Mars, Sun and Saturn very carefully. Mars will play a vital role in the Horoscope of Surgeon. Sun and Mars together in 10th house in Scorpio sign can make a person very good Surgeon. Mars in Cancer in mutual aspect with exalted Saturn in Libra can also make a person famous surgeon. But both the planet should occupy Kendra (1st,4th, 7th and 10th) Houses. When the 10th Lord from Lagna or Moon Occupies Aries or Scorpio Navamsha, the person can become a Surgeon. There are so many planetary position to become surgeon is there that i will write a separate article on it.

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Basic Planetary Combinations for Medical Profession

  • The 5th house or 10th house or their Lord is connected with 6th house or 12th house or their Lords. The Connection can be wither by Placement or Conjunction or Aspect.
  • Jupiter will influence the 5th house, 10th house or Lagna or their Lord. Moon should be afflicted.
  • The Sun and Moon is either afflicted by Malefics or Related with 6th,8th or 12th house or their Lords is seen in Doctor Horoscope.
  • Sun in conjunction or trine to Mars or the Nodes, aspected by Jupiter signifies a career related to medicine.
  • Association of Sun and Saturn either by Conjunction, mutual aspect or exchange is helpful for Medical Profession.
  • These Planetary combinations for medical profession should be checked in Navamsha as well as Dasamsa also.
  • In Dasamsha we have to see Amatyakaraka Planet also. Amatyakaraka is the planet which has significant role in deciding Career of a person. If Sun or Moon is the Amatyakaraka Planet and in D10 chart, if it is influenced by Jupiter or Saturn or venus or placed in their sign, the chance of becoming doctor increases many times.
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  • The Scorpio sign will be very prominent either in D1 chart or in D10 chart. There can be multiple Planets in Scorpio sign including 10th lord or Amatyakaraka Planet is placed in Scorpio sign.


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Now Lets Discuss a Chart to understand the Astrological Yogas to become Doctor.

This is a Doctor Horoscope . He is one of my clients. There are very clear planetary combinations to become doctor. See in this Chart Scorpio Sign is Very Prominent. Scorpio is Ascendant and with 4 Planets are placed in it. 10th lord Sun is placed here and The 5th lord Jupiter is aspecting it. 6th Lord Mars is aspecting the 10th Lord and 12th lord Venus is conjunct with Sun.Moon is debilitated and afflicted by Mars. Moon is also the Amatyakaraka Planet. In D10 chart, Amatyakaraka Planet Moon is placed in 5th house aspected by Sun and Jupiter. So in the D1 chart there was lot of planetary combination for medical profession is available. D10 chart confirms the Profession.

Beside the above rules, while checking Doctor Yoga in Kundli, We must give special attention to Ashwini Nakshatra. Ashwini Nakshtra is ruled by Ketu and its Deity is Ashwini Kumars. As per Hindu Mythology, Ashwini Kumars are Known as the Doctor of Gods. So when 10th Lord is in Ashwini Constellation or Sun/Moon is in this star, it can Indicate doctor as per astrology.

I have tried to give you some hints about Planetary combinations to become doctors. There are many More combinations also. Sometime you will find some of these combinations in non doctor persons Horoscope also. We have to use these astrological yogas to become doctor with utmost care. No rule in astrology can be applied blindly.

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