Does Astrological Remedies Really Work or Not?

Astrology Remedy

This is a million dollar question that whether Astrological Remedies works or Not ?

We quite often sees person to say that remedies do not work. But in the same time we hardly see any person around us who is not wearing any gems stone.

In Medical field only the diagnosis is not important. But treatment or remedy of that disease is also very important. But there are certain disease which cant not be cured completely. They effect of that disease can be mitigated only. Similarly, only forecasting about the problematic area is not the work of Astrology. That is why there is provision for remedies in Astrology.

In my humble opinion and with my little understanding I would like to say that Remedies works. But don’t expect it to change your luck. It can only give you certain extent of relief from the problems or troubles. As with umbrella we cant stop the rain but yes we can save ourself to a certain extent from the rain. It depends upon the downpour also. If it is very heavy and stormy umbrella will not work but if it is drizzling, you can save yourself.

Same is true in case of remedy also. The result of prarabdha karma can not be changed. It cant be altered. You are destined to face it. You can say it is dridha karma. If the prarabdha is very bad, no remedy will work. To Know More about Karma, Karmafal and Prarabdha Read What is Prarabdha Karma

But Please don’t expect that if something is not promised in your Horoscope, by doing any kind of remedy you can get that. You can never get which is not promised in your chart. Planets give the result of our past life Karma or deeds of our previous birth. SO how is it possible to alter the result of those deeds ? If wealth is not promised in your chart, No astrological remedy can make you a billionaire. Yes if you are earning 10 Rs and saving 1 Rs, with certain remedy you can earn 12 Rs and save 4 Rs. In this world, 99 percent people is materialistic. All want Money, Name, Fame, Social status etc. Same is true with Astrologers also. We , Astrologers also no exception. We are also human being. So the harsh reality is that if it was at all possible to change or alter the fate completely, astrologers were the first person to do it. So my advice is that think rationally. If Govt service is not destined in your Fate, take the help of astrology and exert your effort in the field where chances of getting success is high for you. Use Astrology as a guidance and Do the remedies with full devotion.

There is some other reasons why Remedies do not work.

1. Due to poor quality of gem stone. The gemstone, you are using may not be up to the mark. If the colour, clarity, cut and carat is not of good standard, there is very less chances of the Gemstone to work.

2.There are certain rule which we need to obey while using gem stone but we do not follow. For example, We should not take Alcohol or do smoking when we are wearing Neelam or blue sapphire. But how many people do it? Read the Interesting facts about Neelam or Blue Sapphire

3.The gemstone is not abhimantrit. After purchasing the gemstone, from market it needs to be Abhimantrit with your birth star, name, gothra etc. There is a procedure to do it. But we often miss it.

4. When We are reciting Mantra, we are not doing it with full devotion or faith. Some time our pronunciation is not correct. We dont know the exact no of time we need to recite the mantra daily. For these reason, though we recite the mantra but we don’t get the result.

These are my personal opinion. Some people may not agree with me but I would love to hear the opinion of others also in this regard.


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