Education in astrology- Planetary Combination for Good Marks and Higher Study


Education or Vidya is perhaps one of the most important thing in our life. All the parents are curious to know about the education of their child. So let’s see how we can know about the prospect of education from a birth chart.

Astrology is the only subject in the world, which can make an advance prediction about the educational aspect of the child including the branch to be selected.

Before discussing combination for good education, we must understand which planets and which houses plays key role in this.

Important houses in Astrology for education

For Education we have to check 4th house, 5th house, 9th house, 2nd house and Lagna. If the Lagna or Lagna Lord becomes weak, the whole chart will become weak.

4th house: 4th house is the most important house for education and it indicates primary education.

5th house: 5th house is the house of intelligent and knowledge. Without proper intelligence, we cannot acquire knowledge and wisdom.

2nd house: 2nd house indicates family support and resources to complete our education. 2nd house is also the communication skill.

9th house: 9th house is very important for higher education. 9th house is the house of luck, higher wisdom etc. For a good success in higher education we need the help of 9th house.

The Second and 4th house is to be checked for ordinary Education, may be up to graduation level, and for higher education we need to see 5th and 9th house.

Important planets in Astrology for education

Now let’s talk about planets.

Jupiter, Mercury, Moon-these 3 are most important planet while judging education.

Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and wisdom. It helps us to assimilate the knowledge we gather from various sources like Book, Teacher etc. Without the help of Jupiter we cannot acquire knowledge and cannot achieve significant success in education. That is why Jupiter has been given the ruler ship of Sagittarius which is the 9th house of natural Zodiac.

Mercury is the planet of quick intelligence. It gives quick grasping power. So without the help of Mercury, it will be difficult to get success in the learning process.

Moon is the Significator of mind. For getting success in study, concentration is very important. We need a focused approach and high level of concentration for a good education. Only Moon can provide this.

Jupiter is the Wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. Mercury is the grasping power. Mercury process the wisdom or knowledge of Jupiter and moon helps in digesting that knowledge. So these three planets must be strong for a good education. The strength of Jupiter, Mercury and moon plays a vital role here.

Prediction of Education through Astrology

  1. During the time of Education prediction through Astrology, we have to see the strength of house, strength of house lord and the strength of the Significators. If all of them are powerless then the result will be negative.
  2. Malefic planets should not be in 4th house or aspect 4th house or 4th house should not be in papakartari yoga.
  3. 4th lord should not be posited in 6-8-12 or debilitated or afflicted for a good education.
  4. Mercury and Jupiter should not be weak or afflicted.
  5. If 4th house is having relation with strong Jupiter or Venus or mercury, good education is promised.
  6. Relation between 4th lord and 5th lord is also very good for education. Here relation means aspect, conjunction or exchange of house.
  7. Jupiter in Ascendant or Lagna is very Good for Education. Jupiter-Mercury and Venus in Kendra or Trikona is Highly Auspicious and Creates Saraswati Yoga. This Yoga is very good and indicates Success in education and also Good fortune.
  8. 4th lord in 4th house aspected or conjunct with Jupiter, Venus or mercury is good for education.
  9. If 4th lord is exalted and in relation with Jupiter, Venus and mercury then also it is good.
  10. Conjunction/ aspect/ exchange of 4th and 5th lord. If 9th lord also joins, it becomes excellent
  11. 9th lord in 1st house or 4th house or 5th house or 11th house is good for success in education.
  12. Exchange between Lagna Lord and 9th Lord or Conjunction of Lagna Lord and 9th Lord is also good for higher study.
  13. Mutual aspect or conjunction or Nakshatra exchange or sign exchange between 5th Lord and 9th lord is a good Astrological combination for education.
  14. If 9th Lord is in a friendly house and also Jupiter and Mercury is strong, you will have good education.
  15. If Venus and Jupiter is conjunct in 1st or 4th or 9th or 5th house and not afflicted or weak, you will have a good education.
  16. If 2nd and 9th lord is in 1st or 4th or 9th or 5th house along with the house lord of 1st or 4th or 9th or 5th house and aspected by Jupiter, you will have good education.
  17. If the 4th Lord is in 6th or the 6th lord is in 4th house, 4th lord is debilitated or weak, you will have problem in education.
  18. If the Lagna Lord or 2nd Lord is in 5th and also strong, you will get good education.
  19. If Lagna Lord is debilitated or in 6-8-12 or otherwise weak it will create problem in your education.

You should also consider the Dasha and transit operating on a particular time.

Planets operating at the time of 10th standard and Intermediate will decide the nature of education, if the chart promises.

If the dasha/bhukti lords, who are operating during the period of education, are connected to 4th or 9th houses, one will study well.

Branch of education as per planets

  1. Sun signifies Science, Medicine, Chemical, Doctors, Light, Heat, Solar and Government etc.
  2. Moon signifies marine engineering, hotel management, human resource, nursing, sales and marketing etc.
  3. Mars signifies Engineering, Analysis, Research, Physics, Technology, Surgery, Power and Energy etc.
  4. Mercury denotes Commerce, Astrology, Mathematics, Accounts, Finance and Logic etc. A combination of Mars and Mercury offers analysis.
  5. Jupiter denotes Philosophy, Languages and Finance etc. Its combination with Sun indicates Biology, Genetics and Micro-biology etc.
  6. Venus signifies Arts, Music, Dance, Chemicals, Chemistry, Perfume and Social Studies etc.
  7. Saturn signifies History, Politics, Ancient Science and Mythology etc. 5th house denotes politics.
  8. Rahu signifies MBA, photography, acting etc.
  9. Ketu signifies medicine, Mathematic, accounts, occult subject etc.

Branch of education as per Houses of the Horoscope

1st house: Military science, psychology.

2nd house: Economics, Mathematics, Arts, Painting.

3rd house: Military science, Journalism, Philosophy, physics, Advertisement, Communication and Telecommunication.

4th house: Agriculture, Home science, Sociology, Civil engineering, Automobile engineering, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Farming, Poultry, Research in sea, oil research, Architecture.

5th house: education, Gynecology, Teaching training, Higher education of all sorts.

6th house: Chemistry, Biology, Higher studies in medical science, Nursing training, Military science, Law.

7th house: Business management, Private business, military science.

8th house: History, Archeology, Geology, Mining, Occult sciences.

9th house: Law, religion, Spirituality, Teaching, Higher education, learning about foreigners and foreign land.

10th house: Political science, Professional training, Training for getting govt. job, Business management, General management.

11th house: Commerce, All science.

12th house: Foreign languages, foreign studies, Occult science.

Combination To Study Medical Field

For Becoming a Doctor, you have to be a Good Student. So your chart must have a Strong Jupiter and Mercury. Apart from this, Moon and Sun are another Two Important planets for becoming Doctor.

If the native is having combination of disease 1, 6, 8, 12 with that of good houses of education he can pursue medical profession.

You can read our Detail Article on Astrological Combination for Doctor

Astrological Combination to Study Engineering

Mars and Saturn is Significant Planet for Becoming an Engineer. Houses 8, 12 with combinations of good education-4, 5, 9, 11 indicates that the native should pursue engineering.

So if any chart has Saturn-Mars combination or Saturn -Mars in Mutual aspect or Saturn-Mars in 4-10 or Saturn -Mars in Sign exchange, the possibility to Study engineering increases. But We Must remember that for becoming an engineer, Good Intelligence and good education is required. So the 5th Lord, 9th Lord, Jupiter and Mercury Should be in a Good condition in the chart. If along with a Strong 5th and 9th house, you have a strong 6th house, Studies in Premium Institute like IIT (Indian institute of Technology) is Possible.

If 4, 11 is most prominent in the chart along with other combination of engineering, civil engineering, automobile engineering, architecture, interior decoration and allied fields can be predicted. If Rahu or Mercury is Prominent, Software engineering or Telecommunication etc is Possible. If Moon and Watery Signs Like Cancer or Scorpio are prominent, chemical engineering or Marine Engineering etc is possible.

Astrological Combination to Study Business Management or MBA

If the native is having combination of 6th, 10th, 11th house in the Horoscope, he can go for business studies as well as can appear for administrative services. Saturn and Sun are Two most important planet for Studying MBA. So in your chart these planets must be conjunct or Should be associated with the House of Study and Profession for Higher Studies in MBA or Business Management. Mercury-Venus conjunction is Good for Success in Marketing field, Human Resource etc.

Some other combination for different Educations

2, 11 along with good houses of education indicates commerce, CA’s etc. Mercury and Signs Like Virgo, Capricorn plays an important role. These combinations can also give you Study in Economics.

Combination of 3rd and 11th house with Signs Like Gemini and Planets Like Mercury promotes  Study in journalism.

Favourable Period for Studies

In Vedic Astrology we Use Different Dasha and Transit to Understand the Favourable Period. The Dasha of 5th Lord, 9th Lord, 11th Lord is Highly beneficial for Studies and education. The Mahadasha of Jupiter and Mercury is also very good for Education. The Transit of Jupiter in 5th or 9th house or Ascendant is Very Good for Education.

Apart from the above mentioned Principles, We also have to check Navamsa or D9 chart. The condition of all the Planets in Navamsa is Very Important. If the Planets are Debilitated or Afflicted or Weak in Navamsa chart, Desired Results will not come.

The Purpose chart or Divisional chart for Education is D24 chart. The Planets and Yogas in D24 chart has to be Studied also for exact Results. Only after Through Study of D1 chart, D9 chart and D24 chart, we will be able to come into conclusion.

I have Provided You some Information about Studies and Education. If you have any Question or doubt, feel free to comment.

Some Quick Question Answare here…

What are the planets for education?

There are certain astrological configurations, known as yogas, which are believed to be favorable for receiving a good education. One such yoga is Kalanithi Yoga, which occurs when Venus is in either its own sign or in exaltation, and Jupiter and Mercury are conjunct in either the 2nd or 5th house from the ascendant.

Which house is for higher education?

The fourth house indicates schooling and college education, whereas higher education and research are denoted by the ninth house.

Which planet gives success in competitive exams?

The planet Moon is known to signify the mind in astrology. It is believed that having a strong concentration of mind is necessary to achieve success in any competitive examination. In fact, if the Moon is strong in both the D1 and D9 birth charts, then the person is more likely to study carefully and achieve success in exams.

Which kundali is seen for education?

The second, fourth and fifth houses in a Kundali give us insight into a person’s educational attainment. The presence of auspicious planets in these houses indicates a high degree of education. Navansh Kundali and Chaturvinshansh Kundali are useful for understanding a person’s educational background.


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