Rohini Nakshatra Male and female

Rohini Nakshatra is the 4th star of the zodiac and it rule the Taurus sign from 10 degree to 23 degree 20′. The Moon is the owner of this constellation and moon gets exalted in this star as well. This is supposed to be brightest possible star of the entire zodiac. The deity of this Nakshatra is Lord Bramha, the creator of supreme universe. This Nakshatra rules the major part of the Taurus ruled by venus which represents the creative ability. So this is a highly creative Nakshatra and it is the significator of the creative energies.Thus we see creative persons like Bob dylon, Marlin monroe, sigmund freud born in this star.This is a fertile Constellation, so this is considered to be an auspicious Nakshatra for starting of any work. This is being the 4th Star, the main motivation of this star is Moksha.

Taurus is a earthly sign and Venus rules it. Moon is the Mind and it rules Rohini Nakshatra. Fulfillment of Earthly Desire and artistic expression can grow in this constellation.

  • Few Basic Details of the Rohini Nakshatra

Range / Zodiac position – 10Deg00 to 23Deg20′  in TaurusColour – WhiteSymbol – Ox cart, Chariot, Temple, Banyan TreeDasha Ruling Planet – ChandraGana – ManushyaPrimary Motivation – Moksha/ Spiritual liberationAnimal – Male serpentDirection – EastQualities – Rajas/ Tamas/RajasDiety – Brahma/ PrajapatiActivity – BalancedCaste – ShudraGender – FemaleNadi – KaphaNature – (Dhruva)FixedQuality – RajasicTatwa – Bhu (Earth)Body part – The Shins and calves of the legs, ankles and Fore headGotra- Sage AtriBird – Eagle/PeacockVedha – Swati( will be a defaulter and will not be be able to pay back his loans )Tree Species – Jumbu vriksha

  • Mythology Associated with Rohini Nakshatra

The Word Rohini has come from root word “Roh” which means anything that grows or anything that increases from small to high or blossoms from a bud to a flower.So this Constellation signifies tremendous growth or expansion.

The Puranas describe Rohini as one of the Daughter of Daksha Prajapati who was the son of Bramha. Rohini along with her other sister married to the moon. Rohini was very attractive and beautiful. Moon was infatuated to her easily and he started ignoring his other wives. This created jealousy among other sisters and they complained to Lord Bramha. Bramha cursed Moon and he became sick.  Realizing what they have done to their husband, they felt sorry and pleaded to Lord Bramha again for the forgiveness. But curse once given can not be taken back completely.So Moon gradually looses his brightness and again regain it. But Rohini Nakshatra remain his favorite star.

In Sanskrit, Rohini also means a girl having her first menstruation. It is only after attaining this stage that she is able to bear children. Rohini, in fact, represents that cosmic stage which enables the human soul to become ready for creative manifestation.

This is the star in which Lord Krishna was born. As shri Krishna killed his uncle Kansa, it is popular belief that whenever a child is born in Rohini Nakshatra, it is not good for the maternal uncle. But this is completely Wrong rather they may not get much support from their Father and may be attached with their mother more.

Rohini nakshatra Male

  • The different Padas of Rohini Nakshatra

First Pada:Mars is the ruler of first Pada. Planets placed in First Pada of this star goes to Aries Navamsa. The native may be fickle minded and may serve police or army. Passions and carnal nature is heightened here. They want quick result of any activity. The focus is on indulgence and extravagance. Only a well placed sun or Mars do well here.

Second Pada: The second Pada of Rohini Nakshatra falls under Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. This Pada best exemplifies all what Rohini Stands for and planets in this pada generally gives in abundance. Being a Vargottama Pada, it gives very strong Result. However the native tends to suffer from extreme materialism. This Pada is best among all the padas for accumulating wealth. Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Venus is very strong if placed in this pada.

Third Pada:Rohini Nakshatra third Pada falls under Gemini Navamsa ruled by mercury. Being a Airy sign, Gemini is highly intellectual. So when mind comes in contact with the intellect, it makes a person highly educated and quick learner.The main focus of this pada is arts, science and business. It is the most flexible,light hearted and jovial Pada. Mercury, venus and Saturn gives strong result in this Pada.

Fourth Pada:Rohini Nakshatra fourth Pada falls under cancer Navamsa ruled by Moon. The main focus of this Pada is Home and material security. But this is not a good Pada. They can be extremely possessive and narrow minded. Only a well placed Moon and Jupiter functions well in this Pada.

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  • General Rohini Nakshatra Characteristics

Persons born with Rohini Nakshatra rising in their Ascendant or Moon is very good looking, charming and attractive. They are noble and generous in their appearance.They love luxury, art, music and all the finer things life has to offer.They are extremely materialistic. Apparently they are calm and gentle. Their mind is very settled. Despite their calm exterior they can be very expressive with their voice and gestures. They can act well whenever necessary. Rohini Nakshatra born are smooth talkers and have seductive mannerisms. They can never stick steadily to one thing alone and they are always after change.

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Persons Born with Rohini Nakshatra are very much attention seeker. They are opportunist who tries to manipulate situations using their charm and charisma to get favors and support from others. This is a growth oriented nakshatra, they can rise to the top and achieve their desires.The Symbol of this Nakshatra is a chariot. Chariot is royal transport and used during the time of battle. It means  moving forward and cutting through. This symbolizes that the native born in Rohini Nakshatra Rashi is very much competitive. The person can defeat their enemies, opponents and overcome all the problems coming in their way.

As Rohini Nakshatra rises in the Taurus, an obstinate bull headed nature may arise at times. They are seems to be stubborn and short tempered in nature. Problems may come due to jealousy and possessiveness. The Native can be judgmental at times and can be a snob. But you have to understand that every one do no have discerning eye or sensitive ear like you.

This star pushes a person to worldly affairs. They have a strong fondness for the opposite sex. They have a great seductive nature which bring them close to the opposite sex. As the myth implies, they can be over sexed, and use sex to get what they want.They feel comfortable in company of opposite sex and are always eager to befriend them. They have higher chances of having multiple sex partners at a time. On the positive side, they can make good artist/ fashion designer as their mind is fertile for imagination and creativity.

  • Characteristics of Rohini Nakshatra Male

The Male born in this nakshatra is of slim and attractive physique. The eyes are very attractive with special seductive touch. He is short tempered. Once he gets angry, it will not be easy to subside him. Nobody can change his decision.He becomes extremely obstinate if some one attempts to over-ride his plans. He remains oblivious to any advice or ideas counter to his own.

He is ruled by his heart rather than his brain. While he is ready to sacrifice everything for the loved ones, he will not hesitate to cause extreme trouble to the hatred. Acceptance of the truth and discard of the false is his plus point. His life is full of ups and downs as he does not try to pre-plan his objectives. He can attain great success in bis life provided a little restrain is kept in the freedom of his mind. There is no tomorrow for him. He spends everything for the sake of today’s comfort.

He has to be extra careful in his business partners and employees. There is an inherent drawback in him that he blindly believe others. For a happy existence, it is suggested that he should screen the persons thoroughly before confidence is bestowed on such persons.

  • Characteristics of Rohini Nakshatra Female

Rohini Born Females are also very beautiful, attractive and sexy in their look. They are usually of fair complexion. Overall they are medium high highly appealing individuals. She is well behaved and well dressed. The female natives of Rohini Nakshatra are soft hearted and very compassionate from inside. They are very sensitive and deeply attached to their loved ones. Like the males, females born in Rohini are also short-tempered and it invites trouble. She is practical, secretive and violent when instigated. Beside, They will have a practical attitude towards life.

  • Rohini Nakshatra Marriage Prediction and Marriage compatibility

Marriage is important to you as it is another way to express creativity and growth.Your relationship is important to you and and you should be sure to find some one who will be faithful and supportive. Females born in this star will have good married life. She will enjoy the company of her husband and children.

Mrigashira Nakshatra is the most compatible Nakshatra with regard to Rohini. Uttara Aashada Nakshatra happens to be the most incompatible Nakshatra with regard to Rohini Nakshatra. Ashwini and Bharani Nakshatras along with Revathi and Satabishsak are compatible with Rohini Nakshatra. If she marries a Magha born boy, she will have many children and she can lead a happy married life.Apart from its compatibility to the mentioned ones and neutrality to Vishakha and Chitra, Rohini is inimical or incompatible to the remaining birth stars.

If the Venus is placed in the second Pada of this star, it will get Taurus Navamsa. Venus is the natural significator of marriage, so it will enhance the marital bliss in general. But for Marital Bliss Horoscope Matching is Very important. Without Matching or improper Marriage can create trouble even with a Good birth chart. But Only Nakshatra Matching is not Sufficient at present day. You can read my Complete Guide for Horoscope Matching to understand it in a better way.

Special Note for Rohini Nakshatra Female:Marriage Life of Rohini Born females are generally good but she must curb the tendency of stubbornness for a happy married life. She must avoid doubting her own husband as otherwise, marriage may end in divorce.

below is the List of Nakshatra which are Compatible with Rohini Nakshatra.

Nakshatra compatibility of Rohini Nakshatra bride

1. Aries: Ashwini, Bharani
2. Taurus: Krutthika, Mrugasheersha
3. Gemini: Mrugasheersha, Aardhra, Punarvasu
4. Cancer: Punarvasu, Pushya
5. Leo: Poorva, Utthara
6. Virgo: Utthara, Hastha, Chithra
7. Libra: Chithra
8. Scorpio: Anuradha, Jyeshtha
9. Capricorn: Uttharashadha, Shravan, Dhanishtha
10. Aquarius: Dhaanishtha, Shathatharaka
11. Pisces: Poorvabhadhrapadha, Uttharabhadhrapadha, Revathi

Nakshatra compatibility of Rohini Nakshatra Groom

1. Aries: Ashwini, Bharani
2. Taurus: Krutthika, Mrugasheersha
3. Gemini: Mrugasheersha, Aardhra, Punarvasu
4. Cancer: Punarvasu, Pushya
5. Leo: Poorva, Utthara
6. Virgo: Utthara, Hastha, Chithra
7. Libra: Chithra
8. Scorpio: Anuradha, Jyeshtha
9. Capricorn: Uttharashadha, Shravan, Dhanishtha
10. Aquarius: Dhanishtha, Shathatharaka, Poorvabhadhrapadha
11. Pisces: Poorvabhadhrapadha, Uttharabhadhrapadha, Revathi

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Rohini Nakshatra Female

  • Effects of different Planets Placed in Rohini Nakshatra

Sun: Sun is the Karaka of Father. So when Sun is placed in this constellation, Father can be a a very good looking person and may be involved in some creative work. Sun is the 5th lord of the natural zodiac. So whenever sun is posited in Rohini Nakshatra, it increases the creativity. The native will posses a pleasing personality, good sense of humor. He will like different types of games and will be very social. If the Sun is placed in the first Pada of Rohini Constellation, it goes to Aries Navamsa which makes the sun really powerful in the chart.

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Moon: When Moon is placed in its favourite constellation it makes the mind very stable. It will give an elegant style and people will be attracted towards you automatically. Moon is the 4th lord of the natural zodiac and when it is exalted it makes a person very much sensitive and caring in nature.  Second Pada is best for moon as it will go to Taurus Navamsa. This will provide creativity and finer skill in arts and music.

Mars: When Mars is placed in this Constellation, it will increase romance and passion. Some times a moon and mars relation makes a person blunt in speech or straight forward in their approach.

Mercury: When Mercury is placed in the constellation of Moon, it gives a very quick intelligence. You will be able to grasp everything very quickly. Mercury is the significator of friends, so when Mercury is placed in Rohini Nakshatra it will make a person very social and the native will have lot of friends. Mercury is also the karaka for business. So when it comes to a earthy sign, it increases business acumen within the native.

Venus: When Venus is placed in Rohini Nakshatra, it is very good for creative field. It also indicates that the native will get a beautiful spouse. The spouse will be highly educated and emotional in nature. Burt as it is a fixed star, she will be fixed in her decision and will not change her mind easily. Venus in the first pada of Rohini nakshatra will make the native very passionate lover.

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Jupiter: Jupiter is the higher wisdom and learning. So when Jupiter is placed in Rohini Nakshatra, it makes a person highly educated and sensible. The mind and Knowledge establishes a relation. Jupiter is the 9th lord of the natural zodiac, so the father of the native could be a very creative yet strict person. But Jupiter in Rohini does not make a person spiritual. Jupiter is the significator of Husband in case of female, so when it is in Rohini Nakshatra, it indicates that the husband can be very good looking person and he may be related with some kind of creative work. The best Pada for Jupiter in Rohini constellation is pada4 as it will be exalted in cancer Navamsa.

Saturn:When saturn is placed in a earthly sign, it can bestow good result. But it should not be placed in pada1 as it will be debilitated in Aries sign in Navamsa. When saturn is placed in the star of moon, it creates unnecessary confusion within mind. Saturn is the 10th lord of natural zodiac and when it is placed in the star of Rohini it indicates that the person will overcome all the obstacles and problems in his career. The person is very much focused about his job.

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Rahu:Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra is a blessing for Materialistic gain. Taurus is a earthly sign and Rahu performs very well in this sign. Rahu is the Demon and Venus is the Guru of Demon, so Rahu is very comfortable in this sign. Specially if it is placed in Pada 2 and pada 3.

  • Suitable Career for Rohini Nakshatra Male and Female

As Rohini is a creative star, any kind of creative field suits these natives very much. The individual is truly sincere and determined towards their responsibilities. But their lack of patience and free spirited mind may cause downfall in their career. They tries to become jack of all trade and in the process they fail to become master of any one. Rohini Born Male and female can do well in cosmetics and fashion related business. If the 10th lord is posited in this constellation, the native can be good musicians, artists, actors etc. They can be good fashion designers. If saturn and mars also favors, they can be mechanical or chemical engineer too. As you love to see the beauty of the world, any work which involves traveling will appeal to you.

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  • Result of Rohini Constellation as per Different Lagna

Aries-As Moon Rules the fourth house for Aries Ascendant, planets posited here will give the result indicated by the 4th house like education, mother, house etc. If Benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, mercury etc are placed it will bring good result for these aspect.

Taurus-Moon rules the 3rd house for this Ascendant. If a Planet occupies it, it will give result indicated by the 3rd house. Suppose Mars is placed in Rohini Nakshatra. Mars rules the 7th and 12th house of the birth chart. 3rd house and 7th house and 12th house all are connected with travel. so when Mars is placed in the Lagna, it will give short travel during its Dasha.

Gemini: Moon rules the 2nd house of wealth, relatives etc for Gemini Lagna.So any planet placed herein will give result connected with 2nd house. Though Rohini is in the 12th house to Lagna still planets posited in this star will give result according to second house.

Cancer-As Moon is the Lagna Lord for Cancer Ascendant. If any planet is posited in this star, it will give the result corresponding to the Lagna Lord during its Dasha.

Leo-As Moon is the 12th lord for Leo Lagna, Rohini Nakshatra is not good constellation for this Lagna. Any planet placed here, will give losses during its Dasha.

Virgo-Moon being the 11th lord of gains, it is a very good star for Virgo Ascendant. If any planet posited in this star will give good materialistic expansion.

Libra-Moon is the 10th lord of achievement and career for this lagna. So whenever any planet is placed in this star will give good improvement or upliftment of status during its dasha.

Scorpio-Moon being the 9th lord of Luck, Rohini nakshatra is also very favorable star for Scorpio ascendant people.

Sagittarius- Moon is the 8th lord of obstacles and problems for Sagittarius Ascendant. So if any planet is posited in this star will give problems during its dasha.

Capricorn-Moon is the 7th Lord of Relationship and Marriage. If any planet is placed in this Nakshatra will give result related to 7th house. If Venus is placed in this Star, it can give Love marriage where as if mercury is placed it can give good result in business.

Aquarius-Moon being the sixth Lord, this is not a favorable star for Aquarius Lagna.

Pisces-Moon is the 5th Lord of Intellect, creativeness etc. So when a planet is posited in this star it will give result according to the 5th house.

Hope I have been able to give you some insight about the Rohini Nakshatra and traits of the male and female born under this star.

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If you think I have missed something, Please add those point in the comment section.

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  1. Several site shows that rohini nakshatra is not compatible with magha nakshatra.. But here, it is mentioned that for female, she will have happy married life with magha born boy.. Is it true and authenticate information????


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