Shiva is one of the three supreme God of Hindu Religion. He has been referred as the God of destruction. It is a common belief that he can be pleased very Easily, so he is Known as sadashiv also.

Seeing the Picture of Mahadev, a strange feeling comes in mind. His lifestyle and appearance is most simple among the Gods. His appearance creates curiosity in Mind. We will try to throw some light on the ornaments of Shiva.

Trident: His Trident is most powerful weapon in the World. No Weapon is as powerful as the shiv’s trident or trishul. It indicates his power and prowess.

Rudraksha: Rudraksha is actually the symbol of purity. Sometimes Rudraksha Bead is also seen in his hand which is the symbol of meditation index.

Snake : A snake is always seen in the neck of Shiva. This Snake is the symbol of male pride.

Moon– Moon is seen in his head. Moon in Shiva’s head indicates that Kal or Time is completely in his control

Water Coming out of his Matted hair:The water which is shown coming out of his matted hair is actually the Ganga. Ganga was actually the river of heaven and when it was coming to earth, earth was not capable to take his full force. That time Lord Shiv took Ganga river in his “Jata” or clotted hair.

Third Eye of Shiva: Sometime the third eye of Shiva is considered as the symbol of Knowledge. It is a common belief that when shiva becomes angry he opens his third eye and it can turn everything into ashes.

Tiger Skin: It is seen that Shiva is sitting upon a Tiger Skin. It actually indicates his bravery or fearlessness.

I hope you have got some information about the appearance of Shiva.


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