Govt Job Prediction by Date of Birth


Govt job prediction by date of birth

In India, the craze of Government job is Very high. But getting a Government job is not easy. It has cut throat competition. So being a good student is not the only criteria for securing a Government job. Luck Plays an important role and You must have Govt Job Yoga in your Kundali.

We will Discuss about How to Make Govt Job Prediction by Date of Birth

Astrology can help you with your career options in a couple of ways. Firstly, you can see which jobs would be a good for you. You Can choose the Most Suitable Career where chances of success is higher.  Secondly, you can check if it would be a good time to switch jobs. Astrology can help you find a job that is perfect for you and it will also help you find a good time to switch jobs.

You Should also check if Job or Business which is Better for you. If your chart is more suitable for Business, You will not get desired Success and satisfaction from Job. So Astrology will help you choose the right Path in your career.

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Important Houses in Horoscope for Getting a Govt Job

Different Houses in Horoscope are used for different Purpose. The Most important Houses or Bhavas we need to check for Govt Job are Lagna or Ascendant, 10th, 6th, 5th, 11th and 9th house.

The Lagna or Ascendant needs to be extremely strong. If the the Ascendant Lord is well placed, the person gets the capability. It Gives Good physique and the confidence to do anything that they want to do.

10th house is the most important House for career. It is the house of not only career but also achievement and recognition. So if you are interested for any Govt Job Like IAS or IPS or any kind of Civil service, you need a Very strong 10th house and 10th Lord. If you do not have a very strong 10th house, chances are bleak for getting into these jobs.

10th house is a very important house because it shows your karma.

6th house is the House of Service or Job. It is also a Upachaya House and one of the Artha Trikona. so it connects you with a service where you would be able to earn a living for yourself and your family members. It indicates win over enemies and competition.

So a strong 6th house will ensure success in competitive exams like Bank, Railways or other Govt Job. So any one who is in Job should have a Strong 6th house.

11th house is the House of Gain and Success. If 11th house is not Strong, we can not get success in any work. So 11th house is very important house for a government job.

Apart from the above three houses, we also need to consider 5th and 9th house also for government job prediction in astrology.

For getting such a prestigious Govt job You have to be intelligent and Lucky. These Exams are one of the toughest Exams. So for clearing these exams you must be intelligent and fortunate. So the house of intelligence (5th) and house of fortune(9th) Should be Strong. 5th house would give a Person great power, position and authority in a government organization.

So we need to understand and we need to work on these factors. Your Horoscope must support the kind of job you are aspiring.

How to see government services in the charts

When we talk about government services, we need to check few definite factors in the chart. Lets Begin with the planets. Saturn is Karaka of Work and it defines all the work that we do, and it is also the ruler of the 10th house of the natural Zodiac which is defining our karma. So position of Saturn in relation to this 10th house is a very important factor.

Though Saturn do not indicate government job but it is the overall Significator or Karaka for Career and it is also indicate service or job.

Then Next important Planet is Sun. Sun governs over authority, power and position. Not to forget that it also represents the Kingdom, The king and the government. So we need to check the Position of sun with respect to the 10th House, 10th Lord. In case of high level services, the position of Sun with respect to the 5th House also needs to be checked.

If any one ask You which planet is responsible for Government job in astrology, the answer is Sun. Moreover sun is the planet for fame and recognition and jobs like Indian civil service gives a lot of recognition. So sun must be the first thing to check during government job prediction in astrology.

The third most important Planet for Government job in astrology is Moon. Moon act as a helping factor to Sun. Specially in the charts of bureaucrats or who are associated with Foreign service, Moon is very Prominent. Some Astrologers considers Moon for State Govt Job and Sun for Central Govt Job.

Sun and Moon are Royal Planets. If you have well placed Sun and Moon in Kundali, the chances of getting Government job increases to a great extent.

There are Many Govt Departments and Nature of Work Varies. Depending on the kind of work we have to check Some other Planets as well.

Important Zodiac Signs or Rashi for Government Job

The Fiery Signs Like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius makes a person very energetic and capable. makes a person decisive and gives Leadership qualities. With Strong Fiery signs you will be able to control and lead a team. So The Fiery Signs of the Zodiac is also plays an important role in govt job prediction by date of birth. When the three Fiery signs-Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are very prominent in chart, the Possibility of Govt job increase.

The Earthy Signs Like Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus makes a Person very Organised and Methodical. So they are able to follow Rules and regulation. Govt Job needs a Lot of Structure and It is Possible for them to work under a Structure. So Earthy Signs are also good for Government Job.

Planetary Combinations or Yogas for Government Job

Here I will tell you the techniques of Govt Job prediction by date birth and time of any person.

  • The Sun or Moon must be Placed or aspecting the 10th, 9th , 8th, or the 1st house. if Not So, you will face some difficulty and obstacles in getting Govt Job. The strength and Lordship of Sun and Moon is also very important. these Planets Should be Debilitated or Afflicted or Should not in enemy Sign in Navamsa chart or D10 chart.
  • Though Navamsa is a Divisional chart but as it indicates our Fortune or Fruits of Our fortune, you Should check the strength of these Planets in Navamsa too.

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  • The Lagna Lord or Ascendant Lord should be strong and if it is placed in 1, 10, 9, 6 or 11th house with these house lord, it is a good Yoga for Govt Job. When Lagna Lord or Ascendant Lord is conjunct with Sun, Saturn, Jupiter & Mars and placed in these house, it is a good Astrological combination for govt job.
  • If Jupiter conjuncts with Sun or Saturn and is placed in Lagna or 5th or 6th or 10th or in 11th house, it creates a very strong yoga for Government job in astrology. Specially in administrative field.
  • There must be a link between 10th and 9th house. This means that your profession is Supported by your fortune and Luck. Either 9th Lord in 10th house or 10th Lord-9th Lord conjunction or 10th Lord-9th Lord Mutual aspect etc Should be present in your chart.
  • During Government Job prediction by date of birth and time, We Must See the Placement of the 10th Lord in Navamsa. If the 10th Lord is in the Navamsa of Leo or Cancer, Your chances increases.
  • Few Auspicious Yoga Like Sasa Yoga, Malavya Yoga, Ruhcka Yoga, Gaja Kesari Yoga etc Should be present in your chart. But these Yogas and Planets creating these Yogas Should be Strong. If these Yoga also occur in Dasamsa Chart (D10), this further increase the indication of Successful Career in Government Sector.
  • Your D10 chart Should be strong. D10 chart is the Purpose Chart for Career. So if your D1 chart is Strong but your D10 chart is weak, you will not get the Beneficial results.

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  • The conjunction of Sun and Saturn or Moon-Saturn in Your Horoscope is Good. The Mutual aspect between Sun-Saturn or Moon-Saturn is also good. If this combinations occur in houses Like 6th or 10th house, it is more Powerful and Stronger Significators.

Now Lets discuss a few charts to explain these Principles.

This is a chart of Nurse in Govt Hospital. Saturn is the lagna Lord and it is posited exalted in the 10th house with the 10th Lord, both of them forming the Auspicious Yoga. We also see that sun is sitting in the 9th House with Exalted  9th Lord Mercury. So she has a very strong mercury, and incidentally she has also done courses in nursing and has reached a level where, after some time She can move in and teach in the government hospitals. Saturn has a connection to the 5th Lord and it also has a connect with the 10th house. Now we come to Jupiter, Jupiter aspects, the 6th House of Services. So this person is on a high paying high ranking job in the government services and is likely to keep climb aiming higher and higher.

Now Lets Discuss another chart

This is a chart of a teacher in a Govt School. If you See, Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct in the 9th house. This is a very Good Yoga for Teaching Profession. Sun is in 7th house which is a Kendra House. Sun is also exalted in Navamsa chart and Placed in the 10th house of Navamsa. Jupiter is in the Leo Navamsa. The 10th Lord Mercury is also conjunct with Sun. So String yoga for Govt Job is present in this chart too.

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Sun will tell if I will get a Govt Job

Sun is the Main Planet for Government Job. In the Above two example charts Sun and Jupiter both are very Strong and well placed. So If Sun is unafflicted in your chart and Well placed in a Kendra House Like 7th, 10th or in a Upachaya House Like 6th or 11th, You Have a Good chance of Getting a Govt Job. The Sun in the Nakshatra of 10th Lord or 10th Lord in the Nakshatra of Sun is also good.

The Jupiter-Sun close conjunction is also Good. Specially if this Yoga occurs in Cancer or Leo or Sagittarius.

If Sun is your Atmakaraka Planet or Amatyakaraka Planet, your Possibility of Getting a Govt Job increases.

If we apply these principles for government job prediction in astrology, we can easily get a hints about who will get government job in astrology.

Special combination for Some Specific Govt Jobs. Here we will not Discuss about Astrological Yogas for IAS or IPS or Civil Service examination. The Analysis of IAS or IPS job is Little bit different and We have Discussed it separately.

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Teacher or Professor in Government Sector

If somebody wants to go in for teaching, Then one needs to be very articulate. One needs to have the ability to explain things very properly and to have a very different and very strong adapting abilities. Very strong grasping power and ability to understand what others are saying or what others further demand in their questions and queries. All these things can be seen from mercury apart from Jupiter, which needs to be strong because you need to learn . So Jupiter needs to be in a good position, but mercury also needs to be very Strong when you are in a teaching job.

Govt Job in Audit and Revenue Service

The role of Jupiter and Mercury is very important here. These are two planet which indicates Wealth and Accounts. Apart from that Venus is also important. We need to check all the combinations discussed so far for govt job prediction by date of birth and Should give special emphasis on these three planet Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.

Apart from this 2nd Lord and 11th Lord Should also be connected with 10th house or 10th Lord. Both 2nd and 11th house is the Money House. So Banking Sector or Revenue Service is Good field.

Government Job in Rail or Post office or Insurance

Now when You wants to work in a PSU public sector unit, Jupiter holds the key to it. A connection between Jupiter and Saturn, aspect of Jupiter and Saturn, or aspect of Jupiter on the 10th house to define the work would be very essential. Saturn and Mars indicates a Profession where Machines are involved. Moon also indicates travelling. So apart from other important principles of govt job prediction by date of birth, we need to give extra importance to these planets while checking a Job in Railway.

Govt Job in Army and Police

If somebody Want a Job in the forces, one really needs to have a very strong Mars and the third House of Courage.  If Mars is in 10th house or If Mars in a Mutual aspect with 10th Lord, then the person will have great abilities, great capabilities to take, very strong decisions and execute them flawlessly. Mars in the 10th house or 6th hour or 3rd house is good for a Career in Army and Police.

When You Will get Govt Job

If your chart Promise Govt Job, you Should get it in a Favorable Dasha Period. If you do not get a Favorable Time Period in the perfect age, in spite of having promise of Govt Job in your Kundli, you will not able to get it. In case of Government exam age is a big factor. So running the Favorable Dasha in Perfect age is Very Important.

The Dasha of Sun, Moon and Mars is Very Helpful in this regard. But you can get Job in any Dasha if the Dasha Lord is Strong, Favorable and also owns good Houses. Dasha of 9th Lord, 10th Lord, 6th Lord is Very Helpful time when you can get Govt Job. But you have to check the Transit as well. Sometime the Vimsottari Dasha are 2-3 years Long, in that case we can use Jaimini Chara Dasha to have more precise Knowledge on it.

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Final Thought

We understand that Making So many Analysis and Doing So many Calculations is not easy for you. You Can Take Our Career Report and Career Consultation to know about Your Career Path. It will help you with queries Like

  • When will I get a Government job?
  • Will I get a Government Job?
  • Is there a Government Job yog in my Horoscope?
  • When will I get a job?
  • When will I get my dream job?

Please understand that all these combinations may not be present in a single chart but only After Detailed Analysis, it is possible to predict if you will get a Govt Job or not.

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Some Quick Question Answare here…

Do I have a government job in my Kundli?

Check for government job opportunities in your Kundali based on the position of the Sun. The Sun is positioned in the 10th house and if it is aspected by planet Mars, then you will have a government job in your Kundali. If the Sun is placed in the 10th house in its own sign or in a friendly sign, this indicates potential for success in a government job.

Can I get a government job prediction?

If Sun and Moon occupy these houses, there is a strong chance of getting a government job. The eighth house is another house that helps in government job prediction in the birth chart. It is the eleventh house from the tenth house and is the House of fulfilment of House of Careers and Profession.

How can I know my government job in astrology?

The Lagna lord in conjunction with Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars is a good astrological combination for a government job. Similarly, the 10th lord in conjunction with planets like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn, and in houses like 1st, 6th, 7th, 10th, or 11th, is also a very good combination for a government job.

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