Horoscope 2018

Consultation Charge is 1500 Rs or 40 US$ 

After Making the Payment, You need to Send the Following information to astrologylovers.com@gmail.com with the Payment ID.

  • Date of Birth- (it should written like 1st January, 2017 to avoid any confusion)
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I will send you the report by next 2-3 days after receiving the relevant information and Payment Confirmation.

Those who are residing in India or having an Indian Card can pay below

Payments from Outside India

I have stopped accepting Paypal. If you are outside India, You can use any of the International Money Transfer facilities transferwise, Xoom(Paypal partner), Western union , Moneygram etc to make payments to me using your Credit or debit cards. Please Drop an email on astrologylovers.com@gmail.com to know the Banking Details.