IAS astrology by date of birth-Yog in Kundali for Success in UPSC


IAS or Indian Administrative Services are the most sought after services. Apart from being highest paid among the government servants they include Power and Authority. But only Being an Intelligent Student is not Sufficient for Becoming and IAS officer. Luck Plays an important Role as well. So IAS Astrology by Date of Birth is a Very Important Topic for discussion. 

Here we will discuss Different Combinations in Astrology or Kundli for Becoming an IAS/IPS/IFS officer. But these Yogas Should not be Applied verbatim. Only After a Through Analysis of the chart, You Should come into any conclusion. 

Important Houses in Kundli for Success in IAS or UPSC Exam

The ascendant or Lagna must be strong, as this is Very important for Success in Life. The ascendant signifies Your aptitude as far as professional aspect is concerned. Not only the Ascendant or Lagna of Rashi chart or D1 chart but also the Ascendant of Navamsa Should be considered. Both these Ascendants Should be Strong for Success in IAS exam. 

6th House of Horoscope is Next Important House. The 6th house is 9th, if reckoned from the 10th house, and it is 10th, if counted from the 9th house. Thus, 6th house indicates fortunes of service like promotion, extension etc. It also indicates Success in competitive exams. In Astrology 6th house indicates Job and 7th house indicates Business. So for any kind of Job through UPSC, You need a Strong 6th house and 6th Lord. 

10th house of Horoscope is Known as the House of Karma or Profession. This also Suggest our Social status, Authority and Position. So Professional Success Highly Depends on the strength of 10th house and 10th Lord. Strong Planets in 10th House can take you to Dizzy heights in professional Life.

8th house is another Important House for High Ranking Govt Services Like IAS or IPS. The 8th house is wrongly interpreted by Most of the People. The lord of the 10th if joins the 8th, a general understanding will be there that the profession of the native will be very ordinary. But it is not so and he may even become the head of the department provided other factors are also favourable. We have found the relation between the 10th and the 8th house in the birth charts of top executives, heads of the departments and IAS officer etc.

The 8th house is 11th from the 10th house while 10th from the 11th house. The 11th house indicates sources of income wealth and accomplishment of ambitions. So, the 8 house represents ambitions connected with service. This house also shows the nature of work, one will undertake as his profession.

The Last but not the Least is 11th House. 11th house is the House of Success and Gain. So for Any Kind of Success in Competitive exams Like IAS or IPS or UPSC, you need a Very Strong 11th house and 11th Lord. Its Relation with 10th, 6th or Ascendant is Highly Desirable.

Important Planets in Astrology for becoming IAS or IPS or Civil Service

The Sun and Moon are the royal planets. They are also treated as king and queen in the group of all planets. IAS is directly linked with the government throughout their service. So, these kingly planets have a prominent role to play in their birth charts. 

Though Both Sun and Moon are important Planets for Govt Job but for jobs like IAS or IPS, the importance of Sun is more than Moon.

Saturn is the Natural Significator of Profession. Saturn is also the Karaka of Job. So the condition of Saturn Must be Good in your chart.

Cancer and Leo are the Royal signs. So we have to give Special emphasis on these Two Signs and Planets placed in these Signs.   

IAS Yoga in Kundli

First of All, Your Horoscope Must have Strong yoga for Govt Job. You Need to check the combinations of Govt Job in Horoscope first and then only Use the Below Combinations of IAS Astrology Analysis.

There must be a link between the 10th and the 9th house, which means that one’s profession is supported by his fortune. Both of these houses must be strong. If the 9th house is not strong that means his fortune is weak. The 9th house must also be very strongly disposed for one’s success in IAS. The combination of 9th Lord and 10th Lord creates a Strong Raj Yoga Which is Necessary to Crack exams Like IAS or IPS. 

The Sun or Moon must be linked with the 10th, 9th, 8th, or the 1st house, in one or the other way. The Sun or Moon must be placed there or may aspect these houses or may be associated with their lords. If it is not so, one will not be successful in IAS or UPSC. 

The sixth house should be related to the ascendant or the 10th house in any manner. The lord of the 6th house may be placed in the ascendant or in the 10th or vice versa, or these lords may be conjoined together in any house or aspect each other. They may occupy each other’s Navamsa as well. 

Some IAS Yogas in Kundli are Like -If Sun or Moon occupy the 10th house in association with their lords or If the Sun is exalted in the 9th house and Moon in the 10th House etc. 

Another Yoga for IAS is If the 9th lord occupies the 9th and the 10th lord occupies the 10th e.g. the Sun in the 10th and Moon in the 9th, for Scorpio ascendant. 

There is a good Possibility If there is a mutual exchange between lords of 9th and 10th houses or If the 10th lord joins 9th in association with the 9th lord, or vice versa. 

Another Good Yoga for UPSC is that if The 10th and 9th lords conjoin at a favourable place and aspect the 10th and 9th houses respectively, e.g. for Aries ascendant, Jupiter and Saturn, lords of 9th and 10th conjoin in Lagna or Ascendant, from where they aspect their own houses 9th and 10th House. 

These are a few positions, which show that 9th and 10th houses are strong enough and one may get success in all India competition of civil services, provided other conditions are also present in the birth chart of the native aspiring for IAS.

Karmic Control Planets do play a vital role for one to be successful as an administrative officer. Mr. M.C. Jain has discovered Karmic control planets and has written a book on this subject. These are the planets that give results due to deeds of past life, good or bad. The dispositors of Rahu and Ketu are called the Karmic control planets.

For one’s success in IAS, at least one of the Karmic control planets must be related with  the Sun or Moon, either by conjunction or aspect. If it is not so, then it must be linked either with Ascendant or the 10th or the 9th house. Though in that case success will come after great difficulty.

We have also found that Venus is conjoined with the Sun or Moon, or the 9th and 10th lords, in most of the IAS natives. The reason appears to be very simple as IAS officers have all sorts of comforts and luxuries in life. They possess decent bungalows to live, cars to move and many servants to help them. They have all kinds of modern amenities and facilities at their command. Therefore, Venus also plays a vital role in the IAS Astrology. 

So In Nutshell Below IAS Yogas Should be Present in Your Kundali.

  1. The 6th house should be related with the 10th or the ascendant, in any manner along with the influence of Sun or Moon, for one to be in government service. 
  2. The10th and 9th houses should be strong or related to each other powerfully, with a strong Lagna or Ascendant. 
  3. The 10th and 8th houses may be related to each other. If it is so, it should be considered an auspicious factor for success in IAS. 
  4. Role of luminaries must be seen. At least one of them, the Sun or Moon, may have a concern with the lagna, 10th, 9th or the 8th house. 
  5. Karmic Control planets must have a say with the luminaries or otherwise with the 9th or 10th lords. 
  6.  Venus plays a vital role for administrative services. That should be related with the Sun, Moon, or with 9th or 10th lords.

The D10 chart or Dasamsa Chart of an IAS or UPSC Aspirant

The D10 chart or the Dasamsa chart is the Main Purpose chart for Profession. Your Main Birth chart May have promises of becoming an IAS Officer but Whether the Promise will be fulfilled or Not only depends on the D10 chart. So the D10 chart of an IAS Aspirant Should be very strong and not only strong but it Should be exceptionally Strong.

The Ascendant of D10 chart Should be Strong and Ascendant Lord Should be Well Placed in a Kendra(1-4-7-10) or Trikona.

Out of 4 Kendra Houses, At least two Kendras Should be occupied by Strong Planets.

The 10th Lord of the D10 chart Should be either exalted or in own Sign. The 9th Lord and 10th Lord of D10 chart Should be conjunct or in Mutual Aspect.

The 10th Lord of the D1 chart Should be either exalted or in own Sign or in a Friendly Sign. It Should not be Debilitated or Afflicted by Malefic in D10 chart.

The D10 chart Should have At least 3-4 Planets in Own Sign or in exaltation Sign for Any Person Who Wants to Become IAS or Clear UPSC exams.

Sun Should not be Debilitated or Afflicted in D9 or D10 chart. The Sun-Saturn combination in the 10th house of D10 chart is Good for Civil Service or Administrative Service.

Some Important Hints in IAS Astrology by Date of Birth

The Ashtak Varga Value for 6th house and 11th house should be More than 25.

Sun should be either in Dharma Trikona (1-5-9) or in Moksha trikona (4-8-12).

Saturn and sun should be in 4-10 or 5-9 or 3-11 relationship from each other.

The vimsopka Bal of Sun should be more than 13 and Saturn should be more than 10.

In Dasamsha Chart, Sun should be either in Indra amsa, or Agni amsa or Kuber amsa or Anant Amsa.

How to understand Different Services in UPSC Exam

There are Different Services Like Revenue Service, Administrative Service, Foreign Service, Police Service Under UPSC. Now Lets try to Understand how can We get Some hints About All these Various Services from Horoscope. But Remember before Applying these combinations, there must be strong Yoga for clearing UPSC or IAS exams in the chart.

If the Strength of 2nd house and 11th house is Very Strong or If there is Very High influence of 2nd house and 11th house in the chart, there is a Good possibility of Getting into Indian Revenue Service or IRS.

If there is very High Strength of 6th house, 10th house and 11th house, The Possibility of Getting into Indian Administrative Service is High. Sun needs to be very Prominent in this Case.

If there is Influence of 12th house and 3rd House, the Possibility of Indian Foreign Service is very High. Rahu will play an important Role.

If there is High Influence of 6th house, 8th house, the Possibility of Indian Police Service is High. Along with that, The Influence of Mars also needs to be checked.

Dasha or Time Period for Clearing IAS Exams

Lastly, we can not come into conclusion without checking the Dasha. Without Proper Dasha, we can not Know Whether You will be Successful in Cracking the IAS exam or Not. Without a Favorable Dasha and Transit, you will not get Desirable Result.

Generally You Will be able to Get a Job Like IAS or IPS during the Dasha of Strong Sun or Strong 10th Lord or 11th Lord etc. You Must get a Good Transit also Along with a good Dasha.

If you Have any doubt or Confusion, Feel free to comment.

Some Quick Question Answare here…

Can I become IAS officer According to astrology?

If two or three planets are in mutual aspect or conjunction with each other, the person may become an IAS officer.

Which planet is responsible for IAS officer?

As stated earlier, the role of Jupiter and Sun becomes very important for IAS officers or any other government administrators, due to their Sagittarius and Leo sign. These two planets and signs are purely significators of royal things and administration.

Can Scorpio become IAS officer?

The strong influence of the Sun helps the native achieve administrative success in the career of an IAS Officer. The native will experience high government honors and reputation during their tenure as an IAS Officer.

Can Pisces become IAS officer?

One must possess the appropriate qualifications and have fortuitous astrological alignments in order to be appointed to high-level government positions.

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