There are Two ways by which astrology can help one to find a good life partner.

By helping you know yourself better.  The better you know yourself, the easier it will be for you to find someone compatible.  Otherwise, you are going to choose with physical appearance only.

It will help to know the mentality of the other person also. You will be able to know his or her priorities. Both of you can discuss the rocky areas and enjoy the relationship.

But it should not be the only deciding factor. It is a tool which should be used wisely.

Let Me Tell you a story. One of my Friend registered himself in a matrimonial and dating site. He was really handsome and well established guy. So got a very good response from the dating site. But unfortunately even after meeting with several girls he did not find the right person. Then he took the help of astrology. He filtered his matches as per astrological compatibility and dated few of them. He was lucky. Very soon he got his life partner.

In this world there are several billion people and mentality of them is also very different. So if we date like minded persons then the chances of success increases.

But only Sun sign match will not be helpful in this regard. Because it is too general. A Lady told me that being a Sagittarius she used to date a Aries man but the relationship did not work out. I tried to make her understand that only Sagittarius and Aries connection do not make a healthy relationship.  There are lot more in this. Same is true with numerology also. They will say that ” as per your name you are No 5, so you should date No 8″. But even after dating with a No 8 person, when the relationship does not work , you start to find reason. Then you come to know that sun sign was not matching with him or her.

Only Vedic astrology has a in depth way to analyse and matching of charts.

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But i would like to mention you one thing. When ever some one asks me about his or her marital life, it is a red flag to me. If the relationship is with a right people, No need to consult any astrologer. you have to hear that low voice in your head.

Some time persons feel that the relationship is right but still they need more information about the person. They should consult an astrologer. An astrologer can really guide you thru the mental plane of that person. What is going to happen in future regarding, health/career or any anything else about the person. Based on that you can take your decision. Though astrology can help you in finding a compatible match, still you need to put your effort in this for working the relationship out.

In Today’s world so much problem is occurring  after marriage. If we take the help of Vedic astrology these problems can be mitigated to a large extent. It brings two persons with mutually helpful planetary alignments together so that they can work as a support system to each other and flourish more.

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