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Should you do Business or Job? When Will you get a Job Astrology

Job Astrology

Career is Very Important Aspect of our Life. Our Horoscope Indicates about every Area of Our Life and We can also get a Lot of information about our Job from Astrology.

I have already written Many Article on Career but this one is Specifically for Job and Problem related to Job. I will also try to discuss How Astrology can be helpful in Solving Job problems. 

When we do not get a job, we are curious about When will I get a Job? Once we get a Job, we want to know When we will get a Promotion? When we face problem in workplace, We want to know When these problems will be resolved? Only Astrology and Your Horoscope has answer of these. You can Read our Step by Step Guide on Future Job Prediction by astrology to know about Job Prospect.

Before Discussing Further about each of these aspects, we need to Understand which Houses and Planets are most important in Job astrology.

Important House for Job Astrology

10th house- 10th house is the Main House of Profession and Career. So While analysing any kind of Profession- whether it is Job or Business, you need to check the 10th house of your Horoscope. It is the House of Our Karma. Whatever we do in our Life is Related with the 10th house.

6th House- The Most important House of Job and Service in astrology is 6th house. It Should be checked properly to Know which Kind of Job is Suitable for you. It is the House where We improve our Life through Daily Routine work.

2nd House- This is the House of Family Resource. It is also the Primary House of Wealth and Money. We perform all our Work for Money and Wealth. It is a Part of Artha Trikon. So we need to See 2nd house to know about Job through Astrology.

11th House- The Most important House for Success and Gain. Without a Strong 11th house, Success in anything is not possible. So you need the Help of 11th house for Getting Success in Job and career.


Important Planets in Astrology for Job

The Most important Planet is Saturn. Saturn Rules the Capricorn which is the 10th house of Natural zodiac. So, It is the Natural Significator of Profession. You Should check the Strength, Placement and other condition of Saturn. Moreover, Saturn is the Karaka for Job in Astrology.

We Need to check Sun and Moon for Government Job in Astrology. Sun and Moon are Significator of Government Job.

We need to check Mars for Any kind of Profession in Police or Army.

We Need to check Mercury for Economy or Banking Related Job in Astrology.

How to read Kundli for Job

The Following Combinations in Horoscope indicate Job in Astrology.

  1. Lord of the Ascendant or 6th House Should have a Connection with the 10th house.
  2. The 6th Lord May be Placed in Ascendant or 10th House.
  3. The Lord of the Ascendant or 10th is in the Nakshatra of 6th Lord or 10th Lord and 6th Lord is involved in Nakshatra Exchange.
  4. 10th Lord or 6th Lord is in Sign exchange or in Mutual aspect.
  5. 10th Lord is in the Navamsa of 6th Lord or 6th Lord is in the Navamsa of 10th Lord.
  6. Influence or Aspect of Saturn in the 10th house, 6th house or Ascendant can give you Career in Job as per Vedic Astrology.


Combination for Government Job

  1. For Govt Job, Influence of Sun or Moon Should be in either 6th house or 10th house or in Ascendant.
  2. If the 10th house is cancer or Leo the possibility of Govt Job increases. If the combination of 6th Lord and 10th Lord is in these Signs-Leo or Cancer, it also increases chances of Government Job.
  3. Occupation of 10th Lord is in the Navamsa of Sun or Moon, Chances of Government Job increases.
  4. When 10th Lord or 6th Lord is in the Star of Sun or Moon, Govt Job is Possible for you.

But every Govt Job has a different Planetary combination. If you want to Know Planetary combination for different Govt Jobs, You can read our In depth Article on Govt Job Prediction.

But Very few People are clear about their Goal. Most of the time people are confused about, What Should you do ? Job or Business ? Which is More Suitable and Which will give you Better Success ? Astrology can help you in this also.

Selection of Job or Business

It is Very Important to understand Among Job or Business which is More Suitable for you. Planets in your Horoscope will have a clear indication about this. If your Chart is More Suitable for Business but you go for Job due to Some reason, you will never Get Satisfaction and will never be able to enjoy your Job. If you can not enjoy your work, you will never be able to perform well and will not get Satisfactory Success.

So You Should check from astrology if your chart Suits Business or Job and after that you Should Select your Career.

Firstly You need to See if your chart is Strong for a Successful career. Business has more Risks and Ups and downs than Job. So the first thing you need to check How Strong your chart is for a Successful Career. If your Chart is Not very Strong, You Should not go for Business.

6th house is the Most important House for job in astrology and 7th house is the most Important House for Business in Astrology. If 6th house is Stronger, You Will be more Successful in Job and if 7th house is Stronger, You will be more Successful in Business.

If the 10th Lord and 10th House is connected with 6th house or 6th Lord, Job is Suitable for you. But if 10th Lord or 10th house is connected with 3rd or 7th Lord or house, Business Will be better for you.

You Should also Check the ashtakvarga Points of 6th house and 7th house. If 6th house has More Points than 7th house, Job is More Suitable for you. But if the opposite is true, Business is Suitable for you.

Saturn is the Planet for Job in astrology and Mercury is the Planet of Business or Self employment. So If Saturn is in 6th house or 10th house or aspect these Houses, Job is better than Business for you.

But if Planet Like Mercury is in 7th house or 10th house or aspect these Houses or conjunct with 10th Lord, Business will be Better than Job.

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3rd House is the House of Self effort and Courage. For doing Business, Lot of courage and Risk Taking ability is Required. So if you have a Very Strong 3rd house with Malefic Planets like Rahu/Saturn etc, You will get involved in Business. Job Will not give you Satisfaction.

You Also need to check the D10 chart as well. If your D10 chart is the Main Divisional Chart. Hence if D10 chart indicates Job, You will take Up Job as your Profession. But if D10 chart indicates Business, You Will go for Business. If it indicates Both, in that case you will do Job in the first life and after that You will be involved in Business.

Apart from this you should also check the Dasha and Transit. If you are going through the Dasha of 7th Lord or 3rd Lord, Possibility of Business is Higher. Whereas If you are going through the Dasha of Planet like 6th Lord or Saturn, Possibility of Job is Higher.

So During the Time of Career Consultation we check Whether Job or Business Which is Suitable and not only that which Job or which Business is Suitable for You.

Now After Selection of Job or Business, The Next most important Question we want to know from Horoscope is when will i get a job ?


When Will I get a Job from Horoscope through Astrology

To Understand when Will you get a Job, you need to Study the Dasha and Transit. But only one Dasha is not Sufficient. You should Use Multiple Dasha. I personally Suggest to use Vimsottari Dasha with Chara Dasha for timing of New Job as Per Vedic Astrology.

As per Vimsottari Dasha, You can get a Job in the Dasha of 6th Lord or 10th Lord or 11th Lord. 6th Lord Signifies Job, 10th Lord Signifies Career and 11th Lord Signifies Earning. So the Vimsottari Dasha of these Planets are very Favorable time for getting a Job. Planets posited in the 10th house can also Give you a Job. Dasha of The 10th Lord of D10 chart and planets posited in the 10th house of D10 chart is also a Suitable time when you will get a Job.

If you do not Know, You should read what is D10 chart.

The Mahadasha and Antardasha Lord both Should be Favorable for getting a Job. If the Mahadasha is not Favorable and does not indicate getting a Job, Only Antardasha will not be able to deliver the Results.

But remember that, Your Horoscope Should not have Affliction regarding Career or Should not indicate Delay in Getting a Job. If your 10th house is occupied by Debilitated Planet, Malefic Planet like Ketu or Saturn, it will create problem in getting a Job. Saturn is the Planet of Delay and Ketu is the Planet of obstruction. So Any Affliction to the 10th house or 10th Lord by these Planets will Bring Problem in Getting a Job.

If 8th Lord is Afflicting the 10th house of D1 chart or D10 chart, It will also create Lot of Hurdle and difficulty in getting a Job. In this Case even if you Run the Dasha and Transit of 10th Lord of 6th Lord, You will not get a Job.

You Have to Understand that every Event Job, Marriage etc has a Timing as per our Horoscope. It can not happen as per our Wish. So When you wonder why I am not getting a Job, astrology can be handy. Check your Horoscope to Know the timing of Getting Job.

Transits are also equally important. You can Get a Job when 10th Lord or 6th Lord or 11th Lord transits over the Natal Position of the Planet. When the 10th Lord transits over your 10th house or 6th Lord Transits over the 6th house or Saturn transits over the 10th house, You can get a Job as per astrology.

When Jupiter Transit the 10th House of the D10 chart, that year is good for Getting a Job.

Use the Jaimini Chara Dasha as well. In the Jaimini Chara Dasha, Amatyakaraka Planet is the Main Planet for Job and Career. So when you run the Chara Dasha of the Sign where the Amatya Karaka Planet is Present in the D1 chart or in the D10 chart, The 10th Sign of D1 chart or D10 chart, You Will get a Job as per Jaimini Astrology.

The Chara Dasha of the Sign where the Arudha Pada of 10th house (A10) is present is also good time to get a Job.

So you have to Combine Vimsottari Dasha, Chara Dasha and Transit to come to a conclusion about when will you get a Job through Astrology.

You can also take Our Career Consultation if you want to know anything about your Career or Job.


Delay in Getting Job as per Astrology

Saturn is the Planet of Delay in Astrology. ketu is the Planet of Obstacles in Vedic Astrology. 8th Lord of your Horoscope also indicates Delay and Obstacles. So When Saturn and Ketu is conjunct in 10th house or When 8th Lord is in 10th house, Delay in Getting Job is Possible as per astrology.

If the 10th house of D1 chart or D1 chart is aspected by Saturn, it indicates Late Success in Life Astrology.

If your 10th Lord is Debilitated or any Planet is debilitated in 10th house, Delay in Getting Job is Possible. 10th Lord in 8th house also gives Lot of Obstacles and problems in your Job.

As per Astrology, When Your 10th Lord of D10 chart is Afflicted by enemy Planet or Debilitated in Navamsa and D1 chart, it indicates Late Success in Life and Delay in Getting Job.

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Job Change or Promotion in Astrology from Horoscope

Change of Job or Promotion is a Very important aspect of Job or Service. All of us need elevation or increase in Position in due time in our Career.

In Horoscope we should check the Ascendant or Lagna. A Strong Ascendant will Reduce the Obstacles and Problems in our Career and overall Life. Affliction to the 6th, 9th, 10th house and their Lords can create delay and obstruction in Getting Success in Job. 9th house is the House of fortune and 10th house is the House of Status.

In Addition to the 10th house and 9th house, we must check the 6th House also. It is the Primary House of Job, Competition etc. 6th house is the 9th from 10th house and 10th from the 9th house. So Your fortune Regarding Career is related with 6th house.

Below are the combination for Job change or Promotion in astrology

  1. As Per Horoscope, Promotion is possible in the Dasha of 10th Lord or Planets placed in the 10th house or Planets aspecting the 10th house. AMong all these, Dasha of 10th Lord is most Auspicious.
  2. As per Astrology, Job change or Promotion is also Possible in the Dasha of 9th Lord or Planets posited in the 9th house. In our Horoscope 9th house and 9th Lord is the Most Beneficial Planet and Hence its Dasha can Give you Better Opportunity or Job change.
  3. Promotion is Possible in the Dasha of Yogakaraka Planet as well. For example Saturn is the Yogakaraka for Taurus Ascendant, Mars is the Yogakaraka for Cancer and Leo Ascendant etc.
  4. Job change in astrology is also possible in the Dasha of the Planet which are in the star of 6th Lord or 10th Lord or 11th Lord.
  5. The 10th Lord of D10 chart or Lagna Lord of D10 chart is also a very important planet for progress in Career. So the Dasha of 10th Lord of D10 chart and Lagna Lord of D10 chart is also good time as per astrology for Jpb change. But the Planets Should be well placed and Strong.
  6. When Jupiter transits over the Saturn or Sun or Venus of your Horoscope, that year can give you Promotion.
  7. If any Planet of your Horoscope has connection with both 10th Lord or 10th House and 3rd Lord or 3rd House,  Job change is Possible in the Dasha of that planet as per astrology.
  8. As per astrology, If Your 5th Lord is related with 9th house or 9th Lord and 10th House or 10th Lord in any way, Job change is Possible during the Dasha of that Planet.
  9. We Should also check the Chara Dasha of the Amatyakaraka Planet. The Chara Dasha of the Sign occupied by Amatyakaraka Planet in D1 chart or D10 chart can give you Promotion or Job change in its period.

You Can Take our Career Consultation to Know When Job Change or Promotion is possible.


Job Suspension or Job Loss in Astrology from Horoscope

Now Lets Discuss the combinations of Job Loss in astrology.

Job Loss or Termination or Setback in career is Possible during Malefic and unfavorable Dasha and Transit. I will Give you Some combination as per Astrology when You can expect Job Problems. 

In Horoscope 6th, 8th and 12th house are considered as Malefic Houses. 8th house is the house of Obstacles, Delay and Problem. 12th house is the House of Loss.Though 6th house is the House of Job and competition, but when 6th house is related with 8th and 12th House, it Gives Negative Result. But when 6th house is related with 10th house or 11th house, it Gives Beneficial result.

So If You are Running the Dasha of a Planet Which is in 12th house or 8th house, it can give Stress and problems in career During its Dasha.

If you are Running the Dasha of a Planet which is in 6th house in the Nakshatra of 12th Lord, it can give You problems in Job. If You also face unfavorable transit, Problems in your job or Career can increase.

When Ketu transit over the 10th house of D10 chart or Lagna of D10 chart, Job Loss or Problems in Job is problem as per astrology.

When Saturn transit over over the Ketu or Mars of your Horoscope, You will face Job Loss and problem in career that time is Possible as per Vedic astrology.

If the Mahadasha Lord is unfavorable, Most of the Mahadasha will give overall unfavorable Result and you will not get Success in your Career.

When 8th or 12th Lord Transit together in 10th house or 6th house of your Horoscope, Job problem is possible in that period as per Astrology.

Astrological Remedies or tips for Getting Good Job

Remedies are used to Reduce Job problem and Success in Career. Though We Need to Analyse and check the individual Horoscope for Any kind of Astrological Remedies. But you Should Remember that Remedies have Some Limitation.

Saturn is the Karaka for Career and Job in Astrology. So Propitiating Saturn is a Very Useful Way for getting a Good Job. Keeping Fast on Saturday is Good for Resolving Job Problems. Pouring Water to Peepal Tree every Saturday is also an easy Remedy for Good career and Overcoming the Obstacles.

Lord Ganesha is known as Obstacle Remover. It brings Good Luck and Prosperity. So Ganesh Homa or Chant Ganpati Mantra everyday will Help you to remove the obstacles of your Career. You can get a Good Job with this Remedy of Astrology.

You Can Strengthen your 10th Lord or 10th house for getting a Good Job.

Sun is the Main Significator of Govt Job. So if you are Govt Job Seeker, Worship Sun everyday. Chanting Sun Pranam Mantra Every Day is a Good Astrological Remedy for getting Good Govt Job.

Noe Lets answer Some of Frequently Asked Questions

which planet is responsible for job in astrology

Saturn or Shani planet is Responsible for Job in Astrology.

should i do business or job astrology

If 7th house is Stronger you Should do Business astrology and if your 6th house is Stringer, you Should do Job.

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I have Discussed about Some Astrological Points regarding Job and Career. But Using these principles without Complete Analysis of your Chart will not give you a clear picture. You have to study each and every Planet and their Relationship. Apart from This, you have to Study D9 and D10 Charts as well.

If you have any doubt or query, Feel free to comment.

Some Quick Question Answare here…

Which planet is responsible for getting job?

The earth Saturn is considered the factor of service. The tenth house of the horoscope represents our deeds and the sixth house of the horoscope represents service piecemeal from other effects.

At what age I will get job astrology?

You will get a job between 25-28 times of age but you will not see growth until the age of 32. Rahu in the 10th house will bring elevations and fame after you’re 32. It also means that you’ll be suitable to make a lot of capitalists after you turn 40.

Which planet is responsible for success in business?

The globes that are responsible for success in the stock request are Mercury and Jupiter. However, also he/ she has a strong eventuality to succeed in the stock request If there’s a good combination of these two globes in a horoscope.

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