Jupiter and Sun conjunction-Most Detailed Analysis


Meaning of Jupiter-Sun Conjunction

Jupiter and Sun-these two are very Important Planets in Our Vedic Astrology. Jupiter is also Known as Guru and Sun is the King of all the Planets. So When Sun and Jupiter are conjunct in one Sign, It is Generally considered as an Auspicious Placement.

What is conjunction ? Conjunction simply Means Association of Two Planets. When Two Planets are in the Same Sign or Same Rashi, we consider it as a Conjunction. The Strength of this conjunction depends upon the distance between two Planets. More they are close, the effect of conjunction will be higher.

But While Analysing the conjunction of any Planet with Sun, we also keep in Mind that if any planet goes very close to Sun, it will become combust. In that Situation, the other Planet will not be able to give its results and it will become Weak. This only happens with Sun and not with any other Planet.

Guru enjoys a bit dominating influence over Sun. Going combust too doesn’t mar the capacity of Jupiter to function and show results.

Why this conjunction is important ?

Sun is the Source of Light. Without Light, No one Can Survive. Sun is the Soul or Atma. Astrology is the Study of Time. If we consider Time as a Man, Sun is the Soul of this Man. Without Sun there is no Existence of this time or Study of Time. Similarly Jupiter is the Most Benevolent Planet of this zodiac. It is also Known as Jeeva or the Life. Without this Jeeva, We can not Survive. So in Simpler term -When Jupiter and Sun conjoins, it is a conjunction between Jeeva and Atma (Soul). So Sometime it is also termed as Jeevatma Yoga. That is why it is an important combination and we must Know about results of this combination.

Rules to analyse the conjunction of Guru and Surya

We have to See in which House this conjunction Occurs. This Conjunction will give different Results in different House. We have discussed the results in different Houses below.

Next we have to See Which Houses these two Planets-Jupiter and Sun Rules in your Horoscope. The results Will Modify and change Accordingly. Suppose you are a Aries Person. In Your chart Sun Rules 5th house and Jupiter Rules 9th house. In Taurus Ascendant Sun Rules 4th house and Jupiter Rules 8th & 11th House. So the conjunction of these two Planets will give different Result in Aries and Taurus.

We have to remember that Both Jupiter and Sun will Give their individual result and Along with that, Some Special results Due to the conjunction.

Houses Ruled by Jupiter and Sun

Jupiter Rules Two Houses in the Zodiac-Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius is a Fiery Sign and Pisces is a Watery Sign.

Sun Rules the Leo. The Leo is the Sign of Throne. As Sun is considered as the King of the Planetary Kingdom, Sun is the ruler of Leo. It is the Sign of Power, Authority, Nobility, Courage, All Kinds of Creativity etc.

Results of Jupiter-Sun conjunction

When Jupiter and Sun are Beneficially associated in your Horoscope, Very Good results regarding Career, professional Life, character and Mental Attitude. It Gives broadness of Mind and Good intellect. It gives Financial gain and Prosperity. This is also a Good Yoga for Health. This is also a Good Yoga for Govt Job or Benefit from Govt.

If you have this Yoga in your chart and if you perform Surya Namaskar or Perform Surya Narayan Pooja regularly, You will even get more beneficial results.

You can be Fond of wearing jewellery and decorative dress.

You can be fond of being in constant touch with and being publicly seen with important political or social personalities. This can also Give You Benefit from these Social Personalities.

This is a a Good Yoga for Getting help and Benefit from your Father. Your Father will be a Good Support in your Life.

Effect of Jupiter-Sun conjunction in Career

This is a Good Yoga for career and Professional Success. This combination generally makes good lawyers, advocates, judges, jurists, legislators, lawmaker, qualified accountants, appraisers, arbitrators etc. This is a Good Yoga for Govt Job.

If there is a Strong Mars, This Yoga can produce good Doctor.

With Strong Saturn and 6th house, It Can make you very successful as a Judge of High court and Supreme court, High Position in Administrative work, Election commission etc.

This Yoga is generally found in the Horoscope of successful Politicians, Presidents, Mayors, MLA etc.

This Yoga will give a Prestigious and Noble Profession. It will also give you Good Leadership Quality. It will make you Honest and ethical in your work.

Now Lets Discuss the results in different House.

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Jupiter and Sun in the 1st house

If You Have Jupiter and Sun in 1st House, it will give you High Self respect. It will give you a Good personality. You May not be religiously committed but you will be committed to truth. This is also a Good Yoga for Your Health. Even if you become Ill, You will recover quickly.

This will give you High ethics and Moral. You will follow a Principle in Life.

If this combination in the 1st house is in Cancer, Aries or Sagittarius, then there are strong chances of joining the judicial services, and with the support of other stars, they have chances of rising to the High court or even to the Supreme court.

If Pisces be in the Ascendant (Lagna), the Sun and the Jupiter together in the 1st house can take the individual to an International organisation.

Jupiter and Sun in the 2nd House

When The Sun and the Jupiter is in 2nd house then the individuals collect books and knowledge. This will help and support them to earn money. However, collection of books and knowledge runs parallel to their desire for collection of gold and silver jewellery, wooden/timber items.

This is a Good Placement for Financial Success. You will get Help and Support from your Family and family Members. You Can also get Help from Spouse and family of Spouse family.

There might be arguments between wife and husband or between lovers, but never in violent manner nor in disturbing the mental peace of each other. Mostly these Debates and arguments occur in the Intellectual Level.

Jupiter and Sun in the 3rd House

If Jupiter and Sun are in the 3rd House, These individuals trust that everything ought to drop into their lap without much effort. These individuals often make efforts to keep their kith and kin happy and prosperous, even at own cost. They are miserly in spending money on unjustified or unfair, but quite generous for spending on deserving cause charitable and social formation.

These individuals do not mind nor feel hesitant to donate or sacrifice a major portion of their assets for educational or social purposes or for public utility services or for medical purposes.

Jupiter and Sun in the 3rd House can give you help and Benefit from your Younger Sibling.

Jupiter and Sun in the 4th House

Jupiter and Sun conjunction in the 4th house is very Good for studies and education. They often get big name and fame for their knowledge. They are rarely in want of money, because generally they become well possessed. They Get comfortable and luxurious style of life.

This can also give Gain and Benefit from Land and Property. They Can also inherit Parental property.

They are genuinely charitable and generous. They are willing even to go out of their way to help the cause.

These individuals become known figures in judiciary, sometimes in higher judiciary, or in any field of law and legislation. Otherwise they become experts in accountancy, in economics, in management of business, in taxation laws etc.

They often get big name and fame for their knowledge, expertise and hard work.

Jupiter and Sun in 5th house

5th House is the House of Intelligence and Knowledge. Jupiter is the teacher (Guru), adviser, priest and guide to the Sun. So Jupiter-Sun conjunction in 5th house will make You intelligent, Wise and Knowledgeable. It will give you sharp memory.

They make outstanding economists, jurists, judges, advocates, solicitors, petition-writers, draftsmen, drafters of law and legal literature, written constitution for any country or public formation, accountants, bankers, treasurers, cashiers, historians, researchers in law, economics, history or political science.

They give a good account of themselves as political advisers, brokers in stocks and shares, middlemen for fixing marriages, counsels in divorce matters, revenue officers responsible for land management and soil conservation. They are successful in managing and running hotels, restaurants etc.

This can also Give you influence in Some Creative works. This is also a Good Yoga for Spiritual Prosperity. If Navamsa chart is Strong and Ketu is Well Placed, This can give you good progress in Spiritual path.

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Jupiter and Sun in the 6th House

The Jupiter and Sun in the 6th house can give you Loss by cheating, speculation, partnership in business etc. But this is a Good combination for Govt Job and Medical field. If Jupiter and Sun is not weak, this placement will give good result in Career.

This Placement gives unhappy results are in the field of material possessions. Jupiter Can give health problems relating to respiratory organs, kidney, liver etc. No doubt, the Sun helps in preventing these complaints of health, but much depends on the strength of the two planets as also association of other planets.

The Sun helps in quick recovery, though the Sun is unable to cut the heavy cost of medical treatment imposed by the Jupiter.

Good results of this combination in the 6th house is that the individual gets compromise easily and quickly in quarrels and even in civil cases in courts or before any other forum of law. The Sun Gives help and support to the individual from government officials, economists, teachers etc. In hour of need the individual gets loans from banking institutions and private sources easily.

Though the money is often needed by the individual to meet losses in business and speculation.

But if you have this Yoga, Much will depend the Lordship of these two planets and Strength of these two Planets in Other Divisional charts. If you Have this Yoga, You Can Consult an Astrologer to get a clear Idea about the result of this Yoga.

Jupiter and Sun in the 7th House

The Jupiter and Sun in 7th house is always very helpful in finding a suitable match for marriage. The King and Priest together do not allow economic problems of high magnitude to crop up in married life. This will also give a Good Life partner.

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This is good for running the married life sweetly and peacefully, without much Problems. But it can create Ego Problem between the couple and they try to prove who is more intelligent or who is more Knowledgeable.

These two planets together help in getting an appointment as a public prosecutor or government lawyer. Whether the individual (man or woman) would stay honest and straightforward or would go corrupt as a judge would depend on the Rasi (zodiac sign) in the 7th house and the position of its lord in birth-chart and Navamsha chart.

You Can read about the effect Sun in different Navamsa.

If the individual goes into own business or Self employment, he or she will be successful and gains confidence of the customers and clients.

The individual secures victory in any litigation, so long as the litigation is not against any government organisation or public sector Organisation.

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Jupiter and Sun in the 8th House

8th house is a Negative House and Sun-Jupiter combination in 8th house will not give you a Favourable Results unless this Happens in a Fiery Sign or Watery Signs.  But 8th house is the House of Inheritance. So this conjunction can give you gain from Inheritance.

This is Good for Administrative Jobs Like IAS or other Civil Services. 8th house can Make a Person head of any Organisation or head of any Department provided there is other Strong yoga and the 10th house is also Strong. So this Placement can help you in getting a High Ranking Govt Job Like IAS/IPS etc.

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8th house is Part of Moksha Trikona and the placement of Sun and Jupiter in this House is good for Spirituality and Religious Progress. This is also Good for charitable work and Good Fame through charity.

If these two Planets are afflicted and weak, it can cause health trouble and disease. The next is loss of money and moveable. The loss can also be by confiscation of goods or assets by any government agency or by seizure of irregularly imported or exported goods by the Customs authorities etc. Division of assets between partners in business or between members of the family can also often lead to loss to the individual with Sun and Jupiter in the 8th house.

Jupiter and Sun in the 9th House

Jupiter and Sun conjunction in 9th house is extremely Beneficial and helpful. 9th house is the house of Fortune. So when these Two Planets are in the 9th house, it can Make You fortunate from Your Father, Government etc. This is Good for Higher education and You can Get Govt Scholarship for Higher studies.

These individuals rarely prefer to function as independents working on their own or in the private sector, because the Sun in conjunction with Jupiter is directly concerned with government side. They do not cherish private practice of own. This combination in the 9th house is capable of bringing civilian award or decoration for the individual, if holding a senior position in the Judiciary, Economic or Accounting etc.

This Gives Self confidence. Because of the self-confidence, they are often helpful to brothers/sisters/Relatives.

This Makes you religious, social.

Jupiter and Sun in the 10th House

Jupiter and Sun conjunction in 10th house will make you Successful in Work and Professional Life. Sun is the King and it gets directional Strength in 10th house and becomes very strong. Now it gets the Help of Guru or Advisor. So You will be able to follow a Dharmik or Noble Path in your Life.

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You will be Honest and You will always follow a Righteous Path. This combination in 10th house will give a Noble profession and will give recognition in that Field. Many Successful Doctors, Highly Placed Govt Officers are having this Yoga.

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The Results May Vary according to the Lordship of these two Planets and their Placement in D9 and D10 chart. As D10 chart is the Divisional chart for Career and 10th house is the House of Career, So if this combination repeats in D10 chart also, the strength of this Yoga increases Manifold.

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When these two planets are Afflicted and weak, the individual sometimes indulges in gambling, card games, betting at horse races, buying lottery tickets in bulk, speculation on large scale.

Jupiter and Sun in the 11th House

11th house is Such a House that No Planet Gives Bad Result in this House. So Sun and Jupiter conjunction in 11th house will bring Financial Success and Prosperity in your Life. It can Bring you in contact with Highly Placed or Highly Successful people and you will be benefitted through them.

This is a Good Placement for Married Life and relationship. The Jupiter in conjunction with the Sun in 11lh house doesn’t encourage the individual towards extra marital affair.

This Placement of Jupiter and Sun can make you Popular in Friends Circle.

Jupiter and Sun in the 12th House

The Jupiter is deemed as Guru (acharya). Jupiter and Sun in the 121h house adversely affect the education of such a child. The children neglect their Studies. The individual might suffer a Financial loss. Wasteful expenditure in Spiritual and Religious Matter is also Possible.

If these two planets are Afflicted and weak, You Can face problem from various government agencies.

But if these two Planets are Strong and well placed, it can give you Good Progress in Spiritual Path. 12th house is the House of Liberation. So These two Planets in 12th house can make you extremely Spiritual and can give you Fame and Recognition too as a Spiritual Leader.

So far We have discussed the results of Jupiter and Sun conjunction in different Houses. Now we will discuss the result of this Yoga for different Lagna or Ascendant.

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Jupiter and Sun conjunction for Aries Ascendant- Jupiter and Sun Association is Very Auspicious and one of the Most beneficial combination for Aries Ascendant. This will make you very well educated, Intelligent, Rich and Wealthy. You will be fortunate from children too.

Jupiter and Sun conjunction for Taurus Ascendant- Jupiter and Sun combination can give Good education to a Taurus Ascendant Person. This will give Land and Property. This will give Financial Benefit through Landed Property or Inherited property as well.

Jupiter and Sun conjunction for Gemini Ascendant- Jupiter and Sun Association will give a Lot of Traveling due to work and Business. You Can also change your job and organisation Quite often. This can give you a Govt Job in Teaching or academic field.

Jupiter and Sun conjunction for Cancer Ascendant- This is extremely fortunate combination for Money and wealth. If these two planets are Strong in your chart, It can give you a Lot of Money and Wealth. You will get Financial help and Support from relatives and In Laws.

Jupiter and Sun conjunction for Leo Ascendant- When Jupiter and Sun conjoins, it creates a Raj yoga for Leo Ascendant. This will make you fortunate and intelligent. It will give you Good education. It will give you Financial Prosperity and will make you rich.

Jupiter and Sun conjunction for Virgo Ascendant- Jupiter and Sun combination can give you Foreign Travel Due to education. You can also Travel Abroad after Marriage or You May Settle down abroad after Marriage. You can also Marry any Foreigner if there is other Yogas.

Jupiter and Sun conjunction for Libra Ascendant- Jupiter and Sun Association creates a Good Yoga for Materialistic gain for Libra Ascendant. You will be able to earn good amount of money through Job. It can also give you Gain in court case and Litigation.

Jupiter and Sun conjunction for Scorpio Ascendant- When Jupiter and Sun are in Same sign for Scorpio Ascendant, It creates a Very Good Raj Yoga. This will give you Success in career. It can give you a profession in any Creative Field if Venus is Strong. This is also a Good Yoga for any Govt Job.

Jupiter and Sun conjunction for Sagittarius Ascendant- Sun-Jupiter together in a house will make you fortunate from Inheritance and Father. This Can also give you a Govt Job specially in academic field or Administrative field. This is also a Good Yoga for Financial Prosperity.

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Jupiter and Sun conjunction for Capricorn Ascendant- The Jupiter and Sun will create a Vipreet Rajyoga for this Ascendant. This will give Initial hurdle and difficulty to the Native. But it will give Success in Later phase of Life.

Jupiter and Sun conjunction for Aquarius Ascendant- When Jupiter -Sun are conjoined in Aquarius Lagna, it will give Success in Business and Self employment. It will give financial Benefit from Life Partner or spouse. This is a Good yoga for Marital Happiness.

Jupiter and Sun conjunction for Pisces Ascendant- Jupiter-Sun combination is a very Good Yoga for Success in any kind of Govt Job. It is a good yoga for success in competitive exams. This will give you Success in defeating your rivals in workplace.

We have discussed the results for different Ascendants. But we need to keep in Mind that these results can change. The result of any Yoga depends upon the strength of the Planets and their placement in other Vargas and Nakshatra.

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I have Tried To give you Some information about the Sun and Jupiter conjunction in Horoscope. If you think, I have missed Something, You can comment below.

Some Quick Question Answare here…

What happens when Jupiter conjunctions sun?

When the Sun and Jupiter are in conjunction, it can bestow a great deal of wisdom upon a native. They are usually well behaved and their regal status expands in society; along with their ego. The expanding energy of Jupiter and the ego of the Sun, often allows optimistic Jupiter to bask in the radiant glow of the Sun.

What does Sun conjunct Jupiter mean?

The position of the sun in conjunction with Jupiter at birth confers a personality that islarger-than-life. Those with this aspect are outgoing, optimistic, generous and very lucky. They may also be proud, with great self-belief and confidence. This regal quality gives them a commanding presence but also the potential to believe they are better than others.

How do you know which planet is stronger in a conjunction?

In order to create a strong conjunction, planets should be within 15 degrees of each other. The closer they are, the more powerful the conjunction will be. In the example picture, there is a strong conjunction between Sun, Venus and Mars based on degrees, while Mercury is standing further away from these three planets.

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