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Jupiter(Guru) Transit to Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) 2019-2020-Effect for Different Sign

Jupiter Transit to Sagittarius from Scorpio in 2019

Jupiter will transit to Sagittarius or Dhanu Rashi from Scorpio or Vrishchik Rashi on Nov 5th, 2019. Dhanu Rashi is the Mool-Trikon of Jupiter. It will stay in Sagittarius for coming One year. This is going to be a Major shift in the Planetary alignment which is going to impact a large no of people in either in good or Bad way. Lot of People will be benefited from this Change of Guru to Saggitarius.

The house that is transiting Jupiter is in indicates the area of life which are trying to grow and means by which you are doing this. So lets discuss about How this is going to impact Various Zodiac Signs. But before that let me tell you Why Jupiter and its transit is So important.

Importance of Jupiter (Guru) Transit

Jupiter is the Most Beneficial Planet among all the Planets of our Zodiac. It owns Sagittarius and Pisces Sign. It gets exalted in Cancer. Jupiter is the Planet of Wisdom, Knowledge, Wealth and Luck. It removes the darkness of Ignorance. This Planet Stays in one Sign for almost a Year. After that it moves to the next Sign. In this Way it takes almost 12 years to complete one cycle of the entire Zodiac. While Timing the Events the transit of Slow Moving Planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu etc Plays a Very important Role. Transit is also known as Gochar and when Planets are passing through different signs of Zodiac different effects are felt to people as per their Moon Sign, and Lagna. So this transit of Jupiter from Scorpio to Saggitarius will bring Some Major shift to some people.

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The general Practice is to check the Gochar or Transit from Moon Sign or Rashi but We Suggest to Check it from Lagna or Ascendant, Arudha Lagna as well as from the Natal Positions of the Planets as well.

Jupiter transit 2018

Jupiter Transit in 2019-2020 dates

Jupiter will enter in Sagittarius on 5th Nov 2019 at 6:42 am. From March 30th, 2020 Jupiter will enter Capricorn. It will become Retrograde and From June 30th 2020 Jupiter moving in retrograde motion again enters in Sagittarius. On November 20th 2020 it will Leave Sagittarius Permanently.

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Prediction for different Sign for this transit of Jupiter in Saggitarius in 2019-2020

These are Very General Result and Actual Result will depend on Individual Chart and Dasha-Bhukti.

I have Made a Video on this as well. You can Watch the Video for better understanding.

Jupiter Transit 2019 for Aries:

Lets Talk about the Result of Jupiter transit to Saggitarius 2019-2020 for Aries Sign. Jupiter will be transiting over your 9th house. The 9th house indicates Luck, Fortune, Father, Higher Education etc. Jupiter is the 9th Lord for Aries sign and its Transit to Sagittarius can make you fortunate from Higher education and Knowledge. It is a good period for Students planning for Higher studies. There is possibility of some Good changes in your life. Gain from Father or through Father is also Possible. you may also improve in Spiritual path and Pilgrimage is also possible in this period. Jupiter will aspect your Lagna or Ascendant. So If you are going through any kind of Serious disease, This Jupiter transit in Saggitarius will help you to recover early. It will also aspect your 5th house. So your Child can prosper well in Life.

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Jupiter Transit Sagittarius 2019-2020 for Taurus:

Lets Talk about the Result of Jupiter transiting Sagittarius 2019-2020 for Taurus Sign. For Taurus Jupiter Will be Transiting over 8th house. As it is the 8th lord and 11th Lord for Taurus, it will have a Major influence on the Marital life or Personal life of the Taurus People. Jupiter will transit over your 8th house which will give you fortune from Inheritance, Partnership etc. If you are facing any kind of Problem in your Married Life, Your Married Life can improve. It is also a Good time for Spirituality and Occult Studies. But Being the 8th Lord Jupiter will aspect your 4th house and 2nd House. This can give problem with Your Relatives, Family members or Parents, you can face problem in your education, Health of your mother may be affected as well. So For Taurus, Jupiter Transit to Dhanu Rashi on 2019 will not be very Good.

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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Gemini:

Lets Talk about the Result of Jupiter transit in Sagittarius on 2019-2020 for Gemini Sign. For Gemini, Jupiter will be transiting over 7th house. For Gemini Jupiter is 7th Lord and 10th Lord. So Jupiter transit in 2019 will be good for Gemini Sign. Professional Growth and Success can be expected in this period. Jupiter will also aspect your 3rd House. So Some traveling due to work, or Change of Place, Transfer etc is possible. This is a Good time for Marriage and Relationship. Marriage can happen in this one year. This is also good for your physical well being.

Jupiter Transit 2019 for Cancer:

Lets Talk about the Result of Jupiter transiting to Sagittarius on 2019-2020 for Cancer or Karkat Sign. For Cancer Jupiter will be transiting over 6th house. For Cancer Jupiter Rules the 6th and 9th house. SO the Transit of 6th Lord in 6th house can give you Success in Court case, Litigation etc. Your Health will also improve and if you are suffering from any health issue, you can expect improvement in the upcoming one year. 6th house also indicates Job. So you can prosper well in your job. Jupiter will aspect your 2nd house which can give you good financial gain.

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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Leo:

Lets Talk about the Result of Jupiter transit to Sagittarius in 2019-2020 for Leo or Simha Sign. For Leo Jupiter will be transiting over 5th house. For Leo, Jupiter Rules the 5th and 8th house. So it is a highly beneficial Transit for Leo people. This is a Very Favorable Period for Studies and education. Jupiter from Saggitarius will aspect the 9th house of Higher Studies. So if you are Student or doing any kind of Higher Studies, this is a Very beneficial transit. If you are involved with any kind of Creative work, Your creative ability will increase. Your Children will perform good in this period and happiness from children is expected. Your Father can get some good Gain or you can be fortunate from father. Your earning will also improve. But this is not a Good period for Love Relationship. You can face some problem and trouble in Love relationship. Jupiter transit 2019 to Sagittarius will make Leo People more Spiritual and Dharmik as it is going over your Dharma trikona.

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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Virgo:

Lets Talk about the Result of Jupiter transit to Sagittarius on 2019-220 for Virgo or Kanya Sign. For Virgo Jupiter will be transiting over 4th house. For Virgo, Jupiter Rules the 5th and 8th house. So Jupiter will improve your family Happiness. Domestic Problems will be resolved and you will have a happy domestic life. As it will aspect your 10th house, you will also make good progress in Profession and career. It is a Good time to Posses any Vehicle or Property. This is a good time for investing in Real estate. This is also a Good period for Education also. Jupiter being the 5th lord can bring Love and romance for you as well. As being the 8th Lord it is in 4th house it can give you gain from Inheritance as well. But this is not a good period for Share trading or Speculation.

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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Libra:

Lets Talk about the Result of Jupiter transit to Sagittarius on 2019-2020 for Libra or Tula Sign. For Libra Jupiter will be transiting over 3rd house. For Libra Jupiter Rules the 3rd and 6th house. When Jupiter will be passing through Sagittarius, it will aspect your 7th house, 9th house and 11th house. So In this period you can find your Soulmate and those who are also running Favorable Dasha can Perform Marriage as well. Your Connections with outer World and other people will increase. Disputes or problems with Brothers can be resolved in this period. Traveling is also possible this time which will be Favorable for you. Your incoming gain will be good. But as Jupiter is 6th Lord, its aspect on 7th house will be problematic for Married Life as well. Differences between husband and Wife, Business Partner etc can increase in this time. So after Nov,2019 when Jupiter will transit to Sagittarius, Libra People should be careful about their Personal and Business relationships.

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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Scorpio:

Lets Talk about the Result of Jupiter transiting Sagittarius 2019-2020 for Scorpio Sign. For Scorpio Jupiter will be transiting over 2nd house. For Scorpio Jupiter Rules the 2nd and 5th house. Both are important House for Money. When Jupiter will be transiting over 2nd house it will aspect the 6th house, 8th house and 10th house for Scorpio People. So This transit over 2nd house will be good for Monetary gain. This is good for Material Possession and Resources. You will get the resources and Support to excel in your work and Profession. Your Relationship will improve with your Friends and Relatives. Jupiter transit in 2019 will give you opportunity to complete your Goal. This is also a Good period for investment.

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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Sagittarius:

Lets Talk about the Result of Jupiter transiting Sagittarius 2019-2020 for Sagittarius Sign. For Sagittarius Jupiter will be transiting over 1st house. For Sagittarius, Jupiter Rules the 1st and 4th house. This is highly Beneficial and Favorable transit for Dhanu Rashi People. This will increase your confidence and Optimism. You will feel more Secured. Your Financial Gain will increase in this period. Improvement in Status and Position is possible. Your Personal life will improve. If You are Running Favorable Dasha Jupiter transit in 2019 can bring Marriage for Dhanu People. As Jupiter will aspect the 5th and 9th house from Sagittarius, it is a Very Good time for Education and Higher Studies. You can make gain from Speculation or Share Market as well.

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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Capricorn:

Lets Talk about the Result of Jupiter transit 2019 for Capricorn Sign. For Capricorn Jupiter will be transiting over 12th house. For Capricorn Jupiter Rules the 3rd and 12th house. This is not a Beneficial Transit for Capricorn people. But this transit of Jupiter will be good for Spiritual Progress and religious Pursuits. You will be interested to Occult and metaphysical elements. It will aspect your 4th house. You may travel a lot or you may have to change your residence. If you are planning for Foreign Travel, you can go for it. It is not a Favorable period to go for any kind of Long term investment. It will aspect your 6th house and 8th house too. So for Capricorn people, Guru Tansit to dhanu Rashi will not prove very beneficial.

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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Aquarius:

Lets Talk about the Result of Jupiter transiting Sagittarius in 2019-2020 for Aquarius Sign. For Aquarius, Jupiter will be transiting over 11th house. For Aquarius Jupiter Rules the 2nd and 11th house. Both are Very impirtant House for Money and Success. This is a Very Good Transit for Aquarius. The transit of Jupiter in 11th house is highly Auspicious. This will increase your incoming gain and will give you Success in your endeavors. As Jupiter will aspect your 3rd house, You can get some benefit from your elder or younger Sibling. Your Friends and Social circle will be very helpful and will give you lot of benefit. It is also good for entering in New Friendship or Relationship. This Jupiter transit in Sagittarius will make Aquarius people broad and idealistic this time. As Jupiter is your 2nd Lord, You can expect some Gain from your Relatives as well. Jupiter will aspect your 7th house. Hence Your Married Life and Relationship will also be very Good.

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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Pisces:

Lets Talk about the Result of Jupiter transiting Sagittarius on 2019-2020 for Pisces Sign. For Pisces Jupiter will be transiting over 10th house. For Pisces Jupiter Rules the 1st and 10th house. 1st Lord and 10th Lord is going to transit your 10th house. So this is going to be a excellent Period for you. Your Professional life will be good. If you are looking for job or job change, this is an ideal time for it. If your Dasha and Bhukti supports, you can get a Promotion and recognition in your work as well. Your Social Status and Reputation will also increase. Your relationship with Relatives will also improve. Your Incoming gain or financial gain from Profession will increase in this period. Overall in short Jupiter Transit in 2019 will bring lot of Benefits for Meen Rashi or Lagna.

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I have given some Hints about the upcoming Transit of Jupiter in Dhanu Rashi in 2019. But we need to Check Transit with respect to Natal Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Other Planets as well. The conjunction, aspect with other Planet will change the results. We need to Check the Transit from Arudha Lagna as well. The beneficial placement from Arudha Lagna is specially important for Materialistic Success and Gain. Each aspect should be carefully examined for getting the correct result.

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