Jupiter and Venus Conjunction


Jupiter and Venus Conjunction

Both Jupiter and Venus are Guru in Indian astrology. But the difference between them is that Jupiter is the Devguru or advisor of God whereas Venus is the Daityaguru or Advisor of Demons. So the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in a Horoscope is basically Association of Two Gurus.

Jupiter is the Jeeva or Jeeva Karaka. Means it is the planet without which Human Can not Survive. Similarly Venus or Sukra is the Owner of Sanjeevani with which a Dead person can become Alive. With this Small example, you can understand how important these two Planets are.

Now We will Discuss the Effect of this combination in Horoscope.

Effect of Jupiter-Venus conjunction

When Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in Your chart, It Can Make you Lucky and fortunate regarding Materialistic Matters. Jupiter is the Good Fortune and Venus is the Lakshmi or all kinds of Material Benefits Like Money/Wealth etc. So this conjunction will make you fortunate Regarding Financial Matters. You will Make a Lot of Money and Wealth.

Venus also indicates Marriage and Marriage Partner in Indian Astrology. So this combination can make you fortunate from Marriage. You can get Financial benefit through Marriage and Marriage Partner. Your Life Partner will have Lot of Good qualities. This will also give you Marital Happiness and a Good Married Life.

Venus-Jupiter Combination will Make you Friendly, Jovial, Large Hearted and Optimistic. You will enjoy the Life to the fullest. It will also Give you a Lot of Traveling. You will be Social and Well respected in Society.

This can also Make you fortunate from Business Partners. Any kind of Partnership with Women will be good for you.

But while analyzing the Results of this conjunction, we Should also keep in Mind that the Results will Vary according to Sign and strength of the Planets. How close both these planets are. If Jupiter is at 1 Degree and Venus is in 29 Degree, in Such Scenario, This conjunction will not give you these Kind of results. The Navamsa Placement of the Planets Should also be checked.

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The House where this conjunction happened is also important. For example conjunction in the 1st house and conjunction in the 7th house will not give the Same results.

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Now We Will Discuss the Result of this conjunction in Different Houses.

Jupiter and Venus in the 1st House

Jupiter and Venus conjunction in the 1st house allows the Jupiter to retain its all Good influences, because Jupiter Gets Directional Strength in the 1st House. Jupiter normally has a slightly upper hand over the Venus. This will make you very well educated, Well behaved Person. It gives an individual romantic touch in nature.

It makes a very efficient teachers.  You Can be good both at teaching and learning dance, instrumental and vocal music, economics relating to films and fine arts, sculpture, painting, interior decoration, modelling, acting on stage. People with this combination are good also at acting in films, episodes, and serials. Some of these individuals have expert knowledge of gems and jewels including precious and semi-precious stones.

This is a Good Placement for Study of Architecture.

Jupiter and Venus in the 2nd House

Jupiter and Venus conjunction in the 2nd house is capable of giving the individual wealth, beauty, comfort, luxury and sophistication. It will Give you a very Good communication Skills. It will also give you Financial Help and Support from Family and Relatives. This is also Good for Marriage.

2nd House is the Dhana Bhava or House of Wealth. Presence of these two Beneficial Planet will Never Give you Any kind of Financial trouble. However, if the Mars, the Saturn or Rahu (dragon’s head) get directly associated with this combination, loss of money, loss of face, loss of health and some illness or disease cannot be ruled out.

Jupiter and Venus in the 3rd House

The Jupiter and the Venus in the 3rd house will Make you fortunate as both of them will aspect the 9th house of Fortune. Generally it makes you the eldest and You will have Younger Siblings. It will give you Benefit and Support from Younger Siblings.

3rd House is the House of Creative works Like Acting. So this is a Good Placement for professions Like acting, Modelling, Marketing etc. It can give you Creative Skills within yourself.

3rd House is the House where we use our Hands. Jupiter is the Teacher. So it can Make you a Music Teacher or Trainer in any Musical instrument etc.

These individuals in some cases become expert consultants in matters concerning imports, exports, and legal matters.

Jupiter and Venus in the 4th House

Conjunction of the Jupiter and Venus in the 4th house is helpful for all the matters which are controlled by the 4th house. So this is a Good placement for education and Studies. This will also Give you Support from your Mother. This is a Good Placement for Family Happiness.

The individual pays great attention to render public utility services. They are romantic in their behaviour and attitude towards the opposite sex. This will give a Good Married Life. They are always very keen to decorate their House with paintings, colour effects etc.

This Placement of planets will Give Success in your own Country.

Jupiter and Venus in the 5th House

Jupiter and Venus conjunction in the 5th house is a Very Beneficial Placement. This will make you extremely intelligent. This is Good for Higher studies and education. This will give you creative skills as well. It will make you Friendly and Romantic.

This is a Good Placement for Marriage and Married Life. This is also Good for childbirth and you will be fortunate from children. Good financial fortune through intelligence, Education, children etc is also possible.

This is also a Good placement for health and Well being.

Jupiter and Venus in the 6th House

Jupiter and the Venus conjunction in the 6th house will give you Problems from Your Realtives and Friends. Legal Problems due to property or any other matter is Possible with Relatives. This is not good for Relationship and Can give Legal problems with Wife.

It can give differences with spouse, misunderstanding with friends etc. This is not a Good Placement for Financial Success also. Medical treatment doesn’t show favourable effects instantly.

But this can Make you Successful in Job. You Should always Keep Gold with You to bring Good Luck.

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Jupiter and Venus in the 7th House

This combination of the Jupiter and the Venus in the 7th house is very likely to give the individual a spouse with presentable personality/features/fair complexion sensible and cooperative person adjusting with the circumstances. This is Good for Marriage and Married Life.

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However, no Malefic planet like Saturn, Mars, Rahu should be in the 7lh or the 1st house.  Saturn, Mars or Rahu can bring problems in married life.

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Normally, this combination, gives satisfaction to the couple with regard to every important matter in life including money, wealth, source of livelihood, love and affection between the two in the bedroom, comfortable standard of lifestyle, sweet-natured friends.

Another important point is that either the husband or the wife or both might have livelihood from medical career or career in law and justice.

This combination normally helps in business matters too, especially business relating to medicines, herbals, cloth, garments, sugar, ghee, running and/or managing hotels, motels, and restaurants.

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The disadvantage of this combination is that big success at initial stage makes an individual very bold with self-confidence and leads to illegal activities which can Cause the Downfall.

Jupiter and Venus in the 8th House

The combination of the Jupiter and the Venus in the 8th house often proves risky, particularly to prestige, physical safety. This combination is likely to cause illness  and Jupiter Gives Illness which takes Longer duration to Cure. This is Not good for Conjugal Life and Sexual Life. But Generally Marriage remains Stable.

Another caution needed about this combination is that the individual might suffer a loss of money or assets or prestige by cheating or exploitation in matters of money. There is also the risk of loss of money in speculation and Stock Market.

But Because both these soft stars have a direct aspect on the 2nd house or Dhana Bhava, The Bank Balance generally remains Stable. It generally gives a Good relationship with Relatives and Family Members.

Jupiter and Venus in the 9th House

Jupiter and the Venus Conjunction in the 9th house is always Beneficial to the individual in matters related to inheritance, succession, in matters pertaining to religion, charity, public service, and also in relations with brothers and sisters of self and spouse. This indicates Good Fortune.

These two Planets together make an individual an efficient doctor (more so on the medicine side), advocate, lawyer, judge, jurist, parliamentarian, senator, legislator, actor, actress, musician, dancer etc.

And these persons are often liberal, charitable, helpful to others.

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Jupiter and Venus in the 10th House

Jupiter and Venus Conjunction in the 10th house is a Very Good Placement for Career and Professional Life. This Can Give You a Profession in Banking Field, Investment Banker, Medical Field Specially Teacher or Lecturer in Medical field etc. This is Good for Financial Success.

10th house is a Upachaya House and Kendra House. Two Benefic Planets in this House will make you Honest and Sincere in your work but Reaching top Most Positions in Professional Life requires Something extra. Some extra zeal /aggression in professional Life is required which You can be Missing. That is why Malefic planets gives better results. if Planets Like Mars or Saturn or Sun Joins the Jupiter-Venus combination in the 10th house, it is extremely good and can take you to a Leadership Position. Especially Sun is very Good.

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These individuals have no hesitation in offering gifts in cash or kind for achieving their aim and ambition. They make good arbitrators. Females having this combination make successful and impressive envoys, ambassadors.

This Can give you a career in Creative field too.

Jupiter and Venus in the 11th House

Jupiter and the Venus Conjunction in the 11th house or house of income with direct aspect on the 5lh house helps in giving to the individual’s children much better standard of living than what the individual had in his own childhood. This will give very Good Financial gain through work. It will give benefit after Marriage.

11th house is the most important house as it is the House of Gain. So when you have two Benefic planets in this House, your earning will be Good and in a Honest way. This will give you Good recognition in Society.

This is also Good for Married Life and Marriage. You will get a Helpful and Supportive Life Partner.

Jupiter and Venus in the 12th House

Combination of the Venus and the Jupiter in the 12th house, invariably helps Jupiter in giving full results of Jupiter presence in the 12th house. This is Good for financial Gain. This will give you a Charitable and philanthropic Nature. You will Lead a comfortable Life.

But if these two Planets are weak and afflicted, Financial Loss due to Stock Exchange, Gambling and Speculation is Possible.

We have discussed the Effect of Jupiter and Venus combination in Different Houses. Strength of these Planets, Signs and Navamsa Signs will definitely Play a very Important Role.

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Some Quick Question Answare here…

What does Venus Jupiter conjunction mean?

When Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction, it indicates an expansion of love, relationships, and beauty to a higher and more spiritual level. Jupiter is often likened to the “junior sun” due to its expansive nature, and when combined with Venus, this influence is magnified. Ultimately, this conjunction points to a greater purpose for these things in our lives.

What if Venus and Jupiter are in same house?

Jupiter and Venus in a natal chart are considered to be auspicious in Vedic astrology. People with this conjunction are often religious and intellectual. Since both planets are karaka of wealth, these natives tend to be rich. Their source of livelihood is often a respectable profession.

Why Jupiter and Venus are enemies?

The planets Jupiter and Venus are often considered to be enemies, due to their opposing nature. Jupiter represents spirituality, while Venus represents material desire and gain. However, many argue that both planets are benefic and their enmity is unfounded.

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