Know About Benefits, Uses and Price of Gomed Stone in Astrology


We all know that all precious gemstones play an essential role in an individual’s life. They have their own properties and capabilities. The Gomed stone is one of them. It is well known as ‘Hessonite Garnet’ in English. This stone is one of the most precious and rarest gemstones of this world.

It is so desirable, so beautiful in its appearance that everyone wants to buy it. It is excellent natural creativity that is created by God. This gemstone is considered to be the stone of planet Rahu as it is believed to be filled with the energies of this strong planet.

It is also referred to as ‘Rahu Ratna’. This gemstone is extremely powerful and beneficial for the people living in this era. You can get a lot of Gomed stone benefits in astrology. It is related to astrological things and holds different types of properties and capabilities. It also has an important role in the Hindu scriptures.

Hessonite Garnet is generally a Calcium Aluminium Silicate. These natural crystals are usually transparent or translucent in nature. But the non-gem quality hessonite can be opaque. The stone has a smooth surface and shiny appearance. And after polishing, it contains glass like luster.

It comes in a variety of different colors which can range from light to deep brownish, yellowish, or maroon-ish hues. It can also be found in red or orange color. But sometimes it can be seen in honey color and it is because of the colored impurities present inside it.

Because of the variant colors, the gemstone becomes more desirable. And nowadays the hessonite stones are found all over the world. But the main sources from where you can get the pure gem quality hessonites are Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, and California. But recently some mines are also found in Africa.

How Rahu is the ruling planet for Gomed gemstones

When it comes to astrology, each planet has a specifically related gemstone. And according to Vedic astrology, the Rahu planet is associated with Gomed stone or hessonite stone. This planet is malevolent in nature which is considered as the shadow planet because it is not part of the solar system.

But it is believed that this malefic planet holds immense significance in its native’s life. It is highly effective for the people who are facing the negative impacts of Rahu doshas. It is significant of confusion and wickedness. The planet is high on energy which makes its natives very secretive and defiant. It provides stability and self-confidence.

Since the planet Rahu is not cool in nature, the gemstone provides mental peace, calmness, and patience to its wearer. It removes all the confusion and stress from the mind of the wearer. Due to the negative effects of Rahu, sometimes the relationships also get affected and can lead to breakups. But the magical gemstone can help to fix all the relationship related issues and can give a long term effect.

Who should wear Gomed gemstones

‘Who should wear Gomed stones’ have become the most asked question these days. But at first, you should definitely take advice from an experienced astrologer for better results. If he suggests then only you should wear these gemstones.

Now coming to the point, the Gomed gemstone is well known as the birthstone for January born people. So people who have birth- dates in the month of January should definitely wear these gemstones. It will be perfect for those individuals whose Rahu is posited in the 2nd, 3rd, 10th, or 11th house when Rahu periods are operating.

People should definitely try these gems who are connected with politics. It is an excellent gemstone for those who are under the major period of Rahu in the 7th house. They should try these stones for at least 3 days before deciding to wear them in the Rahu period.

Best finger and time to wear Gomed gemstones

According to the many astrological facts, Saturday is considered to be the most auspicious day for wearing Gomed gemstones. It is because the gemstone governs the planet Saturn. If you are going for a ring, then it must be worn on the middle finger of your right hand. The reason behind this, the ring finger is ruled by the Sun and Gomed symbolizes planet Rahu which is against each other (dead against enemies).

The best time to wear the ring is two hours after the sunset. So one should wear the ring of Gomed gemstones on the middle finger of the right hand on Saturday evening after sunset during Krishna Paksha days.

It is highly recommended to use a ring because it will be beneficial for you instead of a pendant. And remember one thing, the ring should be mounted in silver metal for good effects. Orange Zircon and Spessartite are the best substitutes for Gomed gemstones. You can also use them in the place of the Gomed and it will give you the same result.

Gomed stone benefits

We all know that the Gomed has a lot of properties and capabilities. It is highly effective for humans to change their life as much as possible. So here we are going to talk about the Gomed stone benefits in an individual’s life –

  • These gemstones show miracles in one’s life if you believe in them. It gives a huge success to the wearers in their professional as well as marital life. It is highly effective for the students as they can achieve great heights by using these
  • The Gomed is believed to bring good luck and good fortune to its natives. It provides success in love, relationships, and business matters. It promotes business deals and solves all the relationship problems coming into the life of its
  • It keeps you away from all the misfortunes. It protects you from sudden death caused by natural calamities like storms, fires, and road accidents. It provides you a long happy
  • The gemstone provides calmness, patience, and focus to its It reduces stress, depression and also eliminates all the negativities from the mind. It clears out all the confusion in your mind and always shows you the right path for your success. It also helps you to make proper decisions in your life.
  • If you are feeling any negative energies around you then, it is highly recommended to place this Gomed gemstone under your It will protect you from evil eyes and spirits. Besides this, it also helps to protect you from the fear of ghosts, bad dreams, worst nightmares, and the things like Buri-Nazar.
  • The Gomed gemstones help the wearer by providing them massive wealth, fame, courage dignity, honor, and superior well-being. It improves financial status and brings peace, prosperity, and happiness to an individual’s
  • The prolonged use of Gomed gemstones will help you to improve your concentration level successfully. It helps the wearer to pay attention and due to this, you will be more focused on your dreams or
  • In many cases, the stone is highly effective to improve the health conditions of its If you are a person suffering from various health issues then you should definitely use this gemstone to improve your health conditions. It cures various health diseases like eye infections, weird allergies, piles, insomnia, nose infection, cancer, epilepsy, and gastric ailments. It also heals blood and heart-related problems.
  • Gomed stone benefits the person by providing them success in their new ventures or business. It also makes its owner able to save money and increase bank
  • Wearing these gemstones on regular basis helps to get rid of alcohol and smoking habits. It shows many beneficial effects on an emotional, physical and psychological level in humans.

Gomed stone benefits for marriage

In today’s time, people are so busy in their life. And that’s why they are not able to give much time to their personal life. It affects their love bond and relationships. Due to the lack of time, the relationship starts deteriorating. But you don’t have to worry about it. You can fix it as soon as possible.

According to Vedic astrology, every gemstone has its own specialty. The Gomed gemstone is one of them. By using this gemstone you can solve all the problems coming into your marital as well as love life. In these modern days, many marriages are in trouble. People can’t find their perfect match as per their choice.

But the psychologists believe that the Gomed gemstone is the best solution to overcome this problem. It has the ability to provide you a perfect as well as a loving and caring life partner. It fights with all the obstacles and removes the delay of marriages. It also reduces the increasing number of divorces and separation of couples.

It clears out all the confusion and misunderstandings of the lovers and boosts love between them when they fight. It strengthens the bond of a relationship. The gemstone is highly beneficial for the married couples as it provides a romantic, peaceful, and happy life to them.

Gomed stone benefits in astrology

This beautiful stone is considered to be the gem of wealth and grace. It is generally worn by people for their personal benefits. But apart from all these things, it has a lot of astrological properties that can be highly beneficial for people. So here we are going to mention all the Gomed stone benefits in astrology.

Gomed gemstones play an essential role in astrology. It carries a lot of significance for the communities that believe in it. It is one of the most popular gemstones of Hinduism. According to many astrologers, the Rahu planet is the ruler of this gemstone. And the Gomed ensures that there is certain relief from the evil effects of this planet.

The negative impacts of Rahu could make an individual prone to failures, physical ailments, and losses. But the gemstone will help its natives to get a turnaround in such situations. It also keeps you away from your enemies as well as jealous people. It removes fear from your mind and makes you mentally as well as physically stronger. The gemstone contains a constantly vibrating power that protects you from all the external energies of a negative note. It creates an aura of positive vibes around you.

The Gomed is associated with the mind and wandering nature of its wearer. And therefore it can impact a person’s mental as well as spiritual equilibrium. But if you once use it, you can overcome all these problems. The stone controls and balances the intense emotions of the people. It is highly beneficial for those who are short-tempered or angry. They should definitely take advantage of it.

On the other hand, the Gomed gemstones are highly effective for people who are suffering from poor financial conditions. By wearing this gemstone, people who have debt issues can easily pay their loans as soon as possible. This powerful and magical gemstone can provide you a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle if you use it on regular basis.

Gomed stone price

We all know that the Gomed is one the most valuable and rarest things. It is a priceless gift to humans. And due to this feature, it is highly expensive in the market. The Gomed stone price totally depends upon the parameters like color, transparency, weight, quality, and quantity. Better the quality, higher will be the rate.

It also depends on the country of origin. In the countries like Sri Lanka, the hessonites are found in abundance. And there the price will be cheaper as compared to other places. The price range can vary from place to place. In the countries like India, the Gomed stone price can start from Rs 125 and can trend up to Rs 4600 plus per carat. It fully depends on you which type of gemstones you want to buy as per your requirement.

Gomed stone buy online

It’s a better option to buy astrological gemstones online. The very first benefit is that you can get access to a variety of stones. On the other hand, from offline or local, you have to choose a gemstone from scarce resources. One more benefit is that you can make your best choice amongst all the available stones which may not justify your expenses.

Nowadays fake gemstones are available everywhere in the market at a low price. But for good results, you just have to use the real ones. So on the special demand of our clients, here we are serving you the premium quality gemstones on our newly launched website Not only Gomed gemstones but all other types of precious gemstones are available on it. You can buy them online from here at a very reasonable price.

The gemstones are 100% natural and desirable that you can’t refuse to buy them. The picture representation is almost 95% similar to the product. We assure the best quality and quantity of the product.


So from the above blog you have come to know that how Gomed gemstones are beneficial to us in our daily lives. It is so powerful that a wearer can feel an amazing change in her/his life. It has a lot of properties and advantages which are mentioned above. And if you are impressed with it you will definitely buy this stone as soon as possible. And if you want to know which stone will suit you or anything regarding any stone, we are always here to fulfill your needs. You can just contact us through our website and we will try to provide you the best one for your good fortune.

Some quick question answered here :

What are the benefits of Gomed stone?

The Gomed stone is said to be beneficial in the treatment of diseases such as cancer, varicose veins, boils, leprosy, clumsiness, intestinal issues, fatigue, blood pressure, and fatigue. Additionally, the Gomedhikam stone is said to offer benefits in other areas, including aiding in the improvement of mental health, sound gastric function, and respiratory efficiency.

Is Gomed a powerful stone?

According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Gomed Ratan is considered an extremely effective gemstone for bringing about mental peace. It calms the stressful and depressing thoughts of the mind and relieves the owner from depression, anxiety, and mental illness.

Who should wear Gomed stone?

Onyx is an excellent stone for those seeking success in fields related to law or justice, as it is known to bring good luck and fortune. If you are born under the sun signs of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius or Taurus, or have Taurus as your ascendant, then Onyx should be your go-to stone.

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