Know About Benefits, Uses and Price of Moonga Stone in Astrology


Moonga Stone is one of the most precious and popular gemstones of the astrological world. It is also known as Praval or red coral gemstone. It is the symbol of peace, harmony, and transformation. The bright red coral gemstone is an organic gemstone formed by living organisms deep in the sea by marine creatures which are known as coral polyps or Corallium Rubrum.

We all know that all the planets are ruled by a gemstone in our natal chart to enhance the auspiciousness of these planets. Just like that, the Mangal or Mars planet is ruled by the red coral gemstone which boosts its energy in the horoscope. According to Vedic astrology, The Mars planet is a masculine planet that is considered to be the god of warfare. It is also called the commander of armies as it governs the soldiers, pilots, farmers, and athletes.

The coral-stone is generally worn by people to get success in their lives. And it is the best gemstone to overcome the fear and nervousness of the wearer. It also boosts the self-esteem of an individual.

Besides this, the gemstone has an amazing healing power to overcome various skin related problems such as boils, acne, and many others. Moonga stone plays an essential role in our lives. When you place it in your household, it will provide you a decorative pleasure and invite luck as well.

It wakes up every person for peaceful emotions and inspires them for creative work. The stone also helps the people who are suffering from anger issues, lack of compassion, and also from Manglik Dosha. Not only unmarried people but couples can also wear these stones to get immense luck in their married life.

The Appearance of Moonga stone

Initially the coral gemstone was white in color but nature makes it red from white. It is also available in various solid colors such as pink, black, light orange, yellow or bright red. Because of these colors, people will easily get attracted once they start wearing them. It has a sharp cutting shape that looks adorable on the fingers.

Naturally, it is dull but has a beautiful appearance which makes it more desirable. It needs to be polished to give a glossy and smooth texture. The red coral gemstone is the best quality gemstone having a solid color without any dark spots, stains, inclusions, or smudge. People highly prefer to use this one.

Storing and caring of Red Coral gemstone

No doubt the coral gemstone is an extremely attractive gemstone that falls into the category of naturally occurring soft stone just like Pearlstone. It has a beautiful look with a shiny texture. It is fragile in nature so that it can easily get bruised or scratched. To prevent it from scratching, you just have to place these stones in an isolated place where kids can’t reach.

To store the red coral gemstones, you should use a display case or gem drawers. Keep the stones safely in it. But remember that don’t keep both the soft and hard stones together in the drawer because there are chances for the soft stones to get damaged from the hard ones.

To clean the coral stone, you should use warm soapy water and then clean it with a soft clean towel. Many people don’t know, but here is the right procedure to care for and store the red coral gemstones. You can also use this procedure to care for and store your coral stone jewelry.

Moonga stone benefits in astrology

At first, one should always consult an astrologer before wearing the Moonga stone. If he suggests then only you should wear it otherwise you will have to face the side effects. We all know that, according to astrology, the coral stone is considered as the gemstone of planet Mars which has explosive and turbulent power.

It increases courage and confidence in humans and helps in removing obstacles in their lives. It provides positive energy to the wearers so that their target or goal can be achieved easily by them. Besides this, it is also good for physical health as it heels various diseases like bone marrow, lymph nodes, etc.

 According to Numerology, the coral is the lucky gemstone for the people having birth-dates like 9, 18, and 27th of every month. Wearing coral stone is highly beneficial for the people if Mars is located with Rahu and Shani in their horoscope or Kundali. In astrology, it is believed that it prevents the fear of ghosts and protects the people from evil eyes.

It is also believed that people who are in heavy debt can repay their loan as soon as possible with the help of this coral gemstone. No doubt, this stone has a lot of benefits in astrology and if you start wearing it, you can just feel an amazing change in your daily life.

It increases your willpower and provides positive vibes around you. It will help you in different ways and keep you away from the fear of the future and fortune. It will provide you mental peace in your life.There are a lot of moonga stone benefits.

Best time and finger to wear Moonga stone

According to the astrological world, one should wear this powerful stone on his/her ring finger of the right hand. It must be embedded in a gold ring but if not possible, you can use a silver ring instead by adding a little amount of gold in it. It is believed that Tuesday is the best day to wear this stone. It must be worn on Tuesday morning between 5 am to 6 am before sunrise during the increasing moon or Shukla Paksha.

Which shape is best for Moonga stone

It is believed that a triangular shape is best for wearing a red coral gem. This type of stone is also known as Tikona Moonga or Laxmi Moonga as it is ruled by Goddess Laxmi. As we all know that Laxmi is the goddess of wealth, wearing Tikona Moonga helps to improve your financial conditions and makes your home full of wealth.

Moonga stone advantages and moonga stone benefits

We all know that the red coral gemstone is a priceless gift to humans, gifted by a sea. It is extremely precious to us. It is a highly attractive gemstone because of its solid color and beautiful texture. But besides this, it has a lot of benefits and advantages.

And here we are going to mention the benefits and effects of this powerful stone in our daily lives –

  • This opaque gemstone is highly effective for all individuals to radiate their powerful emotions through the absorption of red color from the spectrum of light. It signifies your energy, courage, self-confidence, and desires.
  • The stone helps humans to get empowered with physical strength and fights with all obstacles coming into their lives. It protects a person from accidents, cuts, wounds, operations, and surgeries. Besides this, it also protects a woman from
  • If the red coral stone is a natural gemstone then it will lead to positive results. It creates an environment full of positive vibes around yourself. It helps the wearer to get rid of bad dreams and the other worst nightmares. It also keeps you away from things like black magic or buri –
  • These stones improve the attraction power of youngsters so that they can be more focused on their dreams or goals. It also changes the viewpoint of the people and enhances leadership qualities. It helps people from many ways to get success in their prosperous
  • There are a lot of people suffering from various diseases. They should definitely use this coral stone which is highly effective to them. By holding these stones, you can eliminate all the blood-related problems. This gemstone is best for epilepsy and jaundice patients and highly effective for heart diseases. It controls the sugar level in diabetic patients and also saves people from cough related
  • Not only the rings but the coral gemstones are highly used to make various kinds of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings too. Women highly use to buy these kinds of things for a beautiful appearance and a luxurious
  • According to many Indian astrologists, the red coral represents the “Mangalaya Balam” which means marriage capability. In other words, the people who are searching for their life-partners and don’t find them easily, the stone is the greatest support to them for early marriage. It also increases the longevity of marriages. It provides a unique zest and verve to the wearer and this belief coincides well with this thought. It is highly effective for couples as it provides a new, fresh, and romantic relationship to
  • The gemstone has special healing It helps to increase the physical as well as the mental health of a wearer. As we all know that it emits cosmic yellow energy which solves all the physical and mental problems of a native. The wearer can get rid of things like depression and overthinking. It provides mental peace to the wearer.
  • There is a lot of jewelry and other things, available in the market which is made up of coral stone. It works as a gift which you can present to your friends, relatives or your loved ones. In ancient times, many people were not in high positions and they can’t afford to buy these kinds of things. But now-a-days many people are in high positions having money as well. So they can buy and gift these items to their loved
  • In the early days, it is not possible to find the coral stone as per your choice. But in today’s time, you can find your own personalized stone or you can just customize it according to your own choices.

    So these are moonga stone advantages which will help us a lot in our life.

Moonga stone price

Though the red coral stone is a precious gemstone, its price may vary according to the quality, color transparency, and finishing. It totally depends on the clarity, weight, cut, and shape of the stone. According to these parameters the price range exists in the market between Rs 500 to Rs 1500 per carat.

As we all know that these types of unique gemstones are rarely available so the price is quite high and therefore it is highly demanded in India as well as foreign countries also. You can just buy these stone as per your budget and also can customize according to your choice and requirement.

Sometimes impurities can be seen in the stones and if the impurities are present then the price will be lower. But it’s better to have a pure one. And here we have premium quality red coral stones on our website You can buy it from here at exclusive prices and can get the best quality, pure and original stones at a reasonable price. So the price of moonga stone may vary.

How to identify the real red coral gemstone

There are many tests through which you can identify the real red coral gemstones –

  • Rub the gemstone with your fingernail and if a glass-rubbing sound comes out then you can identify that the gemstone is a fake coral stone because fake things are only made up of
  • The real red coral gemstones have a smooth surface and shiny
  • Take raw turmeric powder and sprinkle it on your coral stone. If a change in color (can be red or pink) can be seen on the turmeric powder then the coral is
  • Take a glass of milk and dip the stone in it. If the color of the milk changes then it indicates that you have an authentic red coral
  • If it’s possible then use a magnifying glass and put your gemstone on a white cloth. Make sure that there should be an appropriate lightening condition. Now observe the stone through the glass and if you get any granules then the stone is fake.

How to activate Moonga stone

After buying this powerful stone, you just have to purify and activate it for better results. For it, you just have to dip the stone or ring in cow-milk, gangajal, or fresh rose water for almost 10 to 20 minutes before wearing. It helps to remove all the negativity from it. After that, you should pray to God with a mantra for blessings. Now it’s totally purified and you can wear it.


So from the above blog you have come to know that how Moonga stone is beneficial to us in our daily lives. It is so powerful that a wearer can feel an amazing change in her/his life. It has a lot of properties and advantages which are mentioned above. And if you are impressed with it you will definitely buy this stone as soon as possible.

So on the special demand of our clients, here we are serving every type of precious gemstones on our website And if you want to know which stone suits you or anything regarding any stone, we are always here to fulfill your needs. You can just contact us through our website and we will try to provide you the best one for your good fortune.

Some Quick Question Answare here…

What are the benefits of moonga stone?

When it comes to delivering health benefits, a Real Moonga surpasses nearly all the rocks because of its supernatural mending capacities. It boosts your immunity power, strengthens your muscles and bones, and bestows you with a better digestive and circulatory system for the smooth inflow of blood.

Which moonga stone is good?

Lakshmi coral, also known as triangular coral, is the stylish shape of the coral gravestone. This triangular red coral gem is believed to be ruled by Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

How do you activate moonga stone?

The Moonga or Red Coral rock can be made into a ring or a pendant with gold, tableware, or panchdhatu. This ring should be worn on the ring cutlet of the right hand on a Tuesday Morning during Shukla Paksha before daylight.



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