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Know About Benefits, Uses and Price of Opal Stone in Astrology


Opal stone is one the most precious and unique gemstones of the whole world. It is so attractive and desirable that people can’t refuse to buy it. It is a semi-precious gemstone that has a lot of powers. It is a symbol of fidelity and assurance. You can also get a lot of opal stone benefits in astrology. And therefore it is popularly known as ‘Queen of gems’.

The name Opal came from the Sanskrit word Upala which means ‘Precious stone’ and the other Greek derivative Opallios means ‘to see a change in color’. This stone is also known as a birthstone which is mostly given on the birth of a child or to celebrate the 14th year of marriage. Opal is formed when silica-rich water seeps into the deep cracks and voids of Earth’s crust.

The stone contains tiny silica spheres with almost 3 to 21% of water. These stones are generally amorphous in nature. They have no crystalline structure. They are usually milky and translucent but the good quality opals are always transparent. These are delicate and falls into the category of soft stones.

Depending upon the qualities, Opals are classified into two groups such as common opals and precious opals. There are many different kinds of opals found in nature. There are black opals, white opals, crystal opals, jelly opals, hyalite, water opals, fire opals, hydrophane, honey opals, and many more that can be seen in nature.

The most valuable opals come from Queensland and New South Wales of Australia which is considered to be the main producer of opal gemstones since their discovery in the 1870s. But nowadays these stones can easily be found in the other parts of the world too. Countries like Australia, Mexico, the USA, South America, Canada, Brazil, Britain, Czech Republic, and Slovakia are the main sources of these gemstones.

How Venus is the ruling planet for Opal stone

We all know that all the gemstones are ruled by a specific planet in this universe. Just like that, opal gemstone is also ruled by a planet which is Venus. Venus or Shukra planet symbolizes the desires of human beings. Venus and opals together play an essential role in the astrological world.

As the planet Venus is believed to be the planet of relationships and luxury so, by incorporating opal, people can strengthen their relationships and can achieve great heights in their way. They can live a luxurious life full of comfort and can fulfill their all heart desires by using this opal gemstone.

It is generally worn for love, relationships, marital bliss, companionship, fertility, and sexual compatibility. But if you don’t know which stone is good for you or what is the right procedure to wear these stones then, you are highly requested to consult an astrologer.

If he suggests then only you should use these stones. And if you take it in the wrong way then, you will have to face a lot of negative impacts. According to the negative power of Venus, it can make you poor and don’t let you get love from your partner, friends, or relatives. Maybe, you will have to face lots of problems in your relationship or married life.

Who should wear Opal gemstone

‘Who should wear opal stone’ have become the most asked question these days. But at first, you should definitely take advice from an experienced astrologer for better results. Then only you should wear these gemstones. Now coming to the point, we all know that opal gemstones are well known as a birthstone, people who have birth-dates in the month of October can safely wear these gems.

It will be highly effective for them. People born with zodiac signs Taurus and Libra should definitely wear this stone to have good fortune and peaceful life. It is highly highly recommended to those people who have Mahadasha or Antradasha of Venus in their horoscope. The stone can be very beneficial for those who are suffering from Libido, infertility, sexual disorders, and impotency.

Opal stone benefits in astrology

This beautiful stone is considered to be the gem of beauty, charm, wealth, and grace. It is generally worn by people for their personal charm. But apart from all these things, it has a lot of astrological properties that can be highly beneficial for people. And here we are going to mention all the opal stone benefits in astrology.

According to astrological facts, opals are associated with the planet Venus which can fulfill all the heart-desires of a person as soon as possible. It will provide you a comfortable and luxurious life and can bless its natives with glamour, romance, love, happiness, joy, delights, attractions, pleasure, and passion. Besides this, opals are a good substitute for diamonds.

You can wear this stone instead of a diamond and it will give you the same result. A ring is highly recommended to use for better results and it should be mounted in silver or any other white metal alloy like White Gold or Platinum. And remember that it should of appropriate weight and quality. Stone of 4 carats and above is ideal for the best astrological benefits. And one more thing, it should not have any surface cracks and black inclusions or spots.

How to activate and wear opal stone

After taking advice from the gem experts, you just have to buy a ring made of opal stone. And after purchasing, the ring should be purified, energized, and activated for the best results. So to activate it, you just have to take a bowl. Add one spoon of curd, ghee, honey, and gangajal. Tulsi leaves should also be added. Mix it well and dip the ring inside it.

Now place the bowl in front of God in your house temple. After that, sit on an asan and pray to God for blessings and to fulfill your heart-desires through this gemstone. You just have to do this procedure with a great mantra that is “Om Shukraye Namah”. After 10-20 minutes, remove the ring from the bowl and clean it with fresh water. Now the ring is activated and ready to wear.

Best time and finger to wear opal rings

According to many Indian astrologers, Friday is the most auspicious day to wear this ring. It must be worn on the index finger of the working hand or right hand. The suitable time to wear this ring is Friday afternoon at about 12 O’Clock.

Opal stone benefits

You can find a lot of benefits from opal stones in many different ways. These stones are highly beneficial to us in our daily life. And here we are going to mention all the opal stone benefits below –

  • The gemstone has the power to enhance mutual understanding between couples. It also enhances love between them. Besides this, it clears all the issues or problems coming into the married life of a wearer and provides marital bliss to them. It helps to find a suitable match
  • Opals are highly beneficial for the people who are in artistic fields like singing, dancing, painting, acting, and many more. It improves your creative power and provides you an attractive personality. It makes you to get great success in your
  • Opals protect their owner from all the negative things like fear of ghosts, bad dreams, or worst nightmares. It makes you stronger and creates a positive environment around
  • The stone fights with all the obstacles coming in the life of its It keeps you away from all the natural calamities like fire, storm, and also road accidents. It protects you from sudden death and gives you a long life.
  • In ancient days, these gemstones are popularly known as ‘Patronus Forum’. And it is because, at that time it was believed that the gem makes the wearer invisible as their will. Also, black opals were considered to provide power to the
  • In the world of fashion, opals are highly used as a piece of Most popularly rings are highly used but besides this, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are also worn by women. In some places, maidens with blond hair prefer to wear opal neckpiece to maintain their hair color.
  • The stone is considered to be highly effective for people who are suffering from poor financial conditions. It balances the financial status and also aids in clearing all the debts and litigations as soon as possible. On the other hand, in the professional life of a wearer, it miraculously improves a business and takes it to a great
  • Opal gemstones are good for health and have a lot of healing properties. It increases the immunity power and cures several problems related to reproductive organs, spleen, eye, throat, stomach, bone marrow, kidney, and pancreas. It also heals blood-related problems. Especially pink opal stones are highly beneficial in curing headaches. Opals also promote tissue regeneration and treat with muscle and spinal disorders.
  • The stone provides Neuro-stability to its wearer which balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It provides relaxation and keeps you away from all the tensions. It also helps to calm the mind and provides mental peace to the This will help you to pay attention and you will be more focused on your dreams.
  • Medically, opals control the Endocrine System and maintain the balance of hormonal secretions. It also improves the function of the urinary
  • This seductive stone intensifies the emotional state and releases inhibitions. It also shows the emotional state of your past and also heals
  • If you want to do something great in your life but you are not able to make the right decisions in some cases then, you should definitely wear this stone. It will help you to improve your decision-making skills and always shows you the right path. It enables the free flow of thoughts in your

Opal stone price

We all know that opals are the most priceless thing gifted by nature. These gemstones are one of the rarest and most valuable things in this world. And because of this, these are highly expensive in the market. The opal stone price totally depends upon its color, transparency, luster, cut, and finishing.

Better will be the quality, higher will be the rate. The opal stone price range starts from Rs 900 to Rs 5000 per carat according to its quality. It fully depends on the size, shape and also your requirement. An Australian opal can cost Rs 700 to Rs 5000 per carat while Ethiopian opal price ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 2000 per carat based on slightly lower quality.

The identification of real opal is that it should contain the fire. If the fire is not present in it then it is considered as synthetic or non-gem quality. The opals should not contain any cracks or stains as it indicates that the stone has lost its moisture content and it can start losing its shine and can eventually break.

So you should be very careful before buying it. But to provide you the 100% natural and original opal gemstones, we are always here for you. We are serving you a huge variety of premium quality opal gems on our website Panchvaati.com. You can buy it from here at a very reasonable price. We assure the best quality and quantity of the product.


So from the above blog, you have come to know that how opal gemstones are beneficial in our daily life. So if you are impressed with it then definitely you will be willing to buy this. If you don’t know anything about it and want to meet an astrologer to check which stone is good for you or anything regarding this then, you can freely contact us through our site.

Not only the opals, but we will also provide you the other precious gemstones on our website Panchvaati.com. You will get the best quality and original gemstones from us. We always try to fulfill the needs of our customers as much as possible. We are always here for you if you once trust us.

Some Quick Question Answare here…

What are the benefits of wearing opal stone?

Opal is allowed to cure eye-related problems and keep eyes healthy and grant an excellent vulnerable system. It’s considered to enhance the creativity and cultural capacities of a person. Opal is believed to bring good fortune, peace, joy, and wealth to the wearer. Opal helps the wearer to have a pleasing personality.

How much does an opal cost?

Once distributed, opals are vented in price per carat, or weight. Because there are so numerous opal fields in Australia, there really is no singular form of opal. This means that opal costs can vary from about $ 10 per carat to roughly $ 6000 per carat.

Who should wear opal stone?

Opal is considered stylish for the people of Libra and Taurus. Libra sign can wear an opal as a birth gravestone. Piecemeal from this, people of Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini, and Virgo wheel signs can also wear this gem with astrological advice.



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