krittika nakshatra male and female Unique Character and Compatibility


  Begining of Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika Nakshatra is the 3rd star in the Zodiac. It extends from 26.4 deg Aries to 10 deg of Taurus. The star is named after the Lord Karthikeya, Son of Lord Shiva. Lord Karthikeya is also the commander of the God.

In Hindu mythology, it is said that there was a time when the demons were destroying the world and creating tremendous problems for all creatures, even the gods. To defeat them, the gods obtained the seed of the Lord Shiva, which refers to his virility, energy or power. When the gods got Shiva’s seed, it required special arrangements to preserve it. It had such a fiery quality that an ordinary receptacle or womb could not hold it. The seed was thus cast in fire and protected by water. The Krittikas were requested to nourish it in their womb. Karttikeya was thereby born and on the seventh day after his birth killed the mighty demon Taraka, and thereby relieved the gods from the demons.

  • Rulling Deity of Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika means Flame. Agni is the presiding deity of this Nakshatra. This shows the tremendous potential lies within this constellation. Fire is the creator of all beings be it living or non-living, tangible or intangible as it represents the energy required for the creation process. Due to its fiery nature it is related to command, power, lustre, glow, brilliance etc.

Agni or Fire is the god for sacrifice, which means it has the ability to burn up the negativity and purify things, a state which is attained after the fire sacrifices. The thing which needs to be sacrificed here is the ego and the negative side of self. It can bring the good qualities of human nature by transformation. So you have a spiritual side also. You will have the ability to see a problem from multiple perspective- spiritual/philosophical or metaphysical in one hand and logical or practical in other. The God of Fire has the power to provide enormous vitality, courage and strength. But if this power is not utilized properly, the consequence can be devastating.

But it is a Female Nakshatra and it needs positive influence from outside to function properly. So at times you may need motivational external forces to get you going.

  • Influence of Zodiac Sign on Krittika Nakshatra

This Nakshatra covers two zodiac signs, Aries and Taurus, and hence the person born in this star will have a mixed influence of the aggressive Mars as well as the artistic Venus. Sun is the ruler of this star. As it falls under two Zodiac Signs, you will have the quality of hard driving Aries as well as the cautious Taurus. You are fortunate that you will get this kind of flexibility. The first Pada (3deg 20 mint) falls under Aries and Sun+Mars dynamism is experienced here.The combined energies of two military planets makes it harsh in its approach and functioning. It can ruthlessly conquer any enemy or an obstacle that comes in its path. Leadership quality, thirst for power and authority comes naturally to them. Bill Clinton has Moon in this Pada. The remaining ten degree falls under Taurus sign. Venus + Sun may influence in ability and talent in fine arts. A natural inclination toward beauty, fashion, luxury is seen here. Princess Diana had her Venus placed in this star.

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  • Details of Krittika Nakshatra in a nutshell

Range / Zodiac position – 26Deg40 Aries to 10Deg00 Taurus / Aries 1 pada and 3 in Taurus

Colour – White

Symbol – Flame / Razor / Cutter

Dasha Ruling Planet – Ravi or Sun

Gana – Rakshasa

Primary Motivation – Kama( Desire)

Animal – Female Sheep

Direction – North

Diety – Agni / Karttikeya

Activity – Active

Caste – Brahmana

Gender – Female

Nadi – Kapha

Nature – Sharp and Soft – Mixed

Quality – Rajasic

Tatwa – Bhu (Earth)

Body part – Hips and Loins /upper and back portion of the head

Gotra- Sage Angiras

Bird – Sparrow

Vedha – Vishaka

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  • General results of being born in Krittika Nakshatra:

Krittika Nakshatra Natives will be very intelligent in one hand and on the other hand, he cannot pursue any goal for long. In other words•he easily gets bored with any particular thing and jump upon another without knowing the pros and cons. He is capable of rendering good advise and tell others the way out for any problem. But in his own life, he does what he thinks at a particular time. Krittika star born natives will discard any friendship if that friendship questions his ego and freedom. But at the same time he does not like to achieve name, fame and wealth through unfair means or at the mercy of others. He cannot find fault in his own action. Optimism followed with self-pride is one of the characteristics of these persons. He is determined to go ahead with great energy and shows his stubborn and tenacious nature.

Krittika Nakshatra individuals are highly determined and tenacious and will go to any lengths to achieve greatness. They can be stubborn and aggressive by nature. Destructive tendencies, combative nature and issues with anger may be observed. The primary motivation is Kama. Illegitimate affairs and attraction is common in Krittika. The person has trouble controlling his diet and eating habits. A child like nature is observed when Chandra is in Krittika. They can be unreasonable at times.

Krittika Nakshatra individuals are sharp, cutting and penetrating in nature. They love wars and battles. They will never buckle down in an argument. Remarkable ability Will be shown in arguments and counter arguments with reasoning. They are proud by nature and always want to take the front seat in any situation. These natives are good at criticizing and fault finding. They do not tolerate imperfection because it sees them as obstacles in achieving their goals. Their act is in a sudden and explosive manner. Once he got heated up, subsequent steps will be dangerous. Hence he has to observe maximum mental balance and keep away the out bursting temperament.

They have an extreme temper, but it does not last too long. Krittika exemplifies sun’s anger rather than Mar’s anger. Sun’s anger doesn’t last for very long, while Mar’s anger lingers on with an avenging attitude. The King( Sun),does not need to stay angry for long to declare war, while the Soldier(Mars)  who actually fight the battle, need sustained  anger to keep them interested in battles.

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They have very Razor sharp tongues (The symbol of this Nakshatra is a cutter) especially if the 2nd lord is in the Nakshatra. Being quick and insightfull, you can grasp things quicklyand you feel the need to speak your mind. But often you can be very harsh and critical to others and do not show sense of gratitude to the well-wishers. you may have a tendency to blunt and unskill full speech. There is an utter lack of diplomacy. This is the biggest drawback of Krittika Individuals. It can take you away from others and make you lone.

In relationship, Krittika individuals can be devoted and loving. But they must understand that the other person in relationship should get the fair chance to express themselves also. you can have problem in social sphere due to your nature. You can also face problem in managing money and can easily be extravagant. They can be caring parents and protecting towards their children. They love to see their children succeed and they will leave no stone unturned for this.

The Krttika born male natives are generally of middle stature with prominent nose and sympathetic eyes. He will have a commanding appearance.

The Krittika Nakshatra female natives will be of middle height and extremely beautiful. Krittika Nakshatra female will express arrogance not only in her appearance but also in her domestic behaviour. She cannot enjoy full comforts of her husband. In some cases separation from husband is also indicated and in few cases no marriage takes place. Krittika constellation female will not keep cordial relation with relatives.  These females live in an artificial world and they show discourtesy to the persons who actually are their well-wishers. Ultimately a secluded life is in store for them. Females born on Saturdays in Krttika Star are called ‘Visha Kanyaka'(Poisonous Woman).

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Nakshatras are always given a Special importance marriage compatibility. But in recent time as the relationships are becoming more and more complex, doing Marriage Matching with only Nakshatra is not preferred. I follow a complete Matching of Planetary alignment in birth chart as well as in Navamsa chart for doing Kundali Matching. You can read about How to do Proper marriage Matching to know about this comprehensive technique.

  • Now Let’s discuss the effect of different planet posited in Krittika Nakshatra :

Sun– If the Sun is posited in the first Pada, It will grant Power, Authority and Fame. Sun is very strong here. It gives lot of Will power and stamina. The person will be highly educated. Actually Sun enjoy staying in the First Pada of this star. A Fiery Planet in a Fiery sign which is his sign of exaltation too and in own star. What more you can expect. Sun in second pada indicates long life, happiness from the children, becomes wealthy after the middle age. Mentally very strong. He has the quality and strong liking for fine arts. Fond of music. He has speculative tendencies.  Sun in Krittika Nakshatra Pada 3 and 4 has not been welcome by classics. Though I personally do not find any good reason for it except that Aquarius and Pisces will be the Navamsa Sign accordingly and these two signs are better for Spiritual prospect rather than materialistic pursuit.  So Sun here may not give that much of materialistic gain like other two padas. As per Sanjay Rath if Krittika Sun makes relation with Jupiter, He is very good in political strategy and leadership which can lead him to being a minister or topmost adviser. He has ample wealth and financial resources to fulfill all desires.

Moon- Sun and Moon are friendly in nature-Sun is king of the planetary kingdom and the Moon is queen.Solar energy is stronger than Venusian energy in Krittika Nakshatra and Moon is exalted in this star. So it Bestows overall good result. But it is not comfortable in the first pada of Krittika Nakshatra. A soft planet like moon is not comfortable in a segment which is full of fiery element like mars and sun. It fails to express its soft emotions.  In the second pada moon gives very good result. It is exalted here. It gives a very attractive personality with power. Mind functions at its peak here. Though the main way of expression is materialistic in this pada, the motherly nature of moon gets full expression here.

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Moon is also good in the third pada of Krittika Nakshatra. A fine Venusian artistic energy express through the queen of the planetary system. Person born with Moon in this Pada can have an artistic temper. Moon in Krittika Nakshatra Pada 4 will be in Pisces Navamsha which is owned by Jupiter and hence very beneficial for the expression of the lunar energy.

Mars- When Mars is placed in the first pada  of Krittika nakshatra (26.4 deg to 30 deg Aries) it gives a commanding appearance, Argumentative ability. He becomes a renowned Lawyer or Military or Police Officer or associates with the government. If Mars is placed between 28.00 degree to to 29.40 degree, the native will continue his fight to reach to the top and he actually reaches to the top. Best results will be felt during the Main Dasa of Sun and Sub-period of Mars and vice-verse. Best result will also be felt whenever Mars or Sun transit this segment. If Mars is posited in the second pada of Krittika nakshatra, Injury in the forehead or around the eyes, afflicted reins, eyesore, throat troubles etc may happen. It gets exalted in Makar Navamsa when posited in this pada. A vindictive character. If Mars is posited in the third pada of this constellation, He derives maximum benefit from the government, acquires jewels etc. He will have a very smooth profession. He is much learned and expert in Arguments. Gains through speculation. Inherits property. If it is posited in Krittika Nakshatra pada 4, He has a soft body and enjoys his life to the fullest. His success comes after marriage.

Mercury-If the Mercury is posited here in the 1st pada of Krittika Nakshatra, He will be employed in government or if any business does, gets maximum benefit through government organisations. Loved and respected by the mass. He may earn as an actor, musician or writer. He is Fond of women and wine. Conjunction of Sun makes the native a physician or surgeon. If it is in the second Pada a cheerful and jovial character is found. More than one marriage is indicated. He has a stout body, long life, wealthy and enjoys happiness from his children. Conjunction of Jupiter may make him interested in occult. If it is in the third Pada, He will have a pleasing appearance. He is practical in his approach and enjoys power. Conjunction of Saturn may lead him into scientific or intellectual pursuits. If Mercury is posited in Krittika Nakshatra pada 4, Individual Enjoys a very high position in the professional field. Very much attached to his duties and responsibilities. But His health will not be good. Jupiter’s conjunction or aspect may make him leader of his community. He may be employed as an adviser, mainly in the financial field.

Jupiter- If the Jupiter is in first Pada of Krittika nakshatra, it will make him well educated and he will be interested in history and literature. Here Jupiter will be placed in Sagittarius Navamsa and hence will bestow all kind of good result.  The person will be highly ethical and will love to travel a lot. He may gain thru speculation. If the Jupiter is placed in the second pada, it will fall in the Capricorn Navamsha which is the sign of debilation for Jupiter. So Jupiter here is not very comfortable. When the Jupiter is placed in the third pada of Krittika nakshatra, He has a magnificent personality. He Earns love and affection but not money. This pada promotes learning and Jupiter is the karaka for learning. So it is comfortably bestows his blessings upon the individual. In the Krittika Nakshatra Pada 4 Jupiter goes to Pisces Navamsha and hence gives good result.

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 Venus- The dynamics between sun and Venus is not easy to understand. But as both the planet is creative in nature, so it makes the individual artistic and creative in nature. When Venus is posited in the first pada of Krittika Nakshatra, it experiences the fire of Mars and Sun.  The Venusian energy mixes with the fiery energy. It increases sexual desire and creates problem in relationship with spouse. If the sun aspects, marriage can happen early. If the Venus is posited in second pada, it increases interest in beauty, elegance, fashion etc. Venus expresses himself in his own house with friendly Navamsha. In the third pada it makes the person generous and very romantic. He can attract females easily. If Venus is posited in the Krittika nakshatra Pada 4, it makes him fond of Music and acting. He gains good amount of wealth from fine arts.

Saturn-Saturn is not comfortable in the star of Sun. He is most uncomfortable in the first pada which is his debilation sign also. In the second pada and third pada it goes to makar (Capricorn) and Kumbha (Aquarius) Navamsha which is the own sign of Saturn. Taurus is also a friendly sign and also an earthy sign, Saturn bestows good result if other factors are supportive.

Rahu- Rahu does not feel happy in the star of Sun especially in the first pada where he has to face both Martian energy and solar energy. If the north node of the Moon, Rahu, is in Krittika, there can be explosions in social and worldly relationships so that the annihilation of worldly attachments can sow the seed of spiritual consciousness. Among all, the third pada is the best for Rahu as it will give him the Aquarius navamsha.

The Krittika Individuals usually hide their caring, nurturing and emotional side under hard and rough exterior. But they like to support people around them with their warmth, independence and will power. So the bottom line is Flexible yet discipline is what required. Some more diplomacy we expect from Krittika Nakshatra Born People.

Now Lets Discuss Something about Compatibility

Nakshatra Compatibility is Very Popular during the Matching Making Process for Marriage. So below is the List of Nakshatra which are Compatible with Krittika Nakshatra for different Rashi.

Nakshatra compatibility of Aries Sign and Krittika Nakshatra bride

  1. Aries: Ashwini, Bharani.
  2. Taurus: Krutthika.
  3. Gemini: Mrugasheersha, Aardhra, Punarvasu.
  4. Cancer: Punarvasu, Pushya, Aashlesha.
  5. Leo: Poorva, Utthara.
  6. Libra: Chithra, Vishakha.
  7. Scorpio: Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyeshtha.
  8. Scorpio: Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyeshtha.
  9. Sagittarius: Moola, Poorvashadha.
  10. Capricorn: Dhanishtha.
  11. Aquarius: Dhanishtha, Shathatharaka, Poorvabhadhrapadha.
  12. Pisces: Poorvabhadhrapadha, Uttharabhadhrapadha.

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Nakshatra compatibility of Taurus Sign and Krittika Nakshatra bride

  1. Aries: Ashwini, Bharani, Krutthika
  2. Taurus: Rohini, Mrugasheersha
  3. Gemini: Mrugasheersha, Aardhra, Punarvasu
  4. Cancer: Punarvasu, Pushya, Aashlesha
  5. Leo: Poorva, Utthara
  6. Virgo: Utthara, Hastha, Chithra
  7. Libra: Chithra
  8. Scorpio: Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyeshtha
  9. Capricorn: Dhanishtha
  10. Aquarius: Dhanishtha, Shathatharaka, Poorvabhadrapadha
  11. Pisces: Poorvabhadhrapadha, Uttharabhadhrapadha

Nakshatra compatibility of Aries Sign and Krittika Nakshatra Groom

  1. Aries: Bharani, Krutthika
  2. Taurus: krutthika, Rohini, Mrugasheersha
  3. Gemini: Mrugasheersha, Aardhra, Punarvasu
  4. Cancer: Punarvasu, Pushya, Aashlesha
  5. Leo: Magha, Poorva
  6. Libra: Chithra, Swathi, Vishakha
  7. Scorpio: Vishakha, Anuradha
  8. Sagittarius: Poorvashadha, Uttharashadha
  9. Capricorn: Uttharashadha, Shravan, Dhanishtha
  10. Aquarius: Dhanishtha
  11. Pisces: Uttharabhadhrapadha, Revathi

Nakshatra compatibility of Taurus Sign and Krittika Nakshatra Groom

  1. Aries: Bharani, Krutthika
  2. Taurus: Rohini, Mrugasheersh
  3. Gemini: Mrugasheersha, Aardhra, Punarvasu
  4. Cancer: Punarvasu, Pushya, Aashlesha
  5. Leo: Poorva, Utthara
  6. Virgo: Utthara, Hastha, Chithra
  7. Libra: Chithra, Vishakha
  8. Scorpio: Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyeshtha
  9. Capricorn: Dhanishtha
  10. Aquarius: Dhanishtha, Shathatharaka, Poorvabhadhrapadha
  11. Pisces: Poorvabhadhrapadha, Uttharabhadhrapadha

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From My Personal Experience i have Seen that the Role of this Nakshatra Compatibility in the entire Horoscope Matching process is Very Less, May be Less than 10 Percent. The Rest 90 Percent of Horoscope Matching Depends on Several Other factors which does not depend on Nakshatra. The Importance of Divisional Charts Like Navamsa (D9 chart) or D7 chart or Running Dasha etc are much Higher in case of Horoscope Matching. You Should read my article to Know How i Practically do the Horoscope Matching.

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