Lagna or Ascendant in a Horoscope


Hi Friends. Lagna or Ascendant is well Known to all of us. This is the first thing we check in a Horoscope. It is the First house of the Natal chart. For the persons who is New to Astrology, Ascendant is the Sign Rising in the East during the birth.

The Zodiac is 360 degree and it travels the earth from East to West. So always a particular Sign is rising in the East Horizon. The portion of the sign which is above the Horizon is known as the Ascendant Degree. But beside this regular Lagna there are some Special Lagna also which are equally important.

Different Type of Lagna Need to check in a Horoscope

  • Chandra Lagna
  • Hora Lagna
  • Ghati Lagna
  • Arudha Lagna
  • Pakka Lagna

Importance of Regular Ascendant in Horoscope

Normal Ascendant or Lagna is the starting of the Horoscope. The sign which occupies this Lagna is the first House. This denotes our physical existence. It signifies our physical body like our height, complexion etc and it also signifies our head among all the body parts. It has a strong bearing on the name, fame overall fortune of the native even on the longevity too. The 9th house of a horoscope is Known as the house of Fortune. It will bring good Luck and fortune to the native but without the strength of Ascendant, the native will not be able to take the advantage of the fortune brought by the 9th lord. Potential of a Horoscope can be enhanced or suppressed with the strength of Lagna. It has the quality of both a Kendra house and a Trikona House both.

The Ascendant Lord is equally important. If the Lord is posited in any dusthana house, Like 6th, 8th or 12th the native may suffer due to health problem. A strong Ascendant Lord ensures that the person is able to overcome all the hurdles and obstacles coming in his way. Beneficial Aspect on it is also Welcome.

Now think of a situation when a Malefic becomes the Ascendant Lord and situated in the 6th house. Take the example of Aquarius, Saturn is posited in 6th house. As a Ascendant Lord, its situation in 6th house is bad but as a natural malefic position in 6th house is beneficial. So how should we treat it ? We should remember that situation of Ascendant Lord in 6th is a detriment to the overall chart and makes it weak. Even the benefit of saturn in 6th house can not compensate it. So it is undesirable.

Importance of Special Lagna in judging Horoscope


Now Lets discuss about other important Ascendants

Chandra Lagna: Chandra stays in a sign for two and a half day. So this is another important reference point to judge the Horoscope and its strength. The sign in which Moon is posited is called Chandra Lagna. Every Eminent astrologer has advised us to judge a horoscope from Ascendant as well as from Moon both. Even some has said to the extent that which ever is stronger should be taken as the reference point. Ascendant shows more of the physical qualities where as Moon Sign shows more of emotional qualities of a native. A strong mind is very important for getting success in life. If some one has strong will and mental determination, he can even overcome his physical inabilities. We have seen several example of it. Without a strong Moon no Dhana Yoga or Raj Yoga becomes fully active. The Moon Sign Lord is also equally important. The Ascendant, Moon and Sun makes a tripod over which a Horoscope rests. The Ascendant is the Physical body, Moon is the mind or emotion and Sun is the Soul.

Hora Lagna: It is the position of Sun at the time of Sun Rise. It mover at the rate of one Rashi per hour.It is used for Judging the wealth of a Native. If we use any software for making the Horoscope like Jagannath Hora, it is mentioned as HL.

Ghati Lagna: Ghati means 1/60 of a day which is approx 24 minute. If we use a software it will show as GL. It moves faster than HL. It generally used to check power or authority of a native. If any planet aspect both Ascendant, Hora and Ghati Lagna, a very strong Raj Yoga occurs in a chart. Even if Two of the Special Lagnas gets beneficial aspect, is very favorable. We should check the strength of the chart taking these special Lagnas as reference point also.

Arudha Lagna: This concept is given by Sage Jaimini. Arudha means Image. Ascendant is the Actual or the real native where as Arudha Lagna is the image of that person. It clearly deals with how other people in the society perceives us. If we use any software it is mentioned as AL. For example a person reading in a prestigious institute is deemed perceived a very intelligent student but which may or may not be true. It may happen that the person has got admission by donation but we will never come to know this. This is the effect of AL. This is actually very useful in determining the status and materialistic possession of a person. If AL is strong in Horoscope or Lord of AL is strong, it will protect the image of that person.

Pakka Lagna: It is very important while judging Dasha and transit with Natal chart. In this case Ascendant Lord is taken as the reference. Tauraus Ascendant has Venus in Virgo. So Virgo will become the Pakka Lagna. The ascendant Lord shows the physical self of a person. So this is important to judge the planets taking it as the reference point.

Lagna is the single most important significant entity to look into a chart. It represents the very existence of a person.It  not only shows the physical ability or personality of a person but overall potential of a chart. It shows the possibility of getting desired result in this life. It becomes very strong if its Lord is Pushkar Navamsha.

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A Strong Ascendant makes the work of a native much easier. He can overcome the obstacles very easily. There is a Yoga called Jaya Yoga which occurs when Lagna Lord becomes very strong and exalted and 6th  lord becomes debilitated. In this yoga the person will become successful all through his life and in all of his endeavors.

I hope i have been able to give a very brief idea about different kind of Ascendants and their usage. We will try to discuss about them in details later on. Please signup to comment. Your feedback is welcome.




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