Love Marriage Astrology- How to check Love Marriage in Horoscope

Love Marriage in Horoscope

One of my readers insisted me to write on how to check Love Marriage in Horoscope. Maybe this can sound little bit Odd to someone belongs outside India but in India actually there are two types of Marriage-Arranged and Love. Arranged Marriage or sometimes called negotiation marriage is kind of marriage where Parents of two families decide about marriage where as in case of Love Marriage boy and Girl falls in Love and decide to marry. During my Marriage consultation also people often ask me will i have a love marriage or arranged marriage astrology, Possibility of Love marriage in Kundli etc. After going Through this you will be able to identify Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage by Date of Birth.

May be Love Marriage was not very popular 40 or 50 years ago in India but nowadays it is more prevalent. So Love Marriage astrology is a quite important and timely topic to discuss.

Planets Responsible for Love Marriage

Basically while judging Love and Marriage we have to consider 4 houses primarily- 7th house, 5th house, 8th house and 11th house. The signs which we need to see is Scorpio, Gemini and Pisces. The planets responsible for Love Marriage is Mars, venus , Rahu and Mercury.

Now Lets discuss about the roles of these Houses and Planets one by One.

7th house is the house of Relationship. It is important for all kind of partnership-marriage partner, sex partner, romance partner etc. It indicates our marriage and married life also. So while judging Love marriage in Astrology, it is the most important house to check. Without the blessing of this house no happiness can be obtained in marriage.

5th house indicates Romance and affair. So it is the primary house for checking Love marriage. There has to be some involvement of 5th house for Love marriage.

8th house indicate physical intimacy, sexual pleasure etc. It also indicates things which are secret and hidden.

11th house is the primary house of gain, desire and our friends circle.

Venus is the Planet of Love, Romance and everything that is beautiful. If you do not get the blessings of Venus you cannot enjoy any comfort.

Mars is the energy. In case of girls Mars indicates Boyfriend also.

Rahu is the Planet of Insatiable desire. It is the Planet of anything that is against tradition or social Norms.

Mercury is mostly misunderstood Planet. Mercury is like Prince. It always wants to enjoy and have fun. It is the Youthful energy.

So Now Lets Discuss the Principles which will hints towards Love marriage in Astrology.

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Principles to Identify Love Marriage in Horoscope

1> When The House of Love and Romance makes a clear Relationship with House of Marriage, it is the most prominent indication of marriage possibility with Lover. If 5th Lord is Placed in 7th House or 5th and 7th Lord Conjunct or 5th and 7th lord has done sign exchange or Nakshatra Exchange or 5th and 7th lord is in Mutual aspect, This is a very prominent Indication of Love Marriage in Astrology. If the 5th and 7th lord is conjunct in 11th house or 11th lord also joins this conjunction, this further enhances or strengthen the situation.

2> As I said above that 8th house is the House of Sex and Physical Intimacy, if 5th house is making Relation with 8th house like 5th lord placed in 8th house or vice versa or 5th and 8th lord is conjunct or in Mutual aspect there is quite high chance of getting involved in some kind of Relationship. But Mostly this is a Secret Relationship. If there is no connection with 7th house or its lord there is very Less chance of converting it into marriage.

3>Mars-Venus Conjunction or Mutual Aspect or sign exchange or Nakshatra Exchange is a indication of passion and interest in Love and Romance. This will be more effective if this combination occurs in Navamsa chart or in the sign of Mars or Venus or in Gemini or pisces.

4>Rahu-Venus conjunction is another strong indicator of Love marriage or Intercaste marriage in astrology. Rahu is the planet which amplifies everything. So when Venus comes in contact with Rahu, it amplifies the Love and Romanticism within a person. Specially if Rahu is placed in 7th house of the Kundali.

5> If Arudha Lagna and Upapada Lagna is conjunct in any chart, it also Indicates Love Marriage in astrology.

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You may not have all these combinations Present in a chart. But More the no of Combinations present, more is the chance of Love marriage in Horoscope.

I have tried to give you some Useful and Easy combinations of Love Marriage as per Vedic astrology. You can check these combinations in any birth chart to understand these principles of Love marriage in Horoscope better.

Marriage is a Very Important Decision. So it is always better to have an idea what your birth chart indicates-Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage. If we use Astrology as an instrument, lot of Problems of Our Life will be Removed.

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I have tried to give you some information about How to know Love Marriage in Horoscope. If you Like it, dont forget to share it.

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  1. Respected Sir/Madam, please predict Inter caste love marriage in this chart. I’m worried a lot.
    My Date of birth: January 7th 1996
    Time of birth: 6:33 AM.
    Place of birth: Warangal, Andhra pradesh.
    Some description of my chart:
    I born with Sagittarius Ascendant, Lagna lord Jupiter is in lagnam with 9th lord Sun. Born when moon is in Pushyami nakshatram.
    Will be awaiting with your fruitful reply.

    • Hello Sneha. Only Date of birth is not sufficient to know love marriage. Without time of birth and place of birth astrology cant help you

    • Kuch Nahi karna Hoga. Agar engagement ho chuki ha to shaadi kar le. Gun milan se kuch nahi hota hai. Lekin agar Horoscope Matching thik se nahi hua hoga to Married life mein prob ho sakti ha. Gun milan Horoscope Matching ka 10 % bhi nahi ha..Is liye usko lekar tension mat lijiye.


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