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In Vedic Astrology, Several Love Marriage Yogas have Been Discussed. We will Discuss them and will Try to make you understand how Can you Predict Love Marriage in Astrology from Date of Birth.

Love Marriage was not very popular 40 or 50 years ago in India but nowadays it is more prevalent. So Love Marriage astrology is a quite important and timely topic to discuss.

Love and Marriage-these Two are So important in Our Life that if any of these are disturbed, our entire Life becomes Affected. Love and Romance can come in our Life at any Point of time but will that Last Long or Will you Marry the Person whom You Love ? This is a Very tricky question. 

Many People Marry the Person whom they Love but everyone is not So Lucky. There are a Lot of People who faces Breakup, Problems etc in their Relationship. So it is very Important to know if your Horoscope Supports Love Marriage or Not. 

Planets Responsible for Love Marriage in Astrology

In case of Love Marriage in astrology, Venus is Most important Planet. It is the Planet of Love, Romance etc in Vedic Astrology. It Signifies everything that is beautiful. It is the Natural Significator of Marriage. In case of Male chart, it also signifies Wife or female energy Like Girl friend or fiancé too. 

Mars is the Male energy. In case of girls chart, Mars indicates Boyfriend also. Mars is Passion or Fire within Us. In Nadi astrology, Another Branch of Vedic astrology, it also signifies Husband in case of female chart. So in a female Chart, Mars is the Male or Masculine energy. 

Rahu is the Planet of Insatiable desire. It is the Planet of anything that is against tradition or social Norms. Rahu makes a Person Sensual and it will create the desire to enjoy the life. So Rahu will Create the Desire for Love, Romance etc in Your Mind. 

Mercury is mostly misunderstood Planet. Mercury is like Prince. It always wants to enjoy and have fun. It is the Youthful energy. In Nadi astrology, it also signifies Friends of opposite Sex. For Love and Romance, Friendship is very Much Needed. So Mercury is also important to check for Love Marriage Prediction.

Last but not the least is Moon. It is the controller of Mind and in case of Love & Romance, Mind is the most important thing. For Love Marriage, you should have the inclination or interest towards Love and Romance. Some People are so much serious or Practical or Workaholic that it is difficult for them to fall in Love and Romance. SO the Chances of Love Marriage is also low for such a Person.

For Love Marriage we have to consider- 7th house, 5th house, 8th house and 11th house. The signs which we need to see is Scorpio, Gemini and Pisces. The planets responsible for this are Mars, Venus, Rahu, Moon and Mercury. These Planets and their combination should be checked while Predicting Love Marriage in Horoscope.

Important House in Horoscope for Love Marriage Prediction

7th house is the house of Relationship. It is important for all kind of Relationship Like-marriage partner, sex partner, romance partner etc. It indicates our marriage and married life also. So, while judging Love marriage in Astrology, it is the most important house to check. 

5th house indicates Romance and affair. So it is the primary house for checking Love and Romance from Horoscope. There has to be some involvement of 5th house and 5th Lord for Love marriage. Planets in the 5th House is also equally important for Love and Romance.

8th house indicate physical intimacy, sexual pleasure etc. It also indicates things which are secret and hidden. Mostly Love and relationships are Keep Hidden for Some time and in a proper time Boy and Girl Disclose it to their Parents. So there is a Role of 8th house too. 

11th house is the primary house of gain or Success, desire and our friends circle. Without help and Support, Nothing Can be Achieved. So for a Successful Love Marriage, there has to be Support of 11th house and 11th Lord. 

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The emotional and Sensitive Signs along with Moon Plays a very important role when Predicting Love Marriage in astrology. Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces are more Prominent in the Horoscope of Lovers. If you are born with Ascendant or Moon in these signs, you have a better chance of Love Marriage than Arranged Marriage.

I have Made a Video on Important Houses, Planets and Signs for Love Marriage. You can Watch it for more clarity and better understanding.

Love Marriage Video-Part 1

So Now Lets Discuss the Principles which will hints towards Love marriage in Astrology.

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Combinations for Love Marriage in Astrology

The most prominent indication for Love Marriage is When the House of Love and Romance makes a clear Relationship with House of Marriage. If 5th Lord which indicates Love and Romance is Placed in 7th House of Marriage or 7th Lord of Marriage is in the 5th house of Love and Affair, the Possibility of Love Marriage is Very High. If this Yoga Occurs in a Watery zodiac Signs Like Cancer or Scorpio or Pisces, it increases the Strength of the Love Marriage Yoga. 

5th and 7th Lord Conjunct or 5th and 7th lord has done sign exchange or Nakshatra Exchange or 5th and 7th lord is in Mutual aspect, These are also very prominent Indication for Love Marriage in Astrology. If the 5th and 7th lord is conjunct in 11th house or with 11th lord, it strengthen the Combination and Possibility of Love Marriage increases.

8th house is the House of Sex and Physical Intimacy, if 5th house is making Relation with 8th house like 5th lord placed in 8th house or vice versa or 5th and 8th lord is conjunct or in Mutual aspect there is quite high chance of getting involved in a Relationship. Love will come in Your Life but if there is no relationship with 11th house or 11th Lord, this relationship May not be Successful. 

If there is no connection with 7th house or 7th lord there is very Less chance of converting it into marriage.

Mars-Venus Conjunction or Mutual Aspect or sign exchange is an indication of passion and interest in Love and Romance. This will be more effective if this combination occurs in Navamsa chart also or in the sign of Mars or Venus Like Aries, Taurus, Scorpio or Libra. So this is also a Strong Love Marriage Yoga in Kundli.

Venus and Moon in 5th house is also a good combination or Yoga for Love Marriage. When You Have Venus or Moon in 5th house and 5th Lord is conjunct or in a Mutual aspect with Lagna Lord or Ascendant Lord, Prediction of Love Marriage can be Done. 

You Can Watch my Another Video on Love Marriage to Understand the Combinations in a better Way.

Love Marriage Yoga Video- Part 2.

Rahu-Venus conjunction is another strong Yoga for Love marriage in astrology. Rahu is the planet which amplifies everything. So when Venus comes in contact with Rahu, it amplifies the Love and Romanticism within a person. If this combination Occurs in 7th house or 5th house, it Makes the Yoga even more Powerful. 

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But If Rahu is alone in 5th house, it can create Breakup or Problems in Love and Romance. Sometime Rahu also Gives relationship with person from different Caste, Specially if Rahu is placed in 7th house of the Kundali. It can give intercaste Marriage too. Read Yoga for Intercaste Marriage


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The Rahu-Moon Conjunction and Moon-Mercury Conjunction is another Favourable Yoga for Love and Romance. It will be more Prominent if Venus also join this combination or Planets also occupy the Nakshatra of Moon or Venus or Rahu. You Can predict Love Marriage when this combination is present along with Some other Favourable Yogas. 

The Mercury-Venus conjunction Specially in Signs like Gemini or Scorpio is also very significant for Love Marriage Prediction.

But the Venus should not be Retrograde. A Retrograde Venus is not considered very good for Love and Romance in Vedic astrology. You should read effects of Retrograde Venus in birth chart in details. The 6th lord indicates Separation. So the 5th lord of your chart Should not be connected with 6th lord or in the Nakshatra of 6th lord. It is not a Good indication for Love Marriage in astrology.

You may not have all these combinations Present in a chart. But More the no of Combinations present, more is the chance of Love marriage in Horoscope.

Love Marriage Yoga Jaimini Astrology

Rishi Jaimini had used some Unique Way of prediction and his Rules are Known as Jaimini Astrology Principles. These are Little bit advance but very effective Rules. In Jaimini Astrology, Upapada Lagna, Darapada or Arudha Pada of 7th house and Arudha Lagna are very important while checking Love Marriage Yoga.

If Arudha Lagna and Upapada Lagna is conjunct in any chart, it also Indicates Love Marriage in astrology. The Arudha Pada of the 7th house and Upapada Lagna Conjunction is also good and Indicate Love and Romance. 

But if Malefic Planet Like Rahu/Ketu/Saturn etc are conjunct with Upapada Lagna, it will give problems and difficulties. 

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As per Jaimini Astrology, If the Darakaraka Planet is conjunct with Atmakaraka Planet, it can bring Love and Relationship in Your Life. 

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Role of Jupiter in deciding Love Marriage by astrology

Jupiter is the Planet of Dharma, Spirituality etc. It also represents Ethics, Morality, attraction towards Tradition and Social Custom etc. So When Jupiter is retrograde or it is debilitated it helps in Love Marriage. As Jupiter also represents dharma, if the 5th and 7th lord are conjunct and they are also aspected or connected with Jupiter, The Love or Romance can go upto Marriage. Jupiter will tie them in the Knot of Marriage. When Jupiter is connected with Rahu or Ketu , it will help you to go against the Norms of Society and it is an useful combination for love marriage prediction by date of birth.

If you are interested to know how your Partner will be, You can Read about our discussion on handsome spouse astrology.

Love Marriage Yoga in Navamsa Chart

When two People are emotionally involved and face some difficulty and trouble in their relationship or sometime parents do not agree to the match, in that case Navamsa Chart can Give some important hints.

Navamsa is a very important Divisional Chart which is used to check the Marriage Prospect in our life and should be used with Main Birth chart to come to any conclusion. If the Main birth chart shows some indication of Love and romance, Navamsa chart should be checked to know whether the relationship will end in Marriage or disappointment.

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The 5th house rules Emotions and 7th house rules Marriage in Navamsa. So Relationship between 5th and 7th house in Navamsa is a clear indication about Love Marriage in astrology.

If there is Mars-Venus conjunction or Mars-Venus are in a Mutual aspect in Navamsa, You will Love Someone and you will Marry the person whom you Love. 

But Mars-Venus conjunction in the 2nd House of Navamsa Can give Secret Affair After Marriage. It Can give extra Marital Affair. So proper Analysis Should be done. You Should read : Extra Marital Affair Yoga in Horoscope

The Rahu-Venus conjunction in the Scorpio Navamsa or cancer Navamsa is also a Strong yoga for Love Marriage in Astrology. 

But Remember No Divisional Chart can give result which is not promised in main Birth chart. I will suggest you to go through How to read Navamsa Chart for better understanding.

Love Marriage KP Astrology

In KP Astrology, We use Sub Lord System. So the Rules are Little bit different in case of KP Astrology. 

If the Sub Lord of the 5th Cusp be the Significator of 7th house or 11th house, As per KP Astrology, Love Marriage is Possible. 

If the 5th Cusp Sub Lord Signifies 2nd or 11th house, You will Fall in Love. 

As Per KP Astrology, If the Sub Lord of 7th Cusp be the Significator of 5th or 11th house, Love Marriage can be Predicted. 

As per KP Astrology, If Planets Like Venus, Rahu, Moon Signifies 7th house or 5th house in Sub Lord, it can Give Love Marriage. 

Rahu in 7th House Love Marriage

Rahu in 7th House is considered Good for Love Marriage. Rahu is all about Going against Tradition and Social Norms. So when it Occupies the 7th House of Marriage, it can Give Love Marriage if there is other Supporting Yoga. 

Rahu will expand your Social Circle. It will Give You Lot of Friends. You will Have Love and relationship. You will Like to enjoy the Life fullest. But there is a Twist. 

Rahu is a Thief or Cheat. Rahu Creates Illusion. So You will dream of True Love, Loyal Partner but You will face Breakup and Disappointment in Love. At that Point of time, You will realise the truth. Breakup, Reconciliation these are Very Common with People Having Rahu in the 7th House. 

So Rahu in 7th house will give you Love Marriage but only After Some heart break and Some Disappointment. 

Rahu can also give you Love and Relationship with a person from different Community or Foreigner. 

Timing of Love and Relationship from Horoscope

Timing or Proper Dasha is Very important in our Life. Even if you have the Yoga for Love Marriage but if you Do not run a Favorable or Helpful Dasha Period for Love and Relationship, The Yoga will not Activate. The Love Marriage Yoga Activates only when Suitable Dasha and Transit operates.

Love marriage happens in the time period of planets Signifying 5th, 8th and 11th  Houses. These House signifies falling in love or having a romantic relationship. When planets signifying these house are not Related with 6th house, there is a very High possibility of love marriage to Happen.

So Love or Relationship will start in the Periods of Planets Signifying the 5th, 8th and 11th house. But For Marriage, the influence of 7th house is Needed. So Marriage will happen in the period of Planets related with 7th house. You can read my Detail discussion on when will i get married astrology by date of birth.

I have tried to give you some Useful and Easy combinations of Love Marriage as per Vedic astrology. You can check these combinations in any birth chart to understand these principles of Love marriage in Horoscope better.

Marriage is a Very Important Decision. So it is always better to have an idea what your birth chart indicates-Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage. If we use Astrology as an instrument, lot of Problems of Our Life will be Removed.

Remedies for Improving Your Love and Relationship

You Should Strengthen Venus as it is the Main Planet for Love and Romance. Wearing a Good quality Zircon or Firing Opal will be Good for this. You Can Purchase Good Quality zircon from Our Store. Apart from this, You Can also Worship Shiva-Parvati Together Specially on Monday for this. 

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