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Manik Stone – Benefits and Price

Manik stone is one of the rarest stones in the world. It is the most powerful gem in the whole universe. As we have read in various mythological scriptures. This stone is one of the most precious stones created by God. As we all know there are all total 12 stones which are created.

This stone is one of the most precious and the rarest stone in them. This stone is widely known as Ratna Raj Ratnayanka Padmaraga in the Sanskrit language. It is one of the most expensive stones. This stone is very important in the field of astrology. It plays a virtual role. this is known as the king of all the stones.

To get the entire benefits of this stone the wearer should consult with their gems experts that which stone will suit them best. If you are advised to wear this stone then you can get the best quality stone from our website Panchvati.com at a very reasonable rate. It will give its best result

When you will wear this stone

you can wear this stone in the ring finger of your right hand on Sunday morning. Therefore there are various several benefits of wearing this stone which is as follows:-

If you wear it with a talisman set of gold it will generate Amazing effects in your life. If you want the best result of this stone then your stone should be transparent and very uniform in its colour. This precious stone will keep you away from the Evil eye and also free from every kind of defect.

There are several names of Manik stone just as Manic, Ruby, Ratnaraj Ratnanayaka, and Padma raga… this stone is ruling the planet’s sun in Vedic astrology. The astrological sign which is ruled by the stone is Leo. You can wear it with various kinds of metals such as gold copper or Panchdhatu etc.

The appearance of Manik Ratna

This beautiful and sparkling stone is available in a very cute dark pink to red colour. It has a beautiful sin in it. Its colour and texture are such beautiful that anybody will easily get attracted once you start wearing it. In this stone, there is a presence of chromium which gives it a beautiful shiny colour natural dark pink and reddish tone.

This stone is very rich in quality then there are chances that it will have a pigeon red blood colour and with a smooth and gliding texture. This stone also has a very sharp cutting shape which looks definitely adorable.

How the sun is the ruling planet for Manik stone

This stone is said to be that it is representing the power of the sun. So we can say that this stone is under the ruling planet sun. As we all know how important the role of the son place in Vedic astrology so after knowing that the sun is denoting this stone although the efficiency and the workflow of this stone are increasing rapidly.

Manik stone and sun together with the plays the role of the king in the horoscope. It indicates courage, dignity, integrity, power, and also the authority. Sun is known as the soul of the individual. According to the Vedic astrology if the placement of the sun is positive and well played then the person will be very loyal and will leave a very good lifestyle.

The person will be respected in every face and every method in his life. But at the same time if the sun is not good placed well on the planet then there will be the chances that the person will be facing the financial crisis and the professional lacking in their life. Also if the sun is not well place then the person will not get any favour in governmental matters.

Manik stone price

The price of the stone depends on the parameters like quality, colour transparency wait, and finish. It totally depends on your requirement and your choice of stone. But as we all know that this stone is very precious and unique therefore it is very rarely available it is not only demanded in India but also in Africa and other countries. And because of this, the prices are Bit high.

The price of stone varies from INR 500 per Carat to INR 50000 per carat. But you can get it in 500 or according to your budget which is a very good thing .you can choose according to your colour shape and demand.

Manik stone benefits and effects

Here we are going to talk about the benefits and the effects of this powerful stone in our life.

  • Stone is the best stone and it has to quality such as the sun. If you wear this stone then there are chances that you can have a good name a good Fame and also you will be blessed with peace of mind. This stone will help you to grow in your business and also will help you to stabilize your career.
  • According to the mythological belief, we can say that the stone is considered as one of the most important gifts to impress Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha. You can also gift this manik ratna to your loved ones or your family so that they can also achieve every kind of success and mental peace in their life.
  • If you will wear a ruby stone then you will definitely feel an amazing change in your daily life. You will see an increase in your willpower and also in your confidence level. You will see very well and a positive change in all spheres of your life.
  • Ruby stone not only help you in your business or your career but it also helps you to solve your health problems. You will have great eyesight and also if you are having a weak bond issue then you can also solve that with the help of this stone. This stone also helps in hair growth and hair fall issues. You will have clean skin and also a beautiful look after you start wearing ruby stone.
  • Manik stone is also the symbol of love passion friendship royalty etc.
  • If you buy this amazing and powerful stone under your pillow in the night then there are chances that you will not have any kind of bad dreams or evil spirits. It will guide you and protect you from these kinds of dreams and worst nightmares.
  • This stone is used in making several kinds of jewellery such as finger ring bracelets necklaces pendants and earrings too. This stone has its own importance it is also used as a complementary stone with the mix up of other gemstones.
  • Even in today’s time, you can find your own personalized stone according to your own choices.
  • Sun is weakly placed when you will face a lack of confidence. Problems in your blood circulation have a very unstable mind and also the week was problem will remain the. This stone can help you to have a healthy body and a mentality.
  • You will get various help in a governmental matter if you wear this stone. You will have a very creative mind. It will help you in overcoming your overthinking. You will be very clear in your mind. It will help you to make a passionate person. You will not have any kind of fear in your mind.
  • If you are suffering from depression then this stone will be a game-changer or a life-changer for you. You can overcome your emotional and mental setbacks in life.
  • In ancient times people having high positions and money were only allowed to wear this powerful Manik stone but now because of its advantages in astrology, various people are having these stones. Because of financial growth, this stone is served by various people. It will give you a very luxurious life.
  • If you are a person and struggling with your life and goals and also if you are feeling low in various parts of your life then you should definitely wear a Ruby stone it will just change your life. You will be more focused and clear towards your dreams.

How to wear Manik stones

The process of wearing this stone is very important. Unfortunately, many peoples are unaware of the correct method to wear Manik stone. And if you don’t correctly wear this stone then it can bring the worst result in your life.

There are several rules and rituals which you need to follow before you start wearing this stone. Always buy Natural because synthetic stones will give you bad results instead of good results. So whenever you purchase this rare and powerful stone always try to purchase high-quality stone which will help you to give a better life.

How to activate Manik stone

 After you purchase this rare stone you need to purify and activate this stone for its better result. At first, you need to dip this stone in the milk honey and pure water for almost 20 to 30 minutes so that every negativity will disappear. Also after that, you need to pray to God to bless you with a great Mantra that is Om Surya Namath.

What will be the minimum weight of Manik Ratna?

 For the best result, one must wear the natural gemstone in between 3 to 6 carats. Also, there is one more strategy that you should advise wearing according to your body weight under the proper suggestion of an astrological specialist. If you are in a confusion regarding this you can contact with our specialist.

 Best date time and finger to wear this Manik stone

According to the astrological fact, we should wear this powerful stone on our ring finger. The best time to word this this stone will be from 5 a.m. To 7 a.m. In Shukla paksha days. The best day to wear this stone is on Sunday. This stone with Gold and copper because both are representing the planet sun. Red garnet and red silicone are considered to be the best substitute which you can wear with gold to get Manik stone benefits.

Who should wear Manik Stone

Ruby stone can be worn by the most creative people who want to do something different in the world. If you want a good name and Fame then this stone is meant for you. This stone is very good for those who are suffering from health issues. It will be a line Changer for the people who want to do something different in their life.

This amazing and powerful stone is very necessary for actors art is a government job, peoples, and stockbrokers. If the sun is malefic then this stone is very beneficial for you. If you observe and experience sexual dysfunction and get exhausted very fast then this stone is for you it can improve your experience and also your energy level.

If you have a lack of confidence or weight loss or you are suffering from self-doubt or anything else then it will boost your confidence. It will make you an innovative person and will bring out the creativity level inside you.


So as in the above blog you have come to know about the Manik stone benefits in our life. So if you are impressed by it then definitely you will be willing to buy this. So if you want to meet a specialist Consultant for which stone you need or anything regarding any kind of stone then feel free to contact us. Therefore we are serving every type of precious Stones in our newly launched website Panchvati.com.

You will get the best quality and original stones from our website at very reasonable pricing. We always try to fulfil our customers’ needs so once you trust us you will always be there. Any queries regarding these stones you can contact us through a website.

Some Quick Question Answare here…

What are the benefits of wearing Manik?

With the help of a natural Manik gem, you get the strength to fight issues similar to diarrhoea, indigestion, and irregular twinkle. Natural and undressed Manik Ratan is said to guard its wearer against the evil goods of wicked spirits.

Which Rashi can wear Manik stone?

Indian Vedic divination prescribes ruby gravestone or Manikya ratan for natives of the Leo sun sign or Singh Rashi.

How do you activate Manik stone?

For activation of the rock recite the mantra of Surya Dev,’ Om Hrim Sum Suryay Namah’108 times. Please note that if you’re formerly wearing a red coral also you may wear the ruby rock either as a pendant or as a ring on the ring cutlet of your left hand.

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