Mars in 10th house- Quick-Start Guide for All Ascendant & Sign


Placement of Mars in 10th house is generally a Beneficial Position for You. Mars is a Malefic Planet and 10th house is a Kendra House as well as Upachaya House. Malefic Planets become Strong in Upachaya Houses and Kendra House. So Mars generally gives good Result in 10th house.

But before Going into further details on the Result and effect of 10th house Mars, I will discuss some Point about Mars which help you to understand the impact in a better way.

Significance of Mars

The God of War, Mars, in astrology, is the planet of action, courage, energy and desire. It rules over our anger, aggression, sexual craving etc. Mars is a Fiery Element and with the fire in it, Mars is the planet of action rather than reaction. In the Planetary Kingdom it has been given the Portfolio of General. It makes the native assertive, optimistic and adventurous. But if it is influenced negatively, it can create impatience, aggressiveness, forcefulness as well as impulsion in us. Mars is Known As Mangal in Vedic Astrology also. So Whenever there is any kind of Subh or Auspicious Occasion in house, The Beneficial influence of Mars is Very Much Necessary and Important. So in Some place we will also call it as Mangal. 

 Significance of 10th house

In Vedic Astrology, 10th house is the Karma Bhava. It is related to the profession or work you are involved in. The planetary placement in this house defines the domain of your occupation. 10th house is most important house to determine your career. According to Vedic Astrology, if 10th house can thoroughly be analysed, it will clear your doubts regarding questions like-which type of work suits you? or what would be the perfect line of work for you? It also can make you aware about your mistakes and let you know whether you would be successful or not.

It rules over your Social Status and Position. 10th house is the most vital angular house, for which it can make the Raj-Yoga when combines with 9th house. 10th House helps you in getting rid of the obstacles in the way of success and by fixing problems it will make you financially prosperous and give you the desired material success.

Results of Mars in 10th house from your Ascendant

When Mars occupies your 10th house, it can make you active, courageous and educated. It creates Kuldeepak Yoga. So it can give you prosperity, fame and helps you in earning honor for your family. Progress and prosperity will be more than your Father or grand Father.

Mars will gain 100 percent directional strength when in the 10th house. That will make you strong in tasks you undertake. Mars in 10th house will aspect the Ascendant which will make you very Strong and Determined. Other than Mars, Sun also gets Directional Strength in 10th house. You can also read about our discussion on the effect of 10th house Sun.

If Mars is in 10th house, you and your deeds will be much appreciated by the people. If you have a strong 10th house lord, your brothers will get a long life. It will make you interested in meditation, and devoted towards your master. It will make you proud, confident but at the same time can make you a person of criticism and quarrelsome nature. You will continue your criticism even over trivial issues.

Mars always has a deep connection with house and lands. It can make you involved in dealing landed property, constructing houses etc. If there is a powerful Mars, occupying 10th house in your chart, it can make you associated and even successful in some departments, specially that related to Police and Defense. According to Vedic Astrology Mars indicates Engineering, Medicine and such other streams of science.Astrologers opine that Mars in 10th house in Scorpio can make you a famous doctor or surgeon. If Mars is there in 10th house along with some combinations that supports the field of law, you will be a very successful advocate, specially if working as a criminal lawyer.

If Saturn influences or conjuncts this Mars in 10th house, it can give you Profession related to Engineering, Surgeon etc. You can read more about the effect of Saturn in 10th house of Horoscope.

It is also helpful for Getting Govt Job. Other than Sun and Moon , Mars is another helpful planet for Govt Job. Now What kind of Profession you will take will depend on the Lord of the 10th house and also the planets aspecting the 10th house.  You can read my detail discussion on the combination of Government Job in Horoscope. You can read our detail discussion about Government Job Yoga in Kundli.

If Mars places in 10th house in his own sign Aries, Scorpio or in Capricorn, where it is exalted, it will create Ruchhak Mahapurush Rajyoga. In the cases of Leo or Pisces ascendant, the placement of Mars in 10th house is considered to be a blessing as in either cases Mars will own the 9th and join in 10th. For Cancer and Leo ascendant, Mars is Yogakaraka and therefore produces Rajyoga in 10th house that uplifts the matter related to 10th house. So it is Highly Auspicious Placement for Professional Success.

If Mars along with Jupiter occupy 10th house, it will give you a good reputation in society, that will make you wealthy and glorified. A well-strengthened Mars in 10th house, if is connected with 3rd or 11th house, will gift your brothers a long and prosperous life.

The results will be exactly reverse if Mars is afflicted. If Mars is associated with a malefic or is in a house that belongs to a malefic, your life will be full of hurdles and you may be indulged in sinful deeds. You may have the mentality of a thief. An afflicted Mars in 10th house can make you a criminal or a thief. Throughout your career, you will have to face much disturbance. Though you will seem honest to everyone, actually you will not be. You will always pretend to be fair.

Mars in 10th house in different ascendant for different signs

Mars in tenth house generally brings good luck. A powerful Mars in tenth house will be an asset, it can even make you a king. So it will prove to be very auspicious until afflicted. Yet, the result in different signs or ascendant due to the effect of Mars may be different. There will be some specific results when we notice the effects of 10th house Mars in different signs. For example, if there is a 10th house Mars in Aries, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Leo or Sagittarius, it generally creates good effects. On the other hand, when in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius, it gives such a result which is exactly the opposite of the former.

Now, we will be discussing more specific effects of Mars in 10th house in various signs and ascendant. Hope your queries will be solved.

Mangal in the 10th house in Sagittarius Sign

For Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius becomes the 10th house. Having a 10th house Mars in the Sagittarius sign you will be lucky enough to be influential, honorable and respected. You will pursue occupations on a large scale, specially in government sector and enjoy the advantages from that. You will speak somewhat in a bitter way that will make you face problems in the side of children and education. This placement can give you properties regarding land and buildings. You will always make yourself involved in observing religious formalities. Sagittarius is a Fiery sign and also a friendly Sign. So Mars becomes Strong in Sagittarius.

Mars in 10th house in the sign of Taurus

For Leo Ascendant Taurus becomes the 10th house. If you are are a Leo ascendant and Mars is in your 10th house, it will give you an overall success. You will get the progress and happiness through the pleasure of having good land and property and great respect. You will be succeed in the field of education and observing the religious matters. That is how you can enjoy the happiness and peace from your children. You will always possess a good health. For Leo Ascendant it is the most beneficial Planet and hence its Placement in the Taurus Sign in 10th house will boost Your Career.

Mars in the tenth house for Aquarius Sign

For Taurus Ascendant Aquarius becomes the 10th house. If Mars is there in the 10th house in Taurus ascendant for the sign of Aquarius, you will do better professionally. But there is a possibility of having physical disorder, loss and weakness in the house of children and education. There may be a probability of loss in the house of father too. Mars is 12th lord for Taurus Lagna which indicates Foreign Travel. So Mars in 10th house Aquarius is good for Foreign Travel due to work.

Mangal in 10th house for Cancer ascendant in the sign of Aries

For Cancer Ascendant Aries becomes the 10th Sign. As Aries is the own sign of Mars, when It is in 10th house in Aries, you will have a great ability or quality to manage everything. You will generally work for government and social welfare. You will get much honor and respect due to your wisdom, your intellectual personality of speaking. You will be very beautiful, dignified and have great influences in society. Here It will create one of the Panch Mahapurush Yoga- Ruchuka Yoga which is very Good for Career and Financial Gain. For Cancer Ascendant, Simply Mars in 10th house Aries is a great Boon.

Mars in tenth house for Aries ascendant in the sign of Capricorn

For Aries Ascendant Natives, Capricorn becomes the 10th house. It becomes exalted in Capricorn. Hence it is a Powerful Position for Mangal. If you are an Aries ascendant and Mangal is there in your 10th house, you will be very strong both physically and mentally. You will be gifted with utmost supreme power and dignity. Fields related to government and society will make you famous and respected. You will always work independently and never care about your pleasures. You will be educated and make your tasks done with your intellect.

Mars in tenth house in Leo for Scorpio ascendant

For Scorpio Ascendant, Leo is the 10th house. Leo is a Fiery Sign and the owner of Leo is Sun which is friendly to Mars. So Mars is quite comfortable in Leo. When Mars is in your 10th house Leo, it can make you powerful and help you to enjoy the physical pleasure. You will be clever, lustrous, diligent and always remain successful in securing the progress of the house of your father. As Mangal being the 6th Lord will aspect your 4th house, Though there will be some negativity regarding mother. You will have the power to speak firmly which will give you the fame and supreme commanding power.

Mangal in 10th house for Gemini ascendant for the Pisces sign

For Gemini Ascendant, Pisces becomes the 10th house. When Mars is in 10th house and you are a Gemini ascendant, you will always be associated with deeds that need much influence and hard labor. You will have enormous gain from fields related to government and society. Your luck says that you will get the victory over your enemy. There may be some difficulties in the house of father as well as maternal happiness, you will be able to make that up with the success with hard labor in the house of education.

But this is a good Placement for Medical Profession. But you should not jump into any conclusion with this only one Placement. You should Read all the combinations for Medical Career to check in the Horoscope.

Mars in tenth house for Capricorn ascendant in the sign of Libra

For Capricorn Ascendant Libra is the 10th house. When Mars is in 10th house Libra for Capricorn ascendant, you will get advantages from sectors related to government and able to earn a lot of income through occupation and business. You will get the upper hand in the house of father, education due to your good deeds that will create much influence. For Capricorn Ascendant Mars is the 4th and 11th Lord. If Mars in 10th house Libra is not Afflicted, it indicates Good Education.

Mars in tenth house in Gemini sign for Virgo ascendant

For Virgo Ascendant 10th house is Gemini. Being a Virgo ascendant a 10th house Mars in Gemini can create troubles for your father. You will have to suffer and enjoy at the same time in the way of social and professional progress. You can enjoy some special power in the house of your children. Due to your habit of speaking roughly, you will have some deficits in the house of mother that will make trouble in the way of happiness.

Mangal in 10th house in the sign of Cancer for Libra ascendant

For Libra Ascendant Cancer is the 10th house. Mars becomes debilitated in cancer. So When 10th house Mars is in Cancer it is not a Good Placement. This placement will give you weakness in the house of wealth and occupation. The 7th Lord Mangal debilitated in tenth house is not good for Your Marriage. It can give you lot of Traveling also but you may face problem during travel.

Mars in the tenthhouse for Aquarius ascendant in Scorpio sign

For Aquarius Ascendant, Scorpio becomes the 10th house. It is own Sign for Mars and it becomes Quite powerful there. If Mars is in 10th house in Scorpio for Aquarius ascendant, it can make you very powerful and you will pursue an occupation independently. It will give you a lot of respect in society. You will be the owner of many lands and buildings though will not care much for siblings. You will acquire an administrative power and always try to maintain your status according to that, by wearing rich dresses, having introduced with persons from high status etc.

Mangal in 10th house in the sign of Virgo for Sagittarius ascendant

For Sagittarius Ascendant 10th house is Virgo. When there is a Mars in your 10th house Virgo, it will give you good knowledge and you will be literate and can make gain from government. But It is Possible that your Father may Suffer lot of Legal problem or Litigation. But this is a good Placement for Career and Job.

Hope it will help you to make a primary assessment of your life by yourself. If you think I have missed or overlooked anything you can suggest it to me.

Mars in 10th house
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Mars in 10th house
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