Mercury in 7th house in Male and female horoscope


Mercury in 7th house is a good placement to have in Horoscope. Planets in the 7th house of horoscope gives us important Clue about Married Life, Marriage partner, Quality of Life after marriage, Business, Profession and Many More. 7th house is also the House of Desire. So Planets here is also very important for fulfilling the Materialistic desire. In todays World, Mercury Dominated People are actually enjoying the most of the Wealth and Fortune. So Mercury in 7th house will give us important information about Your Overall Life.

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Significance of Mercury

Mercury is the planet which is nearest to the Sun. According to Astrology and Mythology, it has been described as The Messenger of Gods. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury or Budh generally means some good qualities like intelligence, wit, humor and cleverness within a person. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo sign. Gemini means intellect and communication whereas Virgo means business. So,it represents the expression and communication and also makes the native much curious about everything. Commercial fields like trade, accounts, banking and computer too are signified by this planet. So having a strong Mercury makes a native very successful in these fields.

Mercury makes the native logical. People who have a strong Mercury in their horoscopes always possess a great analytical and reasoning ability. That is why the researchers generally have a strong Mercury in natal chart.

Mercury rules the activities of communication like telephone, e-mail, courier etc. Therefore, writers, astrologers, engineers, brokers, dealers, businessmen, mathematicians and media persons are usually seen to have a strong and well-placed Mercury.

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The Signification of 7th House

The 7th house is Signifies Marriage, Business, Partnership, Life Partner, Foreign Travel, Career etc. Generally Planets in the 7th house also plays important role in deciding what is our desire or wish in this life. Any Planet in 7th house will directly aspect the Lagna and hence will make the foundation of the chart Very Strong.

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Effects of Mercury in 7th House

Mercury in 7th house

When Mercury is placed in 7th house, It will give you an youthful appearance. You will have good communication skill, quick intelligence and quick grasping power. If this Mercury is associated or related with Mars by aspect or conjunction, it will give you good ability to debate and argue. You can be a good lawyer or a chartered accountant with this combination. As 7th house signifies business and Mercury is the planet of business, this placement is also good for business venture and self-employment. With Mercury in 7th house you want an younger wife or a life-partner who will be very jolly and talkative.

Mercury makes you efficient and expressive. So, the arrival of Mercury in 7th house combines all the qualities of Mercury with the aspects of the 7th house and gives results in native’s life. If you have this placement then, you would have a eloquent and expressive personality. You would be able to make your relation strong, vivid and understandable. You will be maintaining a proficient relation in public fields like marketing, sales, law etc.

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Sometimes these people are quite immovable about the opinion of others and for that they need to be adaptable towards the thoughts of other. The placement of Mercury in 7th house makes the native proved to be beneficial for the people closely related to him or her. The native will have the ability to win the world with the power of words. A native with Mercury in 7th house should avoid involving in any kind of partnership business as he or she may have to face losses due to the sensitiveness. If Mercury is benefic, in spite of being debilitated, it can leave some good impacts. The native blessed with such benefic debilitated Mercury and other benefic planets may get married to a woman from a foreign country and may settle in a foreign country due to marriage. If Mercury owns the 9th house or 12th house, it is more Promising.

Some other natives under the effect of such benefic as well as debilitated Mercury may be involved in such occupations like spies, investigators, teachers, consultants, researchers, explorers, IT professionals, software engineers, interior designers, architects, actors, directors, writers, musicians, airline professionals, hotel personnels, event manager, tour and travel operater, politicians, diplomats and many other types of professions depending on the overall aspects of their horoscopes. In short, it is overall a very good placement unless Mercury is afflicted by Rahu or Ketu and it does not own 6th, 8th or 12th house.

When you have Mercury in 7th house, you need to control your argumentativeness and desire to criticize.

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Effect of 7th House Mercury in Marriage

Mercury in 7th house in Marriage

Mercury is a Natural Benefic Planet. So its placement in the 7th house of Horoscope is good for Marriage unless Mercury owns the 6th house, 8th house. It generally Provides a good Married Life and a good Marriage partner. Generally a person with mercury in 7th house will be interested in person who are very intelligent, talkative and Jovial. You desire your spouse to be clever, sharp, curious and alert. You need to communicate and exchange ideas with your partner. You desire a marriage Partner who provides you mental satisfaction and challenge. A person who challenges you mentally and helps you to function on intellectual level is what you are looking for in your partner. Mercury in 7th house generally gives a Younger Partner. Sometime partner may not be very young in age but will be very childish and fun loving. Though we need to see the Navamsa chart also to understand it better.

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The natives having Mercury in 7th house would put extra effort to analyse their relationship and marriage or to make these strong. But they need to understand the fact that any relationship develops naturally as the time passes. A relationship can never be maintained with strategies.

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Effects of Mercury in 7th house in different Signs

Mercury is in 7th house in Aries sign

If you born with Mercury in the 7th house in the sign of Aries then, you will be very fortunate from all the sides and have a pleasant family life. For Libra Ascendant Aries become 7th sign and Mercury becomes the 9th lord. So, This is a highly beneficial placement. Further, regarding family bonding or bonding with other members of family, it’s a very auspicious placement. As it aspects the 1st house, you would be a multi-tasking person with good computing ability. You will achieve a good and satisfactory progress and success in occupation, specially in those related to marketing and business. This Position can give you gain after Marriage or in Foreign Land. You will have total control over expenses.

Mercury is in 7th house in Libra sign

With Mercury in the 7th house in Libra sign, you will have to face so much problems in life regarding occupation and Marriage. For Aries Ascendant Libra Becomes the 7th house and Mercury owns 3rd and 6th house. So its Placement in the 7th house is not good for Marital happiness unless any benefic aspect like Jupiter or Saturn is there on 7th house. Due to the problems, arisen in the field of occupation, you will have to work very hard. Only hard-work can make you get rid of this. But There is also a probability of being helped or benefited from maternal grandfather.

Mercury in 7th house in Sagittarius sign

For Gemini Lagna Sagittarius Becomes the 7th house and Mercury being the 1st and 4th lord, its placement in 7th house in Sagittarius Sign is highly Auspicious. Mercury being the Lagna lord will aspect the Lagna. This is a Good placement for overall growth and progress in life. People who have Mercury in 7th house of Sagittarius sign are usually very happy always with their occupation. With this placement you will have a good wife and you will be leading a great life with her. There will be a great desire for spirituality arisen within you. Naturally, you will be able to enjoy massive happiness and pleasure in sexual life.

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Mercury in 7th House for Scorpio sign

If Mercury occupies 7th house in the sign of Scorpio then, you will be much interested and involved in earning more wealth. With this placement you will be so clever that will help you in achieving success in professional life. In your life, you will get benefited or supported by your children. Though there is slight unhappiness with wife, you will be succeed in enjoying sexual pleasure.

Mercury in 7th House in Aquarius sign

In the 7th house for Leo ascendant the sign is a Aquarius sign. When Mercury occupies the 7th house of Aquarius sign in your horoscope, you would experience much success and development in daily basis occupation. You will be able to earn much wealth. There will be a possibility of gain from the family of your father-in-law. You will definitely be succeed in experiencing a pleasant feeling in the house of wife and family and get advantage regarding sexual pleasure. With Mercury in 7th house in the sign of Aquarius you will be always engaged in pursuing a decent profession.

Mercury in 7th House in Capricorn sign

The people who have Mercury in 7th house in Capricorn Sign will be a Cancer ascendant. When you have a 7th house Mercury in Capricorn sign, you may have total control or power over the expenses because of your hard labour. You will obtain more happiness in the house of sister than that of brother. There will be a gain of power and courage in the house of your wife. Yet there would be a mixture of power and weakness in occupation. So, you may have to experience a mixed feeling in occupation. However, this placement will make you successful in the worldly affairs.

Mercury in 7th house in Leo sign

When Mercury places in the 7th house in Leo sign then these people are Aquarius ascendant. If you are one of them having Mercury in the 7th house in Leo, then you will be very fortunate about getting higher education and good children too. You will always remain honest to your work and also able to show your wisdom in work-place. There is good possibility that you may be even marry someone who will be higher in financial status. With Mercury in 7th house being an Aquarius ascendant you may have a long-lasting life. You may also make profit from Business or Self employment. Your Social Network will be helpful in your business venture.

Mercury in the 7th house in Taurus Sign

When Mercury sits in the 7th house in the zodiac sign of Taurus, you will have to bear much disturb and problem in your Married life. Your Marriage can also be delayed. The distress may be remained hidden. You may also face problem in Partnership Business. Regarding sexual happiness or pleasure you will be benefited with some advantages that will appear in life indirectly. Besides, you would have lots of gain in occupation but you will have to work hard for that.

Mercury in 7th House in Gemini Sign

If Mercury occupies 7th house in the sign of Gemini then, you will definitely be connected with an occupation that will have great dignity. You will be fortunate by getting so much pleasure from family. Therefore, you will always remain happy with your family members. With Mercury in 7th house in Gemini in your horoscope, you may be gifted with a wife with clever mind. Your wife will also have much influence in society and for that she will be a well-maintained women. You will be so passionate about wearing nice dresses. This placement help you to conduct a successful business. You will be very lucky regarding your sexual life and this position gives you a very positive minded father-in-law.

Mercury in 7th House in Cancer Sign

These people having a 7th house Mercury in Cancer sign may be of religious type or execute some religious responsibility on behalf of his wife. Because of his or her powerful destiny, the native would get much progress in profession. There may be some health trouble or Friction with Wife. Complete Happiness from Marriage Will be missing but you will be able to make good progress in Life after Marriage. You may also be benefitted in Foreign Land.

Mercury in the 7th House in Virgo sign

Natives having a Pisces ascendant Mercury in the 7th house belong to the sign of Virgo. With this placement the native would get a very beautiful wife. The native may be engaged in pursuing a profession that will have so much influence and also achieve success in that. This placement will make you privileged with dignity in mother’s house. Sometimes, you may get so much happiness and sexual pleasure that will even surpass your expectation. You will be enjoying your property and wealth.

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Mercury in 7th house in Pisces Sign

The people who have Mercury in 7th house in Pisces Sign will always be much worried about his or her family. Though there may be some deficit in the house of parents and physical strength, you would ultimately be able to protect the honour. Native’s influence will have a lack of efficiency in some matters, specially those related to sexual pleasure. With this position you will have a industrious mind but remain always deluged in anxiety.

I have tried to provide you with some information about the effects of Mercury in 7th house for different Ascendant. But you need to check the Conjunction with other Planets, aspects, Nakshatra etc before coming to any confirmed conception.

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