Moonstone – Benefits and Price


Moonstone is one of the most precious and rarest gemstones in this world. It is a beautiful gift to humans, created by God. It is so adorable, so beautiful that people can’t refuse to buy it. In all the twelve gemstones, it is considered as the most desirable and beneficial stone. It is a natural crystal mineral that is considered to harvest the energy of the moon.

The floating light of this gemstone resembles the glow of the moon through a thin cloud cover. A tumbled piece of this gemstone looks like a big moon in the night sky. And that’ why the name ‘Moonstone’ was given to this stone. For new beginnings, this gemstone is considered to be a stone of inner growth and strength.

As we know that the moon cycle connects us with nature, the gemstone reminds us of our lives, ebb, and flow. It also helps us to tap into our intuition and promotes healing and balance properties. It controls our emotions and enhances psychic abilities and clairvoyance. It is highly beneficial for humans to get a better life and a better future. If you once use it, you will understand the exact value of this gemstone.

The moon-gemstone is usually a sodium-potassium aluminium silicate. It is a mineral of the feldspar group which is composed of two feldspar minerals that are orthoclase and albite. It displays a pearly and opalescent schiller and is well known with its alternative name ‘hecatolite’.

This gemstone is generally transparent or translucent but can be of numerous colors. It comes in a variety of colors which can range from colorless to gray, brown, green, yellow, white, blue, or pink. The best quality hecatolite has a blue sheen, perfect clarity, and a colorless surface.

Other kinds of feldspar contain sheen which is a variety of rainbow hues, from yellow to peach, purple, and blue. And these types of feldspar are known as ‘rainbow moonstones’. Since the gemstone is transparent, it acts like a mirror in which we can see our reflection. Besides this, it has a smooth and shiny texture. It can glow even in the dark because of the adularescence feature which is an optical phenomenon that causes the extraordinary glow on the surface of a stone.

Sources of Moonstones

Nowadays these gemstones are found all over the world. But the main sources are Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, and India. The gemstones of different colors are only found in India. The rainbow moonstone is mined in the south-west and the blue is mined at Bihar in the center of the country India.

Moonstone in astrology

Moonstone in astrologyThe connection is not surprising, but we know that the gemstone is associated with the moon. The stone has a silvery light blue color which connects it to the moon. As the moon symbolizes peace, patience, and calmness, the gemstone provides all these features to its natives. It is an excellent stone for providing a good focus for meditation.

The stone is highly effective for the Monday born people as Monday is considered as Moon’s day. Besides this, it balances our intense emotions like anger, rage and helps us to cool down our emotions. It promotes inspiration and cultivates compassion and empathy.

According to many astrological facts, this gemstone is popularly associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra where it fills your aura with a comfortable breath. Feminine energy is activated by this gemstone. And it also helps to open up Sacral Chakra to balance all the sexual energies. It is also associated with Crown Chakra.

The moon-gemstone is crowned as the June birthstone. It is an excellent stone for June born people which is designated for the zodiac sign of Gemini. This gemstone is generally gifted on the 13th year of marriage and after every succeeding 13 years of that. It is highly effective for the married couples also.

Who should wear Moonstone

Who should wear MoonstoneThis gemstone is not for everyone. If you want to use it, first you will have to know that it will suit you or not. And for this, you will just have to consult an experienced astrologer. If he suggests, then only you should wear it. It will give you better results otherwise you will have to face the side effects.

Now come to the point, ‘who should wear moon-gemstones’ have become the biggest question of these modern days. And it is because many people don’t know anything about it. But here we will tell you that who should wear these gemstones –

Moon-gemstone is best for June-born people also people who have birth dates on Monday should definitely wear these gemstones. It will be highly effective for them. If you are a person suffering from anxiety or over-aggressiveness, this gemstone is perfect for you. It is also helpful for those who have bad heaths and who are facing various health diseases like insomnia, fertility issues, etc.

Best finger and time to wear Moonstones

Best finger and time to wear MoonstonesFor good astrological effects, one should wear these gemstones on the little finger of your working hand. It can be your right hand or left hand but it must be your working hand. According to many astrologers, Monday is considered to be the most auspicious day to wear these gemstones. You should wear it on Monday morning between 5 am to 7 am during Shukla Paksha days.

But remember that the moon-gemstones should be mounted in a silver ring for good effects. Pearl is considered to be a good substitute for moonstones. You can use pearl stones in the place of moon- gemstones and it will give you the same result.

Moonstone benefits

We all know that the moonstone has a lot of properties and capabilities. It is highly effective for humans to change their life as much as possible. So here we are going to talk about the moonstone benefits in an individual’s life –

  • The gemstone is believed to bring good luck and good fortune to its natives. It provides success in love, relationships, and business matters. It promotes business deals and solves all the problems coming into the life of its
  • In many spiritual traditions, the moon represents the divine feminine. As we all know that the women’s fertility cycles connect with the waxing and waning of the moon, the gemstones balance all the hormonal and reproductive issues of women. It also regulates the menstrual disorders relieves from pain during child-birth.
  • It provides patience, calmness, and focus to the wearer so that they can pay attention to their dreams or goals. It also balances and cools down intense emotions like anger or
  • If you are feeling any negative energies around you then, it is highly recommended to place this moon- gemstone under your It will protect you from evil eyes and spirits. Besides this, it also helps to protect you from the fear of ghosts, bad dreams, worst nightmares, and the things like Buri-Nazar.
  • This gemstone reduces stress, depression and also eliminates all the negativities from the mind of its It clears out all the confusion in your mind and always shows you the right path for your success.
  • Since the gemstone has a lot of healing properties, it helps to cure various diseases related to the spleen, stomach, liver, and pancreas. It also promotes hormonal growth and aids the digestive system by removing toxins from the
  • It is an ideal gemstone for men to explore the emotional side of them. If you want to know the actual feeling of your partner for you and also want to balance their aggression if required, the stone will be highly helpful to you.
  • The gemstone is highly beneficial for travelers to have a safe journey without any losses or accidents. By wearing this gemstone, they can gain confidence and feel secure during their whole Besides this, it is an excellent gemstone for medical practitioners, technocrats as well as health care professionals.
  • The moon-gemstones are fully associated with love and magic. It is believed that it can bring true love in the life of its It units lovers when they fight with each other. It helps them to clear out all the confusion and misunderstandings. It solves all the relationship problems and provides marital bliss to a couple.
  • The moonstone benefits the people suffering from sleepwalking activities. It provides an earlier and undisturbed sleep to them. Especially children with hyperactivity can’t sleep at night. The gemstone helps them with its calming It also helps the youngsters who take sleeping pills to sleep at night. If they once use it, they don’t have to take any pills at all. If you incorporate this stone into your sleep cycle, you can reach a lucid dream state at night.

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How to activate and wear Moonstones

After purchasing, the gemstone should be purified, energized, and activated for better results. And these types of healing gemstones have a different process of activation. Many people don’t know the right procedure. If they take it in the wrong way, it will not be helpful to them. But here we are going to tell you the right procedure for activating these stones –

At first, take the gemstone to the terrace or window-sill. Now place it under the direct moon-light. Leave it overnight to rejuvenate the healing stone. Full moon night is the best time for activation. But if it’s not possible, you can also do it on the other nights too when the moon is visible.

In the morning, dip the ring of the gemstone into the mixture of pure cow-milk and holy Gangajal. Now pray to God to remove all the negativities from it and ask him to bless you and to fulfill your all desires through this ring. After 10-20 minutes, remove it from the mixture and wash it properly with fresh water. Now the ring is ready to wear.

Moonstone price

The gemstone plays an essential role in an individual’s life. We all know that it is rarest and so precious to us. And due to this feature, the gemstone is not high but expensive in the market. The moonstone price totally depends upon the parameters like luster, cut, clarity, finishing, and mainly its adularescence.

The value of the gemstone will be higher if the adularescence is higher. The price depends upon the transparency and color of the body. The Colorless the body, the higher will be the rate. The moonstone price can range from Rs 150 to Rs 400 plus per carat. It’s totally up to you which type of stone you want to buy as per your requirement. The price range can vary according to its size, shape, and quantity.

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Moonstone buy online

It’s a better option to buy astrological gemstones online. The very first benefit is that you can get access to a variety of stones. On the other hand, from offline or local, you have to choose a gemstone from scarce resources. One more benefit is that you can make your best choice amongst the available stones which may not justify your expenses.

Nowadays fake gemstones are available everywhere in the market at a cheaper price. But for good results, you just have to buy the real ones. So on the special demand of our clients, here we are serving you the premium quality gemstones on our website Not only moonstone but all other types of precious gemstones are available on it.

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So from the above blog you have come to know that how Moonstone is beneficial to us in our daily lives. It is so powerful that a wearer can feel an amazing change in her/his life. It has a lot of properties and advantages which are mentioned above. And if you are impressed with it you will definitely buy this stone as soon as possible.

And if you want to know which stone will suit you or anything regarding any stone, we are always here to fulfill your needs. You can just contact us through our website and we will try to provide you the best one for your good fortune.

Some quick questions answered here :

How much does a moonstone cost?

The price of moonstones can range from $10 to $1000, with clear moonstones free of inclusions, such as centipedes or unappealing greenish tints, commanding the highest prices.

What are the benefits of wearing moonstone?

It helps to regain inner balance, helps in self-healing, protects travelers from accidents, thefts, or any other mishap, is a good gift for lovers to enhance passion between them, helps in spiritual growth, and also helps to reunite lost lovers.

Is a moonstone valuable?

Moonstone is rare in both large size and fine quality, but Indian material with strong body color is abundant and relatively inexpensive. This is fortunate because the material is usually well-cut and very attractive. Moonstone with a blue sheen, the most valuable kind, rarely occurs in sizes over 15-20 carats.


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