Navamsa (D9) Chart- its importance and use in Analysing Birth Chart


What is Navamsa (D9) Chart

Navamsa chart is a Divisional Chart which has been given immense Importance in Vedic Astrology. Every zodiac Sign is consists of 30 degree and when it is divided in 9 parts or division, each Part or Division is known as Navamsa. This is the Most important chart After Main birth chart or Rashi chart.

Strength of Planets and Houses, Marriage, Career, Overall fortune, Spiritual progress etc Are judged with the Help of Navamsa chart.

Meaning of Navamsa

Navamsa simply Means Nine Amsa. Here Amsa means division. So Navamsa Simply Means 9th Division of a Sign. It is also known as D9 chart. As 9th house is the House of Dharma, it is known as Dharmamsa too. It is used for minute analysis of our life specially marriage, destiny etc.

If it is used properly, it can prove great help to prediction. Every learned Astrologer and Every Good Book of Astrology has given stress to the use of D9 Chart.

I have made a Video on what is Navamsa chart and its importance. You can listen it for better understanding.

What is the difference between Lagna Chart and Navamsa Chart

Lagna Chart or Main Birth Chart is the Planetary Position of the zodiac when you took birth. This Birth Chart Gives information about every Area of Our Life for example- Marriage, Finance, career, Health etc. But as it contains information about all the area of Life, it is not easy to decode and understand it.

In this situations, Divisional Charts are very helpful to understand particular area of life.

Navamsa Chart is a Divisional Chart. It is formed by dividing each sign in 9 part. Lagna of Main birth chart do not change within 2 hour span. But the Navamsa Lagna Changes within 13-14 minutes span. So D9 Chart is More Minute and more Precise.

It is Very obvious that in a Span of two hour thousands of people will take birth and fortune of all these People will not be same. This is mostly because the Planet Positions changes in the D9 as well as in other Divisional Chart like Dasamsa, Sashtamsa etc.

But we must Remeber that Navamsa is formed from main birth chart. So it cannot give result which is not present in the Main Birth Chart. There must be some indication, even though it can be weak or obscure indication in the birth chart about some event. Then only the Results of D9 chart will be felt.

You can read my Detail article on Spouse Astrology to understand the difference better.

How to calculate Navamsa or D9 Chart

We Know that Every Sign is of 30 Degree. So to Calculate the Navamsa we will divide the 30 degree in 9 parts. So each part becomes 3 degree 20 minutes. So there are total 108 Navamsa. (9 Amsa * 12 Sign).

Lets Give You an Example. You are Born with Aries Ascendant and Your Ascendant Degree is 10. We divide the Aries in 9 Equal part. So the first 3 deg 20 minute of Aries Sign will be the first Navamsa which is Aries itself, 3 Deg 21 minute to 6 Deg 40 minute will be the 2nd Navamsa which is Taurus, 6 Deg 41 minute to 10 Deg is 3rd Navamsa which is Gemini and So on. As your Lagna is in 10 Degree Aries, So your Navamsa Lagna will be Gemini.

Now a days All the Astrology Software gives the Calculation of Navamsa. So Students don’t need to make calculations manually.

But I am giving you a Simple Method by which you can Calculate Navamsa even without using any Software.

Just multiply the No of Previous House with 9. Then Add the No of Nakshatra Pada in the present Sign. Divide the Total by 12. The remaining will tell us the Navamsa Sign.

Suppose Sun is in 1 deg in Gemini. So the No of Previous Sign is 2. So 9*2=18. We have to add the Nakshatra Pada in the Present Sign. Sun has travelled only 1 Nakshatra Pada. So total is 18+1=19. If we divide it by 12, we get 7. So Sun will be in Libra Navamsa.

In this way even without any software you can calculate the Navamsa of any planet.

How to Find Navamsa Lagna

1st house of Navamsa chart is known as Navamsa Lagna or Ascendant of Navamsa. In Vedic astrology, Navamsa means one-ninth part of a Zodiac Sign. Each sign has nine divisions of Navamsa. That is why it is called D9 or the Navamsa. As per the degree of your Lagna in the Rashi chart, your Navamsa Lagna or Navamsa Ascendant will be determined.

What is Navamsa Lagna Lord or Navamsa Ascendant Lord

Navamsa Lagna Lord Means the Rashi Lord or owner of the sign where Navamsa Lagna or Navamsa Ascendant placed. It is the Ascendant Lord or OWner of the 1st house in Navamsa Chart. For example your Navamsa Lagna is Aries. Mars is the ruler of Aries. So Mars becomes the Navamsa Lagna Lord.

In this Way according to Ruler of the Sign of Your Navamsa Lagna, You can find the Navamsa Lagna Lord.

Importance of Navamsa Lagna

Lagna of Our Main Birth Chart and Rashi chart Gives us a clue About Your Physical apperance, Look, Your Nature and character etc. The Navamsa Lagna will also give informations about these in a Finer way. It will have influence over your Physical Appearance, your Nature, your Liking and Preferences etc.

As D9 chart is the Main Purpose chart for Marriage, Navamsa Lagna and Lagna Lord will have a Say in your Marriage Timing. So while Analysing the early Marriage or Late Marriage, the planets in the D9 Lagna and the placement of Navamsa Lagna Lord needs to be checked.

A Strong Ascendant Makes a chart Strong and a weak Ascendant makes a chart Weak. Similarly if your Navamsa Lagna and its Lord is Strong, it makes Your chart Strong which is good for your overall fortune. But if the Navamsa Lagna and Lagna Lord is Weak, it makes the entire Navamsa chart Weak.

What Navamsa chart indicates

Navamsa chart Indicates About your Marriage Partner, Marriage Time, Quality of Married Life, Your Overall Fortune, Your career and Professional Life, Your Natural Ability and Skills, Your Spiritual progress, Your Financial gain and Wealth, Planetary Strength and Weakness etc. It indicates How Lucky or Unlucky You are in this birth.

What are the Use and Significance of Navamsa Chart

Often People ask that How important is Navamsa Chart? I will tell you that in my practical experience I have found this Divisional Chart extremely Important for Checking Birth Chart. Among Various Vargas the importance of Navamsa is universally acclaimed. It is considered to be next to birth chart or equal to birth chart if not more.

Almost all astrologers use Navamsha and birth chart together to assess strengths of various houses and planets before giving any opinion. In Vedic astrology, Navamsha occupies an outstanding position and draws one’s attention for deeper understanding/ scrutiny. The study of a birth chart gives only the gross indications of characteristics of various houses and planets, while Navamsha offers their detailed Values.

It is Very Significant  that each Navamsa is equal to one Nakshatra Pada and we all know how important the influence of Nakshatra is.

Maharshi Parasara who is called the ” Father of Moder day Astrology ” has given immense importance to this Divisional Chart. Mr. B V Raman, the greatest Astrologer of this Century, has used the D9 Chart along with Rashi chart only in his Famous Book ” How to Judge Horoscope” to Discuss every area of our Life be it Marriage, Career, Education anything. So you can understand that this divisional Chart is given Special importance.

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This chart will tell you how Much Capable or how much Strong your Birth Chart actually is. As we Know that 9th house stands for fortune or Luck, so the 9th Division i.e. Navamsa will actually indicate about our Luck. Sometime we see a Chart with 3-4 Exalted Planet or planets in own Sign but that person do not get anything significant in his life.

But again a person with not so fancy placement of planet achieves lot of Status and position in Life. This happens because in the first case though the planet looked very strong in Own sign or in exaltation sign but they are debilitated or in enemy sign in D9 chart.

An exalted Planet when becomes debilitated in D9 or in enemy Sign in Navamsa, it do not give good result. So though the chart looked great from outside but actually the chart was not strong enough to deliver result.

You can have Multiple Raj Yoga and Dhana Yoga in your chart. But if the Planets which are making these Yogas are not Strong in D9 chart and other divisional Charts, the results of these Yogas will not be felt. Whereas If the Yogas also appear in Navamsha Chart, You will get excellent results.

Almost all astrologer should use Navamsa and birth chart together to asses strength of Various houses and Planets before giving any prediction. The analysis of Birth chart or Lagna Chart only gives a gross indication about Various houses and Planets. But for deeper understanding we need to use D9 chart. It is like Backbone of your Main Natal Chart.

We can say that D9 chart is the fruit when Main Birth chart is the Tree. A tree may look very beautiful but the fruit may not be Sweet. But a Tree may Look ugly but its fruit can be very sweet.

The D9 chart can be used as a Supplementary of the Natal Chart. If something is Missing or hidden in Lagna Chart or birth chart, it can be found here.

Navamsa has wider application on Various areas of Life but it focuses more on 7th house Significance. So while Checking the Marriage prospect you must check D9 Chart. You can Read the detailed discussion on How to read Navamsa Chart for Marriage.

There are Various Concept Like Vargottama, Pushkara Navamsa, Rasi Tulya Navamsa etc which are very Much important to understand the actual Potential of a Planet in a Chart. It helps us to understand what kind of result a Planet will deliver in its Dasha and Bhukti.

Jaimini Astrology has also given Very high importance to the use of D9 chart. The Placement of Atmakaraka Planet in this chart is very important. This Sign is known as Karakamsa Lagna in Jaimini. This Lagna has a wide application in Jaimini Astrology.

The Significance of Navamsa has been accepted in Nadi astrology also. In Chandrakala Nadi various Sutra or combinations has been given about the use of Navamsa. As Per the Karma Theory, Natal Chart indicates the Sanchita Karma and Navamsa Chart indicates the prarabdha Karma.

Though We Should check all the Matters from Navamsa but for Marriage, it is the Purpose chart. It focuses more about 7th house significations in an implicit way. This chart is also important for your Overall fortune, Professional Life and career too.

It is also very important Chart for Spiritual Progress and religious Matters. A person who wants to progress in Spiritual path should have a Strong indication in his D9 Chart. The Ishta Devata whom a person should worship for Religious enlightenment is derived with the help of D9 chart. The Placement of Atmakaraka Planet in this Chart will tell you about this. You can read our discussion about Atmakaraka Planet and Ishta Devata.

When Navamsa chart gets activated

Navamsa chart gets Activated as Soon as you are born. But As D9 chart indicates Our Later Life or Life after Middle Age, Generally People tells that it gets Activated After Marriage which is Wrong. All Divisional charts are derived from Main Birth chart and all of them gets Activated with your Rashi chart.

Is Navamsa Chart Activates After Marriage

There is a very wrong conception among Some People that this chart activates after Marriage. But it is completely Wrong. Navamsa chart is derived from Main Birth chart. The planets Positions in the main Birth chart are Physical Positions or Positions in the Zodiac during our birth. But any divisional Chart including D9 chart is only Logical placement or interpretation. SO the moment we have taken birth in this world all our Divisional Chart D9, D10, D12 are activated.

Further, Great astrologer Like K N Rao, B V Raman has suggested to check education, Job etc from Navamsa chart also along with main chart. It is quite obvious that you will not go to school after Marriage or you are not going to search Job after Marriage. There can be some exception but in most cases it do not happen in this way. So Navamsa Chart is active from the very first day you have taken birth.

We need to remember that only Planets has some activation year but not any chart. And that activation year is also for certain Purpose only. It does not mean that the Planet will be inactive till the activation year. The planet simply give some results or show some specific results after that Particular Period and that is why it is termed as activation Period.

You can Read about the Marriage time prediction from Navamsa to understand this concept more.

Exalted and Debilitated Planet in Navamsa chart

If a Planet is exalted in Rashi chart or Main birth chart but becomes debilitated in D9 chart, it fails to give Good Result. On the contrary if the exalted planets is in own Sign or in a Friendly Sign in the Navamsa chart, it gives very Good Results.

Every exaltation sign in the Natal Chart has an exalted Navamsa and a debilitated Navamsa.

Exaltation and Debilitation is a way to measure the Strength of a Planet. When a Planet become exalted, it is considered to be strong. But Exalted Planets do not give expected or desired result always. This is due to its Weakness in the Navamsha or other Divisional Charts.

The exalted Planet should not occupy enemy Sign and also should not be Afflicted by Malefic or enemy Planet in D9 chart. If a planet is exalted in Rashi chart but becomes debilitated in D9 chart, its looses its strength significantly. So it can not give expected results.

That is why we check the strength of the Planets in Navamsa and other divisional chart while checking the Horoscopes. Otherwise you will always wonder why you are not getting Desired results. You Can also Book a Horoscope Analysis from Me.

If a debilitated Planet becomes exalted in the Navamsa chart, its debilitation is cancelled. It is one of the main criteria to cancel the debilitation or Neechbhanga. There are several other principles too by which debilitation of planet is canceled.

In Such Circumstances, the debilitated planet will give you beneficial results. For Example You are Born with cancer Ascendant and Saturn is your 7th Lord. But Saturn is placed in Aries where it becomes Debilitated but Saturn is in Libra Navamsa. In this Situation, Saturn will give you Beneficial results and you will not get the Malefic results of Saturn.

The Importance of Navamsa Lagna and Other Houses

The Sign having Navamsa Lagna is known as Lagnamsa. The D9 chart being an extension of 9th house, it shows us what Dharma one has brought from the Past Life. It indicates the blessings of Almighty on us due to our Pat Life Karma. So the 4 Kendra of D9 chart is very important for Dharma or Our Duty.

The Trikon Houses or 1st, 5th and 9th house indicates our Natural abilities. These abilities comes naturally or easily to you due to your past life work. So these Trikon Houses of D9 chart is Very important to Know about your abilities and focusing or strengthening these Houses will Improve your fortune.

The Trikon Houses also known as Lakshmi Sthan or these are the houses that has got the blessings of Mata Lakshmi. So Strengthening your Trikon will be very Helpful for improving your financial condition.

You can watch my video to know about significance of each house in Navamsa chart.

Vargottama Navamsa

Vargottama means when any Planet occupy Same Sign in Rashi chart as well as in Navamsa chart. So its Natal and Navamsa dispositor is Same. If the Lagna or Ascendant of a Person Becomes Vargottama, it is highly beneficial. The Lagna becomes extremely powerful and Lagna Lord will be able to take you to a great height.

All the Classic as well Modern astrologers universally has accepted the importance of Vargottama Planets. Among all the Planets Much importance has been given to Vargottama Lagna and Vargottama Moon.

But in some cases you will see that a Planet is debilitated in Rashi chart and also debilitated in Navamsa chart. In Such a Situation even though the planet becomes Vargottama, it is not considered as an Auspicious Position.

If in a Rashi chart, a planet is between 0 deg and 3rd deg 20’ in a movable sign, between 13 deg 20’ in a fixed sign and between 20 deg 40’ to 30 deg then the planet is said to be in Vergottama Navamsha. This means that the planet is in the same sign both in the Rashi chart and Navamsha Chart.

If Mars is an Aries in the Rashi chart and also in the Navamsha chart then Mars is said to be own house Vargottama. If Saturn is in Aries sign in the Rashi chart and also in the Aries sign in the Navamsha chart, then Saturn is said to be Debilitated Vargottama. In the same situation the Sun will be termed as Exalted Vargottama.

Benefic Vargottama Ascendants are Taurus Asc. – Taurus Navamsha, Gemini Asc. – Gemini Navamsha, Cancer Asc. – Cancer Navamsha, VirgoAsc. – Virgo Navamsha, Libra Asc. – Libra Navamsha, Sagittarius Asc. – Sagittarus Navamsha, Pisces Asc. – Pisces Navamsha.

Malefic Vargottama Ascendants are – Aries Asc. – Aries Navamsha, Leo Asc. – Leo Navamsha, Scorpio Asc. – Scorpio Navamsha, Capricorn Asc. – Capricorn Navamsha, Aquarius Asc. – Aquarius Navamsha.

Sometimes the planets which are in their own house in the Rashi chart will move to the other house owned by them in Navamsha, such a position is called as Swa-Navamsha. For example, Mars is in Aries in Rashi chart but in Navamsha if Mars is posited in Scorpio then Mars is said to be in Swa-Navamsha.

Similarly Venus in Libra (Rashi) to Taurus, Mercury in Virgo to Gemini, Jupiter in Pisces to Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn to Aquarius.

Pushkar Navamsa

The word Pushkar means to nourish or nurture. Pushkar-Amsa is a Specific Degree of each sign which gives Very Auspicious result when any planet is posited there. Pushkar Navamsa is a Particular Navamsa or an arc of 3deg 20 minute in each Sign. Each Sign has two Such Navamsa or the entire Zodiac has 24 Such Navamsa.

These Navamsa are all Benefic Navamsa owned by Natural Benefic planet. Placement of more planet in Pushkar Navamsa is also indicative of a Strong Chart.

Karakamsha Lagna

As per Jaimini System the planet with the highest degree is Known as Atmakaraka. The sign in which the Atmaraka is placed in the Navamsha chart is called as Karakamsha Lagna. It is possible to evaluate the 12 houses of the horoscope from this Karakamsha Lagna. This Chart is known as Karakamsha Chart.

To illustrate, if in the Navamsha chart, from Atmakaraka or Karakamsha Ascendent any planet is in the 10th house, then that planet or planets will influence the profession of the native. Planets in Kendra House from the Karakamsha will also influence the profession of the native.  Planets in the 12th House from karakamsha Lagna is very important for Spiritual Progress. God or Deity which is represented by this Planet is also known as Ishta Devata.

If you Want, You Can Take My consultation for Any kind of your Queries Regarding Your Horoscope.

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You can Read More About Ishta Devata and Atmakaraka from our Article on Atmakaraka Pkanet and Ishta Devata.

Navamsa Chart in Marriage

Navamsha chart is to be used to understand the family life of a native. The important things to be considered are the Navamsha Ascendent, Karakas, Dasha lord and Bhukti Lord.

In a Horoscope 7th house is the House of Marriage. We have to check the 7th Lord and Karaka of Navamsa also.

Seventh House of Navamsa chart- It is the House that Governs the Marriage. The Promise of Marriage, the Age of Marriage and the Quality of Marriage can be Known from this House.

Seventh Lord- Seventh Lord is the Owner of 7th House. It is equally responsible for Marriage and Marriage related Affairs. An Afflicted or Weak or Debilitated 7th Lord will not be able to Look after its own House. Whereas a Strong and Well Placed 7th Lord will improve the 7th house.

Karaka- The Karaka for Marriage is Venus. It is also indicator of Wife in case of Male native. In case of female we have to consider both Mars and Jupiter. Venus also indicates Love, Sex etc. So All these Karakas Should be well placed in Navamsa chart for a Good Marriage.

If the Ascendant lord of the Navamsha chart is Exalted, or in own house or in a friend’s house, the spouse of the native will be of good character and a good person.

If the Navamsha ascendant lord is in good position the marriage will take place early or at the appropriate time. But if it is weak and not in a good Position, the marriage may be delayed. If the Navamsha Ascendant lord is debilitated then the spouse will not be a good person but if exalted will be a very good person.

I have discussed and explained few charts in this video. You can watch it to know about your marriage from Navamsa.


How to Improve your Fortune through Navamsa

Navamsa is the 9th Division of your Horoscope. So it is obviously related with your Fortune and it will give indication about How Much Fortunate you are. There are a Lot of Methods and Principles about this. But I will Tell you a Very Simple Technique which will definitely Improve your fortune. You Should Always Strengthen the Planets of Which Rule the 9th house or 5th house or Lagna of Navamsa Chart. 9th/5th/1st house is undoubtedly the House of Fortune, Wealth and Well being. So If you can Strengthen these Planets, it will undoubtedly Improve your Luck or Fortune.

But remember, Strengthen Always does not mean Wearing gemstone. If you do not want to Wear gemstone, You can also strengthen the planets by Worshipping the Gods of that Planet. For Example, You Can Worship Lord Hanuman for Mars, Durga Mata for Rahu, Krishna for Moon, Ganesha for Ketu, Lord Ram or Shiva for Sun, Lord Vishnu for Mercury etc.

Navamsa is a Very crucial chart and if you are also Curious to know about your D9 chart, You Can Book a reading from Me.

Now Lets answer some Frequently asked questions

What is the Significance of Navamsa chart

Navamsa or D9 chart is Used to Analyse the Strength of Planets and Yogas of Your Horoscope. It also used to understand your fortune. It Will also give clue about your Pending Karma of Previous Life.  It is also very Important Chart to Know About your Marriage, Marriage Partner, Spiritual Progress etc.

Does your Navamsa chart become the Main birth chart After the age of 36 in Astrology

No. Navamsa is a Divisional chart and No Divisional Chart can not give result Which is not promised in the Main Birth Chart. So it will Never become your Main Birth chart.

What happens if someone has a Good Birth chart but a Bad Navamsa

This is not good. If Your birth Chart is Strong but D9 chart is Weak, It will not give Favourable results. The Planets become Weak and will not be able to give their Beneficial results. So You Will Struggle in Your Life and you will not get what is Promised in your Main birth Chart.

What happens if Navamsa chart is stronger than the Rashi chart

If you have a Weak Birth Chart but Strong D9 chart, You will get Good Success in Your Life. So this is good. The Planets condition improves in Navamsa chart means by your Hard work and effort, You will improve your Life. All the Successful person has Strong or Good D9 Chart.

What is more precise, Lagna chart or Navamsa chart?

Navamsa chart is More Precise than the Lagna Chart. D9 chart is the 9th Division of Lagna chart or when the Lagna Chart is divided in 9 parts, D9 chart is created. So D9 chart is More precise than Lagna chart.


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