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Political Success through Astrology or Horoscope

Desire for political power has always been at the top of professional achievements. Most of the successful persons of various engagements such as films, actors, actresses, industrialists, poets, journalists, writers, engineers, doctors, judges, advocates, civil servants and educational heads have always been the aspirants of political power, all over the world.

In this Article we will discuss about the Astrological Combinations for Political Power or Success in Politics.

Politics is all About Power and Authority. Therefore, the strongest planetary combinations and Rajyogas must be present in the birth chart for political heights, prosperity, power and popularity.

It should be clear that the 9th house must be very strong in addition to Lagna or Ascendant. 9th house is the house of Fortune and you Must be fortunate enough to Attain Height in Politics. One, having a strong 10th house but weak 9th house, cannot attain much professional height. Even if one has a strong 9th but weak 10th house, he can touch the political heights. If You have a strong 10th and strong 9th house, You will reach that position by way of Your professional merits. 

Important Planets and Houses in Astrology for Political Success

1. The Ascendant: The ascendant must be strong. It should be occupied by a benefic, Yogakaraka, 9th or 10th or 5th lord, or should be occupied by its own lord, and should be well aspected. The Strong Ascendant will give a Strong Personality and will help you to reach a Good Position in Life.

2. The 9th house: The 9th house must be very strong. It should be occupied by its own lord or by the lord of 4th of 10th house and by the lord of Lagna or Ascendant. The 9th Lord should also be well disposed of in the 10th, 4th, 1st or 9th house and should be aspected by its own Lord or the Lord of 5th, 10th, 4th, or 1st house. Strong 9th house and 9th Lord will make you Very Fortunate and it needs no mention that only a fortunate person can become a Political Leader or MLA or Minister. 

3. The 10th house: The 10th house must be very strong. The lord of the 10th should occupy 9th, 5th or 4th house and should be well aspected. The planets placed in the 10th house should be strong and should own 9th, 5th, 1st or 4th house. 10th house is the House of Karma or Profession. It is also the House of Authority, Position and Prestige. So Strong 10th house and 10th Lord will give you Authority, Power and Position. 

The 9th and 10th Lords should either exchange their signs or should be in mutual angle or triangle, or should be associated with each other. If these are not so placed and other combinations are favourable, one may get the political success/power but he will soon have to face political crisis or downfall. 

The Sun and Moon, and also Mars do play a vital role in providing political power. The 1st, 9th, & 10th houses should be influenced by either of these, or all. This holds good even if the lords of 5th, 9th and 10th fall in the sign or Navamsa of Sun, Moon or Mars. This is equally good if the Sun, Moon and Mars fall in the sign or Navamsa of 5th, 9th, and 10th lords. 

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For a good fortune, 9th from 9th i.e. 5th house should also be taken into consideration. If the 9th and 5th lords are in mutual angle or triangle, this will further promote the political fortune provided above mentioned combinations are also present in the chart. 

It has been observed by us that the 8th house plays a prominent role in those engagements or occupations, which have a concern with masses. The 8th house is the 11th from the 10th and 10th from the 11th. Generally, the placement of the 10th lord in the 8th house, and vice versa, is considered bad for professional prosperity. But We Should Remember that it is bad for the professional aspect if the 10th lord is afflicted by Malefics in the 8th house, or vice-versa. However, leaders and popular political personalities influence the masses and public. That is the reason that the 8th house should be taken into consideration in the horoscope of political persons.

Karmic Control Planets (KCPs) i.e. the dispositors of Rahu and Ketu play a very important role in each of the nativity. If both KCPs are placed together, this makes very powerful Rajyoga. If both are in an angle of triangle from each other that is also a Raiyoga, which promotes the career of the native. If KCP is conjoined with Rahu or Ketu the strength of that planet to do good gets enhanced. If both KCPs are in Khadashtak (6/8) or Dwidwadas (2/12) from each other, the nativity becomes weak.

Upachaya houses i.e. 3rd, 6th and 11th house also play a significant role in the horoscopes of leaders, ministers and politicians. The lords of these houses if have a concern with the 10th house or its lord, the probability of entering into actual politics gets strengthened.

Karakas in Astrology for Political Power

The royal planets, Sun and Moon, play a prominent role in making one a successful politician and confer on him power and quality of administration or rule. Mars indicates courage, boldness, frankness, confidence and patience. One can not become a leader or politician unless he has courage and ability to fight and struggle.

Jupiter indicates reforms, help, and development, establishments to provide security, safety and to see the interest of the public and to take the nation on the right path.

So, the Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter should be well placed in Rashi and Navamsa. 

It has been found that the leaders of masses, industrialists, who command and control thousands of employees, film actors, actresses and singers, dancers etc., who rule over the heart and emotions of the people, have specific planetary combinations in their birth chart, where the 8th house or lord have an impact over 10th house, or, vice-versa. If the 10th lord occupies ” 8th house, or the 8th lord falls in the 10th house, the native will have to struggle a lot with regard to professional prosperity but he will unexpectedly rise and command masses. Many people will either work under him or will like and obey him.

Rahu should be considered supporting significator for the profession pertaining to power and politics. Placement of Rahu in the 10th house or 10th lord, or with the significators, provides and interest in politics. 

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Atmakaraka Planet is also Important in this aspect. The planet, which is placed at the maximum degree in any sign, is termed as Atmakaraka planet. The lord of the Navamsa and the constellation occupied by the Atmakaraka planet gives a direction towards the means of earning livelihood. This is quite important for the confirmation and justification of the profession as examined in the birth chart of a native. 

Thus, there are so many points to be taken into consideration for reaching to an ultimate conclusion whether the native will be successful in the field of politics i.e. he will become a successful politician, M.L.A., M.P., Minister, Chief Minister, Prime Minister and the like. 

Not only the Presence of these combinations are important but also Running of a Favourable Dasha is also important. You need to get a Favourable Time Period for Getting Desired Result.

Some Quick Question Answare here…

Which planet is responsible political success?

Success in politics depends on the alignment of several key planets in your horoscope, namely the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Having these planets in favorable positions bodes well for your political career.

What determines success in astrology?

Astrology can provide insights into an individual’s potential for success. The strength of the horoscope at the moment of birth, as well as the location of the planet ruling the rising sign and the Sun, can give clues about an individual’s prospects for success. The 10th house of the horoscope, and its ruler, are particularly important in determining an individual’s potential for success and brilliance.

What is political horoscope?

The preamble of the Constitution, often called the “Political Horoscope,” establishes the governance of the country and outlines the basic philosophy and nature of the Indian state. K.M. Munshi, one of the drafters of the Constitution, aptly named it as such because it charted the course for the future of India.

What if Rahu is in 10th house?

People with Rahu in the 10th house are likely to become wealthy and famous. They may find success in fields such as media, entertainment, or software. If their career is related to the masses, they will likely experience even more success.

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