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Pukhraj Stone – Benefits and Price

Pukhraj stone is one of the most precious gemstones in the world. It is also known as Sapphire stone or Pukhraj stone. It is the most recognized gemstone in astrology which is highly worn by most of the people in India and as well as abroad. The Sapphire stones are made up of mineral corundum which contains aluminum oxide with trace amounts of elements like iron, chromium, vanadium, titanium, and magnesium.

It is generally blue in color but nowadays it is also found in white, purple, yellow, orange, green, and red. The blue color is considered to be the best color for Sapphires as it is highly intense, velvety, and deep royal. It has a fine AAA quality which makes it priceless and more beautiful.

The Sapphire gemstones are one of the most expensive stones as they are rarest and most valuable. These are highly desirable because of the attractive colors and smooth and shiny texture. Though the price of these stones is highly expensive in the market people can’t refuse to buy it because of its beautiful, unique, and attractive appearance.

Sapphires are generally found in the countries like USA, UK, Sri Lanka, Australia, Mexico, Thailand, and India. But especially in India, the Sapphire stones are found in Jammu and these stones are believed to be the best stones in the whole universe.

According to astrology, Pushkaraj stones are highly powerful to enhance professional property and blissful matrimony. It also improves your will power and healthy progeny. Besides this, it will also bring wealth, fame, happiness, prosperity, peace, and long life to the wearer.

How Saturn is the ruling planet for the Blue Pushkaraj stone

According to astrology, the blue sapphire stones are the symbol of energy, peace, and healing. It is considered as the stone of mental focus, inner peace, and awareness. And therefore it is ruled by Saturn planet which is considered to be the god who teaches his natives about patience, perseverance, and never-say-die. Typically, in Palmistry, it is necessary to recommend the gemstones based on the placements of planets in one’s horoscope.

On the other hand, Jupiter is the ruling planet for yellow Sapphire gemstone which is known as Guru of all devtas and Guru is the significant planet for brain and knowledge. This auspicious planet provides pleasure, fame, wisdom, mined power, and knowledge to its natives.

Pushkaraj stone benefits

There are a lot of benefits of Pushkaraj stone that will effectively help you to change your life. And here we are going to talk about the Pushkaraj stone benefits and advantages –

  • The Sapphire gemstones help the wearer by providing them massive wealth, fame, courage dignity, honor, and superior well-being. It improves financial status and brings peace, prosperity, and happiness to an individual’s
  • These gemstones show miracles in one’s life if you believe in them. It gives a huge success to the wearers in their professional life, career goals, and business. It is highly effective for the students and they can achieve great heights by using these
  • The Sapphire gemstones are known to be the symbol of love, harmony, and friendship. It can make your married life full of happiness and love. Specially It satisfies a woman by providing her a loving and prosperous groom and reunites separated lovers as well. It can also bless a family with a son.
  • The stone has a lot of healing properties and it is good for our health. It cures various types of diseases like joint pain, cough, piles, and lung diseases. It also helps to solve kidney and bones related issues. If a person is suffering from bad breathe and foul mouth smell, then they should definitely use this miraculous gemstone and it will effectively reduce the bad mouth
  • The Neelam stone provides its wearer a clear thought, focus, concentration, intelligence, accurate decision-making power, self-confidence, mental clarity, and power to solve all the confusions and doubts. It will reduce the tendency of getting angry and also provide mental peace to the wearer.
  • It protects its owners from all the negative things like buri nazar and evil-eyes. It removes the fear of ghosts, bad dreams, or worst nightmares. The stone also protects the wearer from dangers like road-accidents, natural calamities like storms, fires, etc. It creates a positive environment around you. It gives a stroke of great luck and blesses a person with a long
  • The Sapphire gemstone opens up the Ajna Chakra which opens up the pituitary gland to boost imagination and creative abilities. It also balances the Crown Chakra which controls the cosmic energies.
  • In Indian tradition, the yellow Sapphire gemstones serve as an auspicious engagement ring which removes all the obstacles in getting married and controls the imbalance in the relationships.
  • If you are ambitious and want to do something great in your life then, you should definitely wear these yellow Sapphire gemstones that can work instantly to change your
  • In today’s time, you can get one more benefit of Sapphire gemstones that you can get your own personalized stone according to your own
  • Though this stone is most precious and valuable, it is considered as one of the most important gifts to impress your family members or your loved ones. You can present them with a necklace, pendant, bracelet, and rings as a symbol of love and
  • A natural yellow Sapphire gemstone can balance the Vishudhi Chakra to improve the communication skills, expressions, and creativity of a
  • Especially people in the teaching profession can get a lot of benefits through this gemstone because the gemstone is ruled by Guru which is Jupiter planet. They can earn a lot of money and knowledge in their professional life.

Why Blue Sapphire gemstones are best

Blue Sapphire gemstones which are also known as Neelam gemstones are believed to be the best gemstones in the astrological world. It is considered to be the fastest acting gemstones which show its effects within 36 hours. By using it, you can just feel an amazing change in your daily life.

It will bring instant wealth and happiness to the wearer and helps to improve meditation and self-realization. It also works as a good companion in the spiritual journey of the people. This gemstone is highly powerful and effective which can give both positive and negative effects. And therefore one should always take advice from an experienced astrologer before wearing it.

Who should wear Blue Sapphire gemstone

Who should wear blue sapphires is a big question these days. But at first, you should definitely consult your gem experts before wearing these stones. It will bring you better results otherwise you will have to face the side effects and your life can go into danger.

  • Blue sapphire stones are highly effective for individuals whose Saturn is placed in the 2nd, 7th, 10th, and 11th
  • As Saturn is so favorable and powerful for a Libra native, people whose Saturn is placed in the 1st, 4th, 5th, or 9th house should definitely wear this blue gemstone to have good fortune and
  • We all know that Saturn is a neutral planet for Virgo descendant so they should use the blue sapphires only when Saturn holds the position in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th, or 11th.

Remember that it’s better to use a ring made of Sapphire stone because it should continuously be in touch with your skin, so that its energy can give a positive effect on you. Once it is done, then the aura becomes more powerful and helps the people to fight with all the obstacles coming into their lives because of the external negative energies.

Best time and finger to wear Pushkaraj stones

According to many Indian astrologists, Thursday is considered to be the most auspicious day to wear Sapphire gemstones. One should always wear it on the index finger of the right hand. The stone should be mounted in a gold ring for quick and better results. And the ring must be worn on Thursday morning between 5 am to 7 am during Shukla Paksha or waxing moon.

Activation and wearing of Pushkaraj stone

Before wearing the Pushkaraj gemstone, one should bath first on Thursday morning. Then, sit on an asan in front of the god in your house temple. Take a small container full of pure cow milk and dip the gemstone ring in it for almost an hour so that every negativity will disappear from it.

After that, you should pray to God for blessings and ask them to fulfill your all desires through the stone. You just have to do this procedure with a great mantra that is “Graam Greem Garum Sah Gurve Namah”. After an hour, remove the ring from the milk and wash it properly with fresh holy water like gangajal. Now wear the ring on the index finger of your right hand.

Identification of Sapphire gemstones

To identify the real Pushkaraj stone you can use the tips given below –

  • All the precious gemstones should have some interior inclusions like bubble, feather, or fingerprint impressions which should be visible to the naked eyes or under magnification. But in some cases, these are not found. And by this, you can say that these can be a piece of glass or a synthetic
  • The natural Sapphire stones have slow crystallization. These are very clear and transparent having a smooth texture. It shines abnormally in the
  • To identify a real yellow Sapphire gemstone, just heat it up and it will contain the shape of the setting sun.
  • If you scrub the gemstone against the wall or touchstone then its color becomes But if it contains a smudge of black color or appears two-color then it shows that the stone is fake or synthetic.
  • To identify a genuine Sapphire gemstone, suppressed it with the help of the index finger and thumb of your hand and if it slips away from your hand then it is a genuine

Pushkaraj stone price

These types of gemstones are highly expensive in the market because they are rarest and considered to be the most valuable thing. Pushkaraj stone price totally depends upon their color, transparency, texture, luster, size, shape, cut, and finishing. Better the quality, higher will be the rate. Any major or minor changes can change the price of these stones.

Though it is a very precious and unique gemstone, it is highly demanded in India whose price ranges from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 per carat. Depending upon the high qualities, a Ceylon or Yellow Sri Lanka Sapphire gemstone can cost Rs 12000 to Rs 20100 per carat. Also, a Burmese Yellow Sapphire gemstone can easily be found in the market with Rs 25000 per carat. The price range varies according to your requirement and you can just customize it as per your budget.

To fulfill the needs of our clients, we are always here to serve you the best. Our company is a great seller of Sapphire gemstones and we will serve you the best, genuine, and premium quality Pushkaraj stones on our website Panchvaati.com. You can buy it from here at exclusive prices.

Remember that if you get a good quality gemstone in the market at a cheaper price then definitely it will be a synthetic or used Sapphire stone. And these types of synthetic gemstones are available everywhere in the local market at a low price. But these are not helpful to you. Check it properly before buying it.


So from the above blog, you have come to know how Sapphire gemstones are important and beneficial to us in our daily life. There are many ways in front of you to get the Pushkaraj stone benefits. You can easily buy it online at your home without going anywhere else. It is so powerful that it can change a person’s life within hours.

And if you are impressed with it then you will definitely buy it to change your life or to have good fortune. And these all types of original gemstones including Sapphire stones are available on our website Panchvaati.com. You can get them easily from here and the Pushkaraj stone price is so reasonable. If you want to know which gemstone is good for you, we are always here for you, you can freely contact us through our site.

Some Quick Question Answare here…

What is the benefit of the Pukhraj stone?

The Pukhraj Stone protects the wearer from evil and provides connubial happiness and satisfaction for women especially. However, it provides her with a loving and prosperous bachelor, love, If the wearer is a woman.

Which Colour of Pukhraj stone is best?

Ceylon Yellow Sapphire is most effective for stylish astrological results. Popularly known as Sri-Lankan Pukhraj, this gravestone displays deep unheroic color with only a fair or respectable quantum of eliminations.

Is Pukhraj harmful?

Still, this may affect serious health problems, If the color of the Pukhraj isn’t bright at the time of its purchase. Still, it means that holding on to the rock any longer can bring his life If the Unheroic Sapphire starts showing some white spots on it.

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