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Punarphoo Dosha-Strong Indicator of Relationship Breakup in Astrology


Love Astrology is a very critical and difficult thing to discuss. But I know most of the young persons are very Keen to know about their Love Life, Relationship, future partner etc. Punarphoo Dosha or sometime called Punarpoo Yoga is such a combination in Horoscope that can cause sudden break in Relationship.

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No one is perfectin this world. And so is the Horoscope. Every Horoscope has something or other problem and we call it as Dosha in Vedic Astrology.  Such a Dosha which can impact our Love life is Punarpoo Yoga. I believe in, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. We often see that during our college days so many people fall in Love but unfortunately very few sustains and able to reach up to marriage. We often hear the word that a guy or a girl has dumped some one but we do not try to find out the root cause of it. Astrologically there can be several affliction to the chart which may lead to broken relationship and one of them is Punarphoo Dosha.

What is Punarphoo Dosha and its impact in Love Astrology

Punarpoo Yoga has been mentioned in several texts including Brihat Jataka of Varahmihira. Punar means Re occurring something, like punarjanma i.e. rebirth. So this name signifies the end of something and starting of a new one, in case of Love and Romance, it can be end of a relationship and starting of a new one. When Saturn influences Moon either by conjunction or mutual Aspect or exchange of sign or Exchange of Nakshtra, This Yoga occurs. It becomes more intense if seventh house is also associated some how. Like if Saturn is posited in seventh or Moon is the Seventh Lord etc. With the effect of this dosha the person, changes his or her mind suddenly and breaks the relation. The person takes u-turn abruptly without any valid reason. It has been seen to impact chart of women more.

Is it Worthy to give Weightage to Punarpoo Yoga while discussing Love Astrology

This is my humble opinion that this Yoga should be checked for a healthy relationship. It is worthy of attention. If you see a birth chart of a Women who is having this dosha, is very much unpredictable and can change her mind all on a sudden without proper reason. I have seen a birth chart of girl, i will not be able to provide the details due to some issue, who married her boy friend after 5 yrs of relationship and very next day she asked for divorce. No body till date do not know why she did this.

Note one important point. In the case of Punarphoo Dosha, It is not the other person who does the dumping; it is the person who has the dosha does it. They suddenly start thinking that this relationship is not their cup of tea and end up taking a abrupt decision. It is they, who start to find and pick faults in the other person. The very same qualities which attracted them towards the other, now becomes the reason to break the relationship. That is the result of Punarphoo Dosha. It is very much active till the age of 30, after which it gradually fades.

So Should we Leave a person whom we Love only because astrology is having Some Dosha ?

This Question may arise in your mind and it is very much common to arise. The answer is NO. As only a single planet can not determine your fate similarly a single Yoga can not do the same. Astrologically If Jupiter is aspects this moon, it will reduce the effect to a large extent. If these two planets i.e.saturn and Moon does not have a direct connection with the seventh house, the effect is reduced to a great extent. In this cases, if there is a change of heart, it will not be an abrupt or sudden change. It will be much smoother transition.

Love Astrology is all about understanding the other person with the help of Astrology. It helps improving relationships.

Our Next discussion on Love Astrology will be based upon Sun sign. We will discuss relationship with which sun sign is good.  If you Like my writing, Give Like to my FB Page here Astrologylover FB Page




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