Rahu in 10th House-Ultimate Guide for All Ascendant & Sign


Rahu in 10th house

Rahu in 10th house is a Good Placement for Professional Success. It can take you to great Height but if not well placed, it will give lot of obstacles and Problem in your Career. Rahu is a very Powerful Planet and also a very Mysterious Planet.

But before Going into further deep Let us discuss about Rahu and the 10th house.

Significance of Rahu

In our Vedic Astrology that there are 9 Grahas or Planets that construct the Astronomical world. Among those nine planets or astronomical bodies, Rahu is considered to be Chaya Graha or Shadowy Planet. But it is So Powerful and its effect is So prominent that it was given the status of a planet by our sages. Unlike the other planets, Rahu along with Ketu does not have any physical shape or visual existence. However, both of its influences, beneficial and malefic does have very strong impact on your life.

According to our Indian Vedic Astrology, as Rahu is said to be a strong enemy of the Sun and the Moon. Actually Rahu and Ketu together are the two astronomical points in the sky and are called the North Node and South node respectively.

Rahu is a planet that generally favours the politicians. It helps them getting great power and opportunities to mount in the politics at any cost, fair or unfair, that does not matter.

When Rahu is in exaltation in any sign in your horoscope, it has the power or ability to make you popular and wealthy. In the same way, if it is placed negatively, he can make one confused, depressed and devoid of Material Benefits.

Significance of 10th house

Karmasthana, in Vedic Astrology is the 10th house or bhava, when is counted from the Lagna or the Ascendant or the natal position of the Moon. It also is called the Kirti sthana or the Rajya sthana. In the science of astrology, it is the house for your action and profession. 10th house signifies your status, position, command or authority and all the other actions related to it.

10th house also highlights your relationship to society or a particular community or circle. This house is ruled by Capricorn in natural zodiac. So, as it is the Karma Bhava, being the indicator of this house, a strongest Sun can make you highly successful. A strong Saturn will make you even a better person with good lifestyle and high social status.

You Can Read our other 10th house Discussion for more information.

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Effect of Rahu in 10th House

Rahu in 10th house generally does not have bad impact on the individual. Though its placement in 10th house does not always prove to be auspicious too. But if it is Blessed and Supported by Other Planets and Yogas, It can take a Person to great height.

Being placed in 10th house, Rahu can make you an artist with skill and enriched with the knowledge of literature. You may get a lot of opportunity to travel. It can make one a famous businessman. You will be a bold person and always love to do adventures. When associated with a benefic, Rahu can give you good places for living.

If Rahu becomes strong in 10th house, it can make you even an administrator. You may have the cruelty but that can not stop you from achieving name, fame and success. It is Famous for creating Ruthless Businessman. 10th house is the Strongest Kendra and the House which is responsible for Social Status and Position. So a Strong and benefic Rahu in 10th house can create Lot of Influential and Successful Person. The Kind of Success and Fame that Rahu can Bestow in this House is immense or unparalleled. No Planet can Match with the Magnitude of Success that 10th house Rahu can Give. You can Read our Discussion on the Role of Rahu in creating Astrological Yogas for Fame.

But Along with House Placement we need to See the Nakshtra, Condition in Divisional Chart, Support from Other Planets etc.

Having a 10th house Rahu, you may be Shrewd and do not even hesitate to waste money. But nobody can dominate you because of your fearlessness and courage.

There are many views about the effects of Rahu in 10th house and in many cases they are contradictory to each other. Some astrologers have said that the effects of Rahu in 10th house are same as of Saturn in 10th house. Rahu, being conjunct with a benefic in 10th house can make you benefited with a sudden rise in career. In the same way, when conjunct with a malefic, it will affect with downfall.

When Rahu is Afflicted in 10th house, you will suffer some troubles regarding your insanity and pride. You may be talkative and get employed in departments like Insurance, Bank, Railways etc. There is a possibility of having instability in your financial condition. Your parents may also have physical as well as economical problems. You will face problem due to Hidden enemy in Workplace. You can also have to change Place lot of time. With Afflicted Rahu in 10th house, you will have a tendency to show off and you will try to Show what you actually not.

There is One Peculiarity with this Placement. People with 10th house Rahu will have a strong desire to show or project themselves as a Leader. But Rahu is a Shadowy Planet and it is a Maya. So They will Lack the True Qualities of a Leader. The 10th house Sun is the best Placement for any Leadership Role. A true Leader should set example by his work. Sun will give this quality of Leading from the front. That is why for any kind of Administrative Job in Government Sector we give So much importance to Sun.

The Actual Impact of Rahu in your Profession will depend not only on the House Placement but also how the Owner of the 10th house is Placed, How is Rahu in other Divisional Chart like D10, aspect that it has got and many more. You can take our Career Report to know more about this.

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Rahu in 10th house in different ascendant for different signs

As many believe that Rahu in 10th house has the same effect as that of Saturn in 10th house has, it can give an ultimate rise beyond imagination when conjunct with a benefic. Contrarily, being conjunct with malefic, it can give you an extreme downfall that you can never expect. But along with the primary results, we should observe deeply into ascendant to bring the specific results out. For instance, if you own any of the signs among Taurus, Aries, Virgo and Scorpio, Rahu can help you to defeat all your enemies. The auspiciousness of the results will be more prominent in male sign.

Now we will be checking the particular effects of Rahu in 10th house for different ascendant or signs, how Rahu impacts separately in signs.

Rahu in 10th house for Cancer Ascendant in the sign of Aries

Aries is your 10th house if If you are a Cancer ascendant Person. When Rahu is in your 10th house Aries, It is not a Beneficial placement. Aries is Owned by Mars and Rahu is not Comfortable in Aries.  There may be a hardship that can greatly effect your trade and you must execute hard labor for that. Problem can occur in your Workplace. But When this Rahu is aspected by Benefic Planet like Jupiter or Venus, after getting rid of those troubles, you can get respect in society or fields related to government and possess a artistic mentality.

Rahu in 10th house for Aries Ascendant in Capricorn sign

For Aries Ascendant, Capricorn is the 10th house. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Rahu is quite comfortable in Capricorn. Though There will be a lot of hurdles in the way to get progress in business or occupation but Eventually it will give you Success. This Position of Rahu is good for Job. Handwork is the Key to Success in your case and Only great efforts can make you get succeeded.

Rahu in 10th house for Virgo Ascendant in Gemini sign

For Virgo Ascendant, Gemini is the 10th house. Gemini is an Airy Sign and Rahu becomes quite comfortable in Gemini. Some people even Consider Rahu to be exalted in Gemini. When Rahu is placed in 10th house Gemini for Virgo ascendant, It will make you benefited with a lot of dignity in business or your profession. It will also give a Good communication Skill to You. In your Profession, Communication will play an important role. You may have a great influence in Govt matters if you handle those with tactics deeply. But Lot will depend on Mercury.

Rahu in 10th house for Scorpio Ascendant in the sign of Leo

Leo is the 10th house for Scorpio ascendant. Leo is ruled by Sun and Rahu is enemy to Sun. Rahu is not Very comfortable in this Sign. 10th house Rahu in your chart can give Problem with Higher Authority or Superiors in workplace. During the works in society and government you may have to face obstacles. When being involved in business and occupation, you will have to bother a lot. But Leo is a Powerful Sign too and if this Rahu is Supported by other Friendly planets, It can give you Lot of Recognition in your work.

Rahu in 10th house for Capricorn Ascendant in the sign of Libra

For Capricorn Ascendant, Libra is the 10th house. Libra is Ruled by Venus which is a friendly Planet. So Rahu generally gives good Result in Libra. If Rahu occupies the 10th house Libra for Capricorn ascendant, you will get success in your work. Your mental strength may help you in getting your tasks done, specially in the sectors connected to government. But You should not jump into conclusion easily. Read the combination for Government Job from Horoscope to get a Clear picture.

Rahu in Libra in 10th house can also give you Success and Fame in Artistic Work and Also Business related with Foreign Countries.

But You should Know whether Business will suit you or Not. Our Career Report will help you for this and You can know Job or career which will be better for you.

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Rahu in the 10th house in Scorpio sign for the Aquarius Ascendant

For Aquarius Sign, Scorpio is the 10th House. Rahu do not give good result in Scorpio. Some people consider Rahu to be debilitated in Scorpio. If you have Aquarius ascendant and Rahu is in your 10th house Scorpio, it can create a lot of difficulties in work place. It will delay your Success in Career. It can even create problems in achieving the rise in position. But if this Rahu is having beneficial influence, it can give you Success in Secret Service Like Investigation, Income tax, Doctor etc. There is an indication of involvement with secret services to acquire an all-over development. You can read our discussion about the Astrological combination for Doctor and Medical Profession.

Rahu in 10th house for Taurus Ascendant

If you are a Taurus ascendant, Aquarius is the 10th house. Rahu in 10th house Aqurius is a Good Placement. Aquarius is a Airy Sign and Some people also Consider it as the Mooltrikona Sign for Rahu. So it becomes quite strong in Aquarius. It is a Good Placement for Career. Though You will work hard in life but Rahu in Aquarius will also give you Success.

Rahu in 10th house for Libra Ascendant

For Libra Ascendant Cancer is the 10th house. Rahu in 10th house Cancer will make you extremely careerist and you will give Work very high Priority in your Life. Having a 10th house Rahu in the sign of Cancer for Libra ascendant, You can Get Good Gain from Foreign country or MNC. It can also give Lot of Traveling in Work. But if Moon is not Well placed, Rahu will not be able to give you much beneficial result.

Rahu in 10th house for Gemini Ascendant

If you are a Gemini ascendant, Pisces is the 10th house for You. Pisces is owned by Jupiter and Rahu is not very comfortable in the Sign of Jupiter. Pisces is the 12th house of Natural zodiac and hence it is a Religious and Dharmik Sign. Rahu is a Materialistic Planet. So Rahu generally do not give good result in the 10th House Pisces for Gemini Ascendant. It will bring lot of obstacles and difficulty in your Career.

Rahu in 10th house for Pisces Ascendant in the sign of Sagittarius

For Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius is the 10th house. Rahu is not Strong in Sagittarius and Some people consider Sagittarius to be debilitation Sign for Rahu. If there is Rahu in the 10th house for Pisces ascendant, You can be Successful in Teaching or Lectureship. You will have a inborn habit of Giving Advice to People. But this is not a Good placement for progress in career. You will face Lot of difficulty and delay in your Career.

Rahu in the 10th house in Taurus sign for Leo ascendant

For Leo ascendant, Taurus is the 10th house. It is Ruled By Venus and Rahu is very Strong in the Sign of Venus. When Rahu is placed in your 10th house Taurus, You will be very Much obsessed with materialistic gain and Success. It is very Helpful Position for Money and Wealth.

Rahu in 10th house Taurus Sign for Leo Ascendant is good for Profession Like Banking Sector, Acting, Film Making, Engineering etc

Rahu in 10th house for Sagittarius Ascendant

If you are a Sagittarius ascendant, Your 10th house is Virgo. Rahu is Strong in Virgo Sign. Rahu being placed in 10th house Virgo will help You to get a great progress using tactics.  This placement will make you successful in business. Virgo Rahu in 10th house will give you Good Logical Mind and Professional Success.

Hope it will help you to Understand the Result of Rahu in your 10th house of Horoscope. If you think I have missed or overlooked anything you can suggest it to me. For further information you can follow my website.

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