Rahu Transit to Cancer 2017 : Ketu Transit to capricorn effects in different Zodiac Signs


Rahu Transit 2017 is a an important event that is going to happen in Zodiac. It will stay in Cancer and Ketu will be in Capricorn for almost 1.5 yrs. Rahu transit to cancer on 20th August 2017. So Rahu Transit 2018 will be also same in Cancer.

Before discussing the effects of Rahu transit to Cancer, it will be good to understand Cancer Sign first. Cancer is a watery sign. It is a emotional sign. It is the 4th house of Natural Zodiac. So it is a spiritual sign.The owner of Cancer is Moon which is a enemy to Rahu. More over Rahu is materialistic planet and does not feel comfortable in a emotional sign like cancer. It feels good in Airy and earthy signs like Gemini, taurus etc. So the persons who are very Emotional this can be a difficuilt transit for them. Similarly Ketu will transit over the Natural 10th house capricorn. Saturn is friendly to Ketu. So you may get growth in career, your job etc. But simultaneously may loose your mental peace and happiness.

Before Proceeding further- Please remember, Whenever Rahu Transits over Your Lagna, Arudha Lagna, It is very bad for your image or status in society. Moreover if you have Afflicted 7th house and Rahu transits over your Arudha Lagna or Upapada Lagna, It can create serious trouble in your Married Life, it can bring Separation even. See if you have Marital Problem in your chart.

Aries: Rahu transit to Cancer 2017, can be a difficult time for Aries Ascendant or Aries Rashi. The Rahu-ketu will transit over the 4-10 axis for Aries. So there will be Lack of happiness in house or family. Health of Mother may suffer. Some people may purchase New house or may move to new home. Rahu transit 2017 can give problem related to vehicle. So keep your Vehicles in good condition. If you are Student Rahu transit to cancer may create problem in studies. You will not find satisfaction in your career. if you are thinking about job change, this is not the right time. Rahu transit to Cancer will increase your Losses or unnecessary expenditure. If you are in Real-estate business, this is not a good time for You.

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Taurus: Rahu transit to cancer 2017 can be a good transit for Taurus people. rahu will transit over your third house. Rahu is very comfortable in upachaya house i.e.3rd,6th,10th, 11th house. This Rahu transit 2017 will give courage to take independent decision. If you are planning to start any own Venture or business, this is a perfect time. Your communication skill can give you some profit. Your earning should increase. Rahu transit to Cancer can improve your relationship with your brothers. You can have some sort travels during this period. If you are in any kind of writing work, this can be a good time for you.

Gemini:Rahu transit to cancer 2017 may not be very good period for Gemini people. Rahu will transit over 2nd house for Gemini. So you should be very careful about your wealth and financial matters. You should not take unnecessary risk in regards to money matters during this period. During Rahu transit to cancer, you should also be careful about your speech. Your relationship with relatives and family members may also suffer. There can be health issues and disturbance in your married life. Rahu transit 2017, Your business partners may cheat you. You may earn a lot by selling your immovable assets.

Cancer: Rahu transit to cancer 2017, Rahu will transit over your own Sign cancer. Rahu and Ketu will transit over 1-7 axis. This is not at all beneficial for Relationship. If you are planning for marriage, you should avoid this time. Rahu is a illusion. So when Rahu transit to cancer, your thought and analysis power will be clouded. You tend to take wrong decision. As 7th is the secondary house of career, your career may also suffer. You will have to take care of your Business and business partner. There is chances to be cheated in business.

Leo: Rahu transit to cancer 2017 for Leo will be very bad as Rahu will transit over the 12th house. So it may increase your expenditure and Losses. You should be careful about your Losses. Rahu is the Karaka for foreign countries and 12th is the house of foreign travel. So this Rahu transit to cancer 2017 can give foreign travel for Leo Ascendant or Leo Rashi people. If there is other Malefic Yogas in birth chart, you may fall in some kind of extramarital relationship also. You will become suspicious and less tolerant. Ketu in the sixth house may give you dissatisfaction in your job. Enemies will increase during Rahu transit 2017 for cancer.

Virgo: Rahu transit to Cancer will be a great time for Virgo people. Rahu will transit over your 11th house. Your income and financial gain will increase exponentially. You friends circle will increase. You will come to contacts of new people who will prove beneficial to you. Rahu transit to cancer will be a great time for marriage. But due to ketu transit over 5th house, some tension may arise due to children.

Libra: Rahu transit to Cancer 2017 for Libra rising persons can be beneficial time. This is a good time for your career. You may get success in your work. You may get promotion in your work or there is chances of job change. But as your Ketu will be transiting over the 4th house, there can be change of residence or you may purchase a new house. Your Vehicle may give you trouble and and you may also purchase a new vehicle. Your relationship with your mother-in law can improve. If you are facing any relationship issue with your mother-in-law, Rahu transit 2017 is a perfect time to sort it out.

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Scorpio: Rahu Transit to Libra is not good for scorpio sign. Rahu will transit over your 9th house. As 9th is the house You can have serious differences with your father and relation with boss in your workplace may also suffer. If you are planning for higher studies, this is a not good time. But if you are planning for any kind of foreign travel or foreign settlement Rahu transit 2017 can prove beneficial to you. Rahu transit over 9th house or 7th house can trigger Foreign Travel if your chart has any such Yoga. Check if Your chart has Foreign Travel combination. As 9th is the house of Luck and fortune and Rahu generally do not do well in 9th house, you may feel that your luck has stopped giving you good result. You are not getting expected result of your hard work. But as Ketu will transit over your third house, this may give you courage to undertake new work and opportunity.

Sagittarius: Rahu will transit over the 8th house for Sagittarius sign. This is going to be a very bad transit for you. You may suffer relationship problems with your wife or with your Business partner. Rahu transit to cancer can even give you divorce or separation if it is transiting over your Natal Rahu. You may face some health related problems in this period. So take extra care of your health. As ketu will transit over your 2nd house, so your relationship may suffer. You may face some financial Losses too. Rahu transit 2017 is a period to proceed cautiously but if you are any research oriented work this can be a good time for your work.

Capricorn: Rahu transit to Cancer will not be a great time for Capricorn people. Rahu-Ketu will transit over 1-7 axis. This is not a good time for Relationship or Marriage. There can be misunderstanding between you and your wife. This is not a good time for starting a new business or marriage relation. Your career may also suffer.

Aquarius: Rahu transit 2017 will going to be a good for aquarius people. Rahu will transit over your 6th house. Rahu is very strong in 6th house. You can win over your enemies. If you are planning for any competitive exam Rahu transit to cancer is a good time for you. Your health may problems may be reduced. You will be able to overcome the obstacles and problems of your life. You may get good progress in your job and your financial condition may also improve.

Pisces: Rahu transit 2017 will be over your 5th house. 5th is the house of children, education, speculation etc. This is not a good time for love and romance. Your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend may suffer. If there is any other malefic influence, this could lead to  relationship break. You may see some tension for your children. For share market investor, Rahu transit to Cancer can be a good time.


The results given above may modify due to position of Natal Rahu, current Dasha-antardasha, ashtakvarga points etc. For exact results we must check the birth chart or Horoscope with transit result.

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I have tried to give some information regarding Rahu-ketu Transit over Cancer for 2017. If you think i have missed anything or you want to add anything please do comment.



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