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Rahu transit to Gemini and Ketu to Sagittarius in 2019

A Very Important Event is going to Happen in the Zodiac on coming March Month. Rahu Will transit to Gemini on 7th March 2019 to 23 Sept 2020. Till now Rahu is transiting over Cancer and Ketu is over Capricorn. After 7th March 2019 Rahu will enter in Gemini and Ketu will enter in Sagittarius. Rahu will Remain in this Sign for next 1.5 years or 18 months. So this is a very Significant transit which will affect the life of all the people either in a Positive way or in a Negative way. Though the Actual Transit will happen in March but we will be able to feel the effect from a month ago.

While Checking any Chart we give Special emphasis to the transit of 4 Planet- Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. These are slow Moving planet and stays in a Sign for more than one year. So their transit gives very Strong influence and can trigger important Events.

Rahu feels Very comfortable in Gemini Sign and Ketu feels Very Comfortable in Sagittarius. Some people also consider Gemini to be the exaltation sign for Rahu and Sagittarius to be Exaltation Sign for Ketu. Right Now Saturn is also transiting over Sagittarius and Ketu will also join it. The first few months of this transit will be very crucial and can give very weird result. So You should be extra careful in the first 2-3 months of this Transit. This Shani-Ketu Conjunction in another Dharmik Sign Sagittarius is not Good for Materialistic growth and Progress.  Those who are Practising Religious Matters, it can help them immensely. After Oct 2019, Jupiter will also transit to Sagittarius and join this Ketu. This Jupiter-Ketu Connection in Sagittarius is another Good Yoga for Spiritual gain. If you are Student or Planning to do some New Course or Study, this Jupiter-Ketu transit in Sagittarius can give you Success.

It is a well known Rule that we should check the Transit or Gochar from Moon Sign. But in our practise we have seen that you should check the Influence not only from Moon Sign but also from Lagna, Arudha Lagna and in respect from the Position of other Planets in Natal Chart as well.

Another Important Transit has happened couple of months Back. You can read about the Transit of Jupiter in Scorpio.

Now I will Discuss the effect of this Transit for Various Sign

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Aries  or Mesha

For Aries Rahu transit to Gemini in 2019 will be Overall Good. Rahu is entering in the 3rd house for Aries. Being a Malefic Planet Rahu generally gives good result in 3rd house. This will give you Success in your Materialistic Pursuits and will also help in your career. If this Rahu is transiting over your natal Venus or in trine from Venus, you will make lot of financial gain. If it makes relation with your Natal Saturn, it can give you Change in Profession. It can also give Some Short Travel. As Ketu will be transiting over your 9th house, hence Pilgrimage is Possible. Ketu in your 9th house will make you inclined towards Spirituality and Religious activities more. But if this Rahu or Ketu makes any connection with your Natal Moon or Sun, health of your Mother or Father may Suffer. If your Arudha Lagna is also Aries along with Rasi or Lagna, the beneficial results will be more prominent.


For Taurus, Rahu transit to Gemini in 2019 will be Mixed. Rahu will be transiting to your 2nd house and here Rahu can increase the expenditure. It can also create problem with Relatives. As Ketu will be transiting over 8th house it is not good for Marital Life as well. As the 10th Lord Saturn will be afflicted by Ketu, this can also give some problem in Profession and also in the incoming gain from Profession as well. If you also have Natal Saturn in Sagittarius, the problem in Professional Life can be more. When Mars will also transit over this Sagittarius Sign along with Saturn and Ketu, you should be Careful from Injury and Accidents.


For gemini, Rahu transit in 2019 will be over the 1-7 axis. So you need to be Very careful about your Marriage and Married Life. Extra Precaution is Required in Relationship. If your Lagna is Gemini, you need to be careful about your health and if your Rashi is Gemini, you have to be careful from health of your Mother. Your Mental Stress and tension can also increase. As Ketu will be transiting over the 7th house, it can impact your Business as well. Due to the transit of Rahu in Gemini, You will be able to think unorthodox or out of the box ideas but due to Saturn-Ketu conjunction, you will face trouble or problem in implementing those ideas or even if you become Successful in implementation, you will not get the Desired Success.

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For Cancer, Rahu Transit to Gemini in 2019 can bring opportunities from Abroad or Foreign Countries. Rahu is the Significator of Foreign Land and when it will enter in your 12th house, it can give you gain from Foreign Connections. The Placement of Ketu in 6th house can give you Success in Competitive exams or help in fighting with your enemies etc. As 7th Lord Saturn will be afflicted by Ketu, you Should be careful from hidden enemies in your Business.


For Leo when Rahu Will transit to Gemini in 2019 it will bring Good opportunities in Stock Market investment or Speculation. You will also be able to make good gain from Public relationship or Communications as well. Gain from Import-export Business is also Possible. But Rahu can create Problem or misunderstanding with elder siblings. The Presence of Ketu in the 5th house is not good for Study or Education. So Students need to put extra effort in this period. If you are planning for child, this is not a good period for it. As Ketu will be transiting over 5th house, you should not plan for Child in this time at least till the end of 2019. After the entry of Jupiter in Nov 2019, you can Plan for Child.


For Virgo, the Rahu transit in 2019 will be quite Helpful. This transit will occur in 4-10 axis. The transit of Rahu in 10th house in Gemini Sign is good. Rahu will Give you Fame and Prestige in your profession. It will also increase your Social status. But the transit of Ketu in the 4th house of your chart is not good for family Happiness. It is also not good for mothers Health. You need to be careful about your Domestic peace and Happiness.


For Libra, This Rahu transit in 2019 will be transiting over the 9th house and Ketu will be transiting over the 3rd house. This transit over the 3-9 axis can give you lot of travelling. If your chart and Dasha Supports, it can trigger going to abroad as well. Read about the Combinations of Foreign Travel and check if your chart support it or not. But Ketu in 3rd house can give you some problem with your Younger Siblings. As 9th house indicates Father, this transit of Rahu in 2019 can give you Some health issue to your Father.


For Scorpio this Rahu Transit in 2019 will occur in 8th house and Ketu will transit over 2nd house. This is a difficult Transit. Rahu in your 8th house can give you Problem and Trouble in your Business specially if you have Partnership Business, your Social status and Prestige can be impacted. The transit of Ketu in the 2nd house is not good for Financial gain and also relationship with Relatives. You will see a drop in your incoming gain.

You can read about the Beneficial Combinations for Business in a Horoscope.

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When Rahu will transit to Gemini in 2019, it will be Passing over your 7th house. Though this is not a Good transit for family Happiness and Marital relationship but as 7th house is the house of Business and Rahu is the planet of Foreign Connection, if you are in import-export Business, this transit will help you greatly. If you are in Job, You can also get Opportunity to travel Abroad during this Period. But the transit of Ketu over your Lagna can give you some minor health problem and can also give some unnecessary Worries.


This Transit will occur in the 6-12 axis for Capricorn. Transit of Rahu in your 6th house can give you good Success in competition and it is also a good transit for your Professional Life. It will help you in your life to overcome challenges and obstruction. But you should be careful from hidden enmity, jealousy and rivalry. The transit of Ketu in 12th house is very good for progress in Spiritual Life.


When Rahu will transit to Gemini, it will be passing over your 5th House and Ketu will be transiting over your 11th house. Ketu in the 11th house is good for incoming gain and Profit. Rahu in 5th house can give you gain in Speculation. For Aquarius both Saturn and Ketu will be transiting over the 11th house. Hence this can create some misunderstanding with your Friends Circle or Social circle, friends etc.


Rahu transit to Gemini in 2019 will not be very good for you. Rahu will be transiting over your 4th house and Ketu will be transiting over your 10th house. The transit of Ketu over the 10th house is not good for Professional Success. You will not get the desired growth and Progress in your workplace. But after Nov 2019 when Jupiter will transit to Sagittarius Situation will change and you will get much better Success. The transit of Rahu in the 4th house is also not good for Domestic Peace and Happiness.

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I have Shared Some information about the Upcoming Important Transit. I will Love to hear and answer your doubts on this. So do not forget to Comment your Message.

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