Rajyoga meditation for easy ,peaceful,happy life


Hello friends. How are you dear friends..Hope things are going smooth with the blessings of Allmighty. After longtime I got a chance to share more about Rajyoga meditation .

So far I assume that you all have understood about basic things about Rajyoga meditation ,its practical benefits in day to day life and its real changes starts when we practice Rajyoga meditation . For the New persons please go through the below parts for better understanding.

Read Rajyoga Meditation Part1

Read Improvement of Life

Read Journey continues with Part3

Friends believe me it has got such a realistic outcome which really changes our practical living life style , you must experience more about it when you go through some classes at our Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya and feel the real peace,happiness,love ,bliss,power of Allmighty Shivbaba to our eternal soul.

Continue with the last part..

we find real path to change our thought process from negative to positive. Its  a journey of inner world.By regular practice ,inner power gets activated ,thinking process become more purifying and positive. By changing our inner thoughts things become easy in outer world.

We can change our weak/rude  nature as well as we can change our near ones with whom we are regularly involves in day to day’s activity.

Its really a amazing technique to practice Rajyoga meditation, without saying anything we can change others with our good vibration.By this, we get positive outcome in all aspect & impossible task become possible easily.

So let us come forward and check your thought process to utilize every great thought for better work for making better environment. Let us visualize your greatness and your inner qualities to utilize for making impossible things possible. Let us remove all kinds of weakness within u by practicing Rajyoga meditation and let us be ur best guide and judge to make best life .

Hope you will start your spiritual journey soon.

Everything in life start with decision to try and its accomplished by positive approach .

You all are very lucky and great because you all have some great aim in life to help others.

So let us step your foot for knowing your inner qualities and power to explore for helping others to strive their goal in life.

Thanks to all for kind attention !!!!

Wishing you very happy and beautiful journey of peaceful life.

Its time to wake up for better tomorrow…

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