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Rudraksha – Benefits and Price

It is one of the most auspicious rosaries in Hinduism. It is generally used for chanting mantras. The word ‘Rudraksha’ is associated with the combination of two words which are Rudra and Aksha. Rudra is generally referred to as Lord Shiva and Aksha stands for tear.

In Vedic astrology, it is believed that the plant of Rudraksha is originated with the tears of Lord Shiva. And therefore it is mainly used by the followers of Lord Shiva in Hinduism. The beads symbolize the divine power and its connection to the physical world. It creates a link between God and humans. It provides a better understanding and allows one to resonate with the vibrations of prosperity, fulfillment, and wealth.

Traditionally the beads are used for prayer and worship but these are highly effective to work by sight, touch, and possession. These holy beads are also mentioned in so many ancient Hindu scriptures like Padmapurana, Shivpurana, Lingpurana, Srimad Devi Bhagwatam, etc. By inspiring with the powers of these holy beads, some Asian yogis and monks have used them for wearing. And after that, they felt a lot of changes in their lives.

Rudraksha is generally a fruit covered with pulp. It has a thin outer surface that is light green in color. But when they are plucked from the trees they contain a blackish blue like color. And therefore these seeds are also known as ‘blueberry beads’. These beads are nearly round in shape and contain a diameter of up to 1 inch.

Some clefts are found on the surface of the beads. And these clefts are called Mukhi in Hindi. The beads can be single faced or several faced according to the number of Mukhi. Clefts also determine the quality of the beads. Nowadays these beads are found all over the world. But it mainly grows in the selected locations of the Himalayas to Nepal and South East Asia. It can also be seen in some parts of Australia, Guam, and Hawaii.

Who should wear Rudraksha Mala

We all know that there are a lot of Rudraksha benefits which are highly beneficial in our daily life. But the biggest question is that, who should wear this? According to the many astrological facts, the mala is highly effective for the people who have Zodiac Sign, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio in their horoscopes.

A Panchmukhi Rudraksha can safely be worn by people according to their age groups and gender. The mala will be perfect for the people who have a cultural, ethnic, geographical, and religious background. It can also be worn by children, students, and elderly people.

If you are a person suffering from various health issues and mental disorders then you should definitely wear this mala to get a proper benefit. If you wear it around your heart area, then it will protect you from all heart-related ailments and aids in controlling tensions, anxieties, and blood pressures.

The mala can be worn all the time even when you are sleeping or taking shower. But remember that, if you are using chemical soaps and extremely cold or warm water for bathing then it’s better to avoid wearing them at that moment because the beads can become brittle and will crack after some time.

Rudraksha Benefits

You can find a lot of benefits from these powerful beads in many different ways. These are the beads that are highly beneficial to us in our daily life. And here we are going to mention all the Rudraksha benefits below –

  • No doubt the beads are highly effective for spiritual seekers. It helps them by enhancing their spiritual growth. Besides this, it also maintains the physical and mental balance of its
  • It plays an essential role in It invokes a power that fights against all the diseases and improves the overall health of its wearer. It has a lot of healing properties that help to remove the blood impurities, bacteria inside and outside of the human body. It also cures various ailments like headache, cold and cough, paralysis, blood pressure, skin infections, heart-related diseases, and maternity problems.
  • The beads act like a protective guard that protects its owners from all the negative things like Buri Nazar and evil-eyes. It removes the fear of ghosts, bad dreams, or worst nightmares. The stone also protects the wearer from dangers like road-accidents and natural calamities like storms, fires, etc. It creates a positive environment around you. It gives a stroke of great luck and blesses a person with a long life.
  • If you are a person who wants to do something great in your life, the bead is ideal for you. It provides you stability, concentration, patience, and good support. And due to this, you can pay attention and you will be more focused on your dreams. It also boosts your confidence level to move successfully in all the directions of your
  • It controls and balances all the intense emotions of humans. Short-tempered people can take great advantage of it. It provides mental peace, calmness, and an attractive personality to the wearers.
  • The main advantage of this mala is that unmarried men and women can easily get their good life partner by chanting mantras with this It clears all the troubles in romantic life and enhances love between a couple. It provides marital bliss and peaceful happy life. If you are a couple and really not able to have a child even after several years of marriage, use this mala, chant mantras and it will help you to have a child very soon. It can also bless a family with a son.
  • The beads help the wearer by providing them massive wealth, fame, courage dignity, honor, and superior well-being. It improves the financial status of the If they have any debt issues they can easily pay their loans as soon as possible.
  • The prolonged use of the mala can bring realization, self-awareness, and a quest to reach the higher path of your life. It is highly useful for the students to get success in their competitive exams, or any other competitions in their dorm life. It provides them a sharp mind and the strength to study hard.
  • The mala is highly beneficial for people who are suffering from sleepwalking activities. It provides an earlier and undisturbed sleep to them. Especially children with hyperactivity can’t sleep at night. The mala helps them with its calming It also helps the youngsters who take sleeping pills to sleep at night. If they once use it, they don’t have to take any pills at all. If you incorporate these beads into your sleep cycle, you can reach a lucid dream state at night.
  • The mala has a special power to reduce stress and depression. It also eliminates all the negativities from the mind of its It clears out all the confusion in your mind and always shows you the right path for your success. Besides this, it keeps you away from the jealous people who want to make trouble in your life.

Rudraksha in astrology

It is closely related to astrology. It is an auspicious bead that has changed the lives of many people with its magical power. It has been highly revered in many cultures across the globe. We know that there are seven Chakras in the human body. And if any of these Chakras are blocked then an individual has to face many problems in his/her personal as well as professional life.

But the beads have the power to overcome this. It takes care and activates all the Chakras in the human body. Not only that it also aids in pacifying the malefic of the planets. It can pacify the evil-influence and helps to remove the negative effects of the planets. Besides this, it also controls the emotions of the humans and keeps them away from anger, jealousy, and mental excitement.

Since it is widely used for worship purposes, it can bless a person with the blessings of both Lord Shiva and Parwati at once. It is believed that if an unmarried girl worships Lord Shiva with this rosary, she can be blessed with a perfect life partner as Lord Shiva. It helps to provide you a perfect relationship just like Shiva and Parwati. It boosts love between the couples and strengthens the bond of a relationship.

Activation and wearing of Rudraksha Mala

Many people don’t know the right procedure to wear and activate the mala of blueberry beads. But here we will tell you the entire process. After buying, it must be methodically energized, sanctified, and activated for better results. Any wrong step can lead to negative results.

At first, you have to wash it with pure water. Then take out a container, add a small amount of holy Gangajal and cow milk. Now place the mala inside it for almost 20 to 30 minutes. Now go to your house temple. Sit on an Asan, burn incense sticks and pray to God by chanting the great mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay’ almost one hundred and eight times.

Due to this process, all the negativities will disappear from the beads and it will be activated. Now ask God to bless you and to fulfill your all desires through this rosary.

Since Monday is the day of Lord Shiva, it is considered to be the most auspicious day to wear the Rudraksha mala. So if you are going to wear this mala, wear it on Monday and it will be highly beneficial to you. In any case, if it’s not possible to wear it on Monday, you can also wear it on Thursday.

Rudraksha Mala price

It is one of the most precious things that everyone wants to buy it. It’s not only attractive and desirable but also beneficial to us. And therefore the mala is highly expensive in the market. Rudraksha mala price totally depends upon the parameters like quality of the beads, appearance, luster, finishing, size, and shape.

It fully depends upon your requirement that which type of mala you want to buy. There are a lot of varieties available in the market and you can choose your favorite one as per your budget. Rudraksha mala price can start from Rs 1000 and can range up to Rs 5000 as per your requirement.

To fulfill the needs of our clients, we are always here to serve you the best. Our company is a great seller of this Rudraksha mala and we will serve you the best, genuine, and premium quality Rudraksha on our newly launched website Panchvaati.com. You can buy it from here at exclusive prices.

Remember that if you get a good quality Rudraksha in the market at a cheaper price then definitely it will be of synthetic or fake beads. And these types of beads are available everywhere in the local market at a low price. But these are not helpful to you. For good astrological effects, you just have to use the real ones. So check it properly before buying it.


So by reading these all things, you have come to know that how the mala of blueberry beads are beneficial to us. If you once use it, you can feel an amazing change in your daily life. It is highly recommended to use this on regular basis to change your future as soon as possible. But it’s not for everyone.

If you are a person and don’t know anything about it, then please consult an experienced astrologer before buying it. If he suggests then only you should use it. If you want to know which type of Rudraksha will suit you or best for you, feel free to contact us. If you once trust us, we are always here for you. We will try to fulfill all the needs of our customers as much as possible. And therefore we are serving you all the precious gemstones including blueberry beads on our website Panchvaati.com. You will get the best at a reasonable price. Any queries regarding this, you can just contact us through our website in time you want.

Some Quick Question Answare here…

Is Rudraksh expensive?

Benefits of Rudrakshas. One Mukhi rudraksha is veritably rare and shastras say this is a largely auspicious bone. The ruling deity is Shiva and the ruling earth is the sun. This rudraksha is a precious bone available in two types videlicet round and moon-shaped.

Which rudraksha is for money?

I suggest you wear 21 Mukhi Rudraksha to attract wealth as it shares a direct relationship with Lord Kuber, master of the storeroom; it prevents you from losing a fortune and brings you all the extravagance of life.

Which rudraksha is very powerful?

Sarva Siddha Mala for the successful achievers and ambitious people who want to reach the top position, wearing all 1 to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered auspicious by the great epics. You may get everything that you can conjure. for success in your life. This is the most important mending mala.

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