What is Saraswati Yoga in kundali as per Vedic Astrology

Saraswati Yoga is described or introduced by the Astrological Classic Phaladeepika Written by Sage Mantreswar. It is written that When Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are placed in a kendra(Ascendant, 4th house, 7th house, 10th house) or Trikona(5th and 9th house) or in Second House  and Jupiter is strongly placed in own house or in a friendly sign or in a exaltion sign Saraswati Yoga is created in a Horoscope. So Mercury, jupiter and Venus these three natural benefic planets should be placed either in Lagna or in 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th or 10th house from Ascendant and Jupiter must be strong either by exaltation or by own sign or by vargottama. Results of this Yoga is so fantastic that it is one of my personal favorite Planetary Combination.

The individual with Saraswati Yoga in kundli will be highly Intelligent. He will be very competent in composing prose, drama, poetry and will be learned in Alankar Shastra and Mathematics. He will be skilled in poetry, in narrative composition and in the exposition of sacred texts’. His fame will spread all over the world. He will be extremely wealthy and will be blessed with wife and children.

Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, education, the power of speech, music and the arts and wisdom. So as the name indicates this Yoga is inclined towards Knowledge, Wisdom, Learning , Arts and Music. In this Yoga Jupiter will give Wisdom, Mercury will give quick learning ability and artistic proficiency and Venus will give interest in arts and Music.

The 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house is known as Kendra house. These are like pillers of the Horoscope. They are also known as Vishnu sthana. The 5th and 9th is known as Trikona and Laxmi Sthana. When all the natural Benefics Occupy either the Kendra or the Trikona house, it automatically increases the strength of the Horoscope to a great extent. Moreover if you notice carefully, 4th house is the house of education, 5th is the house of intellect, 7th is also a secondary house of education and career, 9th is the house of wisdom and higher learning, 10th is the house of career. So the emphasis is on Education, learning and career. When the most beneficial planets of the Zodiac will influence these houses strongly, the person will get the blessing of goddess Saraswati and Laxmi both.

If the Yoga occurs from Ascendant  or lagna it is of normal Strength but if it occurs from Both Lagna and Rashi, it will be very Strong. If Saraswati Yoga occurs in other important Divisional Chart Like Navamsa or Dasamsa also , it can take the individual to dizzy height.

Lets Discuss a Few Chart and see How this yoga functions in them.

Pandit Ravi Shankar has a good Saraswati Yoga in Kundli. His birth chart with navamsa and dasamsa given below.

  • See The Lagna Lord is well placed in 9th house, strongest trikona. Moreover it is in Own Sign Gemini in Navamsa which makes it highly beneficial.
  • Venus is placed in the strongest Kendra house i.e. the 10th house. Venus is the Karaka for Music, Arts etc. 10th house is the house of career and achievement. Venus is exalted in Pices.
  • The most important planet  for this Yoga Jupiter is in second house and exalted.
  • Further to this please note the position of Jupiter Mercury and Venus from Moon also. Mercury is in 4th house, Venus is in 5th house and jupiter is in 9th house. So Saraswati Yoga occurs in 10th house from Moon Sign and Lagna both.
  • In the D10 or Dasamsa which is the chart for career, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus is again in Kendra House. Jupiter is in Lagna, Mercury and Venus is in 4th House from Lagna. So This Yoga occurs in both Rashi chart as well as Dasamsa chart.
  • During the Dasa of Venus, he got huge name and Fame. See the Position of Venus. Venus delivered him the Result of Saraswati Yoga in true Sense.

Lets Discucuss another Chart. Rabindranath Tagore. His Birth Chart is given Below.

  • Jupiter itself is the Lagna lord and exalted in the trikona 5th. 5th is the house of creativity.
  • Mercury and Venus is placed in the 2nd house which activated saraswati Yoga in 2nd house and 5th house.
  • Moon is Placed in Lagna. So this Yoga occurs from Lagna as well as Moon which makes it very strong.

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Another Brilliant Example of this Yoga is Albert Einstein. Below is his Chart.

  • Mercury is the Lagna Lord in this case and it is placed in the Strongest kendra House i.e. 10th house of Career.
  • Venus is Also Exalted in the 10th House of Career. It is also Creating Neech Bhang or cancelation of debilitation of Mercury.
  • Jupiter is strongly Placed in the strongest trikona 9th house. It is also in exchange with the 10th Lord saturn creating a dharma-Karmadhipati Raj Yoga.
  • So Saraswati Yoga in 10th house is activated and During the Dasa of Exlted venus, he got the Nobel prize.

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From All the Above points few things are clear about this Yoga.

  • One of the Planets among Jupiter/Mercury/Venus should be exlted or in own sign. If more than one is exalted, very good Indication.
  • The planets should be Strong in Navamsa and Dasamsa. If Saraswati Yoga also Occurs in any of these Divisional chart, it can propel the native to great height.
  • The dasha of the Planets are Very important. Remember Yogas show a certain karmic pattern but the result will be delivered in particular Dasha. So the native should get the Dashas in correct time of his or her life.
  • The planets should not be afflicted by malefics like Rahu/Ketu. It will Reduce the strength of the Yoga to a great extent.
  • If the Planets are involved in some other high quality Yoga, the result or magnitude of the benefits of Saraswati Yoga will increase.
  • If this Yoga occurs from Lagna as well from Moon also, this will make the yoga a real deal.

Mere presence of a Yoga in a Kundli is not of any good effect. If it is really strong, it will be able to deliver good result.

The Benefit of Saraswati Yoga is that it will not only make you rich but it will also make you famous and well respected personality. It will give you wisdom or knowledge and you will have interest in Arts and Music. Even Einstein was interested in playing Violin.

I hope i have been able to give you some information about this fantastic Yoga. If you Have any Query or you think i have missed something , please comment below.

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