Saturn and Moon Conjunction-Effects & Remedies of Vish Yoga

Saturn and Moon Conjunction

What is the Meaning of Saturn and Moon Conjunction

Saturn and Moon conjunction means when both Saturn and Moon are in Same Sign of your Horoscope.  This Conjunction in Horoscope is Not Considered Good for Materialistic Success and gain. Some Astrologers also call it as Vish Yog and if this Yoga Occurs in 7th house or Moon/Saturn has any connection with 7th house, it is also Known as Punarphoo Dosha. It is also known as Shani-Chandra Yuti. It is a difficult Yoga like Saturn-Sun Combination in any Horoscope.

But i think this Name- Vish Yoga is little bit misleading or Wrong. Because this name indicates that it has all sort of Negative Result and creates a kind of Fear within the mind of Normal People which is not true. Saturn-Moon combination also has lot of good results which i will discuss below. The results that we will discuss here will also be applicable in case of Moon and Saturn Sign exchange or Moon and Saturn Mutual aspect as well.

Before Discussing the effect of Saturn and Moon conjunction, Let me give you some information about the Nature of Saturn and Moon. This will help you in understanding the results Easily.

Nature of Saturn

Saturn is cold and extremely slow Planet. It represents discipline,structure, Hard work etc. It represents Air Elements and labor class people or unprivileged people of the Society. It is a Strict Teacher who teaches through Punishment and make one realize the purpose of Life. It also indicative of Philosophy and Spiritualism. Saturn rules over the Karma. It gives us result of our Past Deed. No one can escape from the Hands of Saturn, not even God. It also signifies career. So a strong and unaffiliated Saturn will help to have a good progress in Career.

Nature of Moon

Moon is an Emotional Planet. It is the Queen of the Planetary Kingdom. It Rules our Mind, Emotions, Feelings etc.  It is completely Opposite in Nature from Saturn. It is imaginative, Sensitive and fickle minded. So when Two completely different Planet conjunct in a Chart, it makes extremely difficult for the both planet to function properly.

Effect of Saturn and Moon Conjunction or Vish Yoga

Saturn has been regarded as Most malefic. There is no other planet which is as Cruel as Saturn is. Saturn creates a feeling of detachment from the worldly affairs and creates interest in spiritualism. Saturn has always produced real saints like Ram Krishna Paramhansa. Saturn creates miseries so that the native may be detached from the peripheral pleasures and glamour of life and may proceed towards the path of real attainment. Any planet, associated with Saturn, will either make him a king or beggar, depending on their positions in the horoscope.

In case of Saturn and Moon conjunction, This combination keeps You worried and devoid of happiness. At least the real happiness is absent. You Will face innumerable miseries throughout and remains disturbed even in the best days of your life.

The combination of the Moon with Saturn is always adverse for Mental peace but the adversities will not be high, if conjunction takes placed in Libra or Capricorn or is aspected  by Jupiter. Even if the combination of Moon – Saturn is auspicious in any horoscope, it will give mental gloom, melancholy and worry, unless strongly aspected by Jupiter.

However, if mutual exchange of Moon and Saturn takes place, in respect to Kendra and trikona, the Raja yoga is formed and may promote the you to Very High Level. For Libra ascendant, the lord of 4th and 5th house is Saturn. If it occupies the 10th house and the 10th lord Moon if Occupies the 5th house, there will be mutual exchange between the lords of the 10th and 5th house , and that will result into a very high professional and financial elevation of the native and You may lead a kingly life. If Saturn and Moon conjuncts in 10th house Cancer, it Will also create a Raj Yoga. Similarly, for Scorpio ascendant, the mutual exchange of the 4th lord Saturn and the 9th lord Moon will make the native very prosperous and happy.

So both Scorpio and Libra Ascendant this Yoga is highly Beneficial and will give lot of Auspicious Result.

Moon is the Natural Significator of Mother. So Saturn-Moon combination is not good for Relationship with Mother. In any case, the native does not have smooth relations with his mother. The native become poor and leads a miserable life. If son’s enmity towards mother is greater, Saturn is stronger than moon. This yoga is more effective till 14 years of age of the native.

But Saturn and Moon conjunction is Very Good for Spiritual Progress and Metaphysical Life. Swami Vivekanaanda had this combination in his Horoscope. With this Combination, One gets inclined towards spiritualism, after facing endless worries and leading a life full of difficulty and Hurdle. A time comes when Saturn gives sense of detachment to the native, from all worldly involvements, deceits, greediness, false glamour and sins. He becomes a sage or a real preceptor in old age. But We must Remember that Saturn-Moon conjunction must get the Support from Jupiter and Ketu for this Spiritual Progress.

The Moon and Saturn Yoga is good for Success Away from your Birth place. If you have this Yoga in your chart, you will have lot of travel in your Life. It can also Help you in getting Success in Foreign Land. It is also Good for Business related to Liquid product like Wine, Mineral Water, Oil, Chemical etc.

The Moon is also Indicator of Government Specially State Government. Saturn is the Indicator of Profession. So When both of these Planets are Associated it will help you in getting a Govt Job. But remember , with this only one combination you Should not predict Government job. You can read our Detail Article on Government Job combination.

Effect of Saturn-Moon Conjunction on Marriage

When this combination occur in 7th house, it is Known as Punarphoo Dosha. The conjunction of Moon and Saturn in the 7th house is difficult to judge. The adverse impact of the 7th house on conjugal relationship, criticizing attitude of each other’s families and differences of opinion and quarrels on petty matters. This combination can also give delay in Marriage and even you can face Some problem in getting Married. Engagements can break even after finalizing of everything.

Since Saturn is a slow moving planet, the differences between husband and wife grow for one reason or the other slowly and steadily. With this combination either of the families intervenes in the problems to bring compromise. However, sometimes this intervention does not solve the problem rather adds poison between the two, the ultimate result of which is separation and divorce. A deep study of horoscopes of both would give an idea about the final outcome in the disputes.

Saturn helps the house occupied by it, and damages the house on which it has direct aspect. Thus the 7th house is for companionship with the opposite sex, and Saturn helps in getting it and helps in its continuance also. But because Saturn in 7th house generally has direct aspect on the 1st house, which governs the personality causes harm to the person himself.  You can read the effect of Saturn in 7th house on Marriage in our Detail Article.

These are Some Broad Result about this Widely Discussed Vish Yoga or Saturn and Moon Conjunction. The Results will vary as per Ascendant, Strength of Saturn and Moon, Lordship of both these planets etc. The Result of the conjunction will be more prominent when the it will be tight. When the degree of two planet is more than 10 degree, Such conjunctions only give very weak Result.

If you have query or Suggestion, feel free to comment below.

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Saturn and Moon Conjunction
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  1. Namaste sir,

    I have a very strong connection between my Moon and Saturn.
    In my Rasi chart (Gemini) My Saturn is debilitated in conjunction with Jupiter and Venus.
    My Moon is in 5th house receiving an aspect from all these three planets.

    In Navamsa I have Moon-Saturn conjunction in the 8th house in Sagittarius . Mars aspects from the lagna also Rahu is aspecting from 4th house.
    Venus – Jupiter are in 7th house.
    I am a very emotional person, and I expect a lot from others and then get hurt. Mental tension, feelings of isolation.
    I am very sad. I feel very lonely. And I’m very unlucky.

    Am I going to lead a terrible life sir?
    Please reply.

  2. Hi there , i Am a malaysian and was told i have a saturn /moon/ rahi conjunction in my 2nd house do i know what is in store for me and wel reading what u said makes alot of sense, as my relationship wit my mum isnt great and agian when im away from my home land it feel a relieve of air.

  3. I am keen lagna guru in 1st house with19 degree along with mars 1 degree. 4th house moon-14 degree Saturn 21 degree, shukra 12 degree. 2nd house-sun 28 degree. 3rd house-mercury 21 degree. 9 th house- rahu 7 degree. 12th house- ketu 7 degree. Mujhe vishwas yog hai.koi solid remedy bataye sir please. Mujhe safalta mil hi nahi paa rehi hai. I am 45 yr

  4. Saturn and moon conjunction in taurus 8th house for libra ascendant..
    8th lord venus is in 6th pisces..Saturn and moon are the dispositors of rahu and ketu also..Rahu in 4th capri and ketu in 10th cancer.Can you pls provide your insight on this saturn and moon conjunction in 8th house for libra lagna.TIA

  5. Sir I have moon Saturn opposition . Capricorn ascendant with moon in 1st house and Saturn in 7 th house . It is an exchange yog and I am suffering from depression from a long time

    • Freind you can wear Navgrah yantra which stabilizes all planets in our kundali.visit nikhil mantra vigyan where you can find such yantra.

  6. I have also same conjuction moon and Saturn in 10th house with Libra sign.i could not stable in work life even start the career early age could not find the success still now, Could u please help me too find out the solution sir???

    15 august 1983 @ 5.17pm in darbhanga bihar

  7. Sir my daughter having saturn and moon combination in Capricorn and acendent is scorpio sir is it more dangerous or less or it is any yogam pl tell me sir

  8. Saturn in pushya star with moon in Punarvasu 4 th and aspected by Sun from Capricorn. Scorpio ascendant with mercury Venus in second house, rahu in fifth house kethu in eleven with mars in sixth Aries. Your comments sir!

  9. Vedic remedy for Shani chandra in 7th house
    Delay in marriage
    Jupiter in 11th house
    Mangal in 8th house
    Shani mangal guru parivartan
    Need Vedic upay?


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