Saturn in 8th house of Horoscope-Good or Bad You must Know

Saturn in 8th house

Saturn is Probably most dreaded and most discussed Planet. Everybody fears this Mighty Planet. This is such a Planet which can make you King and at the same time it can make you pauper. So there are lots of Myths and misconception about Saturn and the placement of Saturn in 8th house is a difficult Position for Sure. But as I always say, Every Placement has both good and Bad result. The Results are further modified by Aspect, Conjunction etc.Saturn in 8th house, Saturn in 8th house , Saturn in 8th house

Saturn (Shani) is the God of Justice. He is the son of Surya Deva (Sun God) and brother of Yamraj (God of Death) and Yami. Ancient text suggests that He became the devotee of Lord Shiva (one of the supreme Godhead or Trimurti). It is a karmic Planet and as it is the Judge of our Karmafal (fruits of our deed), it is very harsh in nature. His presence in all the 12 houses has been held an important position towards the rise and fall of Karma.

Significance of 8th house in Vedic Astrology

8th house is treated as a Negative House in Astrology. it signifies death of Physical Body, it signifies Obstacles, Hidden things, inheritance, lottery, dowry, Sudden events, Accident, disgrace, Sorrows, delays, Mysteries etc. It is the most difficult and secretive house of the zodiac. It is also known as the house of underground and all sort of tantric activities or spirit invocation etc comes under this house. This is the house of Transformation. It is also very important house for spiritual growth and interest in Occult Subjects. As 8th house mostly dealt with the Negative things of our Life, it is also called Dusthana House along with 6th and 12th.

Saturn in 8th house of Kundli

8th house is the house of Longevity and Saturn is the significator of Longevity. So placement of Saturn in 8th house is good regarding Longevity. When you have Saturn in 8th house of your Horoscope, it will bless you with a long life. It will also make you very Hard working.

As you Know, 8th is the house of Transformation and who better than Saturn can bring transformation in your life. So if you have Shani in 8th Sign, be prepared for transformation in its period and Major Transits. Moreover it is the House of Occult Science and Spiritual progress as well. Saturn is a Yogi Planet. So its Placement in 8th house is also very good for spiritual Progress. It will give good intuition Power. So Saturn in 8th house is a blessing for Astrologer, Spiritual Person etc. It will help you to come out from this Materialistic world. If the Signs are like Aquarius, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio etc the effect will be more prominent.

Saturn is the Natural Significator of Profession or Career. Saturn is also a Technical Planet or indicates Technical Education. So its placement in 8th house can give you a Career in research and Development provided other Planets Support it.

8th house also deals with the inheritance and  other people money. So if Saturn is Strong and Well placed it can give you gain from inheritance, from Share Market, from Business etc.

Saturn in 10th House

Negative effect of Shani in 8th house

Well the thing is that if you have Saturn in 8th house, if proper remedies are not taken it can lead to misery and conflict. The above stated good results will be felt only when Saturn will be a Functional Benefic and will be involved in Good Yogas with other Planets in your chart. But in most of the cases it generally gives negative effect. Even when it transits overs your 8th house, it will give negative effect to you. The Transit of Saturn over 8th house is known as Ashtama Shani and you should read the effect of Saturn transit over the 8th house before reading further.

In such case, an expert Astrologer’s advice is needed for better life and progress. Every person must have an idea of the pros and cons of Saturn’s presence in all the houses and take actions accordingly.

If you have Saturn in 8th House of birth chart, it might be futile, for this planet renders phobia, anxiety, depression and frustration. It can give some chronic health issues as well. Saturn is able to cause invalidity or ineffectiveness of any limb or lower parts of the body.

As in regards to health and lifestyle, these people are usually cautious, especially while Saturn transits over the 4th, 8th or 12th house or Saturn has its very own Mahadasa (Greater Influence) with Antardasa (Lesser Influence). Saturn is capable of giving long-term infection, tuberculosis, most cancers (when getting guide on this behalf from Mars or Neptune), venereal ailment of any type(specially if Mars is in 2nd, seventh or the twelfth house or Venus is in 6th House or eighth or the 12th house).

Some more effect of Saturn in 8th house birth chart

An in-depth investigation towards the presence of Saturn in the 8th House reveals that, it will aspect the 2nd house. So if Saturn is Benefic for your chart and if it is well influenced by other planets, the relationship with relatives and other family members will be good. As 2nd is the 11th house from 4th, it also indicates gain from friends. So the relationship with friends will also be good and you will be benefited from them. 2nd house is also the house of wealth. SO the influence of a Benefic Saturn can give good Bank Balance. If Saturn is Malefic for your chart and is not well supported, the negative result regarding these things should be expected. However, if someone has their Jupiter (Brihaspati) and other relevant planets strong, it would result in strong 8th House of Saturn and he or she can lead a life of success and prosperity.

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From 8th house, Saturn will aspect 5th house also. 5th house rules over our intelligence, Education and finance as well. So it will make your intelligence stable. It will not be easy to cheat you. It will also give you good farsight. But If Saturn is not well placed or Supported by other planets, you can expect the Negative effect regarding the 5th house Matter.

8th house is the 11th house from 10th. So it indicates the gain or Success in Profession. From 8th, Shani will aspect the 10th house as well. So if it is strongly placed in your chart, it will give you lot of gain and success in your professional career. But at the same time it is also possible that it will bring lots of ups and down in your career. In business they are precise at management of labor and issues associated with them. These people are expert engineers, particularly for established order of recent industries, obtaining massive and small machines and set up of the machines and commissioning them into manufacturing. However their activity ends with product getting out of the manufacturing unit. They are not so proper at actual advertising or marketing that are essential to attract customers.

Effect of Saturn on Marriage when placed in 8th House

The 8th house indicate Sustenance of Marriage, Sex, Physical Pleasure etc. As I have stated above Saturn is a Yogi Planet. So it doesn’t promote Marriage, Sex etc. For Saturn everything is Duty and responsibility. So Presence of Saturn in 8th house is not considered good for Marriage and Marital Bliss. Though it will not break the Marriage but it will not give any happiness from the Marriage either. The Marriage can become dull and without any charm. So whenever you see Saturn in the 8th sign of the Horoscope, you should do a Proper Horoscope Matching. But Remember, It should not be the Guna Milan or astakoota Milan. You should know How to do a Proper Kundali reading for Marriage compatibility

As I stated you that Saturn will aspect 5th house from 8th sign and 5th house also indicate Love and relationship and 8th house indicates Physical pleasure. So the Saturn in 8th House necessarily influences a person’s love relationships. If the 7th lord, Venus also joins this Saturn, Some secret Affair may happen which will not be good for individual. If a person has an illicit affair with the opposite sex in the presence of a marriage partner then it likely to fall. You may check the Planetary combination for Relationship Outside Marriage. Saturn does not like going against Rules. One must try to accept the situation and strive to respect the married partner in order to make everything fine.

But that doesn’t mean if you have Saturn placed in 8th house, will not be able to get a good Marriage, that will be wrong. You need to check the Entire chart with Divisional chart to get a complete picture. with Saturn in the 8th can definitely have a normal conjugal life if he or she is dedicated towards his or her conjugal partner.


Saturn is one of the Most important Planet of our chart. So if it occupies a Negative House, it is not desirable. But we must check the lordship of Saturn and Other Benefic Influence.But I personally want to share that even with Benefic influence, Some aspect of the houses Saturn rules in your birth chart will suffer.  If other malefic Planets like Rahu, Mars etc Joins this Saturn in 8th house, it can create havoc in its Dasha. Saturn as being the Lord of Justice punishes and Rewards according to the person’s Karma. So following are advice of an Astrologer and redeeming way of life would be the best way to reach higher portion. Celebrities with Saturn in 8th house are like Martin Luthar King, Michael Jordon, Osho Rajneesh etc.

I have tried to give some idea about this difficult Placement of Saturn in 8th Sign, I ill like to know about your experience. So dont forget to comment and share your experience. If you want an Astrological Consultation from Me, Get in touch with Me.

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