Saturn Transit 2017-2018 in Sagittarius


Among the Transit of Planets, the Transit of Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu is Most Vital. Saturn Stays in a Sign for almost two and a Half year. So it takes 30 years for saturn to complete the entire Zodiac. Saturn was in Scorpio from 2nd Nov 2014 to 26th Jan 2017. The slow moving planet finally leaves Scorpio and Saturn Transit 2017 into Sagittarius on 26th Jan 2017.

Saturn moves to Sagittarius on 26th Jan 2017. It turns retrograde in Sagittarius on 7th April and re-enters Scorpio on 21st June 2017. From 21st June to 27th Oct Saturn continues its journey in Scorpio and again Saturn transit in Sagittarius on 27th Oct 2017. Finally transits to its own sign Capricorn on 25th Jan 2020.

During Saturn transit 2017, sade saati effects will be over for Libra Moon Sign natives. Those born in Capricorn Moon Sign will begin their first phase of sade saati as Saturn transits to Sagittarius.

8th house transit of Saturn, ‘Ashtam Shani’, would be experienced by natives born in Taurus while 10th house transit, ‘Kantak Shani’ impact will be experienced by Virgo natives.

Sagittarius is the sign related to deeper and higher wisdom, education, faith, believe, religion, institution, pilgrims, teachers, and to do good for others. Sagittarius also rules social media, journalism, travel industry, philanthropy, sports, and gambling.

Saturn rule over death and rebirth and is the karaka of Longevity.It is a strict teacher. Saturn teaches you, what you need to learn. Saturn’s rings are never easy, it demand discipline, maturity and growth and evolution. That is why it is recommended, for those people who have Saturn in 7th house should wait until 30 years of age so that they become mature enough about relationship and able to handle relationship.

When Saturn transit to Sagittarius sign which is wisdom oriented and visionary sign, Saturn will focus on education system, religion, educational institution etc. Sagittarius about vision and Saturn about practicality, so Saturn turns your vision into reality. Saturn will demand you to think about your goals and dreams and want to make them true through hard work.

If you have planets in Sagittarius you may get hard lessons from Saturn depending on your Horoscope and you would be feeling the results a lot more intensely. Saturn will bring limitations, fears, self-doubt and you will feel blocked in your Progress. On a positive side, Saturn Always Increase self-worth, create opportunities to learn. You have to be patient with Saturn. You can find a new way, you can grow, you can have ability to create new structure, new vision for yourself and Saturn ultimately wants you to do it but only when you are disciplined, organized and will handle things maturely.

So there’s a lot of opportunities for growth with the Saturn transits in Sagittarius 2017.If your Sagittarius house is empty and don’t have any planets in it then check where Sagittarius sign falls in your chart according to your ascendant and that’s where you find the lessons of limitations from Saturn.

Saturn is the most influential Planet of the Zodiac. It can make a person king and in the same time it can make you a pauper. In all our Analysis we give due respect to the transit of Saturn and use composite approach mixing with Planetary Time period. You can see the feedback of our Clients.

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The great teacher Saturn moves from dark, emotional Scorpio into freedom loving, philosophic Sagittarius. The Saturn transit 2017 in Sagittarius will bring change not only at the personal level but at the level of our social and mental level also.As the traditional ruler of both Aquarius and Capricorn, Saturn takes the ideas of the Airy Aquarius and builds them into the concrete structures of earthy Capricorn. Saturn holds things together.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance and good fortune. He loves to explore new cultures. While Saturn is all about order and structure, discipline. So when Saturn transit 2017 in Sagittarius,  there will always be a tussle between saturnine energy and Jupiter energy.

See which houses Saturn transit 2017 will impact in your Horoscope. Take extra care about those Houses.

Result of Saturn Transit 2017 in Sagittarius for Different Ascendant

Aries:Saturn Transit 2017 in Sagittarius can be a mixed bag for Aries Ascendant or Aries Moon sign people. Saturn is Your lord of 10th house and 11th house and will enter in 9th house.You will come out of Ashtama Shani. Since long you have been going through many troubles and mental agonies but this is the time to rejoice because the lord of gains has decided to give you the wishes you have been longing for. But remember that Saturn likes to do things slowly and thus you will be getting things but in a very slow manner, even a snail can be proud of her speed than your luck. It will be creating a raja yoga in transit by being lord of 10, 11 in 9th house of luck. There will be gains from elders and your teachers. you will be benefited by your friends who are at far off places. You should try to use the opportunity to the maximum. Saturn will be in the star of ketu, Venus, and Sun. Thus results will be varied in the journey through these three Nakshatra. It will be good to setup or expand Business or any New Venture when Saturn is in Ketu Nakshatra. Venus being 2nd 7th lord for Aries Lagna, when Saturn will transit over the star of Venus, it may give Health problem. Saturn Transit 2017 on sun Nakshatra may not be very good as both the planet are bitter enemy and do not comfortable in connection with each other.

Taurus:Saturn transit 2017 in Sagittarius for Taurus Lagna and Moon Sign does not seem to be a good and rejuvenating period. It will transit through 8th house which will give the result of Ashtama Shani. Saturn is the lord of your 9th and 10th house and it will be transiting in your 8th House.When The lord of luck, Career & achievement passes through bad house, there will be hindrances and oppositions from all quarters. You have to be prepared mentally and financially for the coming time. There will be sudden blows without prior intimation. Many of you are going to lose your current job and face a dry period for the coming time. Saturn will be aspecting the 10th house thus rest assured there will be some or other arrangement for your livelihood. Your things will be done but it will take time to accomplish. Even small things will take a lot of time and there will be unwanted stress on your mind and body.During Transit through the star of Venus you will be having health related issues. This Transit is also known as Ashtama Shani. You can read about the result of Saturn in 8th house Sagittarius to understand it in a better way.

Gemini:Saturn Transit 2017 in Sagittarius will be very bad for your married life and business partnerships. As saturn is 8th lord for your Ascendant and will transit over 7th house of Relationship, it will  Largely give negative effects only and you will learn a lot in this transit.

During this time It will make you understand the true colors of life and test your friends and relatives. Largely it is going to give negative effects only and you will learn a lot in this transit. Health issues are the things you should be more worried than other things.

Cancer: Saturn Transit 2017 in Sagittarius for Cancer people will be a difficult one. Moon is the owner of Cancer and bitter enemy of saturn. The natives of cancer are really going to suffer this transit and the bad times are not going to be over till coming 7 and half years, the transit of this Saturn will be in 6,7,8 houses in the coming 7 and half years for you.

During Saturn transit to Sagittarius in 2017 Marital life is going to be severely affected and may result in separation or divorce of many people, though cancer people are very family oriented and tolerate a lot to maintain the family still they are now going to see things unusually disturbing. The ongoing love matters may abruptly end. You may feel completely dry and emotionless towards your love partner. It may adversely impact your business also. Relation with partner may be deteriorated and it may lead to court case litigation. As Saturn will also aspect the 3rd house, your relation with your brother may also be affected. But As saturn placement in 6th house is beneficial, it may give you some financial gain from litigation, enemies etc


Leo:Saturn transit in Sagittarius in 2017/2018 for Leo is not an easy transit. Sun is the owner of Leo and bitter enemy of Saturn. For Leo Saturn is also functional malefic. Saturn rules your 6th and 7th house. Saturn transit 2017 is also not going to be good for Leo Lagna or Rashi people.Saturn being 6th lord in 5th will make your Job life miserable and you may quit your job.If you fall sick, You will get well soon as it will be 12th from the house of disease but then you will not get loans easily for the same reason. You will have to bear losses in speculation. So not a Good time investing in Share market.

Virgo: Now Lets discuss the result of Saturn transit in Sagittarius in 2017 for Virgo people. Saturn is the ruler of 5th and 6th house in your ascendant. It will be here for 2 and half years. As transiting over 4th house which is 12th to 5th it will promote disharmony between you and your lover, children, delay progeny if you are going through the Dasha of Saturn. Being lord of 6th it will be aspecting the 6th house and it will destroy your enemies and You will be able succeed in competition.

But Saturn transit 2017 in Sagittarius may also give rise to health problems . It will further aspect on your 10th house and it will cause mixed results for your professional life. For those who have a benefic Saturn in their natal horoscopes – they will get a career boost because it is the lord of 6th – the house of job but it will give loss of job or change of job otherwise. As It will also aspect the ascendant and it will cause more confusions in your min.

Libra: Now lets talk about Saturn Transit in 2017 for Libra people. For Libra Lagna Saturn is the a yogakaraka or most Auspicious planet because of being lord of Kendra and trikona. Saturn will be in the 3ed house of the Libra Ascendant or Libra Rashi People and this house is supposed to be good for cruel planets, thus this will be a good transit for the Libra natives to some extent.

You will take lot of initiative regarding your Love an Romance, earning money and maintaining peace and harmony in the family. You will success in your endeavor. This is a good time relationship. If you are planning for child, this is the ideal time. You may also gain from Share market.

Being Yogkaraka planet, it is aspecting your 9th house as well as your 12th house. You may get chances of some foreign travel or long distance travel during this period. This is also very good time for pilgrimage.

Scorpio:Saturn Transit 2017 in Sagittarius is going to be a tough time for Scorpio People. Saturn is the enemy of the Mars. Saturn is your 3rd and 4th house Lord. This is going to transit in your 2nd house for 2 and half years and will be 12th to its own sign Capricorn but it will aspect the 4th house.  Saturn transit in Sagittarius is going to prove good and bad both for you, if you are passing through the period of Saturn this year then you will have troubles from your siblings, they will become a source of mental tensions for you. You will perform very poor if you are into media or performing arts activities or if you run a printing press or are into print media. If you are a commission agent then also your performance will be nosediving for the time to come. Saturn is aspecting your 3,8,11 houses in transit, so it will create problem related to these houses. Your health may suffer. You may face some problem within your family and relatives. Relationship with wife may also be effected.

Sagittarius:Now lets discuss the result of saturn transit 2017 in Sagittarius. Saturn rules 2nd and 3rd houses and gets placed in the ascendant. This is going to be a very difficult transit for Sagittarius people. It will aspect the third of siblings, 7th house of relationship and 10th house of Career. 7th house is also the house of business and secondary career. So your Career is going to suffer the most. You may start feeling hurdles and obstacles in your workplace. Problems and misunderstanding may arise with wife as well as with business partner.

Being the 2nd lord as it it is placed in Lagna, it may adversely impact your health also.

Capricorn: When we discuss about the effect of saturn transit 2017 in Sagittarius for Capricorn, we should remember that As Saturn Rules the 1st and 2nd house and it will be transiting over your 12th house, You may face serious financial Loss during this period. Relationship with relatives and family members may also suffer seriously. You may become frustrated.Things will be delayed. Saturn transit in Sagittarius is a better time if you stay away from your Homeland.  But it may help you to win litigation or any court case during this period. If you are preparing for any competitive exam, you may also become successful. Stock traders will suffer losses, People into media or performing arts will see a downfall in their career graph. Commission agents will also see a downtrend in their profits.

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Aquarius:Now we will discuss the result of saturn transit 2017 in Sagittarius for Aquarius people. The coming two and half years will be highly beneficial period for you. Your Lagna Lord Saturn is transiting over your 11th house of gain. You will get easy success in all your efforts. You should make the most of this transit as this is going to give you all kind of gains and benefits you have been longing for. During Saturn Transit in Sagittarius, Your career will rise, you will get more profits in business and you will have good relations with people around you. You will make good money and connections. There will be new friends from foreign lands and far off places in your homeland. You can read about the result of Saturn in 10th house to understand it better.

Pisces: Saturn Transit 2017 in Sagittarius for Pisces people will be better than earlier transit. Saturn owns the 11th house and 12th house for Pisces Ascendant. On one side it is creating very good yoga in transit by being the lord of 11th in 10th and on the other side it is also the lord of 12th house in 10th. This is also a good transit for Pisces Ascendant because 10th is a Upachaya House and saturn being a Malefic Planet is strong in Upachaya House. You will get good result regarding your career. During Saturn Transit Sagittarius You may get promotion, recognition or honour in your job. If you are in Business you may see good financial gain in your business. As it is also aspecting the 4th house and 7th house, both of these houses will be activated. You may purchase some landed property or vehicle. If you are planning for marriage, this is a good time to get married. Being 12th house lord and transiting over 10th house, you may also get some foreign connection or opportunity to work in foreign.

This is the complete Saturn transit in Sagittarius, So you should read according to your Horoscope.

Saturn is the Only planet who can give you a lot or make you beggar. So be aware and Plan this Transit according to your Horoscope.

If you do feel the heat due to this transit then perform some remedies given below.

General Remedies during Saturn transit 2017 :-

Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily in the morning along with your regular pooja.

Visit Saturn(Shani Dev) temple on Saturdays.
Saturn governs black color and iron.

Most importantly – respect your elders, be honest and do not cheat/deceive others.

With a proper analysis of the horoscope and by using appropriate remedial measures, it will be easier to form a plan for the coming times.

The impact of this transit on various signs will be different, depending upon the position of natal planets. However, the following changes/ impacts can be noted in various signs, to some extent.

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