Satvik-Rajasik-Tamasik Personality and Meaning in Astrology

SatVik, Rajasik and Tamosik. Actually these three are Gunas. Guna means quality. These qualities are also given to Planet and houses. How the energy of Planet will express also depends on this Guna or quality.

As we find different People is having different kind of Nature and character, similarly Different Planets also have different qualities. In fact the difference we find in human is actually due to these Gunas of the Planets. Whichever Quality is dominant in a chart, the Nature and Character of people become similar to that.

For example we can produce electricity from water or from thermal power or from Solar energy. All these are different form of energy, the expression of energy is different. We need different infrastructure for them. No one is superior or inferior but still they are different from one another. They are all same energy but with different expression.

Satta means the qualities which gives Love, generosity, Higher wisdom, Knowledge, intelligence, love, forgiveness etc. So Satvik are the divine qualities and helps us in going towards god.

Rajasic Quality is like Selfish desire, Passion, violence, impulsiveness. it creates aggression, competition and binds in this materialistic world.

Tamasic- This is the qualities which obstruct us from understanding the happiness and Higher wisdom. These are inertia, darkness, stability, ignorance, attachment etc.

Each of these Gunas has their own function. Satvik Qualities helps us in understanding the higher wisdom and Knowledge, the Rajasik Qualities gives us the Motivation, Tamasic qualities provides the stability.

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Now see which planets are in which group

Satvik- Sun, Moon and Jupiter
Rajasik- Mercury, Venus
Tamosik- Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu

In the Rashi chakra The 1,4,5, 9 is of Satwik Quality, The 2, 7, 10, 11 of Rajasic and 3, 6, 8, 12 is of Tamasic Nature.

The Sun is Satvik because he represents the soul. The Moon is Satvik because she represents purity of mind. Jupiter is Satvik because he represents wisdom, the outcome of Sattva, and the noble qualities of faith, spirituality, forgiveness, charity, etc.

Venus is Rajasic because she seeks pleasure. Mercury is Rajasic because he creates worldly interests and the desire for information.

Mars is Tamasic because he represents accidents, enemies and fighting. Saturn is Tamasic because he is lazy, inert and depressed. Rahu is Tamasic because he tends to operate with a lack of premeditation, becomes compulsively attached, and creates phobias and unrealistic perceptions. Ketu is Tamasic because he is shy, hides, is obstinate and tends to abstain from any action. Ketu, however, is good for spirituality, where he becomes capable of giving wisdom, insights, and liberation. So Ketu is also having some Satvik qualities too.

Now if Someone wants to Pursue the Higher knowledge or Spirituality, he or she should have more Satvik quality. Whereas if someone wants to Seek materialistic gain he or she should have more Rajasik Quality, And one who wants to Practice some Hidden or secret Practice like Tantra, Mantra or any other kind of Siddhi he will need more tamasik Quality.

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This is a very important concept in Vedic Astrology and I have tried to give you a brief idea about it. If you like it please do share and comment below.


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